Lady struck by toxic relationships and financial issues discovered that she was a male commando chief in her past life. She received blessings to move forward in this life from Lord Shiva

Lady struck by toxic relationships and financial issues discovered that she was a male commando chief in her past life. She received blessings to move forward in this life from Lord Shiva.

Dear Amarantians! This is my 4th Case I am grateful for all the support I have received from all of you. Kindly take your time to go through this and let me know your thoughts in your comments.

Client Vitals:

Name - Jo (Name changed)

Age - 39

Gender - Female

Hypnotisability score – 4/10

VAK – 492

Dominant Sence –Auditory

Eye roll test - 2

Pain Level - 9

ThemeWhy am I facing so many problems in my life?

(She is also seeking clarity from these PLR sessions to understand ‘How to achieve financial independence?’ and 'What are her best career options?)

Session 1 – 2nd Feb 2024 – 11AM – 1PM – Finished up to Stage 5 (2 hours)

(Lunch break) same day – 3PM – 7PM – Finished till Stage 8 (4 hours)


I began conducting PLR therapy with another client (my 5th case) and progressed up to stage 8. Meanwhile, I received a call from JO (a friend of my friend) requesting immediate assistance with a session. She mentioned facing numerous challenges in her life and expressed a strong urgency for the session. Despite residing in Mumbai, she was willing to travel to Hyderabad just for this purpose. Additionally, she requested accommodation at my home until the sessions were completed.

Considering her situation and the gravity of her issues, I agreed to conduct the sessions, made necessary arrangements in advance, and arranged for her stay.

History Taking:

Over the past 15 years, she has endured a multitude of challenges in her life, detailing her childhood, early relationships, and marital life extensively. She has suffered greatly, having been hospitalized multiple times due to ill treatment and physical abuse from her in-laws and husband. Presently, she feels trapped in a prison-like marital situation and is striving for financial independence to reclaim her self-respect and confidence, and to make future decisions without compromising her well-being. Her life has been marked by numerous traumatic experiences, and she openly shared her thoughts, both positive and negative, during our discussions. The pre-talk, history-taking, and theme finalization consumed the entire day.

Her primary concerns revolve around her current state of helplessness regarding financial independence and determining the best career path in her mid-life. After extensive discussion, we mutually agreed to focus on uncovering the root cause of her life’s challenges.

Session 2 – 3rd Feb 2024 – 12PM – 5PM (5 hours)

Started with a prayer to our favourite Gods and to our Masters.

Induction: Began with Dave Elman’s Progressive Relaxation technique.

Visualization: She was able to visualize a shower of light; from there, I guided her to visualize a staircase and then to a garden.

Allowed the client to relax fully in the beautiful, mystical, imaginary garden, becoming relaxed and prepared to explore the timeline of memories.

Started with three happy childhood memories, then guided her to a mountain cliff and began delving into painful memories, going back year by year to uncover all the painful memories until her birth, as well as future worries and expectations from family and society.

After reframing, she expressed feeling lighter and more relaxed. I then guided her back to the garden. Using deepeners, I encouraged her to remain calm, peaceful, and to relax her body and mind to the fullest extent possible.

T - This is what the therapist said.
C - This is what the client said.

T – I would like you to bring out all the pain, and the painful experiences that you had - to explore the root cause of it in your past life and make a beautiful bridge out of this emotion, which helps you in taking you to a significant event or memory in your past life.

T – With all your senses focused on this bridge which is made out of this emotion is now ready and you are now stepping on this beautiful mystical bridge.

T – Are you on the bridge?

C – Yes! I am walking on this bridge

T – Excellent! Focus all your attention and keep walking on this bridge and in a moment you are going to reach the end of this bridge.

(10 sec pause)

T – And as you approach the end of the bridge, focus your attention on any noises or sounds you may hear from the other end. Your subconscious mind is prepared to reveal significant memories. Allow yourself to be fully absorbed in this deeply relaxed state of tranquillity, and feel free to share whatever comes to your awareness.

C: There is a road – Bikes were crossing here and there.

T: As you continue to hear the sounds of bikes moving, allow yourself to explore further. Try to listen for any other sounds apart from the bikes.

C: I could see a big well.

T: Allow yourself to move closer to the well. What do you see inside?

C: There are brown steps leading inside the well, and it’s full of muddy water.

T: Perhaps you can look down and describe what you’re wearing.

C: I am wearing a yellow dress, and my hair is neatly set.

T: What time of day do you think it could be?

C: It’s 6 o’clock in the evening.

T: Maybe you could look around and see if you can find anything?

C: There is a man standing in front of me. We are discussing something about trading.

T: Allow yourself to take a closer look and check if he resembles anybody? What is he wearing?

C: I haven’t seen him before. He is wearing a maroon T-shirt, black pants, and his skin tone is a bit dark. I can also see a woman.

T: How does she look?

C: She appears healthy, with short hair down to her shoulders. She is around my age and deeply engaged in a business discussion with me. However, she glanced at me and then disappeared.

(The session progressed slowly, with the client experiencing glimpses and visions alongside constant muscle aches and movement of her limbs and body. I suspected whether she could maintain her trance state, and with her permission, I emerged her.

Later, she confirmed that despite her outward body movements, she had indeed slipped into a trance-like, deeply relaxed state. She was aware of her state and confirmed it was not sleep.

Perhaps the two visions she experienced were from her future life. After completing all her sessions, after a couple of days, she mentioned meeting the person she described earlier, engaged in a trading discussion, confirming his role as the owner of a trading-related business, wearing the same colour attire. During history taking, she had emphasized her inability to achieve financial independence as her primary concern. It’s possible that her subconscious mind brought this issue to the forefront first.

As finances couldn’t be directly addressed as a theme, we concluded to explore the root causes of her issues first and gradually incorporate the financial aspect as well.)

Session 3 – Monday 4th Feb 2024 – 11PM – 4PM (5 hours) and
Session 4 – Tuesday 5th Feb 2024 – 11:40PM – 3:30PM (4 hours)

T: As you reach towards the end of the tunnel, use all your senses and check if you can hear or see anything.

C: I got down from a helicopter. There are big iron rods attached to it. It’s kind of a military one.

T: Where are you? Maybe you could look at yourself and describe yourself.

C: There is green grass everywhere. I am male, wearing a military commando kind of dress.

T: Is anything coming to your awareness about that place and time period?

C: Yes, it is Pakistan, in 1947.

T: Is there any name coming to your awareness?

C: It starts with ‘A’. Maybe it’s Arun or something that sounds like letters AR.

T: Arun, maybe you could look around and check what’s happening around you?

C: A war is happening around me, the Indo-Pakistan war. Many people are injured, jet planes are flying overhead, and bombs are blasting. People are running in chaos.

T: As you walk towards the camps, allow yourself to look down upon yourself and check what you’re wearing. How are you connected to this war? Look closely at everyone around you and see if anyone resembles any of your current life members.

C: No, I couldn’t recognize anybody from my current life. I am wearing a commando-style dress. I am a significant figure, giving commands in the war. I am feeling great pain.

T: Feel free to express any emotions you have within you. Maybe you could look deeper into the issue and let me know the cause of your pain?

C: I am responsible for giving commands, but it may lead to the loss of many more lives. I am unable to make any decisions, and even holding back my decision is not helping the situation. The war has already begun, and there is restlessness everywhere. Many people are getting injured and killed, and everybody is waiting for my commands. I am in a total helpless situation. I’m experiencing this pain because of my helpless condition.

(Abreactions of distress in her face)

(Consoled her and gave her ample time to process her emotions).

Then slowly guided her towards the end of the war. She still experiences the pain and helplessness.

T: Maybe you could allow yourself to check your current life and see if you have experienced any such kind of pain and helplessness in this present life?

C: Yes, I am experiencing the same kind of pain and helplessness in my life now.

T: Okay! With all your imaginative powers, bring out all these emotions of pain, guilt, and helplessness from your body and mind and make a picture out of it.

Take out all your pain associated with that event and make a picture out of it.

Take out all your guilt associated with that event and make a picture out of it.

Take out the helplessness associated with that event and make a picture out of it.

T: Now imagine that you have a matchbox with you in your pocket. Take it out and burn all these images and let me know once everything turns into ashes.

T: Have you burnt them?

C: Yes!

T: Very Good! How do you feel now?

C: Far better.

T: In a moment, I am going to count from 3 to 1. As I reach 1, maybe you could drift yourself to another significant event of Arun’s life.

T: Maybe you could hear or see anything?

C: I am in a palace-like house. It’s very huge. And I’m walking towards the car parking.

C: And I’m getting into a royal car which is like white and gold in the center. (Later she shared this picture and mentioned that it exactly looked like the below picture)

T: Maybe you could look at yourself and let me know how old you are and which place you are traveling to.

C: I am 50 years old, somewhere in Northern India.

T: Allow yourself to look deep into the situation and let me know the purpose of your travel and anything that comes to your awareness.

C: I am in a hurry mode, very busy. I am asking my driver to drive fast as I am eager to meet a big shot, a politician, to discuss an important matter related to India. I carry a big sword everywhere as part of my tradition and believe it brings luck during important discussions.

C: I just reached the place, met the politician, and discussed the progress of our nation, which went well and made me happy.

(Here I asked many questions related to who is that person and all the other details associated to that situation but all she mentioned was just the above thing. So I slowly navigated her towards Arun’s last moments of his life.)

T: In a moment, I am going to count from 3 to 1. As I reach 1, maybe you could drift yourself to the last moments of Arun’s life.

3…you are slowly drifting to your last moments.

2…Almost there.

1…you are there just a few minutes before leaving your body.

T: What comes to your awareness?

C: I am on the bed, around 80 years old. My wife is next to me, wearing a white saree. She is angry with me for not spending time with her throughout my life.

T: What are your last thoughts, Arun?

C: I am peaceful. Very peaceful. I am slowly leaving my body.

T: As you leave Arun’s body, take your time to experience the out-of-body experience and let me know once you hear or see anything significant.

C: I was in an icy place, full of ice. I could see Lord Shiva sitting on the ice and looking at me.

T: Convey my Pranams to him.

C: Yes. He listened to you and said that you are a pure soul and blessed you.

T: Blessed to know! Convey your pranams too and feel free to ask him any questions.

C: Shiva is telling that he can sit as long as he wants on this Ice and he is asking me how I can sit directly on this ice? (Smiling) And I slowly grabbed a small & short wooden stool like thing which is available near to that place.

(Client is joyful and smiling)

(Gave ample time here for her to spend with Lord Shiva and asked her to let me know once she was done with all her conversations.)

Finally, when she was ready to emerge, I slowly navigated her back to her conscious self.

She mentioned that she got all the answers she was looking for and extended her stay for a couple of days to finish some trading business-related work. She was very happy, mentioning that everything was a grand success. We both felt joyful.

She is fully satisfied, and I took a video testimonial to post it on my website.

Suggested to her not to allow anybody to ill-treat her and to stand firm like a commando, never hesitating to make decisions out of fear of the future. Everything happens for a reason, with Shiva’s blessings guiding her path. Encouraged her to move forward boldly and independently in life, remembering to follow Lord Shiva’s guidance whenever in doubt


Dear Santhi,

My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

Very well for assisting the client by going all the way up. :yellow_heart:

May be we could still keep the suggestion to " to explore the root cause of (state the presenting problem/theme) " as its still not known whether ROOT is in the Past of Present Life or Past of Past Life. :smiley:

Well worded suggestion for Auditory Client. :clap:

Amazing !! :innocent: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Well done here…Patience and Sympathy :clap:

I wonder if could resolve the emotions by keep making the pictures and burning them with match box !!

:dart: :dart: :dart:

Very well for the client and best wishes to you.

Congratulations on Well Deserved Upgrade… :lollipop: :lollipop:



:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear @Monesh_Bathre,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback and kind words. I truly appreciate your detailed observations and suggestions :blossom:.

Your insight regarding exploring the root cause of the presenting problem/theme is well taken. It’s essential to remain open to the possibility that the root cause may lie in various aspects of one’s life. Point noted :writing_hand: :blush:.

I’m glad you liked the suggestions, about focusing for clients who respond better to sounds :woman_technologist:.

It’s great to know that the client felt the sessions went well and left feeling happy. Your noticing of the patience and understanding shown during emotional moments means a lot :innocent:.

Regarding the idea of burning images with a matchbox, it’s an interesting method that can help some clients effectively deal with their feelings. I see this as a form of reframing. However, I will also consult with Venu to explore any other effective methods for breaking emotional patterns :dizzy:.

Thank you once again for your encouraging words and support. I look forward to continuing to assist clients on their journey towards healing and self-discovery :pray: :herb:.

Warm regards,


Wonderful session, Shanthi! It’s good to know that your client served this nation in her past life. I feel this case could have been validated if you had gotten details from the client about his family and position in the army. If planning for more sessions with her, you can think of it.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It helped me revisit a very pertinent aspect of regression therapy. Sharing the same for your consideration please,

In my humble opinion, we see plausibility of reframing at two instances.

First : reframing requisite present life pains/traumas like what is conducted in the throwing down of boxes from mountain cliff.

Second : Reframing the past life traumas of the client as she experiences the engram and associated emotions in a particular situation/pattern in that past life. Here the processing of emotions and release of encapsulated energy through sequence of therapist suggestions and client’s response would bring in the needed learning and resolution.

Would request and await the wisdom of our Beloved Guru Dr Venu. :pray: :pray: :pray:

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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