Induction/Visualization Techniques

May I know the innovative induction and visualization techniques used in your sessions?


very good questions Dear Deekshitha,

I find myself pyramiding an induction which I named as “Cosmic Awareness”
between Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.
If anyone is interested, will share it on our monthly Forum call.

Best Regards,


definitely interested Venu

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Anand Shrinivas Raman

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Very very interested



Good morning Dr Venu sir ,

  1. As you mentioned, I am interested,

  2. Though evolving on many techniques and customising as per requirements
    of the genre , based pan Indian is more acceptable to most of us , the
    amalgamation or two beautiful Techniques Dave Elman & Progressive
    as you coined it as “COSMIC AWARENESS
    looks to me more better in respect to its application,

  3. Hope to see you soon, in our monthly forum call,


Commandant Yogesh Dutta,


Yes Venu, definitely interested. Will wait eagerly to know more about it.

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Very interested Venu :blush:

Dr Aarati Karaba

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Yes definitely interested :pray:

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Would love to know about ‘cosmic induction’


Looking forward to it!

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As discussed on our monthly call, below are the notes of the cosmic awareness.

Stage 10 + 11 ==> 1.5 hours

Cosmic Awareness

Dave Elman (25mins)

Cosmic Awareness (15mins)

Progressive Relaxation (30mins)

Tunnel of light to tap anything from the Unconscious

— Cons Mind ==> Time and Space, cause and effect
Noise which are very far away
Noise right out side the room
Into the room,
==> You can focus on my voice ==> Pacing
Leading ==> Guiding you to go down deeper deeper
==> Music ==> Lead ==> relax further

P ==> Your body centre ==> Lead ==> Observe noise
Breath ==> wonder how different the noise when you breath into the breath out!
Feel Heart

Mind== Chatter within the mind
What the noise created by a thought passing through our mind!
Let all the noises! Any distraction or discomfort if any allow you to only go down deeper and deeper !!! :slight_smile:

…Imagine a ball of light !


I m sorry Venu…I m unable to understand this… :frowning:

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Sorry about that Deekshitha,
These were notes from the call last month.

Hare Krishna Venuji,

Perhaps you could write a book on Inductions, Pyramiding Inductions and Fractionations using your own choice of images and language. Hypnotherapists would love to purchase these. Not many hypnotists use such therapeutic language and images as you do. Feel blessed to have attended the course at Amarantos. Past Life Regression we learnt is an Advanced Technique Course in the field of Hypnotism. We actually learnt Age Regression and then Past Life Regression. It was an All in One Course. Wish to do a refresher course just for the love of it. How do I go about doing this? Thank you Venuji! Hare Krishna


hello Everyone

sorry could not be the part of the zoom call today …was busy with my song
release …



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Unfortunately I missed the important meeting too since was in a session and
that’s what happened last month too! Confused!!

Wish you luck Ssumeir.

Dear Ssumeir,
Heard your song on YouTube ,
It’s amazing and very beautiful.
Thanks for such blissful creation.
Regards ,

Jai Sri Krishna!
Nishaji your words are a blessing to me.
The prospect of being able to meet you and all our Amarantians again is a prospect I look forward to.
I will work on this and update you Nishaji, hope you will have the time to come and bless us all.

With every passing experience in this field I have come to the humble understanding that

"harer nāma harer nāma
harer nāmaiva kevalam
kalau nāsty eva nāsty eva
nāsty eva gatir anyathā"

Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita Madhya 6.242

In this age of Kali Yuga* His Name, Him Name, His Name alone is the way, nothing else, and nothing else!

A blessed glance of a devotee like you Nishaji can bless anyone with the Shraddha and Bhakti in His Name. :pray: Please do bless us all.

  • Contrary to the negative connotation of “Kali Yuga”, I feel that Sri Raja Parikshit did us all a great favour by not slaying Kali as he promised that spiritual progress would be greatly expedited for anyone in this age. May be that is why unbelievable esoteric and spiritual experiences are taking place for all of us. :pray:
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Hare Krishna Venuji,

Krishna is our Guide. He will make it happen.

Past Life Regression is a Specialization in the field of hypnotism.

Hare Krishna

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