‘Loneliness even when surrounded by loved ones’

MG, M, 22, 9/10, 3/5, K,Loneliness, 7/10
Hello Everyone,

This is my first case on this forum, I am really grateful to be part of Amarantos family, special thanks to Venu Sir for showing faith in me and guiding throughout. Kindly read and send in your valuable feedback.

Session 01:

Client’s Name: MG

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Hypnotisability Score: 9/10

Dominant Sense: Kinaesthetic

Secondary Dominant Sense: Auditory

Eye roll Test: 3

Theme: Loneliness even though blessed with loving family and all comforts.

Pain Scale Score: 7

History: MG is a business man, a younger brother to two sisters, parents are very caring, pampered a lot from childhood; despite of all this feels very lonely at times, not expressive by nature, often feels low for no apparent reason, not feeling any emotions just neutral most of times since teenage.

Client wanted to understand why he feels lonely?

Finalized theme as ‘Loneliness’

Started with Dave Elman then progressive relaxation that went on for 1 hour 10 minutes and lead through garden to 3 happy moments from childhood.

Session 02

Same day after 3 hours Started with Bell chant video and Induction using Dave Elman, Progressive relaxation.

Visualization: Garden, Tunnel of light

Got feedback through IMR

(MG focusing and eye movements noticed)

MG: I see a mountain

T: What do you see around?

MG: I am on a mountain

T: Look at your feet, what are you wearing?

MG: Some boots like hiking boots, some loose grey pants

T: Okay, look at yourself how do you look?

MG: I am wearing a watch. I am fair.

T: What time is it?

MG: 3.15 in the noon, it is a rectangular silver watch with dark grey dial. I am wearing green and white stripped t-shirt. I am wearing specs.

T: Okay what are you doing at the mountain

MG: There are people with me, we have climbed together

T: Do you want to talk to them?

MG: No, I am fine here, it feels good. It’s a Sunday for sure.

T: Is there a name that comes to your mind?

MG: No

T: Do you want to climb down now?

(MG’s expression changed, he is crying and feeling sad)

T: Take a deep breathe, if it gets painful. Float above to witness the scene.

Keep taking deep breathes.

MG: These people are not good; they are making fun of me.

T: Okay, what are they telling you?

MG: That you’re good for nothing

T: Why they are saying so?

MG: Because my wife left me, it’s been more than 10 years. They are threatening me now.

T: Please above and watch the scene if it gets painful. Remember it is just a memory from the past.


T: What is happening

MG: Basically, my wife left me, she cheated on me. These people are telling that I am looser, I will always be lonely and sad.

T: How do you feel about it?

MG: I feel sad, I am crying inside. I cant express much, she left me because I did not express my love, I really loved her

T: Okay, take a deep breathe

MG: I was an accountant, my job demanded that I stay in the office for 12 hours. I used to travel often. A particular date comes to my mind as I am standing here on this mountain, that’s the day my wife left

(MG is crying and whispering some words)

MG: A Wednesday, June 3rd 7.15 pm 1872

I see a calendar and the day is marked

T: What happened on that day?

(The following script was narrated by MG as a flashback standing on that mountain top)

MG: I have come back from office, I travelled very far about 20 kms on my bike. It is very old bike, very slow so I remember after coming back I entered the house. I am wearing a black shoes, black pant and a light colour shirt. A watch but this watch is different. I have brown hair and moustache, I wear specs. Eyes are black. There is lot of tobacco in my mouth, its like I just smoked a cigar.

T: Okay can we enter the house?

MG: The house is on ground floor, it is a medium size house with a backyard with a small gate, there is this name plate outside the house and a post box

T: What is the name written on the name plate

MG: Mr and Mrs Williams

T: Can we check post box?

MG: Yes, it has one letter for Mr. Jake Williams. It is like a bond paper. It is dated May 28

T: Okay, can you go inside the house?

MG: Yes, it is a nice house, I am searching for my wife from one room to other. There are many books, paintings, I understand that my wife is not at home, I have searched everywhere, I have no means to contact so I am running on the street to contact. I am very tensed.

T: Where are you going?

MG: I am walking on the street, going to a friend who is rich at the end of the street. It is cold and there is no one on the road. I am going to my friend’s house, he has some cone kind of thing using which I can contact my wife.

I have reached, this cone kind of thing where one you keep near ear and one near mouth.

My friend’s wife walks in the room, she is here. I am asking her if she knows where my wife is?


Ohhh…. She knows it, she knows that my wife cheated on me

(MG crying)

She wanted to tell me this from very long time, she is telling I feel she is gone and will never come back.

T: How do you feel about what she is saying?

MG: I leave my friends house, shouting and crying on streets. I am shouting Jessica, Jessica on streets and crying.

This is the date she left me, I had no contact with her since this day, June 3rd 1872, this is just my thought from that day, I am standing on the mountain. My friends are teasing me, they are telling me about this day. One of my friend had an affair with my wife, his name is Nicholas

T: How do you feel about it?

MG: I don’t care, it was not my mistake. That woman was not good. I don’t blame myself, I just should have been more expressive. I should have understood her better

T: How long were you married?

MG: Not much just 2-3 years, I was really young at that time. I got married at 28. After that, I was never interested in any other woman. Worked hard to give my wife a good life.

After she left, I didn’t feel for any women. I just lived alone and worked

T: How does it feel to live like this?

MG: I had no one on my side. I feel very sad, those people on the mountain are not my real friends. Actually, I had no friends.

T: Does any of those people feel familiar to you from this life time?

MG: Hmmm I think Nicholas looks familiar but not sure who

T: How was your married life?

MG: Not romantic, just normal

T: Can you go to the day you got married

MG: Yes I can see. Its 1869. Not much clear. I am wearing a shirt pant and tie

T: Look in to your wife’s eyes, does she resemble anyone from this lifetime

MG: Looks familiar but not sure who… known person

She is very beautiful

She is fair here but dark in this lifetime

T: Who is around on your marriage day?

MG: I don’t want to stay here

T: Okay Float above if it gets painful

MG: I have come back to mountain

Something is going to happen now


T: If it gets painful, float above and watch the scene

MG: I am on the edge of the cliff

(MG crying…)

T: Just take a deep breathe, its just the memory from the past. Float above and watch the scene.

MG: One of them pushed me down, its Nicholas

T: Float above and watch the scene, take a deep breathe. Remember it is just a memory from the past.

MG: I am falling down and I fell in the woods

(LONG PAUSE… MG is crying)

I am dead.

My body is in the woods, both the guys are shouting at Nicholas for pushing me.

T: How do you feel looking at the body?

MG: I have a few breathes left, it’s a flashback I am seeing. There is a task I am unable to complete in this lifetime.

T: What is that task that is incomplete, take a deep breathe, what is that comes to your mind?

MG: I can see my whole lifetime like a flashback from childhood until now.

I cant remember the task.

T: Okay can we see where you’re heading now?

MG: I have come out of body; I am sure I am dead. I am floating. I have my hands and legs but, in a float form, transparent, I have crossed the people standing on the mountain, going further in the sky.

T: Do you feel the pain?

MG: I felt pain before but now I don’t. Just think about the task that was incomplete

T: What is that unfinished task, it will slowly come to your consciousness now?

MG: I am going up, more up, I knew they will push me but still I went on the mountain with them, I am on clouds

T: What do you call this place?

MG: It is just clouds, I am relaxing. Everyone is in a form like me, they are floating It is like Home… Heaven

T: What is around? Look at your surrounding

MG: There are so many people here, I can see my mom… She is smiling at me. Asking ‘Came back?’ (In mother tongue) She is very happy to see me, my mom in this lifetime but she is very young but I see my mom there

T: Is it still painful?

MG: It was painful but I managed to escape the reality so now I feel light, I was in very bad state, The life after my wife left was not very much sense or fun. I stopped talking, very silent. I was numb, At nights, I used to drink and pass out, do extra shift and work.

T: What is that you are carrying from that lifetime to this lifetime as MG

MG: An unfinished business

T: What is the unfinished business? Is there anyone who is guiding you, telling you about unfinished business?

MG: I don’t know who is it but it is someone who was always talking to me from the start

T: Listen to them, to that person

MG: He always guided me but I never listened to him

T: What is he telling you now?

MG: He even warned that this girl is not good, he even warned that these people are not good

T: Who is this person to you?

MG: He is very old

T: What else is he saying?

MG: He is telling me you yourself are everything, you yourself can win everything. He is very motivating, after my wife left he was the one taking care of me, Oh he is my father, don’t know if he is my blood father or any other relation

T: Is he here with you?

MG: No he is not here but he has been guiding me from the start in that life. He is not yet dead.

I am very happy now but there is something that is unfinished

T: As I count from 3 to 1, the unfinished task will come to your awareness, okay? 3…2…1 What do you feel? Are you with me?

MG: Yes. Give me some time

T: Yes, take your time

MG: I have struggled a lot, He was more like my grandfather, my teacher I think. He has helped me a lot, he has helped me financially, helped me find a job, he got me married too. He is very recognizable

T: Look in to his eyes

MG: He is papa, my papa

(MG crying)

T: He is guiding figure, right?

MG: Yes, he is my dad, he has helped me guided me a lot

T: Take a deep breathe, its okay


What are you seeing?

MG: I have a health problem like fits my body is jerking but he is next to me. I don’t want to stay here. I have seen enough

T: Okay can we go to the place you saw your mom

MG: Yes

T: That place feels safe, right?

MG: Yes, lot of people are here

T: What are you doing here?

MG: This is heaven, I think. All good and bad what I have done, what everyone has done is calculated, a calculation is going on. There is one figure, cant say he is God, he is wearing White and he is calling out one by one, they weighing all good and bad but people are very stress-free here, no stress. Mom is not here. Lot of unknown, random people telling life stories how they have come

T: How do you look like here?

MG: I don’t have legs but people have legs (deep thinking)

“ People who have died before completing their lives don’t have legs, people who suicide don’t have legs”

T: How do you feel about it?

MG: I wish I would have completed my unfinished business?

T: What is your unfinished business, let it come to your awareness

MG: It was the only purpose of my life (LONG PAUSE)

I always thought good for everyone, never wished bad for anyone

Much of an introvert guy,

T: Is the unfinished task coming to your consciousness, as I count from 3 to 1 let the unfinished task come to your awareness 3…2…1

MG: I cannot see, I can’t remember the unfinished task

T: Let the masters voice guide you and tell you the unfinished task

MG: (LONG PAUSE) I already knew I was going to die. I had this feeling, I always know what is going to happen before itself but still I went on cliff because I wanted to die. Even he warned me so many times. My unfinished task was to serve him

T: Serve who?

MG: That teacher, that guide. I wanted to make my wife realise that she made a mistake, I was waiting for the day that she will come back to me, realise my worth. But she never came

I could have taken some good decisions if I stayed

T: What are the feelings you are carrying in this lifetime as MG from that lifetime as Williams?

MG: I am very helping, same as Williams. I was never happy there, never happy here. Lonely there, lonely here. I did not have anything there, I have everything here still feel lonely

I really wish to take care of my parents

T: How do you think this learning will help you in this lifetime, how will incorporate what you have just learnt in this lifetime?

MG: I don’t want to make same mistake again. Don’t want to be loner. Wont trust anyone easily, Listen to my elders especially parents. I have a purpose, a huge purpose in this life. I still haven’t recognized but there is a purpose

T: What is that purpose as I count from 3 to 1, think of a curtain that is slowly rising as it will rise you can see the purpose clearly

Ready 3…2…1

Imagine the curtains slowly rising. Take a deep breathe. Do you see the purpose?

MG: To connect more with people and serve the elders. Be Kind to everyone and fill lives with love.

T: That’s Wonderful. Do you want to stay here more?

MG: I can leave

T: Okay slowly go back to tunnel of light and to the garden

MG: I am going

T: Are you walking in the garden

MG: No, I am flying

T: Okay

MG: I reached the bench, I am sitting on the bench

T: Okay you can call any loving person who is no more with you in this life time

(MG Crying…)

MG: Its Shyam (Name Changed)

(Shyam is college friend who was declared to be dead and reason was stated as Suicide)

T: You can talk to him

MG: He is very happy; he is telling What da? My life was written that much only. Its okay. You guys are doing very well in life, I am seeing you guys.

T: Talk to him, ask him if he has a message for you


MG: He is telling how he got killed, he did not suicide. He got killed. He is gonna kill his sister and Mom too

T: Who is gonna kill them?

MG: His dad, he wants me to protect them. Shyam wants to tell me something

T: What is it he wants to tell you. Don’t share if you don’t want to

MG: He has something in his room, he is showing me. It is evidence, he wants to give to his mom. Oh that is where he used to hide his cigarettes, he is hidden some information there. I am explaining him my life, he has some things which he wants to handover to his mother.

He is going

T: He is happy and in a good place, just tell him a good bye

MG: Ya he seems so happy

T: Take a deep breathe

MG: I am on the bench, feeling relaxed

T: Can you go to 3-4 years ahead in this lifetime to see how you are feeling?

MG: Yes, I am in a beautiful well-furnished house

Mom and dad are looking so different, little old but relaxed

T: Okay, how do you feel here?

MG: I am looking so good, my hair looks nice, I feel happy. Oh my god she is here (his girlfriend), we are married. I don’t feel lonely anymore. My parents love me and very happy with me.

T: Take in this feeling of love and happiness

MG: Yes

T: Do you want to stay here for a while

MG: Yes

T: Okay, give me a signal when you are done

MG gives the signal, Come back to the tunnel of light and finally to garden.

Finally, brought MG back by counting from 1 to 10.

Since MG is a close family member, the history taking wasn’t as long as it should be, he was satisfied with the learning. He told he skipped a few parts because he was not sure if its imagination like when he died he went for a moment down which looked like hell with demons and then it was told that he does not belong here and then he floated above. It was very emotional when he saw his father as a teacher in that lifetime as their relation was love-hate through his teenage.

Session 3: A quick follow up was done on this session where MG felt less lonely in the following week. More compassionate and caring towards his parents and could feel peaceful.

I wasn’t sure about MG processing information given by Shyam’s but I advised him to let it go after consulting with Dr. Venu.

There is another session done with him and I will be posting that soon.

Please bring in your feedback about the session, it will help me to improve, Thank you for your time.


Congratulations Karishma! You have conducted the session so well asking the right questions at every turning point. Keep it up. :+1:

Best Wishes!

Dear Karishma,
At the onset my heartiest congratulations to you for a very well
initiated, steered and concluded PLR session. In addition to that great
effort put in by you to document it and share it with us all. It holds
considerable learning values . Wishing you many more successful healings.
Best Regards

Congratulations Karishma, what wonderful sessions. Learnt so much. Wish you the best for all further sessions. Waiting to read the last session with him .

Congratulations !
Grt session!

Wow what a great session
So very happy for you
I really liked the way you got MG to garden and healed him there …
All the very best my omega friend
Lots of healing to you

Nice session Karishma, very well detailed. Great👍

Congratulations Krishna! Very well conducted session keep it up. :+1::rose:

Thank you so much for your encouragement :slight_smile:

Thank you Vasundhara, it was masters guiding throughout :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Mandeep for your wishes & healing. It means a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Indu for taking valuable time out to read and review it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your warm wishes Shweta, working on the transcript shall post soon :slight_smile:

Thank you Monesh for your kind words, means a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Roopa :slight_smile:

Dear Karishma. First of all many congratulations for completing your first case with such clarity of thought. This is really a great learning for me especially. You have framed each question so thoughtfully and engaged the client throughout. Very well done :clap:. All the best to you Karishma.

Thank you Ranjini, my dearest omega batchmate. I am glad it could help you :slight_smile:

Congratulations Karishma, beautifully conducted session. Nicely navigated and compiled. Wishing you a great success ahead. Such a nice closure.

Excellent session !

This session shows how the soul carries patterns from one lifetime to other . The feeling & thought with which Mr. MG lived in his previous lifetime ( loneliness & sadness) was still carried by his soul in this lifetime also.

The learning is awesome i.e. to break this pattern & to be more connected with people.
Even self love is what he needs to learn here .

Seeing the cases i wonder how complex are the karmic accounts & learnings !!

Soul keeps changing bodies but the feelings & thoughts are carried over from one lifetime to other and to other till we break the pattern & learn out lesson .

This is how our soul learns and grow , a kind it upgrade itself when learns the lesson .

What a lovely thing .

Thanks a lot Karishma g for this amazing case .

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Beautifully conducted session! Congratulations! Not only the karma we do with others we carry to repay, but at the same time, we carry all.those emotions also what we do with ourselves and how we are treated in any lifetime. Those emotions also come. I got a lesson from this session that forgiveness is important to others and to ourselves as well to break any pattern.