In Pursuit of Happiness

I’m unsure whether to see this case study as a success or a failure. Even though we got detailed answers and insights from the spiritual guide, the client says she can’t remember anything and doesn’t feel like the therapy has helped her at all. She thinks any improvements in her life are because of the medication she’s taking.
I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the case study :pray:

Session: 1
Vitals: Madhu, F, 41+, 7/10, K
Secondary Dominant Sense: V
Eye Roll Test: 1.0
Pain Level Before: 09
Pain Level After: 09
T- Therapist
C- Client
- Therapist Remarks
The Client had the below themes to work on:
-Negative thinking
-Anger and her Uncontrolled Behavior
-Insecurity about her loved ones. She get scared that something will happen to them.
-Connect and Seek forgiveness with her late mother and late mother-in-law.
-She wants to remove God from her Mind.
-She wants to stop her medicines as she has started getting a shivering.

Final Theme- Connect and Seek forgiveness with her late mother and late mother-in-law.

The only child of her parents, a 41 Year-old, Madhu, who completed BCS in Computer Science and MBA in Finance is emotionally attached to her father specially after her mother passed away because of a heart attack. She did not have an easy relationship with her mother and had not tried to understand her at all. Further, she feels she did not pay heed to her father when he cautioned her that her mother was most likely having a heart attack. She feels guilty, regretful and holds herself responsible for what happened to her mother.
Madhu admits that she has had anger issues right from her childhood. She does not feel in control and is known to throw temper tantrums.
Madhu developed OCD during her 12th grade, without anyone realizing it at first. Since then, she has been dealing with continuous negative thoughts until she can find something positive which takes a long time to come.
For instance, if she has negative thoughts while drinking water, she will continue drinking until positive thoughts arise. This pattern occurs with various actions like walking or crossing the road. She does not like to involve in Pooja.
She feels that OCD had to do with an attempt of molestation on her when she was very young. The aggressor was known to the family, she did not know what to do and who to confide with.
Her parents also had an issue with compulsive behavior. It is perhaps an inherited trait.
Currently Madhu is on medication: FLUNIL 40mg After breakfast and SOLTUS 50mg before bed.
[Online reference says, Soltus is usually prescribed for people with schizophrenia. I double-checked with the client, but she insisted she does not have schizophrenia however I suggested that she could perhaps consult her doctor.]
Before Madhu got married, her cousin Chiku [Name Changed] was in love with her, but she did not reciprocate his feelings. Both of them ended up marrying other people. Even after their marriage, they remained in touch, but then Chiku began emotionally pressuring her by insisting that he wouldn’t start a family without her.

During that time, Madhu’s husband Tintin [Name Changed] was abroad for work, and due to her OCD problem, her father-in-law wasn’t treating her well and sent her to her parent’s home for two months. While staying at her parents’ place, her relationship with Chiku was revived, leading to physical intimacy. Even now, she still feels guilty about it.
There was a lot of mess and chaos in Madhu’s life. A few months later, Tintin returned from abroad and brought her back home. Both Madhu and Tintin started planning for a family. She became pregnant, but during her pregnancy, she continued to experience anger. Although she always wanted to be a mother, she kept questioning herself about her pregnancy, wondering ‘why am I getting pregnant?’ With God’s grace, she was blessed with a baby boy, who is now 6 years old.
During the pandemic, both of Madhu’s in-laws were staying with her, and her mother-in-law had bipolar disorder. Despite her mother-in-law being under medication. Madhu started feeling resentful. Losing her own mother changed her perspective, and she began to think, 'I hadn’t done enough for my own mother, so why should I take care of her?’ After few days her mother-in-law passed away and once again, Madhu found herself consumed by guilt because of this pessimistic approach.
Madhu always wants to make up for her mistakes and find closure. She wants to meet her mother and mother-in-law again, hoping for forgiveness and a solution to her inner struggles.

Recurring dream:
C- ‘3-4 times I got the same dream that I divorced my husband, and I am getting married again.
‘Sometimes I see a kind of a temple, where I haven’t visited [In Present life] but I know this temple from a very long time, and I used to visit very frequently. Somehow, I just want to remove God from my mind.’
Fear or Phobia:
C- I am very scared of fire. I can’t see scenes which involved fire on television and I feel that I am destroying God in the fire. Sometimes I see my mother in a fire or somebody in fire. I have a phobia of Snakes.
Sometimes Madhu also feels unworthy of happiness and often punishes herself by controlling her meals or by neglecting her health and appearance.
Madhu admits that feeling happy also disturbs her, fearing, it will be taken away. She worries about doing something unpleasant when excited or becoming overconfident with success. She also struggles to handle both happiness and sorrow.
T- Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?
C- I don’t want to live a long life. I got sick of my life. I am just waiting for my son to get older so that he will be independent.

Session 2: Happy Memories

Induction - Dave Elman
Visualization- Staircase- Garden- Tunnel of Light -Beach

Happy Memory 1
[The client, aged around 6 or 7, was playing Catch and Catch with her 4-5 friends in the garden and was feeling very happy.]

Happy Memory 2
[The client remembers her previous home in Ratnagiri, where she saw her father wearing shorts and a vest. She spent some time with her father.]

After the Session: -

T- How was your experience?
C- Actually, I saw my childhood home. Front side of the home. Steps are there, my father was sitting on the steps, I was sitting beside them. I was watching them. Actually, Mountains are there in front of our home, so I was watching Mountains. All those front scene. That’s all.
T- How did you feel.
C- Yeah, Relaxed.
T- Good, how about you playing with your friends?
C- Yaa, little, little, not a clear vision. But I was seeing the place where we used to play, and 4-5 friends were there with me. We were playing catch and catch in the garden.
T- Great

Session 3:

Theme: - Connect and Seek forgiveness with my late mother and late mother-in-law.

Induction - Dave Elman- Staircase- Garden-Progressive Relaxation
[Ball of light- Client chose white color]
Visualization – A Doorway, Tunnel of Light, Cliff, Black Box and White Box


T- Are you able to feel / see a doorway?
C- Yes
T- Let’s walk towards the doorway.
C- Ok
T- Allow yourself to look at your feet. What kind of footwear are you wearing?
C- Nothing
T- Okay, let’s begin by looking at your body. What does your body look like?
C- I am wearing white dress.
T- Ok, how old are you?
C- Don’t know.
T- Is there anyone around you?
C- No
T- Where are you at this moment?
C- In a room
T- How does the room look like?
C- Empty
T- Ok, Are there any photo frames in the room?
C- No
T- Is it a single room or are there other rooms?
C- Single
T- What is your name?
C- Madhu
T- Ok, Is it a Daytime or nighttime?
C- Don’t know.
T- Alright, I will count from 10 to 1, and then allow yourself to visit the significant event or the place where your mother and mother-in-law are waiting to meet you. 10…1
T- What is it that you are experiencing right now?
C- I can see an Image of my mother.
T- How does your mother appear?
C- She is smiling.
T- What is she wearing?
C- Red Saree
T- Would you like to spend some time with your mother?
C- It is just my Imagination.
T- It’s completely fine, even if it’s just your imagination.
[Long Pause]
T-What is it that your mother is doing right now?
C- Sitting on a chair.
T- And how about you?
C- Standing
T- How far are you standing from your mother?
C- Little
T- Ok… Are you able to communicate with her?
[Long Pause]
C- I cannot feel her.
T- Are you able to visualize her.
C- Yes
T- Is there something that she would like to convey to you, or you would like to convey to her?
C- Ok, Mummy [No Idea, in what context she said ‘Ok, Mummy] … I just can’t see her.

[Did Deepening]

C- Near Mummy
T- Are you able to see / feel Mummy now?
C- Hmm
T- Would you like to spend some time with her?
C- Hmmm
T- Ok, take your time and once ready, then let me know.
C- Ok
[After a very long pause]
C- Something is stuck in her nose.
T- What does it look like?
C- Like, White Cotton, it is troubling me, I can feel it.
[Helped the client to remove the cotton from the nose]
T- How are you feeling now?
C- Better
T- Ok, how is your mom feeling?
C- Better
T- What is it that your mom is trying to convey to You?
C- Nothing… I want to talk to her, but I am not able to
T- Allow yourself to feel her.
[Coached Breathing]
T- Are you able to communicate?
C- Yes…. Mummy [Long Pause] …. Maaf kar Mummy
[Client spoke in Marathi, seeking for forgiveness from her mother.]
[Long Pause]
[I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to gently wipe away the tears from the client’s eyes.]

C- I can see my Mother-in-law also.
T- That’s great, what is she wearing?
C- Blue color Saree
T- How is she looking?
C- Normal
T- Now as your mother-in-law is also there, would you like to convey her something?
[Client spoke in Marathi, seeking forgiveness from Mother-in-law]

[After a long time]
C- Both went.
T- Ok, how are you feeling after meeting them?
C- Little bit relaxed, I did not get any answer from them.
T- It could be because you’re more likely to feel / see them rather than hear them. However, we’ll still give it a try.

[The client seemed uncomfortable]
T- Is there any pain in the body?
C- Yes
T- Where is the pain?
C- Backside
T- Ok, allow yourself to focus on the pain. [Guided to get rid of the pain]
T- What is it that you are experiencing right now?
C- Pain is getting less.
T- Now, at the count of 5-1, allow yourself to revisit a situation in which you previously experienced similar pain, whether in this life or any other. Feel that pain once again. 5…1
C- Feeling better.
[Guided towards the tunnel of light]
T- Are you able to find the tunnel of light?
C- Hmmm
T- What is the color of the tunnel?
C- Grey outside
T- What is the color of the lights?
C- Yellow lights… bulbs

[Client fell asleep and started snoring]
[After the client woke up]

[After meeting her mother, the client explored future life progression, which helped her receive answers to some of her current problems.]

Future Life Progression:

[Helped the client visualize the three doors and asked to select any one door]

C- Middle
T- Allow yourself to open the middle door.
C- I am in Maldives with My husband and son. Sitting near the pool, came for the vacation.
T- What year is this?
C- 2026
T- What Month is this?
C- don’t know, may be the summer season.
T- How do you see / feel yourself in 2026? Do you still feel the anger?
C- No
T- How about the Negative thoughts?
C- Anger is not there but negative thoughts I don’t know, I can’t tell.
T- How about Patience
C- I am little bit patient.
T – What do you have to say about Guilt?
C- Yes
T- What guilt do you have?
C- That I cannot take my mother over there in this life… My father is also there along with us.
T- Any other guilt?
C- Maybe my mother-in-law also could be there if she is alive…. …I just want to know if I am doing my business or not?
T- Let’s count from 3-2-1 and find out.
C- Little bit grown up [Business]
T- What’s the year?
C- 2028
T- How do you feel about your grown-up business?
C- Happy
T- Allow yourself to understand the status of OCD.
C- I have but little bit less.
T- What is the year?
C- 2028
T- Is there anything else you would like to know about?
C- No
T- What does your future look like?
C- Its Good
T- From which source are you getting these messages.
C- I am feeling like that.
T- Great.


T- What is it that you are carrying over from your previous life to this life?
C- Obsession
T- Obsession of what?
C- Obsession of God
T- Lets find out the reason for the obsession of God at the count of 3-2-1
C- I don’t know, I can’t Find.

[Helped the client to witness the cliff, the black box, and the white box]
[Helped the client to Float above]

T- What is it that you are experiencing now?
C- I can see him.
T- Who?
C- Uttur Ajja [Spiritual Guide] … I am asking for peace of Mind.
T- What did he say?
C- Tatthastu
T- Allow yourself to ask him how to get rid of the guilt you’re carrying?
C- By Getting one more new life.
T- Ok, let yourself ask, how can you work on managing anger and negative thoughts?
C- With Practice I will get it.
T- Great, what actions can you take to address impatience and insecurities?
C- I need to control.
T- Ok, What about OCD? How can it be healed?
C- I don’t know.
T- Allow yourself to ask Ajja about how to stop thinking about God.
C- Keep Faith
T- Keep faith in what.
C- On Uttur Ajja
T- Wonderful, At the count of 10 to 5, you will be able to meet your mother and mother-in-law here.
C- I can see them.
T- Allow yourself to share whatever is there in your mind.
C- Yes, I am able to talk… Yes…. Yes … Yes …. I am done.
[The client was engaged in a conversation but was only responding with 'yes, yes’]
T- After talking to your mom, what is it that you are feeling?
C- No guilt, she has forgiven me.
T- After talking to your mother-in-law, how are you feeling?
C- Little bit less guilt now … She has also forgiven me.
T- Let’s address the remaining guilt you’re experiencing. Allow yourself to express to Uttur Ajja and your mother-in-law what you are going through.
C- Yes
T- What is their message?
[The Client was unwilling to disclose]
T- Would you like to spend some time with them?
C- Yes
[After some time]


T- What is it that you need to experience in order to let go of all these problems?
C- Live with patience
T- And how do you plan to accomplish that?
C- Keeping calm.
T- Great, what is it that you should not do in this lifetime?
C- Negative thinking
T- Good… What is it that you have come to learn in this lifetime?
C- Be kind and Polite.
T- That’s nice, what is the mission of your life?
C- I want to see my father, My husband, and My son a long life… Healthy and happy. For myself I want to get a rebirth from the same mother.
T- That’s nice…. Now if I give you a choice of replacing your anger, your insecurities, your impatience, Negative thoughts with only one word, what would that word be?
C- Becoming Positive
T- What could you have done differently earlier to stay positive?
C- I always have a regret of leaving my job I think I would have not left my job.
T- Ok, at this moment, what is it that you could do differently?
C- I try to keep myself busy in my business-like Laddu business so that I will not get time to think about other things.
T- What is the one thing you would like to have with you always?
C- Patience
T- Great

[After the transformation, I conducted Inner Child Healing for the client, knowing that anger is common during times of grief. So, my goal was to help her deal with her anger and turn it into feelings of love, safety, and calmness.]

T- Where in the body do you feel anger?
C- In my brain and mind only
T- Ok, allow yourself to give any name to the word ‘Patience.’
C- Sonu
T- Now Imagine that Sonu is your inner child… breathe deeply… what are you feeling currently?
C- Little bit relaxed
T- Which part of your body are you feeling relaxed in?
C- Mind
T- Ok, how old is Sonu.
C- Just born.
T- Imagine this newly born is you. Not only the child but also the mother has taken a new birth. Let yourself ask Sonu what she needs to be ‘happy.’
C- Good Care
T- Now, allow yourself to give Sonu a hug and let her know that in any situation, you will take care of her, and she will always be safe with you.
C- Yes
T- let yourself hold Sonu for as long as you need, and when the little girl is ready, she can gently hold you close to her heart and let you enter her heart.
C- Yes
T- Allow yourself to feel the sense of love, safety, and peace.
C- Ok
T- How are you feeling now?
C- Better
T- Are you ready to come out or you want to explore more.
C- Ready to come out.
T- Is there any pain in the body?
C- No
T- Good
[Brought the client back]


T- How are you feeling?
C- Yeah, like a new beginning, so that I can start newly. Little bit relaxed…. it’s worth… but still, I need to take out all these things practically in my life. Whatever things I have thought I need to use it on my day-to-day life.
T- Wonderful, how did your interactions go with Ajja, Mother, and Mother-in-law?
C- Yeah, little bit satisfaction that they are with me.

[I am still unsure about concluding this session as a success, but I can surely label it as a turn towards positivity. The basic requirement of the client was met as she got to speak to her mother and mother-in-law seeking forgiveness. Despite not disclosing her conversation, I am contented that she received the answers she was looking for. The session also turned into future life progression where she sees her business doing better than before, and she is also happy and in a better state in the future, which I consider a very good sign. Madhu met her spiritual guide as well, who further conveyed a lot of positivity by giving her messages of peace and faith. My greatest relief is that she was able to free herself from the guilt she had been carrying for so long about meeting her mother and mother-in-law and confessed that she wants to look at life with positivity, faith, politeness, and kindness to lead her journey forward.]

Closure: -

T- Are you satisfied with the session?
C- Yes
T- Did you find answers to your questions?
C- Yeah, to some extent
T- Did you find the resolution?
C- Yes, Whatever I knew from beginning, I knew it from beginning but I just not able to put it in a practical life. That I need to try hard.
T- What is your pain level now?
C- Right now I can’t say but I can tell after some time pass.
T- Any unresolved issues you could find?
C- Currently no
[After a week, the client informed me that the pain level hadn’t changed and was still at 9]

Reports and Recommendation: -

Report - The report has been shared with the client.
Recommendation - Yoga and Meditation.
Journal your thoughts.