I must pay debits for my karma

"Dear Friends and Gurus,

With the blessings of God, Masters, the wisdom imparted by my beloved Guru, Dr. Venu, and the support of my spiritual companions at Amarantos, I have conducted this case.

Please review and post your suggestions. Feel free to highlight the shortcomings of the sessions and provide appropriate suggestions or corrections that would enhance our learning.

Date: 21st Oct 2023

Session 1:

Client Assessment:

Age : 35

Hypnosis score is 7
VAK score is 9,4,2.

Dominant Sense: Visual

Eye roll score: 3

(Completed until Stage5)

Client Information: Shashank (Name changed), M, 34 Years, Married,

Client History:

Male ,Married (since 2016), No children.

Occupation: Works for a reputed IT company.

Life Story : The client faced multiple hospitalizations during infancy due to digestive issues. During school, the client frequently engaged in mischievous activities, leading to him being outside the classroom. Despite his mischievous behavior, the client consistently achieved the 2nd rank in the whole class, showcasing brilliance in studies. He experienced a happy college life with lot of friends around. Despite the change in environment, the client’s mischievous behavior persisted into his college years. He was engaged in teasing behavior, specifically targeting a friend over her spectacles. In the final year of college, the client’s vision started to deteriorate. Despite the vision degradation, the client managed to continue his regular activities, albeit with some discomfort.

Health Background: Affected by a rare genetic eye disease called macular dystrophy. Gradual degeneration of vision. The client’s journey to find a cure has been marked by disappointment, as there is currently no cure for his rare disorder.

Personal Life: Continues to work despite vision impairment. Attempts to have children with his wife have been unsuccessful. The couple has faced challenges in conceiving a child, which is one of the sources of emotional stress. The client experiences nervousness about his disability being discovered by others. This fear contributes to a low emotional state. Minute stammer could be noticed while he spoke. The client holds a deep belief in karma, attributing his present circumstances, including his eye problem, to actions from past lives. To address and rectify his karma, the client engages in regular religious practices, seeking guidance from religious preachers and actively participating in activities like plantation. Client accepts that his eye has a physica

l damage and does not believe in the efficacy of past life regression for a cure.

Marital Relationship: Informed his wife about his eye condition after marriage. Wife is understanding and supportive. They share a loving relationship. Despite health challenges, the client and his wife share a loving and supportive relationship, indicating a strong marital bond.

Theme finalization.

Theme 1: Fear of Hereditary Transmission

Client’s fear of passing the disease to the next generation.

Pain level- 8/10

Theme 2: Low feeling about Disability Disclosure

The client becomes nervous about his disability being discovered by others, experiencing a sense of low self-esteem. Consequently, he is hesitant to disclose the truth to his spouse’s relatives.

Pain level - 6/10.

(Guided by the wisdom imparted during sessions with my beloved guru Venu, I believe the overarching theme should revolve around Social Anxiety .)

Session 2:

Date:21st Oct 2023

Session duration: 2 hours
Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.
The client looked relaxed.
Completed stream of the boat and Reframing [Mountain Cliff]

In the middle of the session, client waked up for a bio break.
Post session the client confirmed that he could only imagine that he was imagining the things which were suggested during the sessions and did not feel as if he was experiencing it.

Learnings :

It is advisable to limit water intake before the session.

Ensure the AC temperature is set at an appropriate level.

Monitor the client’s trance level by observing non-verbal cues and paying attention to the depth of their breathing.

Apply deepening techniques based on non-verbal inputs to enhance the trance state.

Check the trance level through non-verbal and deepness of the breathing. Deepening to technique need to be used based on the non-verbal inputs.

Date:22nd Oct 2023

Session 3:
Session duration: 3 hours
Started with prayer followed by Fractionation (Dave Elman) and Progressive Relaxation.
T: Are you in the garden?( IMR confirmation)

C: yes

Deepened trance further through staircase.

The client experienced a childhood memory from the age of 1 year six months to 2 years, recalling minute details of the experience. He was able to delve into the memory in detail, and minimal questions were asked to avoid disrupting the trance state as he was stammering at bit while answering. He didn’t have any experience in the mother’s womb, so I guided him back to the garden.

Performed Closure through reunion. He was able to communicate with his masters and got answers to his queries. Confirmed every stage through IMR.

Reframing [Mountain Cliff]

Lot of noise distraction started due to the Durga pooja in our society hence had to emerge him out of the session.

Post session client confirmed that he felt as if he was experiencing it.


Clients breathing was shallow, could have used deepening technique to make him more relaxed.

Ensure a distraction-free environment during the session.

Session 4:

T: This is what the therapist said.

C: This is what the client said.

Session duration: 3 hours
Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Applied few deepeners.

As you relax and breathe deeply, your subconscious mind is aware that there’s a level even deeper than the one you’re currently experiencing. Allow your subconscious mind to take you that deeper state. Now, as I count from 3 to 1, you may find yourself entering a much more relaxed state.

Period of silence:

I am going to give you a few moments to allow yourself to go deeper and deeper.

Nonverbal cues suggested that the client was in a relaxed state.

Guided him to an imaginary temple and IMR confirmation was taken to validate is presence in the temple and near one of the doors.

T: As you open the door you could be an experience where your fear of Hereditary Transmission originated. What comes to your awareness?

C: I could see a beam of light falling on a cradle with a baby?

T: What else could you notice around you?

C: Nothing all darkness around and a beam of light on the baby.

T: Can you look at the baby and let me know what is he wearing?

C: It is just a newborn baby and warped in a white cloth. Smiling at me.

T: What is your name ?

C: Shashank.

(The therapist became aware that it wasn’t a past life experience but rather a symbolic metaphor projected by the client’s subconscious mind.)

T: How are you feeling?

C: Feeling very positive.

T: What is this experience trying to convey you?

C: I can have a child.

T: Take this positivity with you and let it be with you whenever you need it.

The client became cautious due to stammering. Thus, the therapist guided him back to the garden and did a few deepening techniques.

The therapist suggested that the client go to the most significant event of his lifetime, and he found himself inside a garden where he first met her. In that moment, he felt loved, a genuine smile on his face. The therapist advised him to tap into this feeling of love and to recollect it whenever needed.

T: Now I will count from 3 to 1 and as I reach 1, allow yourself to be in an experience where the Low feeling about Disability Disclosure was originated. What comes to your awareness?

C: I am in a cabin with my manager.

T: Who else is around you?

C: No one just me and him.

T: What is he wearing?

C: A shirt with checks on it.

T: What is happening?

C: He is asking me to leave the job.

Clients’ expression changed and looked stressed.

T: Relax take deep breath. It is has already happened. You are here with me.

T: Can you check what is there on the table?

Once client was little relaxed.

T: What is the reason for asking you to leave the job?

C: He probably learned from one of my teammates about my eye problem and inquired about the prolonged delay in completing the assigned task.

(This part was not disclosed during history taking.)

T: How do you feel about it?

C: Feeling very low.

The therapist instructed the client to intensify the feeling of low and then create an affect bridge leading him from this emotion to the end of the tunnel.

T: What comes to your awareness?

C: I am in my old house, and my parents have just come to know about my eye disorder.

T: Who else is around you? My Mother, father and brother. They are crying and feeling worried about his future.

T ( As the Non verbal’s suggested ): Take deep breath and relax. I have already happened.

T: How are you feeling about it?

C: Feeling Very sad and concerned about future.

T: I could understand what you are going through can we check where is this concern for future originating from?

C: Yes

T: As I count from 3 to 1 allow yourself to experience the event from where your concern about the future originated. 3 2 .1. What comes to your awareness?

C: I am with the doctor.

T: What is happening?

C: He just informed me about my eye problem and explained the gradual degradation over time.

Therapist could notice the stress emerging and tried to distract the client.

T: Who else is with you? What else could you see in the room.

C: I am alone. There is a table in from of me.

T: What is there on the table?

C: I could see a pen stand and few papers.

T : Relax and take deep breath. How are you feeling about it?

C: Feeling shocked .

T : I could understand what you are going through.

Here therapist tried to intensify the feeling and create an affect bridge, but it didn’t work.

Beloved guru @venu , I feel I made some mistake here. Please post your comment.

The client was guided to the garden. It was the fourth session, and it was getting late for the client as he had prior appointments.

Since there was no past life experience for disidentification, therapist decided to set up a stage for validating the carryovers and disidentification and transformation by inviting his own higher self or master in the garden and get the answers.

T: Are you still holding any negative emotion with the experience with your manager?

C : No

T: What makes you to say that?

C : When I was expelled from that job, I got a better job with a good manager who was very supportive and emphatic in nature. It happened for my good.

T: What are your feelings now about having a child?

C : I am feeling very positive and the feeling of passing the eye problem to next generation has reduced significantly.

T: What makes you say that?

C : Everyone carries their karma with them. If a child with such karma/fate comes, I am ready to face it. On one side, I have this challenge, but on the other side, I have a very supportive and loving wife.

T: Please scan yourself and let me know if the Low feeling about disability disclosure still exist?

C : No


While emerging out therapist suggested that the positive visual and emotions which you felt with the child will always be with you and can be recalled whenever you need it. Also, the love which you experienced with your wife will be there and can be accessed whenever you need just remember it and you will feel loved.


Theme 1: Fear of Hereditary Transmission

Client’s fear of passing the disease to the next generation.

Pain level- before session 8/10 Post session 3/10

Probable Reason : The vision the client experienced during the session, where he saw a newly born child in the cradle, had a very positive impact on his mind. As a result, he is currently positive about the idea of having a child.

Theme 2: Low feeling about Disability Disclosure

Pain level – Before session 6/10. Post session : 0/10

The client recalled an experience with his boss when he was confronted about his disability, leading to a sense of discomfort. However, he discovered that revealing the truth resulted in a better job opportunity, and he harbors no regrets. Additionally, the client later decided to have his wife inform his in-laws about his eyesight problem, further relieving him from this emotional burden.


Client was advised to do mediation and Yoga for mental wellbeing.

Advised client to visit genetic consultant to get a clear idea on the chances of the transmission on this genetic disorder to next the generation.

Below are the questions for beloved master Venu and my fellow Amarantians.

  • I believe that if you are not ready for something, the universe doesn’t give it to you. In this case, there was resistance from the client to having a child, fearing that the child may inherit a genetic disease. After the session, as his fear reduced, do you think the chance of him becoming a parent increased with his growing willingness?
  • Through all the religious practices the client is going through, his mental conditioning is such that it is his last life as a human, and he will never reincarnate. How do I change his mental conditioning? He is not willing to do PLR to know about the origin of his disorder, considering it is of no use as this is his last incarnation. How do I change his mindset?

Karma is real.
Surprised to see a very short session from you. But atlast end of issues of client is mandatory. Lots of things to learn from your session.


Hello Ashish

We are here to pay our karma in any form. But the important thing is that the client is happy with the session and has regained confidence in himself. That’s a fantastic thing.
All the best, Ashish!


Congratulations Ashish on this session, you executed it so patiently…I can guess how difficult it would have been while facing resistance, especially during the initial sessions. You have detailed the all the do’s and don’ts so rightly that anyone could follow the same to ensure the success…
Lastly, clients pain level got reduced that’s awesome :blush:. Nice work Ashish​:bouquet::heart:.


Hi @Ashish-Meher,
Firstly congratulations for the session. Please consider few suggestions for future

Kindly avoid such questions.

Baby can be any gender - “HE” could have been avoided here.

Who is “HER” ? clients spouse?

A repetitive question “How are your feeling” could trigger the pain. I have a family member who is suffering from deteriorating vision. A general question also sometimes trigger the uneasiness / anger in them.

“What’s there on the table” - What i liked here is that, you did divert the attention and made the client comfortable.

Well it is always okay for a client NOT to visit previous birth. I have shared two of my cases which could be helpful. Do read whenever possible.

Best wishes always.


Thanks for your valuable comment and suggestions. Yes, her means his spouse. Knowing what clients feels is important because that feeling will serve as a fuel to tap in to the past. You correctly said, it is not mandatory to get in to previous birth. It completely depends on the theme, if your answers are in the present life, then subconscious may not take us to previous birth. Or their could be a resistance which could have been addressed during the assessment. Sure, I will go through your cases. Thanks.


Thanks Kaushik for your kind words of encouragement. Yes, when you loose first two sessions then it is a do or die situation in the last one. Finally, got the required outcome.


Thanks Neelam for your valuable comments. Client is reporting to me in the office hence connect with him daily. I could notice that his stammering has reduced a lot and seems more confident.


Thanks Pushparag for your comments, it matters a lot. Yes, it was a short session as two sessions got interrupted. Clients core issues were addressed and cloud notice a drastic change in him.


Dear Ashish,
Wonderful session…Loved reading it…very nicely conducted. Pls check my comments below…

During the session when you reach the garden, you may say this," You subconcious mind shall not feel disturbed by the unwanted ambient noise both inside and outside the room. It shall only hear the voice of the therapist"

As the session proceed, keep injecting short sentences of keep relaxing, your subconcious mind is aware in all its glory, its only listening to my voice hence go deeper…

Nice points regarding water, rather reminder for relieving…:slight_smile:

When you reach the garden, you can make your life easy by using PHS as you may have to go for multiple sessions…

So you may say this…
Before the session as the client for their favourite short mantras or one liner etc…
Now therapist can say…

Repeat three times and say its getting written from your mind to your subconcious part of your brain. Next time when the therapist chants this mantra three time after you have closed your eye, you will go straight to the garden and will be in the same state of trance as you are now…

You could have treated his strammering as well but creating the intensifier and affect bridge to the source of revellation!

Eye thing may require more session to see his past life to figure out if there is any connect with Past Karma…

You can say that,

As your subconcious mind is in full awareness and glory , when you wake up after this session it shall do every bit to rectify the damage caused to the eye and the retina and in the process regenerate it into a perfect healthy eye, over the period of time!

Last reincarnation is funny after so many sessions!?..You may need to invoke his Soul Guide or is Isht Dev/Devi and put a query through him.


Dear Ananda,

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs and encouragement. We shall discuss about your insightful suggestions in depth as it seems promising to me.


Thanks for having gone through the session detailed provided by Ashish and also taking the time to provide your point of views @Pooja

Actually what Ashish did was in line with the I of IDT, all our issues are due to the suppression and repression and by anchoring the client repeatedly to the feeling and trying to trigger it is what gives the impetus to go back into the past lives and once we’ve defanged it revisiting those episodes will not have the emotional charge they might’ve had earlier.


@Ashish-Meher You are one of my loved ones who I admire for the due diligence in what ever you do.
You executed the stages well,
I felt that your contract agreement could go against your wish as it was too formal and could affect your rapport with the client. For example elements such as “Fee and Payment: The Client agrees to pay the agreed-upon fee for the past life regression session. Payment is due before the start of the session unless otherwise arranged.”

Actually the benevolent subconscious blessed your client with this, but the following statement was more in the lines of having discounted it and seeking something else…

well done on how you seamlessly transitioned into using the affect bridge.

It’s alright, this was your first session, always remember to coach breathing and managing the slightest bit of stress that you witness.
The sessions here are unfinished as you could get this client for one or two more PLR sessions.

read this statement several times… ponder over it… who are we change anyone? :slight_smile:


Dear Beloved Master @venu

I am so grateful to you for your lovely comments. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. They provide energy to keep conducting sessions despite challenges. It’s true, we can’t change anyone, I will always keep that in mind. Yes, I will convince him to attend two more sessions.

With love,



Dear Ashish,

Very well for conducting the sessions for Shashank and bringing him the requisite healing and blessings of god almighty. :pray:

My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

Very well listed the learnings for us all. I believe that its client’s session and we let them to be comfortable in all aspects before THE TAKE OFF !!! Bio breaks in between the session are absolutely okay and one can easily resume from the point where break was taken.

Well done. IMR is an asset which may be utilised for a number of confirmations during the session.

Great upgrade…all kudos to you.

With the moments we also consider to embed something to which the client can associate the deepening of his trance state.
eg. I am going to give you a few moments to allow yourself to go deeper and deeper with every out breath.

Amazing !!

When one is not ready only what will he do (with it) even if universe gives it ?

Yes. Why not? The removal of fear and concern itself is a great booster for the universe to now work towards making his longingness for a child come true.

You have already answered it ,

I believe that if you are not ready for something, the universe doesn’t give it to you.

My best wishes for the future.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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Very well-conducted session, Ashish. Wish you all the luck for upcoming sessions​:+1::sparkles:

Dear Monesh,

Thank you for your valuable comments. They bring with them a lot of learning. You are like a guiding star for the Atlantis batch. Most of my learning and understanding about PLR has developed through reading comments from the beloved guru Venu and you. Needless to say, I will certainly follow your suggestions.