Listening...a beautiful expression of Love!

Randomly looking at the beautiful moon from my window, penning down this feeling ''World needs more Listeners than preachers" This is one of the realities I am experiencing these days with all the loving souls around me. Just like the moon was listening to me in the silence of love, I was witnessing myself in that state while listening to other souls.

Listening is such a beautiful reflection of our own self. At that moment there may be no instant solution for one’s problem, but one feels so light when someone is making an effort to just be there. Feeling someone’s presence while expressing or venting out more than listening to someone preach is a blessing.

Listening to someone who is in pain, suffering or in any dark space has taught me that the reason I witness all of this is a beautiful learning for me, where I receive an opportunity by the Creator/Almighty to reflect upon my own journey.

When I started practicing this beautiful art of Listening, humans were no more humans but beautiful souls, strangers were no more strangers but beautiful souls, souls who were sent by the creator to me just at the perfect time. Practising listening helped me turn my judgments into acceptance. In the beginning judging and doubting one while listening made me doubt my own self. Because I believe that every soul in this universe is my own reflection. Everyone craves for acceptance especially from their loved ones. Acceptance is an expression of Love.

I started practicing this art with my family members. Because what i experienced is that it’s very easy to listen and empathize towards the souls we spent less time with, but listening to ones we live our life and spend most of our time with, takes a lot of patience and understanding.

Listening is an art followed by patience and understanding. The best way to learn this art is from the infants and little children around us. Children are beautiful messengers sent by our Creator/ Almighty in our life.

While listening everything beautifully leads to love. What else is there to experience? Just Love Love and Love
Amarantos Listening with love


Wow Dipti verly beautifully articulated. I loved the phrase where u spoke about listening to family members "its very easy to listen and empathize towards the souls we spent less time with, but listening to ones we live our life and spend takes a lot of patience and understanding. "

Actually of late I was getting a lot of calls for healing family members of people who left their bodies due to this pandemic and the numbers is huge. I was getting little disturbed but your lines “humans no more humans, strangers no more strangers, souls who were sent by the creator to me just at the perfect time”

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Thank you for sharing


Thank you Geetha. I’m glad you resonate with this feeling. And I’m damn sure you’re an amazing listener. The bestest gift we can give anyone is listening in the silence of Love.

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Hello Dipti, Wonderful article and yes when one learns to listen it opens up a totally different world to both the speaker and the listener , lots more understanding happens the saying goes we have been given two ears and one mouth so that we hear double the amount of what we speak. Listening especially as a therapist actually is half the battle won with a client , the ground work gets almost completed with that , because when some one opens up to talk about what is bothering /troubling them the heavy burden that they carry around gets cleared and then the Therapist has just to tweak the experience and go forward .
As a teacher dealing with kids below 6 -7 yrs , I have found they have so much to say and only want you to listen and empathize or just enjoy what they say and if one does that they shower you with so many hugs and loads of love . The same happens to the older folks who are just waiting for someone to lend them an empathic ear.
By the way hope al well at your end , you suddenly went of the grid :).


And just to add to the what you just reminded us all so beautifully:
“Listening to one own self is probably the most difficult skill to acquire and is the highest form of listening “


phenomenal quote Deps,
Thanks for sharing.