Karz (Ek Hasina thi)

Ishq walon se na poocho

Ke unki raat ka aalam tanha kaise guzarta hai

Juda ho humsafar jiska wo usko yaad karta hai

Na ho jiska koi, wo milne ki fariyad karta hai

Happy New Year and a Rocking 2024 my Amarantos Tribe…

Wholeheartedly with the blessings of The Divine Almighty, my spiritual guides, Angels ,my dearest of all Dad & Mom (who taught me this art to serve humanity to mankind through Plrt @Amarantos)… without whom this would have never been possible. Taking the utmost pleasure in presenting to my beautiful dear tribe, 3rd Case and Inshaallah… (Chun Chun ke yeh 3 case Phele likhe hai) many many more interesting cases for you all to read and bless and write good comments ahead…

So let me give you all a glimpse (by now u all know me …the Bawi can’t be ekdum poker face and write…plus Almighty gives me chances to help people who are also hatke in life … so sometimes I try to be like all of u…ekdum normal and no masti…but can’t hold that inner instinct for more than 2 minutes…so plzz bear me for eternity now as we might be meeting often… Here comes the 2 liner which rotates around the case… hope you enjoy from beginning to end

Salaam-e-ishq meri jaan zara kubool kar lo

Tum humse pyar karne ki zara si bhool kar lo

Mera dil bechain hai

Mera dil bechain hai

Mera dil bechain hai humsafar ke liye

My Sincere thanks to my mom (neha) and dad (venu) for giving me this platform to serve happiness and love (feeling like a love guru myself)…compulsorily all of you…go through this breathtaking regression (Aaisa bhi hota hai) and bindass provide your blessings as well as your valuable comments.

Client Vitals:

Name: Monica (name changed)

(Song on monica will come later … zara sa sabr)

Age: 35 years

Gender: Female

Hypnotisability Score: 7

VAK: 3/5/7

Dominant Sense: Kinaesthetic

Eye Roll Test: 2 :roll_eyes:|20.0x20.0

Pain Level: 10

Theme: Karz

Number of Sessions and Overview: 4 sessions conducted

Session 1: Date: 30th Oct ( 4.30p.m. to 7.00 p.m.) @her office

Making the client aware of PLR

Stages 1 to 5 were completed during the 1st session in her office.

During pretalk very intuitive…a bit skeptical as how it all works as she had never heard of Plr…but her belief in me ….was so strong that she agreed to go forward within 3hours.

Session 2: Date 2 nov ( 3.30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) (Stage 6 covered)

History Taking

Monica is a chulbuli bubbly girl of 35 years, very good looking ,beautiful and an aspiring entrepreneur. She is still single and stays with her parents even though she has bought a house for herself , she also has a grandmother and a grandfather who live separately from them but all control of the financial portfolio is handled by her.She is a very talented ,educated with Honours and handles all the family business all by herself, one can say that she was born with a golden spoon and she has everything in life(materialistic things)but at that the same time she complaints of having nothing(emotionally) because she had a very exploring childhood as first her Father went for job in Singapore and she was here in bombay with her grandparents and her mother…but as she missed her dad…they later on shifted to Singapore and again to Dubai and then theysettled in Bombay. She is very much attached to her father and viceversa ,plus he is very very protective about her…he also is very much attached to her the way they love each other but the other way round she feels that the parents don’t let her go ,she thinks as they are old now becoz of their insecurities they think of her as their own property ,she should still do as she is told by them and live her life on their terms and conditions, she feels everytime the marriage dates are on the verge of getting fixed and then they bring up something or other issue to be addressed and the wedding calls off…she feels they are the root cause of not letting her get married and settle down because she has 2 Ex boyfriends(both left her nearing marriage dates ) and one current boyfriend with whom they both are thinking of getting married but her parents have problem with him too and then it leads to everyday fights in the house and they have already insulted the current boyfriend and he doesn’t want to take a step further so even this relation is dicy and a very bad past with both the ex boyfriends as she had to abort kids with both of them, she have ended into depression and right now she is with her third current boyfriend whose status also looks dicey, she is a Traveller she loves to travel, explore, she goes for the Mahindra car drives, she is self independent she has her own house but her parents does not allow her to separate from them and at the same time behave very differently with her sometimes loving her sometimes, cursing her for not getting married.

Theme to be decided on:

  • The parents never let her go out of site and out of mind (being very protective)
  • The other thing is why she always ends up with her Ex boyfriends and aborting the babies
  • When the marriage is on the verge of happening something or the other happens and the marriage breaks and the marriage get canceled …she feels there is some negativity which is blocking it.
  • Forth thing is she feels pain in certain parts of her body especially her hand becomes Numb and hips and the stomach part whenever she takes stress of her boyfriends or her parents her body parts start paining

Session 3

Date : 5th Nov 2023 (3.30 p.m. to 6:00p.m.)

Completed stages 7 to 10…starting with Om chanting …relaxing…checklist…Induction

Again explained her the overview, asked her about her favourite place (i.e. garden or beach or mountain ), confirmed with her the permission for IMR — Right hand finger (yes), Left hand finger (no)

Started the Relaxation Technique through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation followed by the Ball of Light and then going to the Garden where she was able to revisit her childhood happy memories…(here we go …)

T :What memory of your childhood comes to your mind

C: playing in the garden

T: alone or with everybody

C: with everyone Spenta Rayan Alisha Joshua and the other boys

T: What are the boys playing

C: Football

T: what are you wearing

C:a shorts and over size t-shirt

T: which colour

C:it’s yellow

T: you are happy

C: no very angry because the boys pushed me

T:what are you doing

C: nothing got up and running behind them and punching them

T: what are you feeling after punching them

C:very satisfied happy

T:how old are you

C: 7th standard, 12 years

T:Go more behind to your childhood days when you were a little girl…

C:Toys are there at Toys and Us(its a shop name )

T: where

C:in Dubai with mom papa

T: what are you doing


T :you like shopping

C: yes

T: you like shopping then why are you crying at the same time as well

C: because he doesn’t stay with us, he is working in Dubai

T:so where is your mom

C: she is behind and I am holding papa’s hand and she is walking behind us and we are at Toys & Us shopping

T: are you happy

C:I am very happy

T:then why are you crying

C: because that was a very very good time with papa I had my papa to myself

T: where are you

C: I don’t know

T:what can you see

C: light and darkness

T:can you hear anything that comes to your mind

C:family holidays

T: with whom

C: with everyone

T:can you see your parents happy

C: yes we all are enjoying a lot

T:move ahead

C: I am a baby wearing pamper ,my room ,toys all over, lady is coming in, I am playing with a teddy bear she has food in her hand

T:go ahead in your mother’s womb in-utero state where you presided for 9 months… feel her womb 3… 2… 1…now

C: it’s liquide

T: see what your mother is feeling

C: she has a smile on her face

T: she happy

C: yes

T: are you happy inside

C: I am ulta ,I am floating… a hand is on her stomach its dark inside

T:what are the thoughts she is having while carrying u in her womb

C:smiling …she is eating something, it is coming inside, food, it looks yuck… now I am in the room I can see a cot very clearly brown color…. I am playing. I am very happy and contented.

After she emerged she was so relaxed and full of happiness for her parents and contented.

As she was able to visualize happy moments she was so energetic to continue ….but I requested her to cherish those happy moments tonite and we did the 4th session the following day

Session 4

Date:6th Nov 2023 (4:30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. )

Explained her again from stage 1 to 10 along with IMR, EDMR and told her she can express herself freely as its all past, she can cry, laugh, have her body movements as it’s her freewill, carried on from stage 11 to 14

IMR — Right hand finger (yes), Left hand finger (No)

T – Therapist (Me)

C – Client (Monica)

Visualization – Garden,Beach Bridge,Bench,Mountains

She was all set to explore with her exact words (Let’s Do it kaynu)…we started with Hanuman Chalisa , we even invoked Sai baba as she is a believer of Sai…then we both did our prayers (don’t copy me​:rofl::rofl::rofl: In my prayers when I invoked dear God Almighty, Spiritual guides, angels, and and our very own dear mom , dad… this time bribing was chutney and medu vada to all my society security)

“ you can order from swiggy or zomato and pay ur own bill…dont forward to me “.

Chalo chalo…be serious …we have a ekdum James bond type session to read….

Started again with the Relaxation Technique through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation followed by the Ball of Light and then going to the Garden where she saw a road and from there we took onnn….

T : I am going to take you to that significant event of a particular lifetime from where you will get your answers to all your question when I count from 10 to 1 walk

T: I am guiding you to a tunnel full of pain, feel the pain in your hips take this pain and walk through the darkness of the tunnel and cross over to that significant event in your life from where this pain is coming from in this current life as we move forward …carry the pain, the Traumas in your life, the boys who could never commit to you, why you are caring so much pain in your life, why there is always a Procrastination in your marriage why there is difference of opinion between you and your parents why are they not letting you go out of site ,out of mind,… walk through the tunnel… the darkness, when you come out… there will be a bright light waiting for you as I count from 3 to 1 cross over cross over 3… 2…1… now

T: where are you

C:I am finding the door to open there is a room

T: open the door…

C:it’s dark… there is a gold mirror… light is coming from the mirror

T: it’s the past …follow the light coming from the mirror cross over find the Ray of hope in this darkness come back to the garden it’s your safe place if you don’t know the way out… where are you

C: it’s like a big ball (her eyebrows are narrowing ,AC is on and she is perspiring like it’s a summer afternoon) like a sun is coming to hit me, it’s very heavy… I have become very heavy… somebody is squashing me… I cannot move ,there is a big ball

T: take that pain and push the ball away

C: I cannot move I am stuck it’s very heavy it’s crushing me…

T: where are you

C: under It ,the big sun…

T: what is it doing to you

T:crushing me( the whole body is moving and she is feeling very restless) very heavy stuck my hands are not moving

T:Release all your suppressed emotions, it will go away why are you taking all this pain in this life ask for any help look left right

C:nobody is helping to push the pain away… back ,my back is hurting

T: put all your strength to get rid of it…push it hard of your life completely

C:help me somebody, I cannot move

T:try pushing it ,what burden are you carrying ,can you see a lake, a Boat or a boatman

C:my hands are badly stuck… it’s very heavy

T:ask for forgiveness and I think it will move away,ask the sun to take your burdens away

C: I have become like a rock ,I cannot move my back… lying on bench… my back is hurting very badly ( it’s okay breathe,relax take a deep breath it’s ok)

T: it’s all your past and throw it out of your system

C:I am locked it’s not letting me move

T: who is not letting you go

C: the bench,I am locked on the bench

T: ask help from guides, masters

C: I am very uneasy ,very uncomfortable

T:take out all your pain try to move out of your body and float about… your soul is not locked

C:the rock is not letting me go

T: you need to detach yourself… are you listening you need to detach yourself …release yourself take the boat and go away to the other side find yourself try to push it

C: what is happening to my back… my spine is jammed… I cannot move, I am stuck it’s very heavy

T: ask Almighty to help you, to release the pain from which life you are stuck… find out if you ask you will definitely get help which life this burden is stuck

C: I can see Hanuman Ji flying

T: tell him to take away all your burden, all your fears, all your pain

C:please Hanuman Ji help me…plz help me… it’s getting lighter very light I can get up now feeling a real relief

T:sit on the bench for sometime relax when you are ready let me know take out all your pains and worries …are you ready to cross the bridge


T:ok …in the garden as you walk ahead on the pathway you can see a bridge which goes across the lake …take that Bridge… take each step at a time… and cross over… as we count from 10 to 1:10… 9… 8… going on the bridge taking it step at the time 7… 6… 5…4… we are nearly there 3…2…1… as you get down from the bridge let me know where you have landed 3…2… 1 now

C: waterfall… jungle it’s very nice it’s a Jungle Paradise waterfall butterflies…

T:look at your feet

C:I am nanga

T:(O.M.G) nanga…

C: yes I don’t have clothes on full body

T: no clothes… are you a girl

C: no… boy… short brown hair, I am wearing something brown cloth type down (thank god)…I am breaking coconut

T:are you alone… walk ahead

C: mummy papa with me

T: what are they doing

C:sitting in the Jungle on a bench

T:why are you crying

C:my mom is playing with my hair she is saying you are very sweet

T:what age

C:very young

T: what are you all doing in this jungle

C:they are waiting for me as we have to go home

T: why you are not wearing clothes

C:I don’t wear clothes in the Jungle… we live in the jungle

T: is your parents wearing clothes

C: yes very less short dress of brown colour

T: walk ahead to your home

C:we have a dog

T:you have a dog

C: yes

T:what’s the name of the dog

C: Pluto

T: describe the house

C: it’s very rustic… cross on the roof

T:what does your father do

C:he is a woodcutter

T: what do you do

C: I play

T:you don’t have brothers and sisters


T:what do they address you as

C:Tom Tom

T:okay Tom Tom are they your same parents in this life

C: yes

T:so why do you live in the jungle

C: no civilisation, no clothes… Tom Tom Young being left out and dejected

T:walk ahead walk ahead TomTom walk ahead in that life to find out why there is no love in your life…and people dejected you

C: I got lost in the jungle I am a little grown up now little bit

T: what comes to your awareness

C:Tiger walking on the side… everybody left me( she is crying ) I am alone, they left me ,

T:who left you

C: I don’t know why they left me

T: go to that significance life Tom Tom from where we can find out that why everybody leaves you why you are left all alone 3… 2… 1 now what comes to your awareness

C: I am in a disco

T: with whom


T:and you are

C: I am a girl I am in college he is standing …drinking… smiling…

T: are you a friend or a lover

C:we just met

T:what are you wearing

C: black mini skirt, black halter top I am very thin

T: what is your name

C: my name is Alisha… music is playing …college

T: which college

C: last year

T:what is the place

C:I am in America… looks like Karan (current existing bf)

T: Is he a foreigner

C: no he looks like Indian… we are holding hands… walking in the university Garden

T: so does he study there with you

C: yes

T:walk ahead… what is he addressing you as…

C:Alisha….I call him Bob… we are walking in the garden… there is a baby… it came and bang into my knee very badly and now he is staring at me and not going

T: look into the eyes of the baby

C: it’s green very sweet smiling

T:is it the same baby you aborted


T:ask the baby for forgiveness

C:Forgive me… he is not letting go he wants to play

T: find out why is this baby connected to you Alisha and Bob find out now 3…2…1 now

C: I am in a big White House

T:are you married

C: yes

T:to whom

C: to Bob we are very happy with kids

T:how many

C: 3… only laughter

T: what’s your age

C:I am in my late 20’s…

T:you got three kids in your late 20’s…Is bob familiar to you in this life

C: yeah …he looks like Karan (current bf)

T:you just 5 of you stay

C: yes we are sitting in the kitchen Island having breakfast everything is white around and we are laughing

T:okay go to the last day Alisha of your life

C: I have red nail polish on my fingers …my hand is wrinkled… there is a boy standing next to my bed in the hospital

T:who is the boy

C: my grandson

T: name

C: Kabir

T:what are your last thoughts… are you satisfied in that life… can you see Bob

C: he passed away… now I am going… floating… feeling very light

T:what are you feeling

C: very cold …very cold,can see white mountains with snow… I am wearing a white fur coat… white shoes…

T: look left right anybody around

C: a foreigner man… I am walking in a long corridor

T: is it a mansion…

C: no… no it’s an underground tunnel

T:underground tunnel,how old are you

C: I am 45 …there is a vault door … I am opening the door… gold biscuits and Diamonds

T: woow…gold biscuits and diamonds… who are you

C: I own that

T: you own it…wooow…are you a man

C: no I am a lady

T:where is this tunnel

C:Beneath the mountain in snow

T:are you with people around

C:no I am all alone… those two are there out of which one looks like Ryan(2nd ex bf) they are my bodyguards

T:walk ahead… move ahead 3…2…1 now

I am in the Vault…there is a business deal ,a man is sitting on the table

T:what is he addressing you as

C: addressing me as Madam

T:what is his name

C:Pablo… I am giving him a bag of gold biscuits

T:and in return what are you getting

C:He shot somebody

T: who you madam???

C: no …he shot Akshay (1st ex bf) your bodyguard

C: he was troubling me

T: was he your husband

C:no he cheated with my money

T:are you married


T: are you in England

C: no Russia ,the business deal in Russia… I had given photo of Akshay to Pablo he was supposed to do a deal for me but he did that deal with somebody else for more money

T:Whom did he do the deal with


T: walk ahead go to some other life…3…2…1…now to find out the connection between Tom Tom…and Alisha….3…2…1…now

C: I am a baby on the beach playing sand Castle… I am wearing pamper

T:look around left right

C: mom dad

T:same mom dad from this life

C:no… then one man one woman… I have an older brother there is a baby in my Mom’s hand

T:are you the baby

C:no I am a boy my older brother is standing on my head

T: what are you both doing?

C:We are playing sand castle…

T:how old are you both

C: I am 4 and he is 7… mother has a baby

T: so you are three

C: I am standing with my feet in the sea

T:what are they calling you


T:and your brother

C: Serge

T:move ahead

C:Someone is snatching the baby from mama’s hand… she is screaming… there is a man who shot my father I am seeing this happening

T: can you recognise the man

C: no his face is covered I am standing and crying my brother picks me up and runs …there is a man on the side he is really dark taking us inside baby is gone… baby sister

T:move ahead move ahead …in that life Jonathan …(breath…relax…its all your past)

C:there is an office… there is a blonde women… she is sitting on the desk I am standing at the office door she is my Boss… I am a lawyer… she is mad at me

T: why are you standing at the door

C:no clue she is sitting at her desk…and giving instructions

T:move ahead move ahead

C:I miss my parents

T:what age are you

C:I am 30 years old I see the photo of university

T: what lessons have you learnt from the past outcomes…what lessons…what message… comes to your awareness…

C: I don’t let them come closer as I am scared that they will all leave me forever just like my papa did when I was small

T:Throw out that fear …

C:because in the jungle mom and dad left me( she is crying )

T:so you think everyone will leave you Tom Tom …why don’t you take that fear out of you Tom Tom …Tiger was there

C:yes…Tiger gave me strength…

T: everyone leave you …find the love of your life go to that life where you are happy with the love of your life 3…2…1…now

C: I am happy with bob and my three babies in the kitchen Island

T:so be it…embrace that moment….then what happened with Akshay why did Akshay leave you in this current life

C:because I killed him because he cheated on me in Russia

T:what about Ryan and Ryan’s baby

C:he was a bodyguard he is not worth my love

T:what about the baby

C: it was a mistake

T: it’s all your past leave all your fears and worries in your past cut all your karmic cords with all of them… float about the body and see what comes to your awareness 3… 2… 1 now

C: I Can See The Light

T: go to the light…embrace the light… take out all your fears traumas … see your spiritual guides will be there to guide you

C:sun is there… white marble very lovely … it’s very cold there is a garden a fountain everything is white

T:can you recognise anyone

C:everyone yes …Sai Baba… Shivji Hanuman Ji is flying

T:what message is there for you

C: they are just smiling… they are speaking from their eyes I am sitting next to Sai Baba…he has his right leg up on his left leg…

T: what message is there for you what lesson is being thought

C:he is blessing me putting his hand on my forehead he is saying Om Sai Ram …Shivji is saying Har Har Mahadev Hanuman Ji is saying I will protect you

T:so be it…give my Pranam to Sai Baba, Shivji …Hanuman Ji …please Ask them to bless me

C: they are smiling …saying you are already blessed

T:thank you

C:I am floating in the sky rock came down …a rock fell down

T:on whom

C:the rock fell from my body …heaviness of the rock fell down from my body

T:look at it ,how are you feeling

C: I am feeling very light… completely relieved all the heaviness from my body is gone I feel relax Sai Baba is there

T::ask for his blessings

C:no… he is giving me something in my hand

T:what is he giving you

C:it looks like a rock yes it’s a crystal rock

T:say thank you and ask to take away all your insecurities,pains and worries

C: thank you Sai Baba

T:just be with him embrace the light and energy of Baba and when you are ready let me know when you want to come back ……

Summary & Closure:

She emerged smiling step by step from 10 to 1 in the garden… there was little numbness in her palm though but when checked the next morning it was all gone…when checked with her after few days the relation with the current boyfriend is all set to go smooth…as her Papa is going to meet him in a few days…so here you go guys…enjoy…

Monica Oh My Darling, Monica Oh My Darling

Pyaase Pyase In Mere Labon Ke Liye

Tere Honton Ne Hazaar Vaade Kiye

Bhoolne Waale Koi Jiye To Kaise Jiye

Arre Haan, Arre Haan, Arre Haan Haan

La La La La La La La La La La La La

La La La La La La La La La La La La La

Piya Tu Ab To Aa Jaa

Shola Sa Mann Daheke, Aake Bujha Jaa

Tan Ki Jwaala Thandi Ho Jaaye, Aise Gale Laga Jaa

Aa Ha Aha, Aa Ha Aha, Aa Ha Aha, Aa Ha Aha…… (bus itna hi kafi hai…)

…her attitude as well as the parents attitude has also changed completely…and the positivity she feels…as when I whts tapped her report and asked for her feed back…what can I say…I am just a medium…let me share her exact words …|247.0x321.0|247.0x243.0

And btw… for those who haven’t met me in person…(except my Atlantis tribe) plz go and watch the movie Sam bahadur and then you will know I am not like that …all Bawa and Bawi’s are like me…

So bhaiyo aur behno with the above I rest my case in your hands …it is said

Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai

God bless​:innocent::innocent::pray::pray:


When we meet on 15th Kaynaz, you should do a standup comedy.
Actually Edgar Cayce would say that

“Remember that a good laugh, an arousing even to what might in some be called hilariousness, is good for the body, physically, mentally, and gives the opportunity for greater mental and spiritual awakening.”

For sure your society’s security is having a ball of a time!

Did you have to say that? :slight_smile:

jungles and cities both have this trend I suppose :slight_smile:

from a disco to tiger!

in such cases you can bookmark the experience and go back to that lifetime. Do you remember how we can navigate within lifetimes?

why this insatiable urge to always be in control? Why can’t we let the unconscious do it this? Please learn to surrender.

excellent Naz, way to go, please spend more time on your sessions. You have to do a min of 1 hour meditation ever single day without fail to be a PLR therapist, master paraphrasing, improve your suggestions and resolutions reading “Why Me” and “Handbook for PLR Therapists” by your grandma.


Yes dad @venu …followed …that is why told ma @neha to organize refreshers sessions for us atleast once a year…so that v become better and better under your guidance :heart_eyes:


Dear Kaynaz,

Well done with Monica :grinning:

My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

The magic of God Almighty has commenced here itself…

Lets give the client a chance to respond how are they feeling in past life situation being experienced…here it is HAPPY vs Angry…imagine Happy Vs Utter Sadness or PAIN!!!

Consider : How are you feeling while you are playing with the boys wearing shorts and an over sized t shirt?

We may consider some re wording here…

Where ???

Lets keep this one Open Ended as well.- Simple- How are you feeling as …?

Good one… :clap:

Sitting in Chennai what else I could have asked for??? Some VADA PAV may be !!!

Dave Elman = Induction

Are we sure of it ??

Getting crushed and Imagining Boatman — Little difficult preposition to meet !!

From whom?? Thinking Therapist !! :innocent:


Expected… :angel:

One at a Time would be better approach in my opinion pl.

we are suppose to keep the Conscious undisturbed.
steer the session in a manner where learnings comes from the client.

A profound validation - Eyes are the gateway for Souls to connect.

Amazing :heart: :yellow_heart:

The first dot gets connected here…ROCKY DOT !!

Heartiest Congratulations for the Third Case…and wish you many more…



:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear Kaynaz, Congratulations on your successful completion of the 3rd case study. Well done! :blush::sparkles:


Thank u dear @sandhya…wait a little more to congratulate as my daddy @venu is very strict… results are not out…cross your fingers ke “1, 2, 3” case mein "kaynaz pass ho jaaye varna “4,5 ,6 ,” case ready hai per likhne padenge meri style mein :smiling_imp:


Thank u so so much…for ur guidance @Monesh_Bathre… I always wait for your insights but this time my dad @Venumurthy @venu was first to pull my ears :wink: …but ur list has increased from samosa to medu vada …to vada pav…I think instead of me coming to meet u in Bangalore on 15th u rather hop into bombay anytime…no no …on serious note…noted all the why’s and reframing the questions… now just pray that “pappu pass ho jaaye”… :heart_eyes:


Hi Kaynaz

Very congratulations for your third successful session and for the pain level coming to 0.

My feedback would be:

Regarding choosing the theme

Every situation leads to some feeling/emotions. And we live our emotions only.

Maybe that could have been explored while working on the theme, for a shorter theme

I also feel the lifetimes could have been explored more for finding out other unresolved emotions or residulals if any and working upon them

With love



Thank you dear @drvasus199… for the lovely insight…yes the client also is ready to explore her more unresolved emotions further and specifically I did not evaluate in the past session as her emotions were related to many people interlinked so now working on them individually and better for me tooo… as you know dad @venu is very strict when it comes to service to humanity so let the results be out then the congratulations can pour in as “result abhi baki hai mere dost” :wink:

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Dear Kaynaz,

You are always welcome. I am sure our Beloved Guru will take his decision with utmost wisdom and love. You have shouldered your KARMA very well…So Pappu should chill and we all wait for the D Day.

I am myself not sure of my GPS Coordinates on “THRUSDAY THE 15th” but futuristically speaking Bombay would definitely be doable from Pune.

Take Care and we would love to read case number 4 5 6 as I am sure they would be as thrilling as ever !



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Don’t worry, Our daddy is very Kind, 1,2,3 case main hi Kaynaz paas ho jayegi, 4,5,6 case ready hain tou post kar dou, daddy double khush ho jayenge, distinction ke saath daddy paas kar denge.:sparkles::smiling_face::sunglasses: