I have a hero, I call him DAD!

Day 1 (8th September, 2023; session1 and session 2, 5 hrs approx.)

Session 1

Name: C

Age: 25+

Sex: M

Hypnosis responsiveness score: 9

Dominant sense: kinesthetic (4)

Secondary dominant sense: auditory (7)

Eye roll test: 1+1=2

C: Client, T: Therapist

BRIEF HISTORY (related to theme only)

Born after more than 15 of the parent’s marriage, C is the dearest to both the parents and other family members. Have two siblings, a brother and a sister. . Talking about his family, C told that he was raised in a very loving family. They belonged to a middle class family when he was a child and had very fulfilling life overall. Father was the closest to him and even father considered him someone who can understand him very well. C told that he was someone who wanted to do everything possible…singing, dancing, playing games, studying, everything; and his father would always encourage him and push him to do the best he can. Family’s financial condition improved even more and he witnessed the major shift in their social life, from the house to a big bungalow, getting all the luxuries and so. Basically C realized and lived the life of middle class family and then an upper class family. Yet the family values were intact. Father was considered as a pillar of the business empire by C as well as by all the employees and family members.

C always thought that he is not able to give his 100% in anything. During school days also he thought he wasn’t giving the best he could. Even the teachers pointed this out. He remembers all the incidents where the teachers had told him the same. C was doing very well in school generally but always felt he can do better. C started working for the family business but he always wanted to study more. He wasn’t able to perform well and thought that he isn’t giving his best and always felt guilty afterwards for not performing good enough. He thought that he is wasting others time and resources by not giving enough in return. He thought he was wasting his time more than actually working and others always thought he is working.

Just a few years back, his father fell sick (he had some health ailments from few years, but this was sudden). C lost his father just within 2 days from this incident. C don’t remember few days after the demise of his father, he just remember his sister and mother crying. After father’s demise the siblings needed to stick together to continue strong, they did. C was taking more interest in business. They did very well and C was appreciated and people would say him that he is just like his father (C told even his father saw himself in C). C still thinks that he is not able to perform at his best. Whenever something goes wrong, C often feel that he don’t belong there and start blaming himself for it and feel responsible to correct it and that happens even when he know that he shouldn’t blame himself and it wasn’t actually his mistake.

Observing the non-verbals: impatient, distracted.


  • Overcoming procrastination.
  • Purpose of life.

Induction and visualization-- Started with Dave Elman—PR—Garden—3*happy memories and closure.

conscious thoughts kept interfering.
C could see some patterns when initially suggested to imagine a ball of light. Had happy memories. Could see people during closures but wasn’t able to communicate with anyone. Head was little heavy.

Day 2 (9th September, 2023; session3 and session 4, 5.5 hrs approx.)
After general discussions, continued with reframing current life traumas

C wasn’t able to let go of the memory of his father’s death. He was crying recalling it and when I asked if he was able to put a heavy metal frame around that memory, he told he doesn’t want his father to go away. I told that those are only the hurtful and unpleasant memories and that the happy memories are always with him. I asked if I can help him and then asked to imagine it as a photo frame in his hand, to feel the emotions and imagine that converting into a heavy metal frame and put it around that memory and then into the box. It took more than 10 minutes but he was able to do it.

When I suggested to feel himself inside the womb his first thought was that he is connected with his mother through umbilical cord and when took to cord cutting could see it.

C wasn’t able to imagine a guide, this happened even on previous sessions. When asked if he could feel anyone else in the garden, he felt that there is someone. He felt the presence of his father but wasn’t able to find him or communicate.

Theme: procrastination

Dave Elman—PR—Garden—illusory choice of two roads leading to multiple doors

T: let me know when you reach near the door of a room.

C: I have, room 54

T: as I count from 5-1, you can open the door and this can take you to a time when the root cause of procrastination started and help you find the reason why you aren’t able to complete any work that you starts…


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C:….nothing, its blank

T: its okay, keep breathing nicely and comfortably.

You can come out of that room and can choose any other room with any other number on the door….

Let me know when you reach in front of that door.

C: I have (room no 2)

T: as I count from 5-1, you can open the door and this can take you to a time when the root cause of procrastination started and help you find the reason why you aren’t able to complete any work that you started…


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C:….i can see 3 black people in the room.

T: do you know who they are?


T: go near them you can even go near any one of them and ask who they are

Were you able to go near and ask?

C: I went near one but he is not communicating.

T: can you see what they are wearing?

C: casuals, pant and t-shirt.

Its gone.

(C told afterwards that he could see only one face clearly, they all were sitting but wasn’t able to communicate.)

T: try to walk around in the room, maybe you will find a staircase . as I count from 10-1 walk down the stair going deeper and deeper with each step down and as I reach one, allow yourself to go back in time where the root cause of procrastination started.


Are you becoming aware of anything

C: I see a solider.

T: how does this solider looks like?

C: Asian

T: are you the solider?

C: I don’t know.

T: look what the solider is wearing in feet?

C: it’s not a solider, it the photo of solider. Asian, wearing helmet.

T: can you feel yourself there?

C: yes

T: you can look down. Can you see your feet?

C: yes

T: are you wearing anything in your feet?

C: no

T: where are you right now? Is it an indoor place or an outdoor place?

C: indoor, in the room

T: can you look around in the room? how does it look like? (while writing this I realized that client’s dominant and secondary sense was K and A, thus he wasn’t able to have clear vision.)

C: not able to see clearly.

T: do you feel anyone else in this room?

C: no

T: as you could see your feet allow yourself to look upwards and see what are you wearing?

C: pant, shirt, shirt with straps.

T: are you a boy?

C: yes

T: what is your name? maybe you can hear someone calling you?

C: I don’t know

T: do you know what place is it?

C: I don’t know

T: do you know what year it is? Maybe you can see it somewhere?

C: can’t see anywhere. I don’t know.

T: as I count from 3-1 allow youself to go to any significant event in the lifetime of this boy who is watching the photo of the solider.


C: it’s some market place. But it doesn’t look like a Japanese market.

T: it doesn’t look like Japanese market??? (he thought the place was japan when he saw the solider’s photo)

is there anyone with you?

C: no.

T: is anything happening in this market?

C: no.

T: as I count from 3-1, allow youself to go to supper/lunch time to know who all belongs to your family


C: it’s a bowl of soup, table, we all are sitting on the floor.

T: can you see who all are there in your family?

C: sister, mother, father.

T: is your sister younger or older than you?

C: younger

T: do you know their name? maybe you are aware of it or maybe you can hear someone calling them?

C: no

T: look into their eyes one by one, can you recognize them to be someone in this lifetime? Start with your sister, see if you can recognize her?


T: mother?

C: can’t see them clearly

T: that’s completely okay, can you describe me how does your house look like? How does it feel?

C: it’s all blurry, can’t see properly.

T: that’s alright, as I count 3-1, on the count of 1 allow yourself to move forward to any significant event in that lifetime.


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C:I am riding a bicycle on a bridge.

T: is there anyone with you?

C: a friend.

T: is he with you on your bicycle?

C: we are sitting on a bridge.

T: do you know where this bridge is?

C: it’s far from village?

T: is it India?

C: no, doesn’t look like India.

T: what are you wearing?

C: same types of cloths as before, chappals, I am fair

T: what are you doing on that bridge?

C: just sitting, talking something with friend.

T: do you know what you are talking? Can you hear it? is it something important?

C: no, just casual talk.

T: is there anything else happening here?

C: no

T: As I count 3-1, on the count of 1, allow yourself to go to another significant event in that lifetime.


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: I am in the woods.

T: what are you doing in the woods?

C: I don’t know.

T: take you time, allow yourself to become aware of what you were doing there?

C: hunting.

T: is there anyone with you?

C: maybe I have a kid, a boy.

T: what happened in the woods?

C: hunted an animal, it’s about to get dark…night time. I look a little older.

T: how old are you?

C: don’t know

T: as I count 3-1, on the count of 1… allow yourself to move forward to any other significant event in that lifetime.


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: I am being hit by a small arrow.

T: can you feel on what body part you are hit?

C: just above the heart on the left side of chest.

T: is there anyone to help you?

C: I am with my son but he is not old enough to carry me.

T: how old are you when this happened?

C: I my 40’s

T: what happened afterwards?

C: I am bleeding

T: do you know who hit this arrow?

C: it was a mistake by someone else hunting there.

T:what happened afterwards? After you were bleeding?

C: the boy is crying, it’s only two of us in the woods.

T: and how does it makes you feel in this moment?

C: he has a long way to go, he is very brave.

T: look into his eyes, do you identify him to be someone related to you in this lifetime?

C: he is white. I don’t know…do not recognize.

T: did you survive this attack?

C: I couldn’t survive.

T: as I count from 3-1, let us go back to the time just before you left this body


What were your last thoughts just before you left this body?

C: I was gonna call others for dinner. I was talking to my son and the arrow came. I was clueless when this happened. I told my son to take care of himself.

T: what were the learnings from this life?

C: I was on my own way. I did everything on my own, raised myself, raised my child and didn’t seek for help from anyone. Not to depend on anyone for anything.

T: what were your feelings before you left that body?

C: I was happy taking care of my child but sad that I left early.

T: and what do you think about this lifetime?

C: I was happy with the way I lived.

T: what are you carrying over from that lifetime to this lifetime of C?

C: not giving up, not surrendering and not afraid to fight. I fought with people to get my son. I was very young. (learnings to carry forward)

T: why you had to fight with people to have your son? (should have asked “what could be the reason” instead of “why”)

C: I don’t know. I just know I have fought.

T: as I count from 3-1, on the count of 1 allow yourself to go back in time when you fought with people to have your son.


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: I and my wife are separating. I want my son to live with me. So I am fighting.

T: do you know why you were separating?

C: I think my wife doesn’t like me and she wants to part away and I am okay with it.

T: now let us move forward to the time when you died. What happened after you died, after you left that body?

C: I meet someone, looks like an aged man, not very old.

T: do you know this person? Have you seen him anywhere?

C: no

T: what is he doing?

C: he is advising.

T: okay…you can listen to him and maybe you can ask any questions that you have.

C: I am asking him the question… i asked him what would be the purpose of the life?

T: did you get the answer?

C: what is it that you cannot live without?

He left…

T: what happened afterwards? Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: no its all blank.

T: keep breathing nicely and comfortably.

( I thought we weren’t able to connect this life with the theme that we had so decided to continue.)

Now you can imagine a tunnel of light and you can walk through that tunnel. As I count from 10-1, you can reach at the end of tunnel taking you to the time when the issue of procrastination started. And with each count down you can choose to relax even more going deeper and deeper.

10…9…8 (suggestions to deepen down and relax)

7…6…5 (suggestions to deepen down and relax)

4…3 (suggestions to deepen down and relax)

2… almost there

1… into the time where you will find the root cause of the issue in this life of C

Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: no, it’s all blank.

T: it’s completely alright, let us take 5 long deep breaths and allow yourself to go even deeper feeling more and more relaxed with each breath in. and as we reach 1 this time maybe you will able to become aware of anything


Is there anything coming to your awareness?

C: no, I think I am completely here (in the present moment)

T: that’s alright. We can slowly come back again.

(I think the client was okay to move forward but I didn’t know what else to do to take him back. The body seemed relaxed but I guess the mind was wondering about something in present time. Also I was wondering that I have already used many visualization to take him there, will it be okay to use something else to move even further)

Brought him back to the garden

Back from the tunnel—up through the stairs in room no 2—coming out of room no 2—walking back through corridor—up to the stairs----on to the road----back in garden

T: you can choose a place to relax either sitting somewhere or lying. Imagine your body filled with the beautiful bright light and you can even imagine yourself surrounded this beautiful divine light (relaxed even more using such suggestions for about 5 minutes)

Now you can walk around in a garden and find a staircase, as I count from 10-1 allow yourself to walk on that staircase and on the count of one maybe you can imagine or visualize how your life would look like after 5 years from now.


Imagine and visualize as vividly as possible, you can use all your senses to feel as real as possible. (asked to imagine private/personal/professional life as vividly as possible. Took IMR everytime to move further)

Now as I count from 5-1, allow yourself to become aware of what actions you may have taken in present to have the future that you just visualized.

Emerged back after taking IMR

Stairs—garden—into normal state of awareness and alertness.

Discussions after emerging:

  • He told me that he wasn’t able to communicate to the black people who appeared. And the same happened when he imagined his father as a guide.
  • I asked why he said the market place doesn’t look Japanese? He told that when he saw the photo of solider he thought the place as japan… but the market place didn’t look like japan. It looked like European. So that raised a question in my mind about the supper time because of the way he described the scene. He described it again and said It was a proper wooden bowl, little bigger and the soup in it, he was drinking directly through the bowl and not with spoon. Everyone was white and that made him feel that he wasn’t Asian. I asked if he is sure that they were “white” or the skin was white. He said the skin was white and later analyzed that it’s possible it was Asia. Everyone had dark hair and eyes (parents, sister, wife, his own and the child). I asked him how his son looked like. He said he was chubby… not much but he wasn’t lean.
  • He told that when I asked to look into the eyes and see if they are related in this life. He instantly thought of his sister in this lifetime when saw into that life sister’s eyes. And the same with friend, he thought of his best friend.
  • He told that he didn’t feel very attached to the family in that lifetime which is completely opposite in this lifetime.
  • The old person who appeared after he died, he does not know that was. The answer came as an instant thought “what is that you cannot live without” and he left abruptly after that. So I couldn’t guide C to ask further.
  • Common thing between current life and past life is father-son relationship. In both lives the relationship between father and son was very close.


  • Meditate
  • Making own bed (to cultivate a little habit and to keep up with it.)
  • Dream journal
  • Diary (C wanted to start writing again)

Notes to self:
I think maybe I could have asked “is there any learnings from that life which you can apply in this life to overcome procrastination?”

Day 3, 30th September 2023; (session 5, 4 hrs approx…)
C’s sleep cycle is not regular due to work and he would meditate everyday before falling asleep every night. It would sometimes be as late as 3-3:30 AM or even 4:30 AM. 5-6 days before this session C was meditation (guided meditation by DR Brian Weiss- 20 minutes)

During meditation, he could communicate with his father. It looked like Shiva temple (kedarnath temple) and he sensed that his father already knew what answers he was seeking. C asked his father “what is that I need to do about this?”, his father replied “start small”. C had a habit of playing a particular game for a very long time and also to keep watching the videos of the same on YT for longer period everyday. So he asked his father “should I stop watching this videos?” Father replied “that’s a great start.”

C was able to avoid it. have tried many times before but he wasn’t able to comply it for longer. After this message in meditation he doesn’t get any urge to watch or play. (I wonder how I suggested the same, i.e. to start with something small, but how profound was the impact when the same is suggested by C’s father during the meditation.)

Session started with Dave Elman----PR—garden

T: walk around, can you sense or maybe hear anyone in this garden?

C: yes…

T: who is it…in this garden?

C: my father.

T: you can go near him… are you with him?

C: yes

T: how do you feel near him?

C: I am happy. He is smiling.

T: are you able to communicate with him?

C: yes…

There is some disturbance…

(from here C told there was disturbance throughout…)

T: are you aware what is it that is disturbing?

C: I can just see some patterns…nothing else.

T: is your father still there?

C: yes, I just hugged him…

(allowed time…added suggestions)

T: now you can walk around in the garden… maybe you will find a way to exit this garden…maybe you can find a road to walk on…(IMR)

C: walking on the road

T: as I count from 5-1, on the count of 1 maybe you will reach any temple.



C: it looks like the one I saw… very similar (one in meditation)

T:is there anyone else around?

C: no

T: as I count from 3-1, on the count of 1 allow yourself to enter this temple


Is there anything coming to your awareness? Or may be you can hear anything?

C: looks like shiva

T: how does he looks like?

C: he is standing, I can’t see his face… he is in dancing pose (nataraja)

T: is there anyone else in this temple?

C: no

T: how do you feel being in this temple?

C: I feel good, it’s very cold here.

T: okayyy… maybe you can offer your prayers… (after some time) you can now walk around in this temple… and maybe you will find a corridor(IMR)…

as I count 10-1, on the count of 1 maybe you will find two doors walking in this corridor…(IMR)…

now as I count from 5-1 on the count of 1, you may choose any door you want… behind this door you may find the answer as to what is the root cause that you aren’t able to finish the task that you have started…or what is it that you need to experience in order to improve this

are you becoming aware of anything?

C: (after some time) there is some disturbance.

T: what is it, that’s disturbing you?

C: everything is very fast… so many things…

(relaxation and deepening…)

T: as I count from 3-1, on the count of one allow yourself to pick up any one memory from them.


Is there anything coming to your awareness?

C: there is a car travelling

T: are you in this car?

C: I don’t know…

( deepening more)

T: as I count from 3-1, on the count of 1 allow yourself to become more aware if you are in the car

C: there are two people in car, I see a man’s face, seems like he is more than 45 years of age, wearing white shirt…doesn’t look familiar.

T: can you feel yourself there?

C: I am very young, a teenager.

T: how do you look like?

C: I can’t see myself… I just feel.

T: as I count from 3-1, allow yourself to look down your feet…if you are wearing anything ?

C: I am barefoot, seating on back seat… going to some temple, there are 3 people in car.

T: allow yourself to go a little forward in this moment…

C: we reached somnath. It looks similar.

My head feels very heavy.

T: (after deepening) are you now able to recognize who are other two people with you?

C: my father, and his friend…he is sipping coconut water.

T: is there anything significant in this event?

C: no

My head feels very heavy.

(I thought to use affect bridge)

T: can you imagine this pain as a feeling… a feeling of how it feels when you aren’t able to complete the work you start.

C: I feel disappointing

T: can you associate this heaviness in your head with the feeling of disappointment?

C: yes.

(used affect bridge)

T: is there anything coming to your awareness?

C: no

T: were you able to walk on the bridge?

C: yes

T: can you let me know where you are now?

C: at the end of bridge

T: is there anything coming to your awareness?

C: there is water beneath the bridge

T: how do you feel in this moment?

C: feels like someone is choking.

T: do you know who is choking?

C: I feel choking.

T: what is it that makes you feel such?

C: I don’t know.

T: as I count from 5-1, on the count of 1 allow yourself to become aware of what is it that makes you feel choking

Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: no

My head feels heavy

T: do you want to come back?

C: I think I have to


Post discussions:
C felt the disturbance from the garden itself. Even after deepening things weren’t clear. It was as if everything was very fast and blur. C also felt the memory changed. As the color and model of car appeared different but later he thought he was recalling a road trip of this lifetime. Heaviness disappeared within few minutes after emerging.

Suggestions: session 6 was about recommendation

  • Continue with meditation. Taught about visualization at alpha level.
  • Continue with making own bed, dream journal
  • Keep check on ongoing plans in business (to notice if there are any changes in performance.)
  • C have one of the book of his own writings from Gita. On the first page it was written “life is to learn about things”. C wants to read this again as it might have answer to what is the purpose of this life.

If after few days C feels that he needs more answers we will continue with more sessions.

After 7 days: pain level(concern level) reduced to 8
After a month: pain level(concern level) reduced to 4


Thanks for reaching out @Siddhi and also sharing this session with us.

“see” for a K?
You could have grounded him further in the engram, please focus on I of IDT.


It’s better to slow down, see you are getting such valuable inputs, you could have valued it by paraprashingf and then going ahead with the exploration.

Once you get a negative response, (which too isn’t acceptable ideally) ask a question for which you know there will be a response, this eases the tension which starts building up for the client.

Submodalities, see it’s all in the fundamentals…

well done.
The session could have gone in a much better way if we could have focused on addressing the stress that was emerging and using the deepening techniques you already know… coach breathing and don’t have the addiction to make sense of everything that emerges :slight_smile:
All that you need is to practice more of the IDT.


Will work on noted points Paa​:innocent::sparkles:
I also realised that I asked particular questions only once whereas I could also ask it again after exploring further.

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