I Belong to the Buddha - Feedback from the client 3 weeks after the session

The client had rated the pain level after the session as 2. The initial pain level was 9. As a therapist, naturally I was happy when she said this immediately after the session.
But the question remained whether the insights from the session would remain with her or will she fall back to her old patterns. So, I called her today to get a feedback and here’s what she said.

Feedback from S, 3 weeks after her sessions.

  1. Her Day Dreaming has come down considerably. Most importantly, she is now always aware when she is drifting into the day dreams and is able to stop it.

  2. Her Negative Thought Patterns and fear of being ditched – “I have now understood that I have been a major contributor to whatever was going on in my life. I was responsible for 50 percent of my problems. I am now able to catch myself even as I make the mistake and stop. I am really working on myself now instead of blaming others. Before the sessions, I used to think I was perfect. Now I know I am not. The other good think that has happened is that as my attitude started changing, my entire family environment has changed. My mother especially is more caring towards me. Earlier, she was caring because I was earning. Now I am not earning and she is still caring and loving. Even my sister noticed the change in her and commented on it.”

  3. She is not really worried about money. With the great reduction in maladaptive daydreaming, she is able to prepare for exams to get a government job. She knows that she can make a sizable income running a coaching center if she fails to get a government job.

Her Pain level has really come down from 9 to 2.

Did not discuss trust issues

Booked for a session at the end of the month to explore the reason for asthma and connection with onions and her connection to the Buddha

Note: about her relationship with her mother. There’s a technique that one of the ‘Heartfulness’ Masters has taught us for dealing with negative thoughts towards others. I taught her the technique and apparently it has worked.

Here’s the technique:
Whenever someone hurts you and you have negative feelings and emotions towards them, sit down and close your eyes. Visualize that person sitting in front of you. Connect yourself to the divine source (in Heartfulness, we call this centering). Then send this person undiluted and unconditional love. Do this for a couple of minutes or as long as you want.