I Just Can't Believe it, I am blessed!


Date: 31/10/2023


Time/Duration: 10am/1.5 hrs

Client Name/Sex: AR/Male

Eye Roll: =2+1

Hypnotisability: =7

VAK: Visual (3), Auditory (9), Kinesthetics (3)

Dominant Sense: Auditory

Secondary Sense: Kinesthetics

Age 47

C: Client

T: Therapist


Time/Duration: 11.5am/1.5 hrs

Stage 1 Therapist Introduction

Client knew about the therapist’s spiritual leaning, way before the client enrolled for the workshop. Therapist shared the divine calling with the client almost a year before the Amarantos happened. Explained the nuances of the PLR and how it works.

Stage 2 Observe the non-verbals

Client seems to be very interested and confident to be through the session. No sign of any discomfort or lack of confidence.

Stage 3 Set the expectation of the Client


Stage 4 Sign a contract with the client & Oath of Confidentiality (Data Protection)


Stage 5 Client assessment

Client is a homeopathy doctor and has been practising for quite some time. Has been through the vagaries of life. Exhibits lot of fighting spirit. Simple personality with very few personal demands.

Stage 6 History taking

Session 2 was utilized for history taking. Rather the client has been sharing his life’s ups and down with the therapist for over a year.

  • General feeling of fear from the unknown.
  • Feeling of hostile neighbours
  • Do not feel comfortably accommodated in my neighbourhood
  • Always a feeling being alien
  • Bad relationship with father
  • Not so good relationship with family
  • Whenever try to do good to others, it backfires
  • Lost younger brother to a road accident in childhood
  • Lost two elder brothers of his father, one to suicide and other went out of home and never to return.
  • Around 1915 the client narrated a story of their cousin “Buaji” who fell in love and got pregnant before marriage in north India. She was murdered by her own brothers, friends and other family members.
  • After the above incident, even after 4 generations, the family has been suffering with deaths, health issues and so on…

Stage 7 Relaxing the cognitive fatigue

Used Progressive relaxation as the main tool with regular intermittent deepening during the session.

Stage 8 Theme finalization


Unknown Fear

Stage 9 Checklist preparation

As per guidelines from Amarantos

Stage 10 Induction

Psycho Dynamic Looping (PDL) and Progressive Relaxation

Stage 11 Visualization

Though the client hit 9 on Audio, still therapist never felt any issue from the client. He was comfortable with mind visuals etc.


Time/Duration: 1pm/2 hrs

Stage 12 PLR

Psycho Dynamic Looping and Progressive Relaxation…

T: You may go to the small temple inside the garden and pray to your ISHTH Dev.

T: Pray with all your mind and heart to your ISHTH Dev.

T: Have you prayed?

C: yes

T: Very nice!

T: Lets com back to the garden

T: Choose any bench kept under big trees, and take your seat

T: Take deep breath, pay attention to your breathing…

T: Pls check if you can see any divine entities…

T: Check if you can find your soul guide

C: Krishnaji

T: Oh…is it? Do prostrated Namaskaram

T: Can you see him clearly?

C: Murthi….

T: Oh…

T: Check if there is any message for you?

T: Is he saying anything?

C: Nothing…

T: Take a bench of your choice and sit on it….

T: Keep going deeper…

T: Keep pulling your mind into very deep Trance

T: Call for the MOTHER…She is beloved, Snehmayi, Karunamayi….

T: Can you see any “Akrithi” …?

C: No…

C: Its all dark everywhere…

T: 3….2….1…. you are in mother’s WOMB in this life. Will come back again….do not worry….

T: How do you feel?

T: Can you feel her? Can you hear anybody in your family speaking, your father……etc

C: Feel nice in my mother’s WOMB!

T: Can you see or hear any of your family members?

C: No….

T: You may go to your previous life dying moments……

T: What are your witnessing?

C: Nothing….

T: Go to L (-2) (Previous to Previous)

T: Do not shake your left hand, us only your right hand…

C: I can see my mother…

T: Identify your mother, your place of birth…. which year?

T: Keep monitoring your breadth, pace your breathing, you are doing very well…

T: What is age?

C: Mother is making (Murmuring…)

T: What?

C: Mother is making butter

T: Which is the place, India or abroad?

T: What is the colour of your mother?

C: She is wearing green Saree…

T: Pls see her halo, head, chest and body colour…Can you make out any of those?

T: Check her spirit colour….

T: Keep going deeper, you are in deep state of trance….

C: I can see full white light…………

T: Check who is that, which GOD, is it your Isht Dev?

T: Pls prostrate and take blessing from the divinity……

C: Can see peacock feather!!….

T: What are you doing?

C: Playing near Maai (In village It’s a slang for Mother)

T: She is working in the Kitchen…

T: Very nice…

T: Check if you can see any important events further down?

T: 3…2…1…you are 10 yrs now…check what you are witnessing….

T: You are still in L(-2)….

C: Nothing….

T: You are in a death scene. Anything you are able to witness?

C: Nothing

T: 3….2…1…you are in L(-1)

T: Any important events?

T: Keep going deeper……Keep paying attention to your breathing…

T: Your Super Conscious is listening to my voice, so you may go deeper….

T: See what you can in your previous life

[Client seems to have jumbled up a bit….]

C: Seeing mother from this life, dead body

T: What are your male or female?

T: 3……2……1…let all the previous life records fill into your brain…

T: What is your name in previous life?

C: Lady, very young

T: How did you die so young? Pls scan around….

T: Pls take your time……keep your breathing in control and deep, very deep……

C: Do not know….

T: Can you see family members? Husband?

C: 3…2…1…lets go back to garden…check if you can see your sole guide.

[Here the Therapist made a mistake in identifying the Divinity till now as there was limited time and it was being conducted in the Hotel room. Also the client was very discreet and not able to piece in and integrate the information of sort. Now when the Therapist is going through the recording for transcription, does he realize his mistake! The divinity is none other than “MAADHAV” himself]

[Client and Divinity gave gave the clue in the starting when the client say “Peacock Feather” and The Therapist completely missed it!!!. Devaki Nandan with his playfulness created the confusion…:blush: ]

T: lets go to the garden once again…. check who is there….

C: Grey and white light (Client was meaning Shyam and light)

T: Is it MAA, KAALI? Pls check …. try to talk to her…pls reveal yourself…

C: The entity has a figure…

T: Like human?

C: Yes….Kaalima Mein Prakash…

T: Looks like Devi, pls ask for identification, prostrate and take her blessing…[Not revealing…]

T: Request her to be with you. This small life does not have the capability to solve this puzzle. Hence pls help me Oh Divinity!

T: I have some question, may I put these questions to you? Need your permission….

C: hmm…. Nahi Karsakthe (Cannot do…)

T: Oh….is it in the form of Human?

C: Hmm…yes…

T: Pls invite the divinity and offer the seat….

T: May I ask the questions…pls……

C: Poochchiye…(You may ask…go head)

T: Thank you O Divine! ……

[The Therapist is still confused at this point in time……The Divinity is not revealing …:blush:]

T: Pls ask whether the entity is MAA KAALI? Pls ask

C: MAA hi hain……

T: ok….pls request why neighbours look at me with hate and doubt. My relations in the village has gone completely bad with majority of the people. MAA I am completely dependant on you and there is nobody else in this world who can help me. So pls help…

T: Client is murmuring…(Responding to the entities advice…)

C: Pooja Karo….

T: Oh…. what kind of Pooja? Please explain MAA…I do not know your name

C: Diya Jalao….(Light Diya!..)

T: Client is still murmuring….

T: Did you get the answer…?

C: Yes….if you do not want to reveal…its fine….

T: Have you understood all , what to be done?

C: hmm…Yes

T: I am suffering depression when I am at my clinic. My mind is churning endlessly. I am in deep pain. Pls help MAA

T: Are you still receiving blessing from MAA?

C: Hmm….

T: OK…I will wait till MAA is done with….

T: Shall I move?

C: Hmm…

T: MAA I lost my younger brother in childhood due to accident…What was the reason?

C: MAA is gone!

T: Oh…do not worry…Just pray…the entity will come back. Possibly may have gone to fetch the divine records! Pls wait for her…

T: Is she back?

C: Hmm…yes…

T: Pls reveal the clarification as to why I lost my brother…

[This question was triggering problem for the client and therapist. The Divine entity was disappearing repeatedly. Meaning the question is “Unwelcome”]

T: Ok…will drop this question.

T: Is she back? If she does not want to answer it it ok…

C: Do not want to answer…

T: Suicide of grandfathers (2 of them). The entity did not want to answer this question too…. So dropped it.

C: Will not be able to sit (Murmuring….)


T: Why you are not able to sit…Any problem with the bench?

C: No…. MAA is sitting on the bench…:blush:

T: Oh…. :blush: This is the problem……. You are right…

T: You are absolutely right! How can we sit equal to HER? Pls bless me. If I have committed any mistakes, asking for forgiveness. Pls sit at the feet of the MOTHER and continue to receive her blessing!!!

T: Is she saying anything?

C: Sitting in front of me….

T: Ask about your father’s misalignment with the client…. Is not you Oh MAA, where will I go?

T: Are you at the feet of MAA?

C: Hmm…Yes!

T: MAA aap hi meri SAB KUCH HAI….




T: Pls reveal the answers for my younger brother and grandfathers who passed away

C: Do not want to answer…

T: Ok fine….

T: MAA pls bless me so that I can have a good relationship with my wife!

C: She has blessed me….

T: Pls ask about your children, about your elder daughter who is preparing for IAS

C: MAA indicated that she will be successful!!! Children will go fairly well….

T: Prostrate and take her blessing….

C: MAA is smiling :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:!!!

T: Which means she is happy with you.

T: One query, at my Clinic or in neighbourhood, when I try to do something positive, it goes wrong. Why that is so?

T: Pls ask messages for your family…

C: Bas Diya Jalao….(Light Diya…)

T: Take her blessing ………She may want to go now….Is it?

C: Hmm…. yes

T: MAA take leave of the client.

T: Pls request her to reveal your Soul Guide


T: Any parting message for all

C: Diya Jalao…. regularly!

C: Mere Saath Raho, be with me always!

T: Pls convey my PRANAMAM to the almighty!

T: Has she taken leave?

C: Yes…

T: Pls stay in this state for as long as you desire….

[So you see the client two Important Divinities. The first one was “MADHAV/DEVEKI NANDAN” himself, but did not reveal himself. It was my mistake in excitement. The divinity gave the subtle indication by the peacock feathers and grey (Shyam) colour of the deity). Towards the end then the Therapist asks about the Soul Guide, the visiting Deity says MAA DURGA! And all along the session when the Therapist persisted on knowing…:blush: the name the Deity, the Deity said “MAA HI HAI”. Meaning everything the same!]

Stage 13 Integration/Inference

The main themes for the client was peace of mind, stress and family relations.

Stage 14 Closure/Mapping

Visiting Divinity has given some suggestions both “overt and covert”. One overall advice was to surrender to MAA DURGA and light simple “DIYA” and do regular pooja, that’s it. All the queries put forward by the Client has been nicely answered by the Goddess with absolute clarity!

Stage 15 Reports & Recommendations


Stage 16 Clients Feedback

Therapist has been following with the client and even while it’s been drafted today (13/11/2023), the family members of the client are surprised as to whats is going on with him as he seems to be very happy and uplifted state!


What an experience, Ananda ji!! Really, got goosebumps reading the conversation with Maa…! Thank you for sharing this :slight_smile:


Let all get blessed by her when they go through this conversation!!! She is Karunamayi, Snehamahyi and when the time comes knows to catch your ear if need be…:slight_smile:
“Sarva Mangalam Bhavathu”


Great session Ananda. Keep it up

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Thanks for conducting this session and sharing @Ananda_Krishnan

It’s not exactly knowing by this name.

Please correct this, it’s just playing that video…

Very good theme if this is the only thing you had mentioned @Ananda_Krishnan

I don’t know what this is,

didn’t know about stage 16 :slight_smile:

I was wondering about where is the IDT in this?