KKS - Introduction

Namaste Amarantos family,

This is Kulyash Kumar Sharma from Chandigarh. A ‘soul in transit’ and a student of ‘Mystics’ by nature who was blessed to have joined Dr. Venu’s ‘Cygnet batch’ in August 2017.

Not a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist or a Hypnotherapist or a Counselor.

My educational background is M.Sc. Botany. While doing research in ‘Genetics of Resistance of Bacterial Blight disease in Rice’ decided to change the career option and joined the ‘Indian Police Service’ in 1986 in Haryana. After having served in Police department in various capacities for more than 32 years finally, retired as Director General of Police in October 2018.

My interest in ‘Mysticism’ and
‘Medicinal plants’ inspired me to learn ‘Sahaj Yoga Meditation’ and other Esoteric treatments & Practices including ‘Past Life Regression Therapy’ besides the ‘Nathuropathy & Yoga’. In 1996 my spiritual quest brought me in contact with a realized spiritual master ‘Dr. Naresh’ who benevolently shared his light with me through a yogic transmission (Deeksha). Since then, I have been regularly enjoying Sahaj Yoga meditation which is a sheer bliss of my spiritual master’s blessings. The meditation experience coupled with the grace of my spiritual master has helped me not only in observing mind, very closely and dispassionately but also in gaining some invaluable insights about the mysterious nature of mind and the ‘play of consciousness’ which are fundamental to the Past Life Regression Therapy.

Haven’t started my PLRT practice, so far, still in the learning phase. I love going through the joy and excitement of wonderful experiences shared at Amarantos forum.

Grateful to Dr. Venu for creating this amazing platform.

Love, Peace & Joy to you all.


it’s an honour and a blessing that you are joining us beloved @KKS Sharmaji :pray:

Way back in 2017 i didn’t know anything about you before the workshop, nor did Neha as we wouldn’t get a reply to any of the assignments from you.

We’d even wonder if you’d even come to the program. I was inspired to name the 2017 batch after the birds and just named your batch as “cygnet” (my connotation for this word is “Paramahamsa” )

And lo! Behold! When I saw you at the workshop, I was amazed that a “cygnet” had walked in.

Amarantos brought to me the greatest of humanity, even saints and I feel ever blessed to serve the holy feet of Amarantians and our clients :pray:


It’s great knowing about you Mr Sharma and
I would love to know more about Medical plants🙏🏻

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