How to regress a patient with hereditary disease?

Can a hereditary disease be cured. In that case what kind of questions should we ask while taking history. Also, pls advise on theme Finding for hereditary disease case.


Thank you for this wonderful question @Akalya_Sg
In my humble experience, I find heredity can make someone susceptible to a particular disease.
Just like there could be so many cases where a person should have been diabetic as per his genes but due to the lifestyle choices that they make they enjoy good health.

For example there is study which says that high degrees of crime rate in Afro American males is linked to higher levels of testosterone which is aggression inducing.
But so many of my friends and I m sure that’s it’s your observation that they are gentlemen with just a few exceptions, just like in any other ethnicity.
So the bottom line is based upon the environment, the parenting, schooling, religious up bringing a soul could be conditioned in “n” number of ways.

We have identify the pattern responsible for triggering the ailment despite what the external factors were and what are the choices that can or could’ve been taken to avert this.


Hi Akalya,

So beautifully put Venuji. Being non-judgemental is very important. Sometimes a family consists of those who need to go through a similar karmic experience on earth.
2. The intake form could consist of questions that ask about health and ailments. This may help as it is done by the client, before the session.
3. I also realized that exploring happy moments before the difficult ones helps. The difficult moments become a little less painful. Client may also share positive information that could be used later on with the client during the healing process, forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self process.
4. I also ask clients to call upon their Istha for support (according to their faith) which seems to help tremendously.
5. Breathing techniques are also very important as stress takes away our right to breathe accurately. Thus, compromising self-awareness.
6. After the sessions, clients could still use breathing techniques for self-healing.

Hope this helps!


Very useful.Thanks for sharing :pray: