Learning through fun

Dear Amarantians,

Created this post inspired from the Quote from American Novelist Clive Cussler
“If it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing.”

Let’s have fun learning from the two episodes inspired by our daily life. I hope you enjoy it!” :blush:

Episode 1

Husband : As you’re going towards the kitchen and planning to return, (Pacing) you may fetch a glass of water on your way back.(Leading)

Wife: As you are laying down comfortably on the couch (Pacing ), relaxing (Pacing), and doing nothing (Pacing), you may choose to get up now or few minutes later (leading with illusionary choices) and get the water from the purifier.

Outcome : The husband had to go to the kitchen and get water himself.

Episode 2

Wife : I’m feeling so stressed out, I’m like a bag of popcorn in the microwave - about to pop any second.

(With failed pacing and leading in Senarion2, Husband decides to try some binds.)

Husband: I understand you are feeling so stressed out, you’re like a phone with too many apps open - time to hit the ‘clear all’ button!”. (Pacing and leading)

Husband: Mother -That is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries. (Single bind).

Husband: Maybe you should visit your mother. (Leading)

Wife: Yes.

Husband: You can visit your mother today or may be tomorrow. (Double bind)

Wife: Yes. I feel like going today.

Husband : Maybe we should book Uber or Ola. (Double bind) (Illusionary choice)

Wife: Please book Uber.

(While husband was fantasizing partying with friends)

Wife: We all know eating outside food is harmful for health. (Single bind)

Wife: I wonder when i am not here, how would you prefer to take homework of our kid before you prepare dinner or post dinner. (Unconscious bind).

Outcome: Husband went unconscious with this unconscious bind. :innocent:

Dear Amarantians , you can comment why Husband could not achieve the desired outcome? You may choose to comment technical or funny or both. It’s your choice. (Illusionary choice :grinning:)

With Love

Ashish Meher


Wow :star_struck:
Super creative and educative.
Feeling so happy @Ashish-Meher
I will answer after all my erudite children will :blush:

But on a side note, husbands and sons never win, maybe that is Nari-Shakti :upside_down_face:
(Happy about that too as male are intrinsically testosterone driven decision makers.)


Hahahah…super se bhi upar @Ashish-Meher … meri sangat ka asar ho raha hai sab pe… :rofl:“Live,love,Laugh”…excuse my humor ahead but I cannot answer technically (as even though i am a serious therapist by profession…i cannot be serious with my “why’s” and that who knows better than @Monesh_Bathre who is constantly trying to improve me :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:…"
but my dear Ashish let me also start with a quote :pray: and end on a fun note :smiling_imp:
“Ya devi sarva bhuteshu shakti rupen sansthitha !
Ya devi sarva bhuteshu shanti rupen sansthitha!
Ya devi sarva bhuteshu shraddha rupen sansthitha!
Ya devi sarva bhuteshu matru rupen sansthitha!
Namastasye!Namastasye!Namastasye!Namo Namah!
My version now (being me :wink:)
:white_check_mark:Make love…not War :revolving_hearts:
:white_check_mark:Wives are saints …they forgive you even when you guys are not guilty :wink:
And last but not the least (VERY IMP)
:white_check_mark:DO NOT MAKE FUN of your wives CHOICES as YOU are ONE AMONG THEM :innocent:
:white_check_mark:Always Remember…“A men is incomplete Until he is Married…After that he is Finished”
" Be Happy and for that Always Keep her MORE HAPPY” :revolving_hearts:

God bless :pray:


Thank you Kaynaz. You are the one whom I admire for being such a liberated and courageous soul. From the very first day, with you childlike charm you loudly called our beloved Guru ‘Dad!’ , and a many of us followed. Asar to sab be ho raha hai! :slightly_smiling_face: No need to be so serious, it doesn’t suit you at all. As I commented earlier, ‘Be yourself’ is what you teach us.
In response to the original and your version. Naari shakti ki jai ho! :pray:

Thank you so much for your valuable comments. :pray:



Thank you so much, beloved Guru @venu. I feel so delighted while reading your lovely comments. It is worth spending time on creating this post. True, Naari Shakti is destined to win. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Ashish
You made it very simple concept of pacing and leading. I didn’t read it as joke infact i went through it like notes :sweat_smile:
Thank you so much.


Thank you so much, Neelam, for your encouraging words. Fun is an essential part of learning. If you recall our sessions with our beloved guru Venu, most of them had that fun element, enabling us to stay focused. :blush:


Dear Ashish,

Thank for so much for making the learning so fun filled !! Create some more and they might land up in Amarantos Work book :star_struck:!!

The result of any episode between a husband and wife is always going to be what has been aptly brought out by our Beloved Guru and fellow Amarantanians.

Let me attempt to add my two penny worth,

Pacing for a Yes Set ?

Husband’s Suggestion

As you are going towards kitchen - Yes

And planning to return - Kisne bola aapko ki main wapis aa rahi hoon ???

Pacing destroyed …what is left to lead now ?

Wife’s Suggestion - …lying down relaxing doing nothing… :joy: :
:YES YES YES…then successfully led to get the water all by himself.

Presenting problem and thereafter wonderful examples of binds and leading/pacing. So technically the husband was doing well ,till the time

He brought into his Conciousness the fantasies of partying with friends

and Wife being AMARANTOS CERTIFIED PRO THERAPIST doing her SADHANA very Diligently and also attended all Forum Calls…

She had the Clairvoyance and hence she SUCCESSFULLY went ahead with…

When husband finally came back to His Conscious and remembered he had asked for Water from Beloved Wife…


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


super creative mind @Ashish-Meher :blue_heart:

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Thanks a ton Pooja for your valuable and encouraging words. It means a lot.



Dear Monesh,

Your sense of humor is truly remarkable! :smile: I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. Your uplifting words means a lot to me. I am humbled!

Still laughing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



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It was so creative and funny, at the same time very educative… Fantastic share Ashish​:blush::heart:

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Thank you so much Kaushik for your encouraging words.Good to know that you liked it. :blush:

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Whatever said and done @Monesh_Bathre I loved the way u gave credit to all of us “Nari-shakti” trained at @amarantos …what more should a husband ask for…“adding my better half words…- laxmi agar kali ka roop le legi tau khana kaun khilayega” :rofl:


a small technical one for you dear kaynaz, :sweat_smile:

wasn’t it supposed to be ANNA POORNA !! :crazy_face: :relieved: :relieved:

All in all Call By whatever Name or see/imagine in Any Form

Boss is Boss !!


Monesh :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: