Is Spirituality a must for the success of therapy

Does a Therapist’s spirituality determine the outcome and success of a PLRT Session or are skills in PLRT enough as the Therapist is only a guide?


Jai sri Krishna🙏
What a lovely point you brought up Nishaji

If Spirituality is our ability of being able to 1. access deeper layers of our consciousness and 2. Exercising our volition to always make a choice to respond with love (compassion). Then I’d say a daily set of spiritual exercise which help us get more and more towards the core of our being is a must for a PLRT. Only by being masters of our thoughts and emotions can we help others navigate their thoughts.



Hare Krishna Venuji​:pray::pray:

Totally agree with you as after prayers or reading of Bhagwad Gita, the calmness within (Krishna Himself) seems to support PLRT.

You are a true Guru

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Thank you Nisha Mam for such a lovely question, it made me ponder into myself to find out how much spiritually aligned I am, yes i feel it should be the pre requisite of every therapist coz it helps us to be in the state of being the instrument and identifying the Universal Master’s hand in all the tasks, rather than taking credit for the same, which may actually divert us from the main destination.


True Venu I always remember the question you put to me which pops up at least once in the conversations I have had with you, " Geetha, are you doing your Sadhana" or " How is your Sadhana going" As such I regularly sit for my sadhana everyday so that it helps in my journey as a therapist.


A thought provoking question Nishaji. Spirituality although is our connection with the Divine but the path to him is from within… Unless my mind body soul is aligned I will not be able to connect to Divine. Although I don’t think it is a prerequisite but soul work eventually leads every one there…I haven’t come across a single therapist who isn’t spiritual. Our practice is a validation of our belief in the higher self …This training puts us on the path of spiritual awakening. … at least that’s what I have experienced.


Absolutely true Sakshi. Feels good chatting with you all.


Hi Nisha sister,

Spirituality can enable you to understand certain unexpected things during past life Regression Therapy session.


Spirituality enhances self realization within the therapist. Spirituality is much more “divine” than we can ever understand.

I also believe that sometimes, we can experience (minimally) what our clients may be experiencing. Not sure if I make sense though. This happened to me during the PLRT session with my client. I was confused then but now am very clear that these were not my projected thoughts. This happened only once. Has anyone else experienced this as well.

  1. One client mentioned that he experienced a flow of energy from me to him. Venuji please guide us if this can happen too.

  2. One client found his Guru incarnate. Looks like PLRT is much more Spiritual and Powerful than we can ever imagine.

  3. I finally shared because I trust you all otherwise it was difficult for me to share about my experiences with my clients.

  4. Please guide me if I am lost and on the wrong track.


Nishaji we are blessed to partake in your rich experience.
This is also what our mother Dr. Winafred Blake talks about. In PLRT the therapist needs to be in trance a little deeper than the client’s to help them reach deeper states. Like a strong mountaineer going above the others to give them a hand.

I also believe that sometimes, we can experience (minimally) what our clients may be experiencing.

This become my experience too increasingly. May be this is the Vibhuti, Bhagvan Patanjali speaks about which is a fruit of Samyama.

The way this helps us as a therapist is that it greatly helps calibrate our suggestions for an efficient session.

One thing I’d like to add that conducting PLRT has helped me immensely in advancing spiritually and I wish this for everyone.


Thank you Venuji. With your blessings and with Krishna’s Guidance, I will continue to do my best. I enjoy learning from everyone here. They are all so sweet and accepting.

Thank you for being you.


Beautifully said
Succinct and so true and profound …
For spirituality is just all those things only !!
Much love


It certainly makes sense completely. At times when they are sharing their experience, it feels like I know what they are about to say next as i can feel what they are going through in their past life moments. Also, More details are in a way known without them sharing it.
Some times, after the session as we discuss, i ask them the color of light They had seen and it coincides with what i felt was the color they are experiencing.

And I agree here as well. As I guide the client to relaxation, I feel myself relaxing as well.I have my eyes closed for some time as well. Then I have to open my eyes to observe the client and guide them in their journey.


So wonderfully explained Venu…
So true too