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Date: 2nd Sep 2023
Session 1:
Hypnosis score is 5
VAK score is 7,4,4

Dominant Sense Kinaesthetic/Visual

Eye roll score 2

(Completed until Stage5)

Client Information: AAA, F, 44 Years, Married, Entrepreneur

Client lives with her husband, sister in law(widow), brother in law(unmarried) and mother in law.

Parents- Father and Mother live in another town and they are a big support to the client.

Mental Status Examination:
Appearance -Well dressed.
Posture - Good
Gait, Movement and Behaviour – Normal Gait, Movement.
Maintained good eye contact. Highly anxious as she was not able to be in a trance even after multiple tries with various therapists.
Affect : Normal
Mood: High Anxious, Stressed
Speech Rate, Speed, and Volume of Speech: Quite fast
Length of answers - appropriate
Content of answers - appropriate
Clarity of answers- appropriate
Thought content: The Client is anxious, and stressed and fears that she will not go into trance. As she has tried at various places so far.

Client history:

The client had a quite happy childhood and married her own uncle. On the day of the engagement, he didn’t come to the marriage hall until the last moment. His parents forced him into the marriage, which she came to know after the marriage. Her marriage life is very traumatic as her husband doesn’t express his love, abusive verbally and physically to the client. She is enduring this for the past 16 -17 years of their marriage in various circumstances. The client made several attempts to reconcile with her husband, but he doesn’t seem to be considerate. He neither leaves her nor lives happily with her. Her in-laws also treat her badly and don’t talk to her.

The client doesn’t have kids and Her husband is not ready to visit the hospital.

Completed History taking and took a break with relaxation music.

Presenting the Theme:

Where is the Karma between me and my husband in the past life?

Pain level :10

Duration of problem : More than 16 years
Recent Trigger : Ongoing
How intense is the problem and how is it affecting the client?
The client feels extremely low about herself, traumatized, and feels that this should not be repeated again for her in the next life. She thinks that she would have done something bad in the past life to endure this in the present life.

Date:2nd Sep 2023
Session 2:

Theme setting: Where does the karma between me and my husband exist in the past life?

Pre checklist completed.

We started with the prayer

Session duration: 3 hours 30 minutes.
Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Asked the client to feel the divine light and healed her slowly from head to toe through the divine light. The client looked very relaxed.

T: Imagine you are in your favorite spot ‘beach’ …(As the client is Kinaesthetic, I have asked her to feel the waves, enjoy the breeze of the wind, etc)

C: Yes I am on the beach and it’s good here.

After few moments

T: Imagine there are steps near you and in the count of 10 to 1, your subconscious will lead to the significant memory of the past which is related to your husband

(After a few moments)

C: He is kicking me, He is abusing me.

T: Where are you?

C: I am in my home.

T: How old are you?

C: I am 28-29 years old.

T: How are you feeling?

C: He doesn’t like me. He is angry with me. He doesn’t allow me to touch him.

In the count of 3,2,1 Allow your subconscious to go back to the next significant memory.

C: I am seeing my mother is bleeding, My father bet my mother.

T: How old are you?

C: I am 23-24 years old, unmarried. I always feel I shouldn’t get married.

T: What else coming to your awareness?

C: I will never have a child. I don’t want my child to be a girl and suffer in the same way.

In the count of 3,2,1 Allow your subconscious to go back to the next significant memory.

C: Father taking me to the temple on the bike.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am feeling very happy, he bought me Ranch biscuits.

I am wearing a Pink /White frock. I am loved so much.

T: How old are you?

C: I am 7-8 years old.

In the count of 3,2,1 Allow your subconscious to go back deep to the next significant memory.

C: My mama is holding his elder daughter and I am holding the hand of my father.

We are posing for a picture.

T: What was the occasion?

C: My younger sister’s birthday.

T: How old are you?

C: I am 2-3 years old, and it was so much fun there.

In the count of 3,2,1 Allow your subconscious to go back deep to the next significant memory.

C: I am just born baby

T: What else is coming to your awareness?

C: My parents are unhappy. They expected a boy and I feel sad.

In the count of 3,2,1 Allow your subconscious to go back deep to the next significant memory and allow yourself to transport across the time and space.

C: I see the word ‘KOLAR’ and it’s written in Kannada.

T: What else is coming to your awareness?

C: ‘I am shameless’ I am shameless I am shameless’

(The client was very disturbed and wanted to come out)

I slowly emerged the client back.

Date: 2nd Sep 2023
Session 3: 2 Pm to 5 Pm

Started with Dave Elman and Did progressive relaxation.

(The client mentioned that in her earlier sessions from the mountain cliff, she couldn’t throw her bag down the cliff. As she is already familiar with the cliff procedure, I did the visualizations a little differently for her.

T- Imagine you have a bag behind you, and you are climbing the mountain.

This bag contains all your bad past life memories as well as your future worries.

Anything that you want to get rid of.

T- In the count of 10 to 1, at the count of 1 you will reach the top of the cliff.

Imagine you are standing with the bag at the bottom of the mountain and I know it will be very heavy for you but keep climbing the steps slowly


Just keep climbing the steps and I know it will be very difficult for you.


As you are reaching the top and holding your bag with all your worries and troubles

4,3,2 almost there


As you reached the top of the cliff. Just keep the bag down and you can see Bulldozer next to you.

[As the client mentioned she couldn’t throw it down last time, I have used Bulldozer to help her push it down]

Imagine you are operating the bulldozer and throwing it from the cliff.

C: Yes, I have done that.

T: How are you feeling now?

C: I am feeling very light

C: I am feeling happy that I can throw it down

After a pause.

T: Look down the cliff There is a Beach

At the count of 5 to 1, You will go down deep inside your subconscious memory, and at the count of 1, you will be on the beach.

5,4,3 almost there


C: I see two people male and female walking towards me on the beach.

T: Do you know them?

C: I don’t know, they disappeared.

3,2,1 go back to the memory in which karma between you and your husband lies.

C: I am seeing some temple festival; I am seeing light pulling me inside.

T: Just go inside…. Towards the light, you will be able to see something as the image gets clearer.

C: Something is drifting me. I am seeing Ganapathi Papa, He opened his eyes.

T: Just be with him

The client took some time….

C: I am seeing some females getting ready for some village festival.

They have flowers on their heads, and they are wearing sarees.

T: Do you see yourself there or anyone you are aware of?

C: No, I see only them. I see a house with a roof and its red color.

T: Allow yourself to go inside the house

C: I am inside the house, It’s an empty house and I don’t see anyone.

C: I am seeing the leg/finger of someone now.

T: Go near and see if you can recognize the person or anything that comes to your awareness

C: There is a door near me.

T: Open the door and allow yourself to go inside.

C: I see a light… I am seeing my uncle.

He is pulling me… He is pulling me away from the door knob.

T: Ask him why he doesn’t allow you to go inside the door.

C: He is telling me not to go inside.

[ Her Uncle (deceased 4 yrs back) and Client have given him,8 Thulas of Gold and 2 Lakhs of money, which he never returned back]

I am feeling so disturbed…. My uncle doesn’t want me to go inside.

T: If you are feeling like going, you can allow yourself to go inside by getting permission from your subconscious and your masters.

C: No I want to come out…

I slowly got her back

Client comments:

After seeing my uncle, I felt so disturbed, and I really didn’t want to go further.

Post session discusion :

Discussed this with Venu sir. He mentioned it might be the Client’s resistance to seeing the past life and took some suggestions before proceeding to the next session. He advised me to try the glass pyramid approach and to try FLP and trace back to the problem if PLR is not working.

Date: 3nd Sep 2023
Session 3: 9 AM to 12 PM

Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation…

( As the client has resistance in viewing her own past life tried the following as suggested)

T: Imagine you are stepping inside the glass pyramid and it’s a beautiful one.

After sometime

T: Are you able to imagine?

C: Yes, I am inside the glass pyramid

T: You can observe the courtyard, large windows, and Pharaoh’s structures.

C: I am seeing them now.

T: Imagine there is an elevator in the middle of the pyramid and this elevator can take you across time and space. It’s multi-dimensional.

C: Yes I see the elevator

T: From the count of 10 to 1, at the count of 1, the elevator will take you to the time in which the karma between you and your husband lies.

10…9…8 as the elevator goes down and deep


4…3…2… Almost reached.


The door opens.

What is coming to your awareness? Find out where you and your husband were together…. Maybe this life or any lifetime…

C: I couldn’t see anything…. No one is here…

T: Just touch and feel if you feel anything… Anything coming to your awareness

(Gave some time)

C: No, I couldn’t feel anything. I can’t see anything. It’s dark. No visuals.

[I will take her to FLP now ].

T: Just board the elevator back again and now this time, it takes you ahead of time ……

3 years/5 years from now.

Remember you are the Architect of your life. You can design your own life.

In the count of 3 to 1… at the count of 1…. You will be able to see yourself how your life will be like 3 years from now….

3…2…1. now

C: I see a small baby boy, He is my son. He is crawling. My husband is so loving with me….

T: How are you feeling….?

C: I am so so happy….

(Client smiling ……)

T: In the count of 3 to 1, at the count of 1 … You will be 5 years from now….


C: My boy, His name is Ashwin and He is walking and playing with me… We are staying in our farmhouse… My husband is very much in love with me…

We are a happy family….

T: Very nice… so beautiful… Just be there….

After sometime

T: In the count of 3 to 1, at the count of 1… You will be ahead of 10 years from now….

3…2…1 …

C: My son is going to school, and He is so handsome…He is very clever

(Client smiling)

C: My husband is very much in love with me. He is talking to me very well…

T: Now imagine there is a tunnel in front of you… In the count of 3 to 1…

Allow your subconscious to go back in time to know which is blocking you from achieving this. What is stopping you from having this beautiful life in the future.

C: Lack of trust, fear, Anger.

C: We can’t even conceive naturally, and He doesn’t trust me.

He lacks trust in me that I will exchange …. It will not be His kid… If I had done that, I would have done that before…

He fears that it won’t be his kid… He is angry with me…

He blames me for not having a kid…

T: In the count of 5 to 1, Imagine you are in front of the bridge,

This bridge will lead to a scene or time where this lack of trust comes from… where this pain emerges……

5… As you walk on the bridge your pain is increasing double the time.

4… The pain is increasing triple the time…

3… The pain is multiple fold…

(Client burst out so much now)

Inhale and exhale. Move your eyes right, left, up, and down… Keep walking

2… 1…

C: No, I want to Jump from the bridge. I don’t want to go…

Client sobbing

[ Though the client says she wants to see her past life, Subconsciously there is a lot of resistance. She feels like jumping from the bridge].

T: Imagine there is a beautiful temple in front of you and your favorite God’s temple….

In the count of 5 to 1 at the count of 1, you will be in the temple.

5…4…3…2…1… now

C: I am with the lights….

T: Wonderful, be with them…. Get healed…

C: I am seeing Raghavendra Swamy; He is smiling at me.
Ragavendra Swamy

I am holding his legs. I am telling him “I won’t leave your legs until you show me a way or allow me to see my past life”.

T: What are His answers to your questions?

C: He is saying “You will get everything. Just be patient”.

T: What else is coming to your awareness, ask him how to resolve all the relationship issues with your husband.

C: You should love yourself. Only when you love yourself Others will also Love you isn’t.

T: Such a great lesson isn’t it?

C: yes

T: What else he wants you to do …

C: He is telling me “You do mediation You will get clarity by yourself”

T: Wonderful.

C: Yes, I am feeling happy…when the time comes, I will see my past life…

T: Excellent. Just stay with him as much as you want and let me know when you are ready.

After a brief period, the Client is in tears

C: I want to come out…

T: Do you want to go ahead and see your past now…

C: No, will do it later.

In the count of 1 to 10, slowly got her back.

Post session discussion

She said that she has lots of resistance inside.
Her pain level decreased from 10 to 5.
Though she couldn’t see her past life, She is happy that she saw her favorite God and got valuable lessons. She is determined to follow His words.
Taught her Qu field meditation which I follow and ho’oponopono prayer.
Encouraged her to give lots of self-Reiki as well as to her husband.

After a week.

She said she enrolled in a course that she has wanted to do for a very long time.
She has a business that is not in so much profit but she is focusing more on her work.
She is ignoring all those negativities at home and ignoring all those negative thoughts about herself.
After a long time, she feels so good to see herself in the mirror and take photos of herself. She is feeling so much self-love within herself.
She is following meditation, Reiki, and more on herself for now.

Follow up whenever she comes to Bangalore next month. Hope she will get more answers next time.


@sindhuja_kamaraj , do share the further session. would love to read them.


Hi Sindhuja

First, let me congratulate you on the title of this Regression Case. Very apt. Everybody cannot love themselves, the way others want them to love. Everybody does some amount of begrudging on oneself - mostly too much. Hence, your title is very bold and everyone of us should follow it. Thanks for choosing it and making us aware of it
Second the client seemed to me quite (very high) resistant to Regression. Considering that, you have done a good job to patiently control and direct the session towards significant lifetimes.
Third - Stress and abreactions were well controlled.

So 2/3. You are rocking.

With Best Wishes/Deepak


I would like to truly acknowledge and appreciate your patience, understanding and resilience in this scenario and case Sindhuja! Despite so many challenges you persevered and helped this client feel relief leading to her taking an action for her life.

Amazing. :raised_hands:


Dear Sindhuja,

Heartiest congratulations. My compliments for handling the client and sessions in a professionally sound and dexterous manner. My feedback as sought, for your consideration.

  1. As always beautifully done and I am sure it would have been of great assistance to you as therapist.
  1. I guess, Your genuineness and pure dedication was all it needed to achieve the breakthrough.
  1. I too have dealt with such a client. The power of emotionally charged thoughts and words can have such immeasurable effects not only in one lifetime but many to come …one can only imagine !!
  1. Amazing improvisation as per need of the situation and learnings from the History Taking.
  1. Thank you for sharing the wisdom from our beloved Guru. :pray: :pray: :pray:
  1. Both were Great manoeuvres at the exact time needed.
  1. What profound learnings. :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Keep spreading the AMARANTOS magic and bringing smiles to the ones in suffering and pain.

Best Wishes

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear Sindhuja,
What an amazing sessions! You are composed through out, Guiding your client towards her learning. :pray:
Got so much to learn from you.
Loads of love to you dear.
And all the best for future healings.
Seema Ramakrishnan


Uffff… @sindhuja_kamaraj darling…u r tooo too good… so much patience …awaiting the climax …good that atleast she got the ray of hope to love herself which most women forget after they get committed … I feel we will make them see everythg…from london bridge to Egypt pyramids… call her soon dear…awaiting…, "picture abhi baki hai mere dost":kissing_heart::kissing_heart::wink::wink:


Amazing Sindhuja. I learnt a lot from the way you handled it. Many years back I had a client who did not want to go further as her house was set on fire in that life by some villagers. She simply sat up totally shocked and could not be relaxed further. I simply gave up on that client. Hats of to you for handling the case so well and persisting with it instead of giving up like me.


hi Sindhuja,
In the post-session discussion, it became evident that the client had a strong resistance to past life exploration. She grappled with emotional turmoil during these attempts and expressed reluctance to continue.
it’s clear that addressing the client’s resistance to past life recall will be crucial in future sessions. Despite the challenges faced, the client’s focus on self-love and personal growth after the session is a promising outcome. It’s evident that Sindhuja you have conducted the session meticulously, and with some tailored approaches, further sessions may help the client uncover valuable insights related to her current life issues.


Thanks dear Shilpa :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks dear Deepak for your motivational words as always. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Yes you are right sometimes we are too hard on ourself…
This is great learning for me as well to love myself more and to be kind of myself :heart:

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Sure dear Pooja thank you


Thanks, Krithi for your words dear…

Yes as you mentioned the client is well aware of her own resistance. Part of her wants to recall the past life and part of her doesn’t want to recall so it’s a fight between both minds. She has made conscious efforts in her current life and I hope it helps in future sessions. Thank you :heart:

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Thanks Arvind ji for your kind words. Means a lot

I was also in the verge of giving up , due to our Gurus advice and blessings after the 2nd session, I was able to attempt the 3rd one.

As you said, we really feel that we are stuck in the dead end during the session but its only the mind block. I think in due course of time we will learn to unblock them slowly.


Thanks Kaynaz… :heart:
Yes, dear… Picture abhi baki hai… but don’t know the feasibility of the client to travel. I pray it happens soon…


Thanks Seema ji for your love and blessings
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks Monesh for your detailed insights about the session.
The way you highlight the points really motivates me a lot.

Loads of Gratitude for your kind words :pray: :heart:


Thanks for reaching out to her @sindhuja_kamaraj

We can avoid suggestions being so declarative, “will”.

appropriate suggestion for a client who is K, but it would have been nice if stress management was done and the episodes behind that feeling elicited.
As therapist we must ensure that the client is in such a relaxed state that they would never want to emerge abruptly.

Adding to this was one of the hypothesis of “secondary gains”.

There’s the key.

I would like to go through a few more sessions from you where we need to focus on how the Engrams are processed and resolutions are arrived at in the unconscious state bring about closures.