If I am your client, how would you guide me here

Hello All,

This is Shruti from the Delta batch and I request the guidance from the Amarantos family. Please be warned this case is extremely personal and can be sensitive to read but be assured I have taken some courage to share my own case.

Something happened in the class room when The Master @venu ji was guiding through the Progressive Relaxation for our batch together. I have hearing problem and I wear hearing aids in ears which help me listen well. Surprisingly I heard some inner voice that day and I felt that I was pulled away to visit one the moment from the past life.

I suddenly felt suffocated as if someone’s hands were on my throat. Later I realised that I was being touched inappropriately by four men at the same time. I was shivering, shaking, crying uncontrollably and yet I didn’t open my eyes. The shaking of my body was too severe that Neha Ji came to my rescue during the process. I felt comforted that I am with the Masters around me. I felt too helpless as I wanted to escape that moment. I felt I wanted to speak and shout for help but four pairs of hands all over me made me feel weak. Once they were done with me either I ended my life that moment or the whole incident killed me. To my horror I recognised two out of four men in that incident. One of them is my father in this life time and other is first relative.

Since this was just one memory I got pulled into, I thought forgiving myself for feeling victim would be enough for me. But I feel I need to do lot more than this and I seek guidance and suggestions from my loving family here. If I have to revisit that same life time what possible theme should I work with or how to exactly visit the same life time to take the lessons that I need to learn.

I am extremely blessed and grateful for any support I can get in this regards.

Thank you @venu ji once again for creating the platform for us to express ourselves freely.



@Shruti_Verma I am looking forward to the suggestions and guidance you receive from this sacred Amarantian space. All I want to say is I have mad respect for your courage. To share something this traumatic and personal , in order to get guidance to heal - what extraordinary courage :cherry_blossom::pray:


Dear Shruti,

Coming forward to describe your case must have taken a lot of courage. So, applauds for that!

Based on the particulars shared by you, here is my suggestion - ‘Anxiety and Stress’ could be a possible theme. The wisdom of the subconscious is such that it brings up those emotions that needs to be dealt with right away.

Based on the theme, perhaps your therapist can use the ‘Emotion’ that you are experiencing to go to the point where that emotion was first experienced. Here, emotion is the link to the past where a similar emotion was first experienced.

I am also eager to know from the Amarantian family to share their inputs who have dealt with such clients before.

I hope everything goes well for you!

With plenty of love!


I respect and appreciate for your courage @Shruti_Verma. My thought is, you might have been in many lives before this life. Without anybody guiding you to a particular event, why your mind chose that particular event. We all know our subconscious mind knows everything. So, I believe, your subconscious is telling you to resolve those pains, emotions, feelings… which you may be carrying in to this life or may be you have suffered in between lives or they may cause you unwanted issues in future lives. Whatever may be the reason, your subconscious wants to get rid of it. I believe, forgiving yourself consciously is not enough. You have to resolve this subconscious memory. Your theme must and should be recalling that particular life only. When you revisit that particular life, forgive everyone including yourself unconditionally, discard all your thoughts, emotions, feelings, pains and other things which are stored in your subconscious by that life. Know and acknowledge the purpose of that life. Accept and understand what you learnt from that life, so, you can stop that pattern. I hope this will help you @Shruti_Verma


Hello @Roopa_Sanjeevi

Apologies for the late reply to this comment. I appreciate your input and it is interesting way to deal with this particular case. I will connect with therapist who understands it very well and help me regress to this life time or maybe handle with the root cause of this “Anxiety and Stress”. I will share my experience once I get some regression done :slight_smile:
Thank you once again.


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@Shruti_Verma, in my earlier reply. I have mentioned that your subconscious wants to get rid of it. Then my statement will become contradict for the subconscious nature, Because subconscious doesn’t know what is good/bad, pain/pleasure. Then it might be something else, may be some energy/your guide/your soul.


@Shruti_Verma, after the regression let us know, what was the theme. I would like to know, if the theme was Anxiety and Stress, will it guide to the same past life or a different one. Actually you are eager/awaiting to resolve that life’s issues. So, it means that thought is strongly prioritized in your mind. Will this thought automatically guides you to that particular life, once you reach the trance state.

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Dear Shruthi,

Hope you are doing good.
After reading your case, the following is the thought I got:
Why do you want to revisit that lifetime again, you have seen the incident, recognized the people involved that should be good.
Forgive the people involved and share love and blessings with them, so that both of you will be able to release and move forward easily.
A vast majority of us want to revisit the past inorder to get healed, in your case may be the masters wanted you to know the gist, and that would have healed every person involved. So bless them and move ahead, holding the thought of going back to same lifetime may not be a good idea.
If you still feel you want to revisit the same incident / lifetime, based on my experience Meditation is the medium to do that.

Malik Zahiruddin


Thank you for sharing your experience my blessed @Shruti_Verma.
Several points to discuss here.

  1. Group regression are for milder themes and it would have been great if you could have got a one on one follow up session for a closure.
  2. Sexual abuse is not as uncommon as we think. It’s less spoken and it takes courage to come out of the closet. Having said that, in my several years of experience in PLRT the higher self guides the client towards a closure by helping them realise that’s it’s just something which happened to the body and not to “It”

नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावक: |
न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुत: ||2. 23||sbg

Rough translation: It cannot be annihilated by any weapon, nor be burned, decomposed or parched …

Which automatically leads to the feeling that I as a victim but also the oppressor and ultimately the forgiveness and release born of it.
3. As you have shared this with all of us with the intent of getting some guidance, may be you could introspect and arrive at a theme for yourself eg around “strained relationship with parents”… anger. Followed by seeking a 1:1 session with anyone you are comfortable with in the Amarantos family and if this engram surfaces, then let the therapist work towards a closure. As it’s more natural, it will deliver the max impact. But it’s alright for you also go to that engram directly but that might not have such a therapeutic impact.

The Rig Veda samhita 1.164.20-22, Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.1-2, and Svetasvatara Upanishad 4.6-7, speak of two birds, one perched on the branch of the tree, which signifies the body, and eating its fruit, the other merely watching.

Rig Veda samhita says:

1.164.20 Two birds associated together, and mutual friends, take refuge in the same tree; one of them eats the sweet fig; the other abstaining from food, merely looks on…