Krishna's Blessing


With the grace of the Guru and Spirit guide, I was able to complete my fourth case. I want to express my gratitude to all of you for being my guide and mentor.

Name : Sambhavi (Name Changed)
Age : 48
VAK : 7/2/6
Hypnosis test :8
Eye Roll test : 2
Pain level : 9

Dec 3, 2023,
** Time of first session: 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.**

History Session :

In comparison to other cases, this one was unique. The distinction was the numerous gods that appeared in this PLR to bless, advise, and give power to my client.
For me, this case is quite unique.
As in this instance, God answered my longing for what I needed by sending me a message without my having to ask. This case is fortunate.
The fact that this case didn’t proceed according to my plan was the other most significant event for me. Everything proceeded as divine desired for it to appear.
The tale goes like this: Since she was a young child, Sambhavi (name changed) has struggled with a variety of emotional problems.
She has endured a great deal of suffering.
She has had a great deal of trouble since she was young.
She struggles to get an education because, in her household, girls’ education was not valued highly.
Back then, her mother supported her wholeheartedly and used cunning to help her acquire an education.
Her three brothers are regressive individuals who are challenging to educate about the need of education.
Despite her mother’s lack of education, she was aware that education had the power to transform her life.
Although she had an opulent childhood but no independence, her family was wealthy in material goods.

Despite coming from a relatively tiny village, she completed her MA in Marathi. After her education she soon wed a straightforward, down-to-earth man who had three sisters.
Life wasn’t easy after marriage because the spouse had just started a job and the in-laws came from a low- to middle-class background.
Her husband used to send her to pick up new skills because he was so accepting and helpful, but her in-laws later forbade her from doing so.
Sisters used to constantly challenge her, and they were such troublemakers.
As time went on, she began to lead a happy life after her spouse was offered a well-paying position in a new city, and she followed him there.

The truth is that Sambhavi’s brothers and her husband’s sisters are the reason she is suffering.
Even though she has supported them in many ways, brothers are very self-centred and rude to her.
They don’t even try to have polite conversations with her. She just wanted someone to acknowledge her and at least have a little conversation and understanding.
respect her as their sister. Her brother isn’t offering her any emotional support.
Even the sisters of her husband have high expectations for her: they want her to dress like a traditional rural woman
and wear ghunghat(veil). Sambhavi loves to travel, see new places, and make plenty of friends. She is also very accepting.

She gave them pricey sarees because she wanted them to experience all of these things, but they couldn’t wear them as they thought it was a waste of money.
They think women should just work at home and continue to take care of the house.
The rest is useless. She has been charged with several offences.

As she was in pain and in stress , so I did energy healing for her to make her little relax a day before session.

Finally, We came up with a theme :

** 1. Lack of love and support from brothers **

** 2. Unacceptable by in-laws**

I knew that one subject could be used as well, but when she was narrating the story,
She kept bringing up her brother’s more than her in-laws’.
I decided to investigate her first relationship with her brothers.

Generally, I follow the four sessions that the Guru has taught us as usual in all circumstances, but this time it didn’t work out, so this is the case.

T: Therapist
C: Client

Dec 4,2023, Time : 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Began with a wonderful bell chant video lead by Dev Elman. As I was practicing progressive relaxation,
I noticed a change in her demeanour and the rolling of her eyes. then I questioned her.

T: Sambhavi, What are you experiencing?
C: The palace is there, as far as I can tell.
Here I sat, facing that palace.
I am looking at the palace with a smile on my face.
I have on a yellow ghagra(skirt).
T : Sambhavi, how old are you?
C: 24 to 23 years old
A path that leads to the palace is located next to me,
and I have a smile on my face.

T : Where do you think this is ?
C: Rajasthan.

T In what year?
C: A very long time ago.

T : Sambhavi, Look at your feet. What are you wearing?
C: On my feet, I have nothing on.

T : All right, Sambhavi, are you able to enter the palace?
C: Indeed, I’m making my way towards the palace.
I’m in a palace right now.
It’s a grand palace.
Shiv Ji is sitting in the centre of a large circle.
and a smile lights up his face.

T : All right, Sambhavi, Give him mine Namskar.
C: I did, in fact, pass yours.
Shiv Ji Neelam ka Namskar bhi swikare … (Shiv ji, kindly accept

T : All right, Sambhavi, What is going on now?
C : T: All right, Sambhavi, What is going on now?
Shivji is grinning, and I’m making a big circle because there’s a large door
behind him.
I’m walking out of there, feeling at ease, grinning, and coming out of there.

T: Alright. Step outside the door.
C :There’s a large non-surfaced road; I’m out.
It is incredibly large.

T: Cross it and see where it leads you ?
C :I’m in my house, it is old house . I am going up the stairs
Very brief passage
T: Examine your surroundings. Does anyone live there?
C :I can see now that there’s an elderly woman there, churning butter.
The old lady and I are in a little hut.
Large territory is present.
and the elderly man’s presence is visible to me.
He’s looking at me, grinning.
T: Do you hear what these elderly people or other people call you?
C: An elderly man is referring to me as Jamuna.

T :Jamuna, when I count backwards from 3 to 1, you will arrive at the momentous
occasion of this existence, which is the origin of your problem or suffering?
What is in your awareness?
C : There is a crowd present. They’re squabbling.

T :Are you able to hear or feel anything, Jamuna? What’s the story behind the fight?
C: There is nothing I can hear.

T: All right, Jamuna You may utilise all of your senses to hear or feel what are they talking
about as I count from 3 to 1.
C:“Why have you come to my house?” they are yelling at me.

T: Is it visible to you who is speaking?
C: A male

T: Jamuna, Look into his eyes, Is there a relationship between you and him in this current life?
C :He is indeed my older brother.
He’s staring at me angrily.(This was the origin; I should have asked, What enrages him? but I brought her to the next momentous occasion instead. My error.)

T: All right, Jamuna, as I count from 3 to 1, you might reach the life-changing event that is responsible for your present problem.
C:I’m gazing outside on the street while wearing a saree pallu on my head.

T: What’s on your mind?
C: When will he come?

T: What is your age?
C: Forty-five years

T: Who has to come?
C: My child
T: What is his name?
C : I Love my son too much, Kishan.
His age is twenty-five.
He’s on his way… He’s inside the house now.
T: What is your husband’s name?
C: Dushashan

T: Look into his eyes. Is he related to you in your current life?
C: Yes, he is my friend in this life.

T: Move further and see what is happening?
C :He is smiling at me (as I didn’t find anything, so I moved ahead).

T: Okay, as I count from 3 to 1, you will reach the end of your life.
C :I am sick, lying on a wooden cot. (Lakdi ki khaat). I am wearing the same yellow
My son is crying.
T: What are you thinking while leaving your body?
C :I will come back.(Here I was supposed to ask: What makes you think to come back?)

T: What was the lesson you learned from this life?
She said,…( but I could not hear as she was talking at a very low volume, and later she did not remember anything.)

T: What are you carrying from this life to your current life?
C : Desires,Desires never go away.

T: What do you think we should do to end our desires?
C: Don’t expect too much.

T: Where do you feel yourself after leaving the body?
C: I am in green valleys and flying.
I am in between beautiful valleys. Laskmi Mata is with me.
She has a big mukut and is holding a pot of money, which is overflowing and falling towards the earth.
She is sitting on the big eagle (Garun Devta).
She is blessing me; she is saying, ,Take this money; you will not face any problems.

T: Pay my Namskar to Ma
C: (Verbally she was paying my Namskar to Ma) Ma, Neelam ka Namskar sweekar kare
Maa sabka Bhala kare
She is blessing me , she is very happy to see me , Garun(Bird) is very kind to me

After some time

when she was ready to move I asked her as I count from 3 to 1 you may reach back to the life which has the source of your suffering

She was the very easy client to take her to the past life experiences.

T: What are you feeling or seeing ?
C: I can see a palace
I am the queen of the palace
I am screaming at someone.

T : What are you Screaming ?
C: I am loosing my temper
I am very furious
and than shouting.
King is also very upset.

T : Which time is this ?
C: Ramayan Yug (Treta Yug)
T : How old are you ?
C: I am 28 years old
King is 32 years.(He is my current husband.)
I am wearing green colour saree
with so much jewellery
I have jewellery in my hair,in my braid, in my arms
I have ring in my finger , anklets in my ankles, loaded with jewellery.

T : Okay, To whom you are shouting ?
C: I am shouting at my brother

T : How is he feeling ?
C: His head and eyes are down.
He is in the army, holding bhala (Spear) in his hand
wearing a mukut (Crown) and Dhoti.
and something like top is in brown color
in his feet he has majuri type shoes. (She was sharing all the details , without asking any question.)

T: Can you feel or hear your name ?
C: Yugandhara … Naam hai mera ( is my name).

T: Okay Yugandhra , See or feel that what makes you to scream at your brother ?
C: My brother is in army and he has stolen something.
I can see my Bhabi(Sister-in-law) also. she is same in the current life.
I feel they have done something wrong

T: Okay, Can you see in his eyes and see how is connected to your current life ?
C: He is my second elder brother in current life.

T : What has he stolen ?
C: He took my child.
and when I am scolding him , he is saying I’ll get back to you.

T : What’s makes you to say like this , that he has stolen your child ?
C: He took my child, my daughter , he is saying that i promised him that I
will give him my first child . So he and his wife stole my child.

T : Move ahead, see what happen then?
C: I was not ready to give him my child , he stolen it and now he is
saying that he will get back to me

T : Then Did he bring to you ?
C: No, he didn’t so I got my child back from his house, as I don’t want to give him.

T: Can you see or feel what is the reason , why you didn’t fulfil your promise, by giving
him your first child?
C: She was my first child , I promised him but my affection towards my child was not allowing me to give my child away.

T : what happen next, when you brought your child back ?
C: I am happy and Maharaj is also happy.

T : As I count from 3 to 1 you may feel or see the significant event of this life which is connected to your current life pain or issue.

C: A wedding is taking place
Groom is on the horse.
Crowd is there
I am also part of that

T : Yugahndra , look around , is there anything else happening?
C: My brother and Sis-in-law going to the place.

T : What is happening there Yughandra ?
C: Yughandra is widow now(she was answering indirectly and she was crying).
than it become direct speech, I am standing in centre of 3 paths
there are 3 paths, one is the larger one and other 2 are small path ( I felt as she was in LBL state)

T: Yugandhra, go back to the time when marriage was happening and see what happen ?
C: Mandap got fire , my brother pulled me out

T: Where is Maharaj ,Yughandra?
C: Maharaj was inside , he couldn’t come out.

T: Can you see or feel how the fire broke out at mandap?
C: Many earthen lamps were light up and because of that fire took place .

T: Okay Yughandra, where is your daughter?
C: She was with Maharaj.

T : Okay Yughandra,What happened next ?
C: My brother is leading state, He took all the control of state in his hand. He is making mock of me.

T : Yugandhra,Can you see in his eyes and try to recognize him, is he connected to you current life ?
C: He is my elder brother .

T : Yugandhra ,What is the reason for him to control the state ?
C: He is greedy , he wants state , he wants jewellery , he wants money.
( In current life also his brother has cheated his father by taking his entire property and not ready to share among other brothers, his wife is supporting him)

T : What happen to you then?
C: I am alone staying in hut, with my younger brother.

T:As I count from 3 to 1, you will reach the end of your life and see what happens to you.
C : Now I am old, very lonely, and missing Maharaj and my child.
I am dying, but I want Maharaj (she started crying.
I allowed her to release the pain; I didn’t feel that minute to manage the stress; I felt let her be light.
If she had been in high stress, I would definitely have been distracted and asked her to move her eyes left and right. Somewhere, I felt we carried previous life pains as well.
so it needs to be released.)

T: How are you feeling after leaving the body?
C: Very calm and peaceful. I can see the earth, which is shining, and I am standing in front of a big door that has stairs. I am sitting on those stairs. I can see there are two paths: one goes to the huge light, and one goes to the snow and green valley.
A baba is coming down from the stairs.

T: Can you describe this baba?
C :Baba with a white beard, wearing rudraksh mala, holding kamandal, and
in his feet he has khadau (Wooden slipper). He took out the water from kamandal and sprinkle it on me.

T: Okay, what’s his name?
He is a Jagat-Janani Baba; he is talking to me.
T: Pay my Namaskar to him.
C: Baba accept Neelam’s Namaskar. He is smiling for you.

T: What is he saying ?
C: He is asking : “How many more time you are going to take birth?”
I said : " As many times you want me."

T: Okay, Talk to Baba about whatever you want, and let me know by raising your right-hand index finger when you want to move ahead.
C :He is asking which path I want to take. I said, Mountain and valley paths.

T: Okay, what is he saying then?
C :He said, I’ll drop you off a little more, but you have to go by yourself then.

T: Okay, Go with him.
C :He dropped me and left. I can see Garun (the White Eagle) Devata is there in the corner. I am going to be near him.
He is blessing me. He is waiting for Lakshmi Mata. I also joined him. I got the red rose from the garden, which is near that place.
I am holding a rose. Garun Devata is holding me in his wings. We are talking, and he is blessing me.

T: Okay, what is Garun Devata saying to you?
C :He is just showing love for me and blessing me. Lakshmi Mata is coming.
We are both going towards her. She is on a red lotus and floating on water.
She has arrived, we are both there, and I can see my elder brother, who was
The king has also come; he is so angry and looking at me. I am scared. Lakshami Mata
is saying to Garud, Garud, Take care of her. No harm should come to her. Now my brother is going back.
Lakshmi Mata is blessing me; she is blessing me with money and giving me a boon. You will never face any difficulties.

T: Wonderful, What lesson do you think you were supposed to learn from this life?
C: Share unconditional love.

T: And what do you think? How do you implement this lesson in your life?
C : Don’t get so close to anyone; simply love.

T: Do you think you carry anything from this life to your current life?
C :Yes, I feel I am still queen in my current life, as I love to give.

T: Okay, do you want me to move further to explore more of the source of origin?
C: Yes

T: Okay, As I count from 3 to 1, you may reach the past life where current life pain originated.
C :I can see two children playing.
There is a big tree.
All are giggling.
I can see Balkrishna.
He is eating Makhan.

T: Which place is this?
C: It’s a village.

T: How old are you?
C: 7 Years

T: Who all are there?
C :I can see my brothers there, but they are not happy as I am playing with Krishna.

T: How are they feeling?
C :They are jealous; they are wondering why Krishna is not playing with them;
they are standing a little far from me, but they are very furious.

(As a therapist, we need patience, but I made a mistake here. I started feeling that there was nothing to find, as she was with God. In this thought
I asked her to emerge, and I did, but I found her eyes were not normal.
She had sleepy eyes when she was talking to me after I emerged. I realised something was still there, so I asked what happened, and she said she has pain on the crown chakra, so I asked her to lie down and close her eyes.)
The regression started.
(I believe this was the proof to me that God always comes down to help us when we are working for humankind.
I am blessed that positive energies were there, and they took over everything in their hand and blessed me.)

She herself started stating these lines.

I can see Krishna is huge now, but the tree is the same, the place is the same, and now he is showing me his Virat (huge) roop (form).
He is smiling, and I am smiling while looking at him. (She was in Bhakti Bhaav, or devotee form.)
(Later, she told me that Krishna and she used to play together and both grew together.)

T: Okay, what is happening now?
C :He is saying, Tumhe yeha tak to aana hi tha (You were meant to be here).
I am happy that you came.

T: Can you describe Krishna and what he looks like?
C :He is huge; in one hand he has Gada, one hand has Chakra, had Mukat (crown) on his head, one hand has lotus, and the other hand has Bansuri.

T: Pay my namskar to him.
C:Kanha, Neelam is paying you “Namskar.”
He is saying, (Mujhe use Kuch dena hai) I have to give her something; she has got you here. I want to give my bansuri to her.
Neelam You are there; I can see you; you are there; Krishna is giving Bansuri to you; he
is blessing you; and he is asking you to continue the same job.
Krishna loves your work; he is saying that she (Neelam) has got you here, so she (Neelam) deserved this bansuri.

T: Say my Abhaar (gratitude) to him.
C:Abbhar, Krishna is smiling; he is liking you.
After some time,

Krishna is asking me not to look back. My face is towards Krishna. I am looking at him, and he is asking me
Not to look back, I can feel there is one mat, and on that mat, my three brothers are standing. Krishan is saying, No one can harm you.
You don’t have to worry about anything. I can see my three brothers getting buried under the mat; they are gradually vanishing. He is telling me nothing will happen.
Your brother will not do anything to you.
Be relaxed and be happy.

Now that my entire family is there, my friends, and you are there, we are all praying to Krishna.
after some time.
Krishna is now in a small standing with Radha and his cow.

T: Pranam to Krishna and to you. I am blessed to have this session. Do you want me to emerge or want to continue?
C:I want to emerge…

T: Okay…
then emerging done.

Integration: In every life, I found engrams related to her current life issue.
In every life, she was suffering, and brothers
were fighting with her for her money. In her current life,
his brother has also taken her money and his father’s property.
They never show love and affection in this life as well.

Closure: Krishna gave closure to her issue. Due to Krishna,
she is at peace, happy, and more active these days. She stopped overthinking, not getting into any stress.
In the last 2 weeks, she has felt many positive changes in herself.


Dear Neelam,

My congratulations for conducting the therapy and bringing the healing to the client. I appreciate that you have yourself realised the learnings of the session and I wish you many more blessed ones. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear Neelam,

It was a wonderful session! So many divine energies blessing the client. It is amazing to witness how PLRT can have a profound impact on our lives.


Thank you so much, Ashish. Yeah, i believe client or that energy , choose us to go through process, we just hold clients to take them to their lesson but in meantime we learn alot. In this session when i was doubting on myself. God made me realize i shouldn’t doubt and i am just a tourist guide and helping people in their tour. He is the only one malik .


Dear Monesh,

Thank you so much for your wishes.



Hi Neelam

Congratulations!!! Lovely case. All the Gods blessed the case because you are actually was very compassionate towards your client. You are a very fortunate soul.
All the best for your future sessions.



Dear Deepak
Thank you so much that you could manage your time to read this case.

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