Hypochondriasis or hypochondria fear of some serious illness

One day as I was relaxing after a session I got a call from Srilanka from X. He had heard about PLR from a client of mine who had got a lot of help after undergoing this therapy. X told that he was suffering since many years from a peculiar problem which when shared with people either results in baseless advices or humiliating mockery so he preferred not to share it with anyone. When I asked him to let me know a little about the problem he told me that he had a fear of diseases i.e. he always feared that he would get affected by some major disease and he would repeatedly get himself tested again and again. As soon as I heard this I knew it was a typical PLR case and in consultation with X I fixed a date for the session.

Since it was preplanned X booked a hotel near my studio and reached on the dot on the designated date showing the intensity with which X was suffering. Anyway after finishing the basic requirements of the PLR which took about an hour we came to the most important part and X started sharing the journey of his life with me.

He had spent most of his life far from his family and he had to leave studies and home at an early age due to some financial crisis. He was very close to one of uncles i.e. Moms younger brother who was working in Army and used to bring lots of gifts for him during childhood and X used to spend his holidays happily with this uncle. Later on X worked in Mumbai then he went to Dubai and finally Srilanka. Meanwhile his uncle took to drinking and had almost become an addict to the bottle. It is rightly said first we consume bottle then the bottle consumes us. This is what happened to his uncle who by now was suffering from cancer. X saw his uncle’s health deteriorate day by day and ultimately his uncle passed away one day leaving behind a young man full of fear leading to extreme distress.

Days passed by and X got married to a lovely girl and for some years during which he had many ups and downs in his career and family life and I found the problems specified by him to be normal and usually faced by a middle class family. But after few years he started having this fear of disease which was so intense that even if he passed a pathological lab he used to have an irresistible urge to get all his tests done and by this time he had not only spent his valuable time energy but also loads of money on these tests. He had gone to the extent of getting himself HIV test also. Now even his doctors started telling him that he is simply cooking things up and he should indulge in some fruitful activity but in vain. I could clearly see that X was showing all the symptoms of Hypochondriasis or ***hypochondria *** which is a condition in which a person is excessively and unduly worried about having a serious illness. Of late the suffering had become unbearable and during this time X met a doctor friend who suggested to get a PLR done. I tried my best to talk to him more but could not find any issue which had happened to him due to which his suffering was so much. So without wasting more time, after completing all the requisites we started the regression.

Me : What comes to your awareness.

Ch : I am very young……I am about 10 years old……i am wearing a boys dress……some dhoti kind of dress……some dark brown colour….wearing Brahmin thread….

It looks like an old mahal……I am wearing dhoti type dress……

Its broken mahal……can see parts of broken mahal….off white……I am just standing and looking……not wearing anything on top and at bottom……wearing dhoti……my dhoti has changed it has become a shining….yellow…cloth……I am now……25 years……

I can see the body……he is lying down in stomach….ulta……something has fallen on him……there is no marks……the mahal broke…I am wearing a thread….worn by brahmins……one name is coming harishchander…….

I can see blood around is head…….the year is 1852……the place is Warangal…….can see remains of pillars……

Had to take him little back into time to know the reasons of his death

I can see a durbar……empty one……only I am there……I am sitting on a big chair…….some servants are there on my back…….i am wearing lots of gold……my fingers are filled with ornaments….

I am standing with swords on both hands……my name is harishchander……

I can see a horse……only the head…… I felt someone attacked me….hanging on a horse my leg is stuck somewhere……

After this he wanted me to bring him back since he could not see anything in connection with his fear and as our teacher always says the client is fully in control of the session so even though I was not at all satisfied I had to force myself to bring him back and we both sat and discussed the possibilities of the sessions and I was sure that he would get all his answers in the next session and so we called the day off with the promise that we would meet the next day at the scheduled time.

On the next day too X reached on time. We discussed about the previous day session and X told me that he was sure that the life he had seen had no connection to the problem he was facing. Sometimes it was strange that he saw that life which had nothing to do with his problem. PLR is a science in which each client has a different journey and we cannot generalize that the session would go in such and such manner. It completely depends on the souls journey and requirement. We are just the felicitators and rest the sub-conscious Mind finds its answers. Without wasting more time we started off with the session.

I am seeing a river……i am wearing sandals……i am 25 years old….i am wearing yellow shirt and pant….my girl friend is there……she is wearing black salwar……we are just standing near river side….there is a hotel….hotel name is cocobay….kotayam……the year is 2004

( I was fully taken aback with the year….I had done a detailed history taking with him and had not realized that he had not shared this part of his life)

I have skin rashes……now I am at my friends place……still I have skin rashes……on my hands……we are having food……

I am taking two tablets……

I am seeing my engagement with my girlfriend……my uncle is telling me my girl friend has cheated me……he is telling….she lied about the house…about herself…about her sister……about her parents….my father gave the engagement ring back….cancelled the engagement……i know she cheated……

her name is sowmya…I feel very bad she cheated me……i don’t want to forgive her….i fought with my parents, relatives just for her and she lied to me……i feel like I am totally lost……I loved her…

(Now I knew that he was carrying all this pain and suffering from a relationship which he had not resolved and this had now resulted in Hypochondriasis and had to be resolved and washed off)

She tried to meet me after that……i didn’t want to meet her

Just when I was thinking how to proceed and pray the masters take over

I see light falling on me……(I feel so relieved whenever I hear this in my sessions)

……i feel relaxed……

Light is coming from in between the clouds……

Finally I told “What is that you want to experience to relieve the pain”

Ch: It says living alone is the problem……i will have to take my family……

.its all bright……i know what to do now……I need to spend time with my child and keep him with me……I feel light…

Th : Please ask what to do when you get the fear again.

Ch:…it says I will not get the fear again……when I am with family I will not think of anything……light is telling to forget

And then the most beautiful part when you realise that actually there is No Death and you meet the Loved Ones so beautifully and get guidance from them

Ch :I am seeing my uncle……he is in his military dress….he is telling me to forget……

My uncle is telling me everything is fine……I feel light and peaceful……

He was enjoying this state and seeing this I left him to enjoy in peace after some time when he requested me I brought him back. X now looked completely transformed, calm and composed as compared to the person he was before the session. He thanked me and I thanked the Great Masters for making me an instrument and guiding, guarding the sessions and bringing relief to the clients from their sufferings.

X left happily with the promise that I should visit Srilanka and sent me the following mail which makes me thank the Almighty for giving this beautiful opportunity.

Ms.Geetha is an extremely humble, cordial and very professional person. It is only when you are relieved of a burden, you will realise what a weight you had been carrying around all your life. That’s what Ms. Geetha was able to help me realise.

I was in a bad mental state with fear of disease even though all my tests came out fine. Somehow I was not trusting those results and felt I had some big diseases. I got my answers in 2 sessions of PLRT and the health issues which I was having as part of the stress I was going through , also disappeared slowly.

What I believe is Illnesses like migraine, asthma, skin disorders, stomach and digestive system issues, addictions, etc., are psychosomatic disorders that could have roots in past life or present life.

Many thanks for Ms. Geetha for helping to get out of my issues. People who carry unnecessary fears , addictions or psychosomatic ailments, and want to get rid of those, I recommend PLRT. I thank Ms. Geetha from the bottom of my heart and I highly recommend her to everyone.

Thank you so much X for giving me this opportunity.


Amazing session Geetha. Another soul healed by you. As a young therapist i look up to you and your passion in PLRT and become like Venu, you and all others present in this forum.
These beautiful Messages and feedback from clients not only heals them but at the same time makes our heart happy as a Therapist.
Thank you



You are right Dipti I don’t know how much PLR has benefitted my clients but it has certainly brought out a hidden personality in me altogether. Like you I always want to treat my clients like Venu does and look forward to lovely people in this forum like Neha, Padma, Dr.Nisha, Sharmaji Murali Sam Naveen and all others who have made their impact on the lives of people. Always thank the Almighty for landing me at the right place at the right time.


Geetaji, you are a true devotee and a gifted PLR Therapist. I learn from you and all those who post about their sessions. I have gained confidence through you all. Thank you!


Thank you Mam for encouraging

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Thank you Dr. Nisha. You’ re an amazing motivator in this forum, we too learn and gain lot of confidence through your beautifully written words.