Lady with Dreams about past life trying to visit the temple she used to see if

On 20th February 2022 1 st PLRT session was done for a lady who was getting anxious and depression as she was getting Dreams of she being a dancer and temple she was performing and she was scard of drowning but was unable to justify if this was true and went around searching temples around South India was unable to find.

Details: Geetha F 32 7/10,VA, Anxiety and Depression
T followed 12 stage process the introduction process and Agreement and detailed background study
C was feeling nervous
T relax you you are totally safe and in your control
Induction was done using Dave Elman technique she was totally Relaxed
T are you able to visualise a bright light entering into your body
C Yes
T feel that healing light throughout your body from head to Toe
C Yes I am feeling refreshed and all my Pain out
T visualise a door in front of you
C Yes I can see
T open the door you will see a beautiful garden
C Yes I can smell the flowers
T can you see the temple you are familiar on your right hand side
C Yes that’s the temple
T go to the door and enter it
C I am in the door but scared to enter I was not able to enter
T don’t worry it’s your temple no body can Stop you and you will see your Guru who will guide you
C I have entered the temple seen my guruji whom I see in my dreams
T Great go inside and see if this is the same temple you see in your dreams
C yes this is the temple my guruji is calling me inside
T go inside see the god statue you used to see
C yes this is the same its huge and I have never seen this statue anywhere else, this temple is so beautiful with gold petel lotus everywhere golden steps, beautiful carving huge pillers big corridors, steps are so beautifully designed statue of huge elephants around I have never seen like this before
T great seems you are enjoying the full unrestricted view of what came in your dreams.
C yes I see exactly the same would like to explore more
T this is your temple you can come here when ever you want
C yes I am feeling so happy to be here
T can you describe the idol inside that we can find more information
C yes I see the idol its huge I see beautiful flowers and jewels put on him I am touching him I am not sure if its lord Vishnu as his hastram in the hands are totally different and sindoor on the forehead is also different
T let’s see if we can move around the temple if we can see other idols
C I don’t see any other idols around only This
T okay let’s go to a happy memories of this life
C I am blessed respected with a garland and I just finished my dance performance in the temple
T great you were getting this sensation as a dancer and it’s true
C yes I am a leading barathanatyam dancer in this era when I do some mudras rain will come and I do some mudras fire will come some mudras even snakes will come
T great let’s go to another happy memories in this life
C I was hungry and my guruji got mango from the tree without plucking it its like magic he thought me how to do and I was able to get it
T what was the teaching can you brief it
C he thought me we need to first stand below the tree and thank the tree for providing shelter and bearing fruits and request it give a most delicious fruit from the tree and keep the hand in praying :pray: position with fingers open upwards and close the eyes and wait fruit will come into hand automatically the fruit was most delicious, he told me we should never pluck fruit without tree’s permission and tree will give you if you deserve it.
T what other learning you got from this life
C close aunty selling flowers in the temple thought me to make medicine for all kinds of illness and it used to get cured I prepare some home made medicine for sickness and instantly gets cured I dint know how I had that now I got it
T can you find which place is this what year is it
C how do I find it
T where are you now
C I am in the bazaar street
T can you see any Shop there
C yes I can see a rice merchant
T ask him for details what place is it what year is it
C he is saying it is thiruvottriour I can see it written on the board its written in old Tamil script I am not sure if I am spelling it right, he is saying it’s year 580 and I am in the kingdom of Raja Vikrama Simha its a great kingdom all are happy
T are you able to see any coin or currencies we can find where is it might be we can find details in the museum for reference
C I am able to see the coin it’s gold coins with some impression on it but can’t explain
T is there any significant incident in this life
C I am crying and going towards a well
T what happened why are you crying
C I am feeling very bad as I had to perform in front of the king by force as they lied it’s for God and when I started performance I came to know it was for King not for God I had taken a oath that I will perform only in temple in front of God and no others (tears were rolling)
T what is happening where are you now
C I have made fire to come and burnt out that place and going towards the well my guru my father is also crying and asking me to proceed
T what is happening now where are you now
C I fell in to the well and bolder hit my head and I was drown to death ( silence for some time)
T where are you now
C I am feeling blank its dark I am feeling very tired can’t proceed further
T followed the closing process and briefed on the session, client was so shocked and dint feel like getting up from the couch, she said she was very happy and thankful to me for clearing her doubts
C told me she will try to find this place and come for another session soon.


Wonderful session. Do let us know about follow up sessions and if her fears could be removed.

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great session sunder …looking for more such reads

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