If you hunt animals, Animals will hunt you!

Session Transcript

Client name: VK

Theme: performance anxiety and fear of failure. Disproportionate fear to situation which demand performance. Client is an Interventional radiologist which demands stressful and risky procedures and at time feels handicap due to fear and feels his performance and happiness is effected by this fear. There is issue of stammering also during performing in front of people.

A session , was performed earlier in November 2019m which provided clarity and relief to the client. This is a follow-up session. Previous session was done in November 2019.

Induction and progressive relaxation done.

Visualization : Staircase- door- Garden.

Childhood memories -:

  • Doing the case in Cath Lab during this training. As intervention radiologist. Experience fear ass by mistake he injected air into the catheter leading to thrombosis /complication which was successfully managed and the patient became OK. Client experienced fear during this memory and also records that his boss punished him by keeping him out of Cath lab one month.
  • Sitting in a classroom in coaching class while preparing for medical entrance. Marks are being shown. Experience fear as he got second position instead of first and feels bad as could no fullfill the expectations of his father and teacher.

Client wast taken in to previous life engram by using tunnel visualisation -:

Previous life engram:

Th: What comes to your awareness ?

C: Bow and arrow…

TH: look at yourself… how old are you?

Cl: 32 years

Th: How do you feel.

Cl: scared … fear

TH: Where are you…

Cl: On top of tree… it is a forest.

Th: AS I count from 5-1 go back to the time of dinner in this life time.

CL: Fire… sitting around fire… having food.

Th: Are you inside your house or outside…

Cl: Outside—eating tubers.

Th: how do you feel ?

Cl: ok…

Th: are you alone (after multiple inquires answers )

C: With my son…

TH: How old is he…

Cl: 5 years

Th: what his name…

Cl: (no answer)

TH: Look into the eyes of your son and see if you can recognize him form current life.

Cl: (no answer).

Th: AS I count from 5-1 , go inside the house while you are making your son sleep… what kind of house is it…

CL: mud house…

Th: are there other house near by …

Cl: no…I am making my son sleep…

Th: What year is it (client do not give any answer).

Th: GO back to the time when you are in forest with bow and arrow on the top of the tree… are you alone.

Cl: I am hunting a tiger…

Th: what are you waering…

Cl: skin… only skin…

Th: Why are you huntinh tiger…

Th: (silence – after prolong silence)- for skin.

Cl. What happens next…

Th: I am scared… I shot the arrow but it missed. But I managed to kill him using other two arrows…

Cl: How do you feel now ?

Th: relieved…

TH: as I count from 1-10 go to the time of death in this life time when you were hunting the tiger and had a small son…

Cl: a crocodile….

Th: go on I’m listening what happens next.

Cl: I am in the bushes. Certainly I have been pulled into the water. I’m struggling.

Th: go on. What happens next remember you don’t need to suffer pain once again , you can just float of your body and see things from above. What is the last thought in your mind.

Cl: I’m a bit concerned about my son. I am floating above. I am seeing I can see from above.

Th: What do you see?

Cl: blood there’s blood everywhere in the water. But I do not feel being faithful peaceful.

(explained to client that he has passed and the body is dead and therefore he will not feel any pain . Now he can choose to go ahead further in the space of calmness and peace.)

Cl: I feel very calm. I see clouds. Clouds of light.

Th: go on tell me what happens next.

Cl: I am waiting.

Th: why are you waiting. Are you supposed to wait.

Cl : yes. I’m waiting because I’m tired.

TH: but how long you’re supposed to be here.

Cl: very long.

TH: OK, I will give you a few minutes to stay here and rejuvenate yourself. Remember you are safe and secure enjoy this please.

TH: (after some time) Report to me what’s happening now.

Cl: I am still waiting. But now I’ve started walking.

Th: why are you walking. Where is this place didn’t do.

Cl: my home.

Th: oh, so this is your home. How do you feel.

Cl: I feel comfortable(a long gap).

Th: I know you’re enjoying the state. It is helping to heal you. But it is very important that you report to me what is happening.

Cl: I am still working. Slowly.

Th: why are you walking slowly. Can you work fast. Do you have a choice.

Cl: yes I do have a choice. I can work for us. But I’m walking slowly. Because I am enjoying it.

Th: but there’s more piece ahead when you reach your home so why don’t you walk faster. If a human being looks into at this point how would you describe you. What color ability.

Cl: nothing. No form. Smoky…… Smoky white color.

Th: what happens next. Is there anybody else around you.

Cl : no. I think I am at home. I feel very peaceful. Hey see if you were the lights far away. There may be the other souls but they’re very far.

TH: the code on there might be somebody else around you.

Cl: I see my Guardian angels. They’re lifting me up a very very high up.

TH: where are you Guardian Angeles taking you.

TH: look at them how do they look. Do they have male or female body. Or are they formless like you.

Cl: no they are females. They’re taking me too much with the light…

Th: what happens next.

Cl: they have dropped me and they have left. I am merging with the light. Slowly. It says”

Th: as you’re merging with a light, I ask this light what was the lesson from your previous life what do you do understand.

Cl: if you hunt animals, they will hunt you.

Th: ask her guardian Angels and the light, what is there for you to learn from the life you was hunter. What is there for you to learn that is relevant for you in this current life.

Cl : If you hunt …Fear will come… (silence fo rlong time)

TH: whats happening next….can you ask this light to heal you of this fear … fear of performance…

Cl: if you hunt… fear will be there…

TH: Is there any message which light wants to give to manking or to me…

Cl: (slience)… I am now merged with light… almost…

Th: what happens next…

Cl: still merging… I am calm and it is nice…

Th: (long gap)… ask the light if there is something for you to learn which is relevant for current life. Which can heal your stammering and fear of performance…

Cl: (silence- but client is calm)

Th: aks the light what is the purpose of your current life… what is there which you need to learn in current incarnation…

Cl : (silence- no answer)…

TH: ask the light to get you rid of this fear…

Cl: if you hunt — fear will come…

TH: what is happening now…

Cl: I think I have merged with light…

Th: do you want to go further… you told me earlier that you were at home… but you were taken by your garuadian angels to merge with this light… does that mean that that earlier place was not your home…

Cl: yes–

Th: may be your home is further…do you want to come back or stay here for some more time… (both client and therapist are pretty drained – about 3 hours of session had gone past)…

Cl : I want to come back.

(Emergence used… and client gradually and systematically brought back to current time and place).

(Client later reported that he was told that:

If you hunt animals, animals will hunt you…

If you hunt—fear will come…

When you hunt small games , you can do alone, but when you hunt big games, you must learnt to work in group. Then only fear can be overcome.)

Note: The Hunting can been seen as metaphor or as literal animal killing. In last couple of months, the emergence of Corona virus , has made me think, that un justified and merciless, cold blooded killing fo animals happening all around the words for food, leather etc , is bound to release a dense energy of fear in the universal consciousness. This dense energy need to manifest - it needs an outlet sooner or later. May be the Corona virus (better termed as "fear virus) is classical example of this law of nature manifesting itself ?
However, as per the client own interpretation, the hunting implied metaphor for his psychology. He compared hunting with his Interventional radiology cases and interpreted that tough and complex cases should be done with help of a team rather than trying to be hero and risking the life of patients by doing it all alone. He learned the importance of seeking help, sharing the glory of success and working in team in order to have a peaceful life.


Perfect session, with such a valuable message for the current situation we face, especially we “keraliets” :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Thanks Jyothi Ji.


Awesome session Ram, and as Jyothi pointed out the learning is so apt for todays senario…you can hunt small game alone but for larger game one must learn to work in a group…That is truly what team work is about . Kudos!.


Thanks Brinda ,
Appreciate the encouraging comments from this lovely family.
Regards ,


Yes brinda…exactly "unity is strength "…will be able to accumulate knowledge and ideas from others, to get over the issues when we have to face such situations. Like we are doing in this FORUM :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::innocent::innocent::innocent:


Inspite of yourself being a radiologist u had time to perform sessions and that too on a colleague from a field that is not yet open to PLRT. Good message about team work and you comparing fears to Corona virus also seems apt. yes we know Its just fear ( there are more fearsome dangerous germs around us all the time). Looking forward to more sessions from you.


Thanks seema for your encouraging words :heart:
I will certainly post more sessions


Our forum is very silent and prayerful because of the present situation… may God bless and heal the world and reinstate peace and health every were…
Every one be blessed by our Healing progressive relaxation!!!:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


So true Jyothie!
Death once again has become an eye opener for the society.

Now the teaching of Bhagvan Sri Krishna’s—“Ashaswatham” and sri Buddha’s—“Anitya” makes so much sense.
I hope we all learn our lesson and these difficult times abate at the earliest.
May everyone be happy


Thanks for sharing this Ram. Very good insight. I had a client who had seen himself as a tribal hunter in one of his lifetimes 1000 years ago. He was crushed to death in his old age while sleeping outside his hut by an elephant. The lesson for him was, “Don’t kill animals.” But, when I asked him what was wrongly in killing the animal, as he was a hunter, he said, “Don’t hunt for fun. Kill only one animal.”


Thank Harish,
Its interesting that even though each client have unique stories to share but the insights which come out of all these sessions are always have one common thread- we must learn and expand our capabilities of loving unconditionally.
Much love,
Dr Gaurav S P Gupta, MD, FRCR
Consultant Radiologist


1000 years ago life time… :thinking::thinking::thinking:still the clients remembers … see the capacity of our sub conscious mind… :dizzy::dizzy:
We can’t even remember last weeks matters properly !!!
God is Really Great … :sunglasses::sunglasses:


So true :+1:

Every opportunity is for us to expand ourselves through love.


Amen Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu


Yes Jyothi,its a most beautiful period of lifetime which we have God when nature has made us to think and rejuvenate, Lets pray for universal consciousness!


Yes Jyothi its a message for all of us though to be aware of ourselves


Well articulated session Ram. As always love reading your sessions. I hope it gave your client a message not to hunt and eat animals. Its a perfect message for present days, when the world is healing itself and the reason behind it is a microbe corona…Anyways congratulations all the best for more


Beautiful interpretation and learning for all of us.