Kinaesthetic client

I am Jyothi Sankaran from GS batch.

I had a client,who is kinaesthetic!

After a quite long relaxation-inducing experience of being in the garden!

All went well but when ever I try to guide towards child hood happy memories the client says “I am back”! to consciousness. even after couple of repetition of the same process.the same situation arises. in client’s words-

“Something is pulling me back “ I can’t view anything !

Can anyone help me to sought this out ! Please.


Hi Jyothi,
These kind of experiences throw a challenge. In this case, you can ask the client as to what is pulling him back. Also, since you say he is kinaesthetic, you can ask him, what he senses or feels. Tell him the experience need not necessarily be a visual, it can be what comes to his mind when you ask him something.
Also, it may be a indication that he is not completely relaxed. In case he is relaxed, then there is also a possibility that the client has a barrier and is not willing to explore it. Ask him to meditate for few weeks, before you try it again. I have seen that it works well with clients who meditate.
This is from my experience - I am also learning.


Thank you Harish, this is helpful, will keep in mind for any kinesthetic clients in future.

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Thank you Harish ,I ll advice my client to meditate

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Hi Jyothi, I am also learning at the moment.

As such, please allow me to share how I do relaxation with such clients.

I allow them to be aware of their body…deeper into relaxation, they are directed towards awareness of the light that encircles their body and calms them down totally. The light allows them to go within themselves and from there they travel towards the significant events.

With the awareness they enter into deep trance where I take over. I use only positive words to guide them (especially those suffering from fear and anxiety). Fear is looked at as confusion…client fills in the gaps and then we move on from there.

Clients mention that positive words used during the session empowered them and that confidence was gained. Certain parts of the session was directive not suggestive.

Please do guide and advise if I am not focused. I would like to learn too.

Thank you


Adding to all that Beloved Harish and Dr. Nishaji have advised. This could’ve been managed in stage 3. Where we can set the expectation that you will not see crystal clear TV images.
Since the client is K, chances of not being able to “view” anything is higher but not “Im unable to experience anything”
Kindly read through some of the discussions in this forum and especially the one in which Dipti has raised the same question.