Love is all we need!

Day1- 24th august, 2023 (Session 1 and 2, Total time: 4.5 hours approx.)

Name: C

Age: 25+

Sex: F

Hypnosis responsiveness score: 8

Dominant sense: kinaesthetic (4)

Secondary dominant sense: visual (6)

Eye roll test: 1+1=2

Pain level: 5 (she couldn’t decide and kept asking me what would I rate, I tried to explain her how she can evaluate but she couldn’t decide so I asked just to tell me randomly)

The client was aware about PLRT and had read many books on the same. Before meeting we had talked on call. Any questions or doubts were cleared before this sessions started on the call itself as well as before history. From the non-verbals I observed that she was hesitant may be because we know each other from years. . I assured her again that she can share with me whatever she wants and all the information will be confidential. I gave her few minutes to settle and later she asked me that she would be able to express if I ask her from where to start.

BREIF HISTORY(related to theme only)
So these answers are for the questions I asked to C.
In words of C,
Born in a cluster family- mother, father, sisters. My father is a “HITLER”… very strict, very conservative and orthodox. I used to have good relation with my mother in childhood but I think I am not very comfortable around her now. As of now I like to meditate, I read lots of books related to spirituality, I like yoga. I was never very attached with my friends, I have friends but even today I am not very attached. Initially I was very happy that I was to get marry in a joint family and I tried mixing up with my in-laws but then I saw that my efforts were going in vain. Dadi was the only person that I found to be very loving and caring in whole of the family but she passed away 2 years back. Now I feel that it’s not a family but a hotel…you come together only to cook, eat and you go into your respective room. My husband (H) is a very good person(H supports her in every way). I was been beaten a lot in childhood by my father for every small reason you know even my mother slapped me once and it was my birthday. (C was crying all along while recalling the childhood memories and the initial years after her marriage.)

Lack of love from family

3*Happy memories and closures

Was able to recall happy memories, was able to get closures. Lord Krishna was her guide.

Day 2- 25th august, 2023 (Session 2 and 3, Total time: 4 hours approx.)

  • She informed me that she had headache, started during history taking and it increased gradually.(she informed that it often happens when she think a lot and during long meditations as well).
  • Wasn’t able to sleep properly that night, had many thoughts and dreams…although she didn’t remember because the thoughts and dreams were very rapid and unclear.
  • She had conscious thoughts under regression : mainly that she will get late (somehow I thought she must be worrying about it so I included the suggestions like “you can take your time, there is no need to rush”, she informed me later that she was actually worried but at the same time I suggested her and she could carry on)

Theme: feeling of being unloved by family

Started with Dave Elman followed by progressive relaxation.

Reframing current life traumas (included umbilical cord cutting as well)….brought back to garden.

T: you can rest for a while in this garden…you can feel the light surrounding you…and you can let me know whenever you want to move forward.

C: (IMR to move forward)

T: you can hold the feeling, the feeling of how it is like to be unloved by the people you care about. And maybe you can try to locate this pain of being unloved somewhere in your body…can you feel this pain somewhere?

C: indicated yes through IMR

T: where do you feel this pain?

C: in my chest

T: this time when you exhale you can allow the pain to get even more intense…may be double than before……now this time when you exhale you can allow the pain to get even more intense…may be ten times more… hold on to that pain…now you can imagine this pain as a bridge and let that bridge take you back to the moment when you felt this pain for the first time…you can walk on the bridge and the other end of the bridge may have the memory of this feeling…

C: (silent for few seconds)

T: are you becoming aware of anything?

C: no…

T: were you able to cross the bridge?

C: no

T: are you still on bridge?

C: yes

T: it’s okay… keep breathing deeply, If you have any tension in your body let it go…if you have any worries or tension on your mind, let it go…I am gonna count from 5 to 1 and with each count feel yourself going deeper and deeper and more relaxed…and maybe this time when I reach 1…you can cross the bridge


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: yes

T: can you tell me?

(client started crying and wasn’t speaking anything, thus I asked again after a while)

T: can you let me know? Where are you?

C: at home

T: did something happen?

C: I am sad…i am upset

T: what made you sad?

C: I don’t know

T: is there anyone around you?

C: yes, mummy is sitting.

T: does she know you are upset?

C: yes, but she is just watching me…not doing anything

T: how does that makes you feel?

C: alone (crying even more now)

T: breath deeply…is there anyone else around? Anyone in the house when you were upset?

C: I can see papa, we are sitting on a sofa…I am there, mummy, papa, and someone else is also there beside mummy but I don’t know who that is. Papa is also just sitting and watching…both of them know I am upset but they are just watching.

T: okay…now as I count from 5 to 1, you can allow yourself you go even back in time when you felt unloved…5….1

(abreactions: crying abruptly, tension on forehead, body moving)

C: he is beating me

T:keep breathing deeply…remember this is only something that have happened in past…you are completely safe here…no harm can come to you through the divine light that is with you.

(client little relaxed)

Who is beating you?

C: (crying more again) papa

T: take your time…remember this is the past…you are safe here…i am with you.

What could be the reason of him beating you?

C: I don’t know

T: how old are you?

C: 7 years

T: is there anyone around?

C: yes, mummy is there. She is just watching me…isn’t helping…(she was crying so badly at this point of time)

(relaxed her more)

T: how does this makes you feel?

C: no one is with me…I am alone (crying)

T: remember this is the past, you always have your guardian angles around, your spirit guide, and here even I am with you…the divine light which have wrapped you will always protect you. You are never alone…and you are always loved.

(coached breathing)

(during the discussions after I emerged her out, she told me that the two incidents above were continuous events)

T: now as I count from 5-1, allow yourself you go further back when you felt similar


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C:yes…its the initial year of marriage (although I suggested to go back in time she moved forward)

T: what are you experiencing?

C: its Diwali time…before Diwali…cleaning whole house…I am cleaning my room

T: okay…how does this makes you feel?

C: alone (crying)

(during discussions she told me that they cleaned the main living areas together, and all the members helped each other to clean their respective room…but no one helped her…she had to do all alone for her room)

T: as I count from 10 to 1 you can choose to be in much more deeper and relaxed state of mind and as I reach 1 your mind is no longer limited to the barriers of time or space… on the count of one let your mind take you to the memory when you felt unloved…it can be from any time…

10……1 (suggestions to go deeper with each count down)

T: are you becoming aware of anything?

C: yes…

(I allowed her to take her time to scan everything…I could see the eye movements behind her eyelids)

T: what are you becoming aware of?

C: there’s a baby…sitting on the floor

T: are you there with the baby?

C: I don’t know

T: who is with that baby?

C: no one… the baby is alone

T: can you recognize the baby?

C: no

T: are you the baby?

C: I think yes…yes I am the baby

T: how old are you?

C: 2 years old

T: where are you? Is it a indoor place or outdoor?

C: outdoor…on ground

T: do you know the name of the place?

C: its something starting from “P” but I don’t know whole name

T: does this memory belongs to this lifetime or any other lifetime?

C: I think its other lifetime…everything is different

T: do you know what year it is? Maybe you can hear someone speaking or maybe its written somewhere?

C: no…(later she told “17…” flashed…but she couldn’t see the last 2 digits)

T: okay…is it a significant event? Can you let me know what’s happening around?

C: there is a tall man standing behind me?

T: do you know this man?

C: no…he is tall….he is the father

T: is there anything happening here?

C: no

T: okay…as I count from 5-1, on the count of one allow yourself to go to dinner or lunch time…maybe you can know who is your family.(later she told me that she went inside the house crawling)

C: I can see mother, father and an elder brother.

T: can you recognize anyone of that lifetime related in this lifetime?

C: I don’t know

T: you can look into their eyes…try to recognize

C: brother is the best friend in this lifetime, father is may be the same father, mother…dont recognize

T: can you feel how is your relationship with your family member?

C: not that good…I feel alone…

T: okay…as I count from 5-1, allow yourself to go to another significant event in that life (after emerging I realized I forgot to ask name of the 2 year old child)


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: no

T: its okay….allow yourself to relax…as I count from 5-1…allow yourself to go even more deeper with each count…5-1

Now when I count from 3-1, allow yourself to go to any significant even in that lifetime


Are you becoming aware of anything?

C: no

T: do you want to come back to garden to rest for a while?

C: yes

(brought her to garden)

(I thought she needed more deepening but it would cross our time limits )

T: do you want to explore more about that lifetime or do you want to come out?

C: (silent for a minute)

T: do you want to explore more?

C: (after few seconds) yes

(I thought she was thinking consciously so I asked her again)

T: we can come out if you want and we can continue it afterwards if you wish…do you want to come out?

C: yes

(emerged her out)


  • C had sudden urge to use rest-room and that was the reason she wanted to emerge. Due to time constraints we couldn’t continue that day.
  • after emerging I asked her few things…she felt the father in past life was the father in this life…but that man was very tall and her current life father is short. I explained her about polarity…and she told that life time seemed poor, because the village looked very old and when she went to lunch time she noticed that the house was hut like or may be hut… she have most gorgeous hair…and she told me the baby was so bald…I joked yaa…that is why you might be having such beautiful hair in this life…she said yaa…I agree.(could say that we know each other from childhood :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • She loved the reframing…and she could feel herself in the womb…also she loved the cord cutting and the suggestions that I gave. She knew neither her mother nor father were happy even when she was born. So when I asked to go back to the time when she was born, to pick up any unpleasant memory…or if she had any impression about her birth…she could feel that her parents were not happy.
  • When I asked her if she can find any guide in garden…she could feel lord krishna there…and was able to talk and after a few days she also told me that when she came out of garden with lord Krishna to go on cliff she saw a dog and a cow there. The dog she could identify as a dog of her best friend who was her brother in past life and even after cliff when I asked her to rest she was playing with that dog in the garden.


  • She had very good sleep, and had dream of lord Krishna (she is very sincere devotee of lord Krishna)
  • Overall good, no headache

DAY 3, 16th October 2023 (session 5, 2.5hrs approx.) describing it briefly
As the gap between was so long, we discussed few things before. I asked C if she noticed any difference before the sessions and after. C told me that she isn’t much bothered about things much now. She felt bad and sad about how her parents treated her but now it doesn’t affect her. For setting a theme I asked if she wants to continue with “The feeling of unlovingness” (loneliness). She told me it no longer affects her. So this time she would like to know what karmas she had with her in-laws. When asked about pain level, she said its more like irritation. This time I had the pain level diagram with me to help her rate. She evaluated it to be at 3 and further also said that it’s only sometimes. (I was wondering if regression would be effective with this low pain level.)

We agreed to go with the theme of “what is the karma between her and her in-laws (specifically her mother-in-law)

After reaching to the garden, relaxing even more and giving positive suggestions.

Using visualization of temple–>guide–>corridor–>choose one room, to reach relevant memory,

T: Is there anyone else in this temple? Or are you aware of any idols of god or goddess in this temple.

C: no, no one else. No idols.

T: that’s completely alright. Allow your guide to take you to a corridor in this temple. And as you reach the corridor you might find two to three rooms with closed doors.

As I count from 3-1, allow yourself to reach to this corridor along with your guide.

Have you reached to the doors?

C: yes

T: how many door do you see?

C: three

T: is the guide still with you?

C: yes

T: you can choose a door, you may ask your guide to help you. and behind this door you may find what are your karmas with your in laws or with the specific person that you want to know.

Are you becoming aware of anything?


T: is there anything coming to your awareness? Even if nothing comes up, it’s completely alright.

C: (after a while) it’s just darkness. The room is completely dark.

T: that’s alright, you may come out of that room back to the corridor.

Are you back in corridor?

C: yes.

T: now you may choose to enter any room from the remaining two rooms. And entering this room, you may find an answer as to what are your karmas with your family member.


Did you enter a room?

C: yes

T: what is coming to your awareness?


Its all dark. Dark room.

T: keep walking in this room. it’s completely safe… keep walking

…is anything coming to your awareness?

C: yes… a woman is sitting on a chair.

T:do you know the place? How does the place looks like?

C: it’s in the same room. place is dark… looks horrible

T: do you know who this woman is?

C: no

T: you can look into this woman’s eyes, can you recognize who she is?

C: mother in law.

T: she is your mother in law of this lifetime?

C: yes.

T: what is she doing?

C: she is swinging on a chair.

T: do you see anyone else here?

C: grandmother in law (dadi) she is beside mother-in-law

T: what is happening here?

C: grandmother is standing in corner……

T: how does this situation makes you feel?

C: painful

T: what makes you say that?

C: mother in law is misbehaving with grandmother in law. She is very dominating

T: is there anyone else around?

C: no

T: anyone to help?

C: no

T: how does it makes you feel when this is happening?

C: helpless (crying)

T: as I count from 5-1, on the count of 1 allow yourself to go back in time when you felt this helplessness.

Are you becoming aware of anything?


T: is there anything coming to your awareness?

C: no…its all dark again.

T: keep walking…… is there anything coming to your awareness?

C: I sense like someone is following me.

T: do you know who it might be?

C: no.

T: can you sense if it’s a male or female?

C: maybe a male.

T: how does it makes you feel?

C: I feel scary.

T: would you like to go back to the garden and rest for a while?


T:okay…could you maybe turn around and see who it is? It’s completely safe, no harm can come to you.

C: I can’t see anyone.

T: can you sense this person near you or far away?

C: no, not near.

T: do you still feel scary?

C: no.

T: keep walking in this place and as I count from 5-1, you may find another door. Enter that door and you may find answers for your question of what is the karma between you and your mother in law.


Are you in the room?

C: yes.

T: what comes to your awareness? It could be a feeling, a thought, or a visual…

C: it’s all dark

T: maybe you can go into the corner of this room and find a candle and match stick. Lit this candle, it may make you feel little comfortable.

Can you find a candle?

C: yes

T: do you feel a little comfortable now?


T: are you becoming aware of anything in this room?

C: I see a revolving chair.

T: okayyy… is there anything else here?

C: no.

T: how does this place looks like?

C: its in the room.

T: you may go near the chair. Is there anything you would like to do with this chair?

C: there is a rabbit sitting on the chair.

T: how does it makes you feel

C: it feels good, she is lovable.

T: would you like to be here with the rabbit for a while?

C: I am with the rabbit.

T: allow yourself to feel this love that you are receiving from rabbit, and you can bring this feeling of love along with you even after you wake up. Let me know whenever you want to move forward.

C:…. we can move forward.

T: is there anything else that this rabbit might indicate? Or any message? You may even look into the rabbit’s eyes

C: no

T: okay… as I count from 1-3, allow yourself to come back to the previous room that we entered from corridor.

Are you back in the room?

C: yes.

T: is there anything coming to your awareness being in this room?

C:no, its dark.

T: you may find a candle and match stick even in this room…in the corner.

C: I found it. nothing in room.

T: that’s alright. As I count from 1-3, you can come out this room into the corridor, where you will find your guide again.


You may return to the main area of temple along with your guide.

Do you now see any idol?

C: no

T: you can be with your guide. And you can ask, what is it that I need to experience to let go of this feeling of irritation or unlovingness that I feel around my in laws?

….were you able to ask?

C: yes.

T: did you receive any answers? It may be in form of verbal communication, or a thought or feeling.

C: “love selflessly”

T:that’s a beautiful insight. Isn’t it?

C: yes

T: is there anything else your guide is conveying?


T: now in this moment, can you let go of all the irritation ?

C: yes.

T: and can you forgive everyone who made you feel that?

C: yes.

T: can you repeat few sentences after me?

C: yes.

T and C: “I let go of everything that made me feel uncomfortable or irritating. I forgive everyone who may have done wrong to me or who made me feel bad. And now I allow myself to be filled with this love and peacefulness. To love everyone selflessly and to love myself selflessly.” (I haven’t thought to make her repeat after me, It just happened and I immediately thought if that is okay? but continued as I had already asked the question and she agreed)

T: would you like to now return to the garden?

C: yes.

T: as I count from 1-5, allow yourself to come back to the garden from the same route that you went there. You may give your thanks to the guide and remember you are always guided.


Are you back in the garden?

Rest for a while at any place in this garden. Allow all the positive, healing and loving energy to flow within you.

(after a while) would you like to explore the lifetime of the little girl you saw last time?

C: no

T: would you like to come back?



After discussions:

  • Everytime in any room, she could see a chair. It was either the swinging chair, a revolving chair (small chair where rabbit was sitting), and again an ottoman chair while returning.
  • At every place there was darkness, she said it was like she is walking between two walls but it was very dark.
  • She said she didn’t want to explore the life of the little child. C told she doesn’t feel hurt or bad when thinking about the older memories again. She said she started crying even before any memories resurfaced. As the room was quite dark I couldn’t see her crying before (could this be a block?). I could see her cry after the memory emerged and probe further on that.
  • Even though I was suggesting to relax the whole body every few minutes, the stiffness was there mainly in left arm. She also had headache which she told me after emerging out.

Any suggestions would be really helpful for the next session for continuing the theme of past karmas with in-laws.


Hi Siddhi - Bit difficult case especially when she is your friend and you know each other. Some resistance will be there and as you see, as session progresses, the resistance slowly reduces.
You are in the right track. Just hold your ground and explore everything even if it is a dark room - Like what do you perceive, go inside the room and see what you perceive, look in the mirror, what time of the day it is…etc etc.

You are doing absolutely right. Next sessions will be fruitful. All the best.

With Regards/Deepak


Dear Siddhi,

My compliments for a wonderful session. You have indeed put in tremendous efforts :muscle: :muscle: to collect the resources, conduct the stages of therapy and post it for all of us. Thank you for sharing. :yellow_heart:

My learnings :pray: are as following for your consideration please:-

Here I would request for the views :innocent: of fellow Amarantians on how effective we expect the therapy to be with a pain level of say 6 or 5 that too which have been generated randomly by the client. Should we avoid the random pain levels at all?? Or maybe it will work with a single issue reported by the client.
In case of multiple presenting problems taking random pain levels be best avoided. Thank you.

Good observation…I am trying to learn this art myself. I am thinking of making a set of questions/heads under which the client can answer to build up a comprehensive history.

May be she was looking to complete the vacuum of love from father and/or mother but to her misfortune her ordeal continued. :disappointed:

A precise and concise theme is what we want to arrive at. In my opinion we ask the client the feeling which they experience from being in the situation for which they have come for the therapy…we call these as Presenting Problems.

Lack of Love >>>> feeling>>>>>helpless>>>>anger/sadness/any of the basic emotions in that wheel of emotions given in our workbook. Further I feel that as therapist its important for us to learn and understand about the different emotions as per psychology.

I too have faced this condition and I believe it is absolutely disastrous for the therapy. Shortage of time and resultant psychological entropy is a definite hindrance in our scheme of things. You attempted well to make it a conducive environment for the therapy.

what feelings she gets out of being unloved …that basic emotion would have made the most optimal theme.

Consider this : We can start with stating the situation she is facing and the resulting feelings and then proceed ahead.

Eg : I understand that you had a childhood wherein you had to experience ……… and you are in situation of not being loved by …………and you feel HELPLESS/ANGRY/SAD (as per the basic emotion arrived at) about it. Allow yourself to locate this feeling/pain in your body and let me know what comes to your awareness. Where do you feel this pain?

I request all to help me with : if the pain level increase is to be with INHALE or EXHALE? Or either option is fine?

  • I have taken this from Dr Lucas :pray: :pray: Hand book

         **Induction through an Affect Bridge**

Now close your eyes and I want you to concentrate on the pain you 're
feeling in your leg… Get in touch with that pain again, right now…you 're very
strong and you can do it… What I want you to do is look at the exact point
of that pain. Look at what is causing that pain, at what it evokes in your
mind… Let it talk to you, if it wants to… What are you experiencing? As I
count, I want you to go back to a situation in which you knew that same pain
once before, in this life or any other, the same pain, the same place… I want
you to see yourself in that situation, in that pain again…" (Begin counting one
to 10. Observe the client’s reaction as you count. At 10, or when there is a
significant abreaction, continue the pattern.) "Feel that pain again… What’s
happening now? What are you experiencing?.. Where are you?"

In my view we suggest in a way to guide the client instead of posing an option …My Best Bet

Allow yourself to ….and let me know what comes to your awareness

For my learning please help me understand what made you ask this: ….some abreaction or bodily stress ?

May be we could have attempted to explore the situation more.

Eg : counting and going back at the moment just before when he started beating or to the moment when everything was fine just before this beating up started.

Good attempt there to get in touch with emotional aspect of the situation. :clap:

Good approach of giving time to client esp she being dominant K. :clap:

We may re word our suggestion to be more empathetic.

I am not sure of giving such option to client whether to continue or come out till such time we have a reasonable progress in the case. Will ponder more on this aspect. Also, I understand that you were facing the constraints of time further compounded by situation of client not experiencing any significant event.

I understand that. In this situation I believe you took the workable approach.

What painful experience !!!

Again we may bring this to a feeling and associated emotion with the difficult relationship she has with her in laws.

We may reword as – Let me know when you have reached the door and may be you can describe it for me.

I would like to learn options to explore (at least a couple of attempts) the DARKNESS in place of coming back to the corridor.

We are looking for THE answer. :dart:

Appropriate suggestion gave us the desired output. Well done there. :clap:

Its dark and client is K…asking what comes to awareness would always have better chance of getting desired details in comprehensive manner.

I would request you and my fellow mates for their thoughts on :

  1. On what factors (time/intensity of experience/etc) should we base the suggestion of getting client back to the garden??? Here she said she is feeling scary and we used the suggestion immediately. To which we received an answer in NO.

  2. What could have been the reason behind client not feeling scary anymore? What could have brought the shift?

Good options you gave there to be able to employ all the senses to build up the experience.

Great improvisation. It worked too !!

Apt for the situation client is experiencing. :ok_hand:

Amazing learning. :pray: :heart: :orange_heart:

We steer the session in a manner where the client herself should be able to imbibe the learning and arrive at the decision of forgiving or otherwise.

In my opinion as the Therapist it should be my duty to describe the complete return route and get the client back to present moment. Safe & Sound.

You must conduct more sessions for the client and I am sanguine that you would be able to bring in the requisite resolutions to her. :tulip:

Best Wishes

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Yes, even I noticed…when the client is a known person there is comparatively more resistance and needs comparatively more time in each stage. Thank you so much for the encouraging words Deepak uncle :smiling_face::innocent::sparkles:

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Thank you so much @Monesh_Bathre!:pray:t2:
Your inputs are invaluable, learning a lot from your reviews for every cases of all the batchmates…very grateful :innocent:

This reminds me of what Paa said and also I realise the utmost importance of finalizing the appropriate theme. Paa told us when we refine the theme it usually comes to one word. Maybe rating the pain level become easy if we reach to one word theme.
What I thought while writing this case was, even when the client said she doesn’t want to explore the past life for not been loved enough by parents and she wanted to know the karmas between the in-laws… the underlying emotion might be the same of not been loved.
Moreover if Paa(@venu) can guide us with the situation where the clients have shut themselves emotionally or conditioned themselves to live with current situation. How can we assess the pain level in such situations? As I have noticed in 2 cases where the clients told that it doesn’t affect much because they have conditioned themselves to live with current situation.

This makes me wonder too now, if it’s inhale or exhale. Maybe we just need to charge up the client with the emotion so maybe either is fine.

I noticed tension on forehead, pace of breathing increased then it was when she was relaxed and tears in the corner of closed eyes.

As while relaxing the client, the garden have been established as a safe place. When she felt scary, I allowed a little time in between and asked again if someone is still following her…I thought to ask her if she wants to rest for a while in garden to feel safe. If the same would have happened while exploring a past incarnation I may have comforted her more rather than asking her if she wanted to come back to the garden very soon.

I brought her back suggesting each steps :innocent:.

Bookmarking your comment for my learning to come back and read again. Thank you! :innocent::pray:t2::sparkles:


off to a great start my blessed @Siddhi
Adding to what @deepakchaks and @Monesh_Bathre have suggested,

As for the pain level, I think the client still didn’t understand what the numbers meant.
Very well done on the theme, I think you can be a go to person for your Atlantians to get help on how to arrive at a theme.

It’s these small things that make such a big difference, which is why I say, it’s not knowing but in doing that matters!

Very good on the affect bridge but there’s no need to tie down aggravating the pain with breath, you can just use the count down from 3 to 1.

hello! you are still on the bridge! :slight_smile: :grinning: why let go of the pain? Contradictory suggestions.

this is a good sign, it’s more in the direction of acceptance from denial.

this being your 1st case, I’m sure you know your areas of improvement

very good sign

well done!

Please improve on I of IDT, what’s the hurry to identify the person, before knowing everything else that could have emerged easily.

Excellent anchoring!

this wasn’t necessary, remember as a therapist, I want nothing but the truth, no experience emerging is better than creating one for the therapist’s satisfaction.

You are exceptionally gifted @Siddhi I know as you conduct more sessions, you will do a greater and greater job!


Dear Siddhi, Wonderful session. Bringing out the best of “Therapist” from within you…
From here on its just improvements and improvistions…
Few comments…
Are you becoming aware of anything?
C:yes…its the initial year of marriage (although I suggested to go back in time she moved forward)

Advice: Ask for the name of the client in that life and keep calling by that name. This will anchor the client to that life time.

T: you can look into their eyes…try to recognize
C: brother is the best friend in this lifetime, father is may be the same father, mother…dont recognize

We may have to keep trying few times…memories take time to be pulled out and uncluttered!

Have you reached to the doors?
C: yes
T: how many door do you see?

Very nice. Make the client feel as they are in charge!


It’s the current lifetime. Although I agree using name could’ve been helpful.
Thank you :innocent::pray:t2::sparkles:

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Ohh! I never realised this.
Will keep the noted points into consideration.

Thank you Paa! :pleading_face::pray:t2::sparkles: