Issues in marriage, depression and suicidal thoughts

Hello dear Amarantos family, its wonderful to be connected to you all. This is my first case on this forum, following the 15-step process as taught by Dr. Venu. Personally, it was a wonderful experience for me as a therapist. Words will not do justice to my learning as well by this session. I bow down with gratitude to God, my Master and Dr. Venu for the guidance and moral strength, because of which I was able to conduct the session successfully.

Kindly go through the case and give your valuable feedback. Much Obliged. Thank you all

Day 1/SESSION 01: Duration 3hrs

Client’s Name: JB
Age: 27 years
Gender: Female
Hypnotizable Score: 9/10
Dominant Sense: Visual
Secondary Dominant Sense: Kinaesthetic
Eye Roll Test: 2
Pain Scale: 9/10

During this session I introduced the client to what past life regression therapy is about, told her about myself, my experiences and what made me choose this modality of therapy. The method was discussed elaborately with her. During the entire conversation the client was mostly calm had an eye contact always but was fidgeting her fingers at times. The client was assured of confidentiality and the option of quitting the PLRT session was given.



My client is a post graduate degree holder in medical science, family oriented, a sportsperson, highly empathetic and an extrovert person. She had a happy childhood and spent her growing up years in a residential school. Jaya got married at the age of 26 years, but got separated within 4 months. She was emotionally abused, not loved and had compatibility issues. At present my client is very disturbed and is battling depression, suicidal thoughts, confusion and professional setback.

THEME: To understand why she had to go through this in her marriage, why me?!

SESSION 03: 4 hours

The client was made comfortable.

Induction was started by using Dave Elman’s followed by Progressive Relaxation and Visualization

Visualization- Ball of Light, the colour of your choice

The relaxation was deepened (BRV), took her through the stairs. The client reached considerable level of trance.

Below is the script of the session. “T” is for the therapist and “C” is for JB’s part of the conversation.

T- At the count of 3 2 1, allow yourself to see a door at the end of the steps, keep breathing deeply, what’s coming to your awareness JB?

C – am standing in front of the door

T: As you push open the door allow yourself to go to that moment in your childhood that has caused you this distress, let me know what comes to your awareness.

The client is calm and very quiet here

T – JB, is anything coming to your awareness here

C- No, I cannot feel anything, am blank.

T- okay, that’s fine. Keep breathing deeply,

As I count from 3 2 1, Let’s move back to the time in your mother’s womb. This is a very safe place where you can relax. You can stay there and feel complete relaxation first before we move ahead.

Is there anything that is coming to your awareness?

C- Darkness! It’s complete dark in here

T- Okay, what are you experiencing?

C- I feel very safe here

T- You can stay there for sometime and relax knowing that you are completely safe and loved

The client nods her head and has a faint smile on her face

T- Whenever you are ready let’s go back to that significant time which has caused you this pain (gave the client a few seconds here)

Are you ready to move back?

The client raised her right index finger indicating a yes.

Keep breathing deeply and at the click of my finger go to that event in your life that caused you pain.

What’s coming to your awareness? It can be anything.

C- I see a huge Shivling

T- okay, which place are you in? look around and see if something comes to your awareness

C – a cave, am sitting in front of the Shivling, small pebbles are around, am meditating

Its peaceful

T- What is the time period? can you see? Are you aware of the year?

C- No

(Here, I should have asked about the appearance and the gender. The client later told me she was a male and a Sage and had worn orange coloured dhoti and meditating. Probably this explains her empathetic and calm nature in this current life)

T- Okay, keep breathing deeply…as I count from 5 – 1, inhale pushing your stomach out and exhale pulling your stomach in… 5, 4,3,2 and 1.

As you relax allow yourself to go back in time and let that moment that caused you pain come to your awareness

[At this moment the client frowned, her eyebrows knotted.]

Relax your forehead, keep breathing and what is it that’s coming to your awareness?

C- am not feeling loved, there’s a fight

The client’s breathing became shallow and constant frowning was seen

T- JB, if you are feeling uncomfortable float above them and witness what is happening. You have nothing to be worried about. Remember, you are absolutely safe

C- they are fighting, husband and wife

He is shouting. Not listening to me…. There is no place for me. I feel suffocated

T- Look around… are there any other people?

C- yes

T- how many? Do you recognise anybody from this current life?

C- five people… none

T- which place are you in? Are you aware of the year?

C- I don’t know…. No

T- okay, just float above and relax, keep breathing knowing that you are absolutely safe. Allow your body to completely relax

[gave the client some time here to relax and be comfortable]

Okay, now let’s go back in time. Are you ready?

C- raised her right index finger indicating a yes

T - can we move ahead to next life to find out the root cause of your issue?

Now at the count of 3 to 1, allow yourself to pick up a lifetime that comes to your awareness.

C- Crows, there are two crows in the aangan(verandha)

T- what time of the day is it?

C- early morning around 6- 6.30 in the morning

T- how are you feeling JB?

C- its beautiful morning …… am scared… the crows are staring at me

T- look at your feet, what are wearing?

C- saree

T – Okay, is there anything else that is coming to your awareness?

C – no

(The client had no more visuals and was quiet for some time. I allowed her to relax and increased BRV)

(It was almost 2 and half hours into the session and the client was having vague visuals and we were not reaching anywhere. As it was my first case I was disheartened and the thought of ending the session and trying again the next day came to my mind)

As, Dr. Venu says, the dots will eventually connect to give a larger picture… I thought, lets do it one more time!

T- keep breathing deeply , At the count 3-1 go to a significant event in ANY lifetime that has caused you distress ( the client took few seconds here, I could see her eyes move , right and left continuously)

C- I see snow, valley , complete snow

T – snow… how do u feel?

C- Sad, I feel betrayed, want to jump in the valley

T – keep walking in the snow JB, look at your feet what are you wearing?

C- shoes- black, black suit

T- look at your hair, what length is it?

C- its short, am a male

T- what’s your name?

C- Robert

I loved her, she didn’t love me

T- look around, who is there?

C- saw her with someone else, I loved her, she didn’t love me…

T- okay… keep breathing JB and relax your forehead

What is she wearing?

C – brown jacket and skirt

T- What’s her name?

C- Mary

T- which place is this? Any name coming to your awareness?

C- No, it’s a foreign place

T- Look around and see if anything is written

C- No, I cannot read that language

T- which year is it?

C- 1806

T-okay, At the count of 3 2 1 go to the next significant event in that lifetime

C- I feel helpless, I hanged myself

(The client started crying, tears rolling down her face, breathing very fast and very uncomfortable)

T- (wiping her tears) breathe deeply JB and allow yourself to float above and witness what is happening

What is the reason of this pain? what are you experiencing?

C- They are crying and trying to take me down. Gaadi(vehicle) is here….Ambulance is here

she is convincing me… she will not do it again

She broke my trust

I didn’t have money… I am poor

(Crying doesn’t stop).

T- okay, knowing that everything is fine JB…. Keep breathing deeply, as you inhale let your body relax completely

Who all do you see?

C – Papa, brother

They are crying

I feel helpless

Am in the hospital…wooden bed

The doctor is treating me… saving me… papa is crying…

T- Do you recognise anybody from this current life?

C- Yes… Papa… Brother…same ( her current life father and brother). They are crying. Papa is helpless

T – Okay, Look around… Do you see anybody else

C- yes

You… You saved my life! You are the doctor

(At that moment, I literally had goosebumps… went blank for a second not knowing how to respond)

T- Okay, (wiping her tears) inhale deeply knowing that you can come out of this any time you wish, you are absolutely safe.

You have already suffered a lot of pain in that lifetime. Do you think that you would want to re-live that pain in this life too?

C- No

T- what should you be doing for that?

C – I should forgive Mary, Forgive myself and Love those who love me!

T – That is so wonderful. You are a strong, independent and a kind person. Let go of your past, forgive everyone and everything…

The pain of your past should not affect your present.

C – yes

T- Now that you have understood the value of your life & learnt the lesson, is it ok with you if we can come back to this current life?

C -Yes

Got the client back to the stairs and then the garden and to the Present awaken state.


After the Session, JB was tired and she complained of pain in her right arm. She took sometime to come to terms of what she had experienced. She was reminded again that I was under the oath of confidentiality and reassured her that I will not reveal her identity to anybody.

After a long time of silence JB said, Love those who love you. I understand now.

She said her pain level after the session was 6. We will continue our Journey into the next sessions, hoping to take her closer to complete understanding and healing.


Congratulations Veena on completing your first case. It is well presented.
We are all learning, and will gain more confidence and expertise with
It seems you have been healing from many lives, so keep up your good work
and healing. :smile:
Keep healing

Congratulations Veena on the first case and kudos for your perseverance !!! Lee healing

Warm regards

Very well done for your first case, that too first session, you did not give up and, asked the right questions. Very good writeup too.

Congratulations to u Veena!
Very interesting case
Must say that you showed enough patience and sincierly followed what was required at that moment of time.Thanks for sharing your case as it is another piece of learning for us.

Nice to hear from you after a long time Dr Veena…

I was going through this video of Matias de Stefano and found that it is quite possible for us to have met each other in some of the past lives. In this video he helps us understand what a past life is and who we were then and who we are now…

He quotes the example of someone identifying themselves as Julius ceasar in a past life but they were a part of his arm or just a finger and the little finger identifies itself as Julius ceasar. Well this is astonishing and makes me feel we still have lots to learn.

As per this we as humans consider it as past life but it’s not past life. It’s applicable only in the current dimension. In the larger scheme of things there is no past present on future. He talks about resonating to a certain frequency and identifying certain memories.

Talking about resonance he also mentions how souls long to live under tough conditions to get balance with contrasting frequencies… something the masters have revealed in Dr. Weiss’ book many lives many masters !

Congratulations Dr. Veena, Very well conducted the session. I liked the way you did not give up at the last moment and tried for the best outcome. All the best for your upcoming sessions :slight_smile: