Just spread love with everyone, we are here only for a little while


This is my first sharing on the forum. Sorry, it is not as detailed as most of what others in this forum share. But the lessons were so profound that I felt like sharing.

The client could access in-between state and could tap into the guidance of Higher Teachers - also the client recognised me and as of them and had profound guidance for me also. The session lasted 6.5 hours - my longest session to date:)

Basic details:

  • Age: 25 years
  • Hypnosis Responsiveness Score: 8/10
  • Dominant Sense: Kinesthetic
  • Secondary Sense: Visual
  • Eyeroll Test Score: 2/4
  • Problems : Relationship problem - separated from his boyfriend in this lifetime - feel a very strong attachment with him - cant imagine with anyone else - facing depression and suicidal thoughts

Brief details of significant events/lifetimes recalled during session:

Standing at a open place – seeing two male people – don’t wish to be seen – carrying a spear like object – I am invisible - killed me with that (not sure) – looks like ABC (this is a person who has been troubling her in this life too, spreading wrong rumours about her)

Woman in ghoonghat – married with XYZ (her boyfriend in this lifetime) – we both like each other a lot – after some time I am not there – not sure where I went -maybe died – he is alone – missing me – nobody to serve him food – getting weak -

I have left for spirit world – I am meeting my teachers – they are so loving – look like my own people - waiting for him (XYZ) – he will come – he has to learn how to live without me – be strong and help others – teach others – they will take care of him - he is not alone – we never get separate – we live together in lifetimes - we cannot run away from our challenges - - he has to learn how to wait – living separate still together

Our home is spirit world – teachers teach us - I am also a teacher – We learn how to accept everything – everyone is on his journey

It was his test to live alone – Do not hurt anyone in any way – treat everyone as the same – never hurt anyone – love others in same way – I have been sent for helping him learn – we know you (Abhinav) – you are a good person – you have to save others lives – not get stuck in anything – always keep bigger perspective in sight and understand from that perspective – this is your life purpose – to guide others – you are one of us – you will come back to us – we have to help others on earth plane as well as beyond – do not let people’s negative emotions trigger you – do not fear – do good work – don’t think wrong – keep doing good work

I have to teach him – how to live separate yet together – this is a test for him – he has to be strong and then teach others – we have to help each other –being a pigeon – stay together

One male teacher arrives – very spiritually advanced

His message: Love everyone - Forgive everyone - We can only move forward if we forgive people

Wait for him – also tell him that he has to forgive – he remains stuck (confused) – ego comes in between – he has to learn that we are together – we are all teaching him – he will not fall ill now – his illness has taught him this only – purpose of illness was to make him realise that we are with him – you (Abhinav) had also been separated in this life due to this reason – Everything will be ok

Our group consists of 4-5 souls now – we will not remain here (on earth) – don’t commit any acts that make us stuck on this plane – don’t worry – we don’t have to live here forever – we are here just to spread love, teach love, experience love, WE HAVE TO ONLY GIVE, GIVE, GIVE – don’t worry about return of our good acts – we will get it (in spirit world & beyond)

Main Learnings for Client

  • Recognize the larger purpose of separation from XYZ as explained by teachers above
  • Need to just do good work in this life, spread love,
  • Do not worry…let life unfold…have faith
  • Don’t ever give up…have consciously chosen this task in this lifetime…

Abhinav , just Amazing. Loved the advice shared .

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Mind-blowing!!! message for the therapist from beyond is really the greatest gift ever. Thank you for sharing.

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Beautiful Abhinav!
When they are in light, I sometimes ask if there’s a message for me and I get some amazing answers to my deeper questions at that time. You got such profound messages!
And as a group now, here, they sound like messages for all of us!
Thanks dear.