How to use PLRT theme during actual regression going on

Once the theme of PLRT is finalised and the therapist and client both are at the stage12 which is PLRT. Then how to use the theme during regression? Does the theme need to be reminded to the client by therapist time to time so that client has the focus on that core issue which needs to be resolved.

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Thanks for asking Dear Arun,
The theme continues to change as we go deeper and deeper into the analysis of the issue… as its the client’s session they decide to work on what they want…


In my opinion, if client has come with an issue, we should try to resolve that.

The root issue, that we may have identified and attempted to resolve, may not even be connected to the problem that the client wanted to resolve.

The root is a rhetorical assumption, agreed upon by the client and the therapist.

But in this client-therapist exchange, there is an undeniable power equation wherein often the therapist has an upper hand due to the nature of relationship.

So, what the therapist may suggest as the root is likely to be naively accepted by the patient.

Thus, rather than resolving a problem that the therapist may like to resolve, one should try to address the issue the client has identified in the theme.

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Sometimes there is a possibility that before therapist suggesting the client to check the root cause for the theme issue, client may be connected/recalling a random past. Then if the client is not able to figure it out and says I dont know why I am recalling this past and I dont have anything to resolve here. Then the therapist should remind the theme issue and should suggest to recall/visit the root cause of it.