Indu's Introduction

Hello Soulmates, I am Indu Nandakumar a life Coach from chennai.
I have had my share of work experience for over 26 years and have been through the Corporate grill, always balancing the act between personal and professional life. Until one day my health sent an alarm and I woke up. I realized the loss of not living the moment as life passes by. I was suffering from a self-inflicted lifestyle disease and when I visited the hospital, I was amazed to see the floor filled with patients similar to me. I gave up that journey to eventually do something I love and that is to help people live in the moment. Being conscious and value the importance of life.
After becoming a Certified life Coach, I now completed PLRT from Amarantos. This has been God’s Master Plan and Venu has been sent by My masters. I have completed 2 PLR sessions and am amazed by the results. Humbled by the experience. Thanks to my Guru, Venu Murthy and team Amarantos.


Hi Indu, this is indeed an awakening for most of us too and that too by Venuji who is our Guru.

So glad to have you on board. I am Nisha. I reside and practice in Singapore.


Hi Indu.
So glad to hear this. You’re an amazing healer.
Welcome to Amarantos Family!


Hi Indu Welcome on board. Its nice to see people from Corporates join Amarantos, since we need techies in this field too, our guru Venu being the first one. All the best for this new journey stay blessed and keep changing lives.


Welcome home Indu :pray:
We are all so happy to have you with us.

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Thankyou Dr. Nisha! Feel blessed!

Wonderful Indu. Way to go!

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Good Evening Indu,
My heartiest and best wishes to you on PLR journey. I am Monesh from Omega batch. May I know if you practice in Chennai ?

Hi Indu, nice to hear this. Yes, I am still awaiting for this alarm and corporate world wil easily help to get this alarm earlier .
Indu, like to get connected if in Chennai.
This is shanthi from Vasi batch ,connected only through this forum but yet to initiate on practise session.