How to Select the right music for regressions

One important point to remember when selecting music for regression sessions is that it should be “sterile.”

Which means that it should be not be leading in nature. For example it shouldn’t have sound elements of say birds or someone speaking and etc so that it doesn’t interfere with the client’s experience when they have tapped into a past life or led into a fantasy.

When using online music, try to have the file downloaded on your device and put your devices on airplane or do-not-disturb mode. And ensure it is AD free, which is why do not use music on Youtube.

Google/Youtube is notorious for even having the ability to eavesdrop on conversations. As they have access to the microphones on our devices and are listening.

The music I use is from Ashaneen as I got it for free some years ago.
Now I use the following music by him:

“Deep Peace”,
“Healing Harmony”,
“Awakening” and
“Dancing on the Edge of Infinity”

Dr. Weiss uses Higher Ground by " Steven Halpern"

I’m on Apple Music and here is the playlist I use.

What else do you feel we can try for our clients.


@Annapurna_Shankar please find the ideas for music required to conduct regression sessions.


Thanks a lot. :heart: :pray: The music is really powerful. I found that Powerful music really helps client going in deep Trance.