I can't stand my son-in-law/Hydrophobia Acrophobia/Fear of Death

Dear Amarantos family,

Greetings! This is my first case, which I could execute because of all your kind support and blessings.
I am grateful to our dear beloved Guru Dr.Venu and Guru ma Ms. Neha, for sharing their time and knowledge.

I am thankful to all my spiritual guides, angels, my parents, and my Baba, who have always been with me and guided my path.
I am grateful to all Atlantis.
Love to all of you.

Clients Details

24 Aug 2023 Duration : 3 hrs

Session 1
Time :2:00 pm
1 to 5 steps were followed

Name : Mrs.M( Name Changed)

Eye roll :1

Gender :Female , Hypnotisability score :3

Dominent sense :

Primary : Visual, Secondary : Auditory

VAK: 591

Pain Level :9

History :

Age : 75 (But no one can make it out as she looks so young)

Children : 2 Daugters (married)

Granny of 4 children
Appearance : Well dressed with smile

Food lover

Happy and Jolly person.

But she has fear of darkness,fear of death hydrophobia,acrophobia since childhood.

She always gets upset with her son-in-law. She doesn’t feel like talking to him.Whenever she hears his name or something regarding him,she freaks out.
At the beginning of the year , when her daughter got married, she was ok, but gradually, she started feeling upset and always got angry with him. Though she doesn’t want to do all these things, it happens.
She has a good relationship with her sister-in law and other family members.

Though there are many issues she is facing in her life but still you will find her witty ,smiling ,happy ,calm,spiritual, and busy all the time.

She shared that she had a beautiful childhood. She was blessed with 2 mother and 2 father, as her uncle and aunt were not having their own child, so they used to shower their love on her.So, she was a pampered and happy child.

As husband was in the army, so by herself, she raised her children. She is a brave lady who has faced all the good and bad situations by herself.

Meantime while raising children,she used to work as an admin in the advertisement company.

Stomach problem(indigestiion): Since 6 months, she has been facing some degistive issues , and she keeps on visiting Homeopathic Doc. She tried hard to recover her health, but somewhere something was missing.

C : Client

T : Therapist

24 Aug 2023 6:00pm Duration : 2.5hrs

Session 2

Started with childhood, happy memory, and reunion.

Did prayers and invoked all positive energies around us.

Started with Dave Elman, followed by progressive relaxation.

Covered her with white light and reached to the garden and took the staircase to get into the deeper state of the mind.From there, she may access the childhood memories.
6 to 11 steps were followed

T : What are you aware of ?

C : I am with my mother .

T : How old are you ?

C : 6-7 years

T : What else could you see?

C : I am on the window and can see my brother and sister.

T : What are you guys doing ?

C : We are playing

T : Are they talking to you ?

C : Yes,but I can’t understand.

T : Can you see anybody else in the room ?

C : No, I can’t see anyone else

T : Is your mother saying anything , Can you hear something ?

C : She is smiling.

T : Do you want to stay here for more?

C: No

As I count 3 to 1

you may pick up another happy memory of your childhood.

T : What are you aware of ?

C : I am with my mother and my uncle aunt are with me .

All are happy to see me .

T : Can you see who else is there?

C : My grandfather,my cook

T : Can you tell me what else is going on in the room?

C : I can see my grandmother is in another room .

T: How old are you?
C : 1 or 2 yrs
T : Are they talking to you ?
C : No

T : Do you want to be here ?
C : No

As i count 3 to 1, you may be in Mother’s womb

T : What comes in your awarness

C : I am in my mother’s womb.

T : How are you feeling there ?

C : I am not feeling anything .

After some time

C : I feel I am about to born.

T : Can you tell me who all around you are?

C : A doc and nurse.

T : Do you want to explore more ?

C : No

okay, as i count 3 to 1

you will be back in the garden .

T : What comes in your awarness ?

C : I am in the garden and swinging.

T : Are you enjoying it?

C : Yes

T : Can you explain about your swing ?

C : It is made up of wood and iron.

T : Do you want to stay here for a long time?

C : Yes

After few mins

T: I asked her to show me the right-hand index finger when you are ready to move.

After some time
C showed me index finger

T: Shall we go to the other side of the garden , where river is flowing beside
C: Yes

I guided her as she moved towards the left-hand side .After going a little further, she may find a river, and in a river, she may see a boat .

That boat is going to take her to a different shore .Where you may meet all those people who have left you or due to some reason not in connection.

You may talk to them , hear them, and see them and can resolve all those issues that you are carrying or can get guidance or get a piece of advice.

after some time

T : What come in your awareness ?
C : Heading towards the boat .

as I count 3 to 1 you will reach to the boat

T :Where is the boat taking you ?

C:I am going on towards a shore.

T: Show me your index finger
When you reach there.
After some time when she showed me an index finger.

T :Can you see who is there ?
C :My mother

As the client was rolling eyes,she felt she might be talking to her mother.

T :Is she talking to you ?

C: Yes

T : Can you share it ?

C : I asked her about my health , why I have so much digestive issue?
she answered me for that.

T : Great,what is that answer ? Would you like to share?

C: She is saying eat sensibly (laugh).

T : Do you want to be with your mother for a little more ?

C : No

For a couple of mins, she was silence and then she informed me
that she reached the other shore

C :I am on the other shore .

T : Who all you can see there ?

C: Uncle and Aunt, they are smiling and looking at me with love.(As her uncle and aunt were second parents for her ).

T : Do yo want to be there ?

C : No

T :Okay,what is your awareness ?

C: Going to another shore

T: Show me right hand an index finger,
once you reach.
After some time.

T : What are you aware of ?

C :I can’t see anyone here .

T :Okay, do you want to check all around ?

C :No

T :Okay, do you want to come back to the garden ?

C: Yes

T :Okay,as i count 3 to 1

you will be back in the garden .

T : Where do you find yourself ?

C: In the garden on swing.

T :Relaxe for a while.

After 5 mins

T : Do you want to be here more ?

C: No,I want to come out.

T : Okay

as i count 1 to 10, you will be gradually in awaken state, and then you will be alert ,fresh, and rejevunate.

1, 2… 3 … awaken and awakening … you are fresh

4…5…6… you are more alert and … awake .

7…8… you are almost there

9…10… you are totally awake

She was happy to get guidance from her mother during the session

25 Aug 2023 Day 2, Evening 4:00 PM Duration : 3 hrs.

Theme : Why don’t I like my son in law, Feel like killing him?

Started with prayer and invoked poistive energies around us.
Dave Elman was done, and during progressive relaxtion, the client started speaking.

C: I am in the court

T : What is happening in the court ?

C: Some verdict is going on .

T : See yourself ,how old are you ?

C: 12 or 13 years

T : Can you see what the reason is for being in the court ?

C: No

T : As i count 3 to 1, you will reach the significant event of this lifetime

T: Where are you ?

C: At home

T: Can you describe your house?

C: I can see blue color door , can see distance between house and the main door, to reach the main door i have to cross kachcha aangan(raw courtyard) ,
I can see Mother is cooking on chulha(Mud Stove), and wood is in chulha(Mud Stove)
we are a middle-class family.

T: Can you see in your mother eyes , is she realted to you in current life ?

C :Yes, she was my mother in my current life .

T :Look at yourself. What are you wearing ?

C:I am wearing a maroon frock, and a small pink print is on it .

T : Can you see yourself,how old are you ?

C: 12- 13 years

T: Can you see which year this is ?

C: 1700… something … I can’t see exactly which year …

T: What are you doing ?

C: My mother has asked me to open the door .

T: Who is there on the door ?

C: Someone has come to give some parcel.

T: Can you see who that is ?

C: Some fat and chubby person, he is not good , he is giving me dirty look .He is touching me , which i do not like … so i hit him in the somtach .

T: What happened then?

C:I am in court.

T: Can you see in a fat person’s eyes ? Is he related to you in the current life ?

C: No

T: Who is in the court ?

C: A judge who is wearing a white wig

T: What is happening in the court ?

C: Judge is giving a verdict against me, which i do not like .

T: What are you feeling ?

C: Feeling like to kill him.

T: Look in his eyes . Is he connected to you in this life ?

C: I feel he is my son in law

T: What do you think that judge can be forgiven ?

C: Yes, i forgive him.

T: Great,what lesson do you have from this lifetime?

C: Don’t trust strangers.

T:Wonderful!, Shall we move further ?

C: No

T : Do you want to be in the garden ?

C: Yes

T :As i count 3 to 1, you will be back in the garden

T :Where are you ?

C: In Garden , I can see all the people coming to see me , They are smiling but not saying anything to me.

T: Can you share who all are they ?

C: My mother , uncle and aunt and I can see Kalpana Lazmi( film director), she is smiling and just came to see me.

(Kaplna Lazmi is cousin of her husband.)

T : Is there anyone else also ?

C: Yeah, I can see Sai Baba, but he is just blessing me .

T : Okay, do you want to be there for a while ?

c: No , I want to come out.

T : Okay, so now when I count 1 to 10 with each number, you will awake

slowly with full control of your mind and body…

After the session when she was out, she said she was feeling as some burden was removed from her head and heart and feeling very light and happy.

she is my neighbor, so she was updating me on a daily basis , She told me her appetite was increased as she was going through a stomach issue and was not able to
eat. After PLRT, she is eating nicely .

Later, she updated me , she had a peaceful talk, and she did not feel irritation while talking to her son-in-law. She is happy and relaxed.

Day 3:

26 Aug 4:00 Pm ,Duration : 3Hrs.

Session 3:

Theme : Hydrophobia

( Hydrophobia was the theme, but this theme resolved acrophobia as well)

Did prayers and invoked all poistive energies around us.
Started with Dave Elman, followed by progressive relaxation. Carried white light and reached to the garden and the took
the staircase to get into the deeper state of the mind.
As i count 3 to 1, you will reach a significant event . Why do you feel scared of water?

T : What comes in your awareness?

C: I am on the boat.

T : How are you feeling there ?

C: I am alone in the boat.

T : How are you feeling in this lifetime?

C: Good

T : Are you feeling safe being alone in the boat ?

C: I feel it is shallow water.

T : What are you wearing ?

C: Frock

T : How old are you ?

C: 15 years

T : Can you tell me which city or country is this?

C : Kashmir

T : Look all around you , can you see anyone around you ?

C: Another girl who is beautiful and fair

T : Is she calling you something ?

C: Ruby

T : Can you see your parents around you ?

C: Yes, my father and mother

T : Are they talking to you regarding anything ?

C: No

T : What are they wearing ?

C: Father is wearing a long white pathani suit

T : Okay , great , can you identify which year this is ?

C: may be 1836

T : Can you see or hear or feel anything for you ?

C: Stay away from water …(Paani se door rahna )my parents are asking

T : Can you check ? What reason did you get this message ?

C: My family member drowned . we were in the boat and he was playing in the water by leaning down on the boat ,he fell…

T: Okay , who was that family member ?

C: I feel he was my brother.

The client herself was sharing information

“This trauma has impacted me badly.”

T : What was the lesson you learned from this lifetime?

C: We have to be careful always.

T : Okay , do you want to continue more?

C: No , I want to go back to the garden.
T : As i count 3 to 1, you will be in the garden.
T : Where you sèe yourself
C : In the garden
T: Okay
As i count 3 to 1 , you will see your spirit guide or whomever you believe
C: I can see sai baba
T: Wonderful, is he talking to you?
C: He is smiling and saying
I am with you always.
T : That’s great!
After some time
C : I am done
T : Do you want to go further?
C : No ,I want to come out.
T :Okay, so now when I cout 1 to 10 with each number, you will awake
slowly with full control of your mind and body.

This session outcome is like on 28 sept 23 she shared that first time she went to the 18-floor balcony. Now she is comfortable being on height.

27 Aug 2023 Time :4 :00 pm Duration 2.5 hrs.

Session :4


Why does she love Buddha?

(I decided on this theme, but automatically, this theme covered her other topic, which is "Fear of Death.")

In the house, she has many buddha and tara Ma statues. She is devoted to Sai Baba and does buddha chanting.

Theme was why she loves Buddha, but this theme resolved her fear of death also.

In this session,

we found she was a monk in one lifetime in japan and was a very happy monk.

She used to chant some prayers all time, somewhere in the japan mountains ,which were lush green .
When i asked her to see her last stage of life , she found that all other monks were praying for her. She peacefully left that place.

She wanted to continue to explore more, so she got another awareness of another life.

After this life, she saw her next life with Sai Baba.
She saw that she and her husband were visiting Sai Baba, who was sitting in chavadi and talking to the other couple.

Daily, she used to go for his darshan.

I asked her to reach the significant event of that lifetime at the count of 3 to 1.

T: What come in your awareness?

C: I am in market buying vegetables

T : What else can you feel or sense or see?

C: I can see my uncle is sitting in the shop .
T : Is he saying anything to you?

C: No , he is smiling .

T :Look at him closely and see in his eyes. Is he connected to you in this current lifetime?

C: He is my elder son-in- law.

T : Who all are in your family ?

C :A son and daughter-in law and husband. I am very happy with my family.

As i count 3 to 1, you will reach towards the end of the life

T : What comes in your awareness?

C: I am in bed, and all family members are standing next to me .

T : How are you feeling ?

C: Not good

T : As i count 3 to 1 , you will see where you go after the death

C: I am stuck there , i can not see anything except sand.

T : Can you see around you ? Who else is there ?

C: No one , I am alone

T: Are you aware of any reason that you are not moving?

C : I feel like not to go.
my family and sai baba are here so I can’t go.

T: Is there any other cause also of staying back ?
C: I believe everything is mine, I just want to be here.

T : Everyone has to go ,you can not hold anything for permanent.
C : Hmm…

T : What lesson did you learn from this lifetime ?

C: Detachment is important.
T : At my counting 3 to 1,you may see your spirit guide.
C: Baba is with me , He is blessing me.
T: When you are ready to move , show me your right hand index finger.
After some time

T : Do you want to continue more ?

C: No , I want to come out .

T :Okay, so now when I count 1 to 10 with each number, you will awake…

After these sessions, my client keeps experiencing Baba’s presence for 3 days.

Her fear of death is now got lesser then before. Like 5 earlier it was 10.

Thank you so much for your time and patience. In this case, I couldn’t take my client towards the end of life. Later, when i realized it ,by that time, it was done.
This case has a brilliant outcome, so here it is.
You all are welcome to suggest and guide me.



What wonderful healing outcomes you have been able to provide to your client. It is truly mesmerizing how easily her issues got resolved and how she found answers to her queries and issues one after another.


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Wow Neelam, it was beautifully executed. I personally felt the experience with Sai Baba was so amazing :blush:
Just curious on one point, what was the court scene related with, I mean was the client wrongly involved with this court case (any false verdict) that triggered her anger against the judge?
Really enjoyed reading your case Neelam and really glad to hear that client was feeling out of pain post session… congratulations :blush::bouquet:

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Hi Neelam

First of all Congratulations on your first case…
The case looks very simple but I know practically it was not that easy as it was shown to be. You handled the stress very well because the client was not ready enough to explore multiple lifetimes at a stretch.
Good to know that hatred towards son in law has stopped.
Overall very well done. You are rocking!!!

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Neelam, such beautifully conducted session, resolved so many issues, clear and precise!! much love and blessings to you!

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Dear Neelam,

Your case was very systematically driven following all the guidelines thought to us by Dr Venu. Took confirmation from the client thought every step through IMR. 75 year client so exited about PLRT is so fascinating. It is so amazing to know that your client was a regular visitor to Sai baba and his presence during the session was evidence of that connection. Superb. :clap::clap:

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Heartiest congratulations dear @N_S…I swear…ek ke baad ek …awesome…kudos to you…so coolly conducted…god bless🙏

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Beautiful session and healing… Thanks for sharing this wonderful session Neelam…

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Congratulations dear Neelam
The client’s issues were dealt with so much of care and finally, she doesn’t have phobias…

May you have many more wonderful sessions ahead

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Lovely Neelam, very nice and cute therapy session! The past life scenarios were very normal but surprising manifestations were so huge in this life! Afterall an excellent job done and client very happy and contented. Therapy control was also very good, giving ample room for independence!

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Hello Sir,
I am blessed to recieve kind words from you. Thank you so much

Hello My dear Preeti ji
I wish same for you.

Hello Dear

Thank you so much .
Love ang hug.

Hello Dear
Thank you so much
Love and Blessings

Hello Ashish
Thank you so much for encouraging me.

Hello Preeti

Thank you so much. Blessings you too.


Hello Deepak Ji

Thank you so much for kind words and understanding the situation.

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Hello Kaushik,

She said she hit in his(the chubby fat man) stomach. Reason was hitting or harming him. So she reached to the court. But judge verdict was not in her favor.Judge was against her.

Yes now, realize i could ask her what is the verdict makes her feel that it is against her.
But i assumed court is supporting the chubby man instead of poor girl , whatever she did that was in defense.But court is still taking her guilty.
And Venu said here we don’t have to assume anything,Simply ask.
Thank you for asking me and making me realize .


Thank you Shilpa for your kind words. :heart:

Hi Neelam
Congratulations on your very beautiful conducted
1st session
And the out come was such beautiful healing
Wishing you all the very best…

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