Kal chakra of Life

Today I suddenly remembered a beautiful session which was one of my initial ones where I was learning PLR and bang this session blew me out, it not only healed the client completely but it gave a lot of Universal insights and has become the ‘Mother of all sessions’ as such I thought this should be shared for everyones benefit. Just a prelude, the client had already completed two sessions, had got all her answers and this was the third session, after this session I named my third sessions as ‘ Divine Directions’

Th: What do you see.

Cl: There is a kid. There are many nuns. Its some hill station. One nun is on a wheel chair she is very old. There is a garden green plants are there. Mother Mary statue is there. Church is there. Many people are there. A nun is riding a cycle and I am sitting on her back, am enjoying laughing and peaceful enjoying thoroughly.

Th: Look at your legs. What are you wearing. How old are you.

Cl: Shoes……Red sweater and half pants. I am around 7-8 years old. There is this nun who is kissing me. I am blind. They are calling me child. Oh I am falling down from a building.

Th: Why what happened suddenly.

Cl: Someone pushed me. I am dead. I see nuns standing near my body and one man is burying me. They all are standing. One of them is crying very badly, All are putting flowers. There is this man who is in white dress he is standing on my grave. Not negative but he is tapping the grave with a stick. I feel worms on my body. Oh its so irritating. He is going. There are so many worms on my body. I think I am not dead. There is this tribal man on my grave. Its night time he is removing all the mud. He took out my half dead body and he is doing something do not know but has captured my soul not releasing it. I don’t want to be here he is doing something bad don’t know what…….( Cries …….) am Suffering……(Crying was severe she wanted me to bring her out of that situation……did that as per her wish and took her little forward)

There is all water the whole place is flooded the tribals all are washed away I am also released now. Many people die. ……Its completely black I am so peaceful. Its completely black I am so peaceful….

Orange light is there. Light is travelling. There are trees …I look like light and am travelling.

There is this big wheel above all trees and there is a big rock as if its on top of the world. There is this big wheel which is continuously moving. Keeps moving doesn’t stop.

My soul is sitting on this wheel and is travelling alongwith this wheel. Its round circle like wheel huge one. Lots of lights like souls are sitting. They are all different beings. The wheel is moving round and round and there is this deep hole which the wheel has made due to its path……Souls which do not follow the virtue path fall into this hole……its very dark there…rest keep on travelling….

……few of them get wings and go above. They look like small butterflies with faces….some people call them angels…Their wheel is above this huge wheel that wheel is white in colour…there are all souls with wings in this wheel they are also moving….Lots of soul angels are there…they smile they have beautiful flowers, they write with feather like things on a scroll ( it’s a white cloth like material which can be rolled) they write and take it to the souls in the big wheel ……

……the souls receive these scrolls from them ( guess this may be our prarabdha karma) and then get into womb…in womb they remember everything including the life in the other world and their past lives….They console their mother, being in the womb……

….they eat if they want to and don’t eat if they don’t want to . One who don’t eat are the ones who are punishing themselves for their past life karmas…They start their punishment from the womb itself…and then they come out and forget everything…as soon as they come out the pain starts…like their journey starts…they forget everything…but they can still dream about their angel world that’s why they smile often without reasons….and when they don’t see the angels they cry….

The more human bodies surround them they loose contact with the angels…the angels are all there but you need to see them…they tend to see only the human bodies and don’t see these angels…they start suffering……

(Actually from here it appears to be direct answer for the doubts I had deep inside)

Th: Why do they suffer

Cl: Because they choose to suffer……

Th: Why do they choose….

Ch: They have a purpose…

Th: What’s the purpose

Cl: You know it.( Directly to me)

Th: Why you had to suffer so much in this life( This I asked purposely bcoz I wanted her problems to be solved instead of finding out mine. That’s the sole purpose of doing PLR)

Cl: I chose it….

Th: How will you get relieved from pain

Cl: I am already on my journey.

Th: Still so much suffering from so many lives . (We had seen 2 earlier lives and both were full of suffering)

Cl: I chose it to BRING balance in humanity.

Th: How to come out of this.

Cl: Choose not to harm people….Causing harm is very bad…Hurting people is very bad…Think of their good.

Th: But sometimes they hurt us.

Cl: Its their karma. If they hurt its their karma….Don’t be affected at all. No reaction. Only do selfless help and love all people.

(Of late I have come across clients who felt that people misuse them, I wanted to know how to guide such people, I was continuously thinking how to help them whether we should console them or simply shut them off from our lives….)

Th: But how do we know that it’s the right person we are loving. What if they cause harm.

Cl: There is no right or wrong only cause and consequence. NO ONE CAN HARM YOU. Keep on loving everyone…that’s the only way. You are here to spread love and kindness to people.

Th: What if some people may take advantage of you physically.

Cl: There is no physical its only soul…Physical intimacy is only for body….Doesn’t carry forward…. Only love is real ……


Hy Geetha. Nice session, loved the end " There is no physical its only soul…Physical intimacy is only for body….Doesn’t carry forward…. Only love is real ……" had heard something similar in one of the videos i watched.
And also when she said, when the soul is in the womb they know everything like the other side, also in one of the Dr. Brian Weiss book, it’s mentioned that when a baby is just born he knows everything and when the baby turns one year they forget all of that. That’s why whenever i see a new born baby or infant, i look at them n say " i know where your coming from, tell me about the beautiful world." Hhaha i know this is weird.
And also it was interesting to know this - The more human bodies surround them they loose contact with the angels
Thank you Geetha… you’re amazing, so much to learn from you.


Thank you Dipti you made my day ::)) yes all the lines the client mentioned were profound. please share the video or the link you mentioned in your comment. A movie called "The Shack "is very beautiful and talks everything about this. Its a must watch movie.


Thank you Geetha, for sharing such wonderful sessions. I feel you are blessed to have such insightful sessions. But, am also equally blessed to have this opportunity to read these :wink:


Thank you once again for sharing such a well done session Geetha :pray:

Teaching of all original scriptures of the World.

Commenting on this for posterity

“Th: What do you see.”

Unless our Stage 5 brings out the dominant sense as Visual, it is better to use much more open ended statements such as “What are you aware of?” Or “What are you experiencing?”


Thank you so much Venu. I will definitely use these statements henceforth. I just love when I get your special attention and you correct me. Thank you my PLR Guruji!!!

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So beautiful !
Eternally grateful to you!


Thank you Ram am also eternally Grateful!!

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Each PLR sessions, gives us clarification for your worldly doubts… we are surrounded by or karma! And we have to over come all the these through good Deeds , at least to reach "Realm 5 or above’ after leaving this Body :+1:.
" Ekam ‘SAT’ … Vipra bahuta vatanti !


Thanks for sharing Geetha. The beautiful thing about this is reading about others’ PLR experiences and doing PLR is impelling our spiritual growth as well


My pleasure Bhavani and thanks for the opportunity


My pleasure Bhavani and thanks for the opportunity

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Loved the learning at the end Geetha…‘No one can harm you’ and ‘There is no Physical it is only soul’ …this reminds me of that little rhyme we would say as kids …'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me ’ - As kids this made only literal sense but now as one delves into PLR there is a more deep meaning to this :). And at the end of it all the only truth is love that makes the world (Universe) go round.


I was getting goose bumps as I read. What a blessed soul. I wish i could be in your shoes Geetha!
Thanks for sharing


Thank You Indu! You already are as soon as you became part of Amarantos!!::))


Thank you so much Brinda, your words are inspiring.


What a session…No one can harm you… There’s no physical it’s only soul…beautiful


I read this again. Goose bumps


Thanks Indu I too get whenever I read…It is such a profound lesson


Wonderful session Geethaji. The words of wisdom were the truth of life which we find hard to follow through while faced with stressful situation thats why we need a therapist and open mind to explore and face our pain.

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