Love for Peacock

past life regression therapy of peacock

Client Name –Mr.Pr


Age -38


Occupation –Sales professional

Reason for hypnosis – Curiosity to explore past life to understand if he can enter into it or not

Dominate sense : Visual

Hypnosis responsive questionnaire score-8

Eyes ball score- Good

Relaxation Technique - Used breathing technique to relax client & Used Dave Elman eye ball counting technique for rapid induction

Pastlife- Client entered into past life in seeing himself as male

T- What name is coming for you?

Client-I guess my name is S………I feel Steven or Steve.

T-How old do you see yourself?

Client-very young kind of 19 yrs, handsome J

T-Where you live ?Any location ? Any country or area name coming in your mind?

Client- Nothing is clear, seems old small village

T-As I count 5 down 1 , scene will become more clearer to you and you will have more information.

Client –Seems America, hmm south America

T-What do you do? Any work or occupation?

Client –I study painting

T-That’s nice , what you paint?

Client- I am near river and I am painting (with voice change) I see mountain and enjoy nature, I am sitting there and painting it. I like to sit here and paint.

T- Look at your painting and see what are you painting?

Client-I am painting sun and waterfall and bird, I love it, its very nice feeling , I use lots of florescent color.

T-Do you see anybody around you?

Client –No I am alone; I don’t think I have anybody around me.

T- As I count 3 down 1 go to place where you stay in this life?

Client –I see photo frame. One male and one woman, I am in house, seems my parents.

T- Check where are your parents? or anybody in room?

Client –Nobody there.

After lots of intervention and technique client was not able to find anyone in house except him and not able to know the reason also

T – Go to significant scene of this lifetime

Client- I am seeing lots of people , seems some market , small town market, seeing lots of kids playing, eating, seeing lots of food , meat , 40- 50 people are there .

T- What are you doing there?

Client – Some painting competition is happening and I participated into it.

T-How many people participate into this apart from you? Who won the competition?

Client – I guess 15-20 people participate , not many ,I don’t know who won , they said they will tell later about the result, I am going home now.

T-Go to another significant scene of this life time?

Client – I am in home only, sitting and painting; I heard someone called my name?

T- Go head and check?

Client- Oh some is standing on my door with some box in his hand. Male person

T- Talk to him and see why he is there?

Client – He is saying, he is from that painting competition and he is saying I won it and would like to give me gift as prize.

T- How do you feel? Open this box and see.

Client- I am very happy and opening the box, oh this is so beautiful, its peacock , its so beautiful, I love it.

T-Congratulation and be in moment and enjoy.

Client- Its is made up of glass, colorful glass. Very nice

T-Now to move another significant events of your life?

Client – I don’t see anything?

T- Why do you say, any events any marriage or anything?

Client – I get a feeling I didn’t live that long.

T- Okay now let’s go to end of of your life as I am counting 5 down 1.

T-where are you now? How old are you?

Client – I am in hospital, and I am about to die, I am 20 years old, as I met with an accident .

T- Observe your feeling

Client – I am seeing my body down there and I am feeling calm surrounded by lots of light.

T- Why did you die so young?

Client –There was nothing left in that lifetime to experience and I learned my lesson.

T- What was your lesson?

Client –“To experience loneliness”

T- As I am counting 1 up 10, bring back to your current life in your body, relaxed, recharged.

Post hypnosis session discussion with client- Client said he is very social in this lifetime with lots of friends and likes to be surrounded by people and he is very fond of peacock design, any design with peacock he loves it, either in bed-sheet, cloths, plates, jewelry. He buys that.