Inferiority complex and low self esteem

Dear Amaranthians,
By the grace of Shirdi Baba my Guru, my Masters, my mentor, my guide, my Gurudev Venuji and my Gurumata Nehaji, my parents and my husband, I have executed this case .I am indebted to my fellow Amaranthians who have always extended the much needed support both in motivation and knowledge sharing. I owe this to you all.
Dates: 26/11/2023 & 24/12/2023
Session 1: 26th November 2023 (Stages 1 to 9 was conducted)
Session 2: 24th December 2023 (Stages 10 to 15 was conducted)
Client details:
Mrs.SM is a lady of 65yrs. She was an ex banker. She is a very spiritually oriented lady. She is a teacher with the Art of Living foundation. She has her own spiritual practices and leads a very pious life. She lives with her husband who is a retired engineer by profession. Her daughter is married and is in Netherlands and her son is unmarried and is in Australia. She is a very cordial lady and speaks with utmost respect to all.

She was open to the concept of PLR and wanted an answer to all the problems she had been facing in her life.

Name: Mrs.SM
Hypnotizability Score: 9
VAK: 6/7/2
Dominant sense: Visual
Eye roll test: (2+1 =3)
Pain level: 9

Theme: The client says she is almost absent minded most of the time. She has not been able to get over her earlier life as she has gone through lots of issues with her parents, her husband and a few of her relatives. She has a low self- confidence and feels she is not adequate in her spiritual quests. She has a low opinion of herself. She also has inferiority complex and low self esteem.
T: Therapist; C: Client (Sri)

We started off with Dave Elman. She was taken through progressive relaxation. The client responded very well to the suggestions. She was very receptive to all aspects of suggestions.
During visualization and moving to the garden, she stumbled upon one of her lives. (Before we took off, upon asking what she would like to be addressed, she told her favourite name was Sri.)

Life 1
T:Sri,are you able to feel or see anything as you move forward?
C: I can feel my Gurudev holding my hand
T: Can you see him?
C: No but I can feel him.
T: Can you explain further as you move forward?
C: Yes… I can see myself as a very young man of 25yrs attending some satsang.
T: Who do you see other than this young man?
C: I see many people.
T: Is there anyone whom you had known from this birth?
C: Yes… I see Jyothirmayi Swami from this birth. He is waving at me. But he looks like Christ.
T: Are you living at the time when Christ was living?
C: No
T: Take a deep breath and move forward.
C: I am lying down draped in white. I have a beard.My eyes are closed.
T: Kindly move forward and have a close look Sri.
C: I am dead. My body is lying down.I cannot see but I feel that I am not in the body. My spirit is outside.
T: Where is your soul now?
C: My soul is with the energy of Gurudev. I can also feel Shirdi Sai Baba’s presence.
T: Sri, do you have any message from the Masters?
C: Baba Says: “Be at peace. Don’t panic. You are protected”
T: That’s very great to have the divine Masters guide you Sri. Shall we proceed further?
C: Yes.

Life 2
T: Sri,are you able to see or feel anything?
C: Sri was smiling and very happy. She felt exhilarated and I could sense that she was in the heights of happiness.
C: I am a Gopi. I have a beautiful veil on my head. I am carrying a pitcher, a decorated one. I reside in a place full of beautiful flowers and creepers. I feel Lord Krishna.
T: Oh! The Lord!. Can you see Him Sri?
C: No. I feel Him. His divine presence.
T: What are you doing Sri?
C: I am going to fill water from a pond. There are white water lilies in the pond.
T: What is your age dear?
C: I am 18 or 19yrs old.
T: Sri, explain your feelings
C: I feel happy, blissful. My aajna chakra is throbbing. I feel it.
T: Shall we move forward?
C: Yes… (There is silence. Sri was guided forward with breathing )
T: Sri, where are you?
C: I am very old. I am sitting in my home.I feel sad.
T: How old are you Sri?
C: I am 80 yrs old.
T: Why are you sad?
C: There were many people with me but now I feel lonely. Though a few are there, I still feel some despair deep down in my heart.
(Suddenly Sri started laughing and giggling and felt very happy…)
T: Sri, please share your happiness… what is happening?
C: Ohh… I am holding baby Sri Krishna in my arms. I feel him. I see His sweet face. I am so thrilled … Oh my baby,…
T: Stay in the moment Sri. You are blessed. I prayed through this process. I could feel a divine energy engulf the room where we were doing the PLR.Sri stayed in the blissful experience for quite a few minutes.
T: Sri, shall we move forward?
C: Yes. I am in Guruvayoor. Lord Krishna is still beside me. He is now a boy of 8 yrs. He is playing with a stick.
T: Does Lord Krishna have a message for you?
C: Yes. He says “Do not worry. We are all there for you”I am feeling at peace. He also asks me to be Kind. This is a message for you too.(I was so thrilled that the Lord wanted me to stay away from worries and His assurance was there. He wanted me to be more kind to all)
Sri is suddenly excited. She screams “Gurudev, Gurudev”… I see Gurudev… He is holding my hand and pulling me inside Guruvayoor temple.
T: Where are you Sri now?
C: In Gurudev’s heart.
T: Any message this time from the Master?
C: This is the message: “Be happy and contended–move forward in life”
T: Shall we move forward Sri?
C: Yes… there is silence…
Sri seems to move effortlessly … from one life to another as if the Lord almighty is leading her from one to another. No doubt she is a blessed soul.

Life 3

T: Sri, do you see anything?
C: Yes … I am a young man in his 20s.
T: Where are you?
C: I am in an Ashram
T: What is your name?
C: Cant remember. I am in India but not an Indian.
T: What is the country of your origin?
C: Dutch.I also see my guru.
T: Who is your guru?
C: He is a Dutch guru of this birth Swami Poornachaitanya.
T: Sri, what are you doing?
C: I am chanting Rig Veda
T: Can you chant it for me?
C: Yes…. (Sri chanted a few verses from Rig Veda… She studied the vedas this birth also)
T: Tell me more about yourself?
C: I am residing by a river where many great souls had meditated.
T: Where is this river?
C: I think it is Radha Kunj near Sri Sri Ashram Bangalore Karnataka
T: Shall we move forward to some significant part of your life?
C: Yes… I am wearing Rudraksha, I have a grey beard,deep big eyes.I am meditating.
T: Do you have any message from the Masters?
C: Yes. The Masters are telling me “All the devatas are residing in me. Do not search outside for anything. Everything is within you”
T: Do you see anything else?
C: I see my friend of several lifetimes Salim in the Ashram. He is waving at me.
T: Can you tell something of any lifetime you had with Salim?
C: Yes… (Suggested deep breathing… )

Life 4:
T: Sri, do you see anything?
C: Yes… I am playing football.
T: Can you describe yourself?
C: I am a young man in my 20s… hefty and well built.
T: Who else is there?
C: Salim is there
T: Who is Salim?
C: Salim is my friend.
T: Your family?
C: I have mother and two sisters. My mother has very big eyes and long hair. She is very beautiful .My sisters are the same of this birth Padmaja and Poornima.
(The explanation furnished are so vivid and perfect as if Sri was seeing a movie)
T: Shall we move to a more significant part of this lifetime?
C: Yes.
T: Are you able to see yourself Sri?
C: Yes. I am reading from a scripture. I think I am a researcher in spirituality.
T: What is the scripture you are reading?
C: It is written in Devanagiri
Suddently there is silence. Sri seems to be sad and dull.
T: What happened Sri?
C: There was a fall. I am injured. The left part of the body is severely injured and is bleeding profusely.(There is silence…)
Sri spoke after a long pause.
C: I left my body.
T: Sri, rise above the body… feel the divine…
C: I am going towards light. I am covered in Gurudev’s aura.
C: Gurudev has a message for me. ”Be with me. Be with the truth” “Sathyam Param Dheemahi”
Sri is in bliss… she is happy…
T: Sri, would you love to more forward?
C: Yes. I would like to know about my future birth.
T: Shall we move forward Sri?
C: Yes… (She was guided into future… through breathing)
C: I am seeing Baba of Shirdi. He has a stick with him.He has a message … “Break Off boundaries… break free…delve more and more into the spiritual realm.”
C: I am also seeing Gurudev… He also has a message for me “ Drop everything … even your name…then you will attain bliss”
Sri is listening to a voice that is telling her “ Learn from this life time. Do not try to be a people pleaser. Be kind to all. But be kind to yourself also. All these years you have hurt yourself. Understand you are living in your past. Erase all your past and live in the moment.
Surrender and you shall be led!”

Sri told me that she wanted to come back as she felt Gurudev does not want her to know about her future. But she felt an assurance in her heart that she shall be born with Gurudev again.

Later I brought her back … 1,2,3…10… She was not able to open her eyes. After further relaxation she opened her eyes and was feeling so happy and calm.

The pain level was 0 after the session. Sri wanted to know why she was feeling very low about herself always. Though she had good spiritual experiences in life, she never felt adequate and doubted her qualities. She faced lot of hardships from her relatives and she diverted all the anger towards herself inwards. All her past lives were very spiritual. All her qualities had deep roots in her past lives.

Closure: The Lord Almighty gives answers to all her doubts. The Lord wanted her to love herself, be kind to all especially herself. The Lord wanted her to surrender to the Lord and then she shall be led.

Post session: The client felt very relaxed and calm. Her anxiety and fears disappeared. I called her after two days. She felt her problems were directly addressed by the Lord Himself. Her self esteem enhanced and she felt calm and contented.

Thank you