Loved the Life of a Bird

My Client “A” has met me many times as a parent for her daughter’s coaching sessions. First time she wanted to meet me for herself.
Profile - married, Mother of 1 from her marriage and plus 3 from her husbands previous marriages.
Theme - I am never seeing love coming back to me. I am not cared for. When will my pain end? I am doing everything to keep all happy.

After progressive relaxation and Dave Elman, the client got into a deep state of trance. ( Post details indirect speech, below)

T – Lets go to a happy moment in your Past current life. How old are you?
C- It’s a swing in a garden. There are tall pillars. I am playing and happy. I am 6 years old. They are taking family photos. I like to take a picture.
T – ok what else
C – “I remember this boy, Raja, I and Suman we three were friends in school. Raja liked me. He would always be around. His eyes would always follow me. He was so protective of me. Even when we played games, he would let me win. Suman would lose. Even when I went to the temple, he will follow me and be around to see me. He had the feeling for me which he told me in many ways. I kept telling him, I do not feel that way and it is not our age. When we grew up, he went away for further studies, and of course, seeing no hope from my side too maybe. But I had started to miss him and Suman one day said I should stop thinking about Raja because his family would never agree. They were brahmins. I missed him. He went to Dubai and I tried calling him through trunk call too. Suman kept reminding me that it is better I do not call him. But I wanted to know if he still has any feelings for me. Suman’s reiteration somehow convinced me not to call him and that he might have got busy and forgotten me. Then I started working in a company, where I met my husband. He seemed like a good man and deprived of care, I wanted to escape home. I took the decision of marrying him and being his third wife. I was looking for love and companionship. I was wrong. I felt cheated. My husband was an alcoholic, he shouts, abuses me even today. One day In my earlier years, I remember, I had called Raja on an STD Call and to my surprise, he came on the phone line; he was speaking from Dubai. I froze when I heard his voice. I asked him how is he. He said “you stupid, where were you all these years. I kept waiting for you, I just got married a week back. Why did you not think of me? Why did you choose to be a man’s third wife?
(Abreaction – She cried profusely. Thinking of how destiny would have been different if she would have followed her heart).
T - ( I had kept leading and pacing in between so far)
C – I want to come back.
T – Ok just relax, and coming back at the count of 3,2,1. You are back in the garden, you are in your safe haven.
C- Yes
T – (Progressive relaxation) Wonderful, The bright light is there protecting you. feel Relaxed and be in the moment. now you would see or meet someone familiar, it could be someone from your past or your greater self.
C – I see Pichamma ( Grandmother). I love her. I remember I liked her so much even if she had a gender bias towards me….I took care of her. I remember whenever I came back from school, I used to first go to her and spend time with her and then change my uniform. As we grew up I started to spend more time with her. I remember sitting with her after I am back from college to spend time with her. Even when she was old and bed ridden I would go and feed her. She would smile and say how she realise she was her favourite. Pichamma died a unfortunate death. With no one to treat her disease and finally I remember seeing worms coming out of her mouth when she died It was that bad. People never went close to her. I did. I wanted her to get her respect and did everything possible in my capacity. Even today when I work for the under privileged I never feel bad or dirty. God has given me and I am serving them. That’s all.
T – good, so now Pichamma has come to you. She has been there as your guiding light.
C – Yes ( Emotional and tears rolling )
T – Pichamma loves you and she is there to guide you. Sit close and be in the moment.
C- yes, I am hugging her. I am very happy. I do not know this feeling but I am feeling so elevated and happy.
T – wonderful ( client name), Be in the bliss. This is your moment.
Now let us take this journey to a past life and so let us proceed to a tunnel and at the end of it, you would see a big door. As I count 5-1 you will float through the tunnel. Pichamma is with you remember. Start your journey moving into the tunnel 5,4 smooth float through the tunnel, safe3,2 almost there. Do you see the door? (C- Yes) now you can see the door, 1 at the door now. And now you turn the knob and walk through the door.

C – Calm and relaxed.
T – What do you see, look at your legs
C – It is dark, I do not see anything. I am still in the garden.
T – Ok let us do this again ( repeated)
C – I am flying. I am a bird. ( smiling)
T – ok you’re a bird, What color is your body. How do you look?
C – I am white-feathered. I have a long beak; I fly high up in the sky. I can see my nest. I have small babies. I feed them and I am so happy. I am free.
T – Ok wonderful, you can see your babies and you are happy. Wonderful. Go to a moment in this life where you experience a significant event.
C – I see that I am lying on the beach and about to die. The waves are touching me… ( emotional again)
T – Ok you are breathing your last breath and now float up. Calm and you have your masters with you.
C – I died….My body is lying there on that beach…. I can still see.
T – Are you there or floating above.
C – Above.
T – What is the takeaway or learning from that lifetime.
C – I loved the life of freedom. I always want to be born like a bird. I could take care of my babies.
T – Ok back in the safe haven, the garden and relaxed. Protected by the bright light and safe.
Shall we go to another lifetime In your past? Would you like to explore?
C – No I would like to come back.
T – 1-10 count. Coming back 10,9,8 slowly 7,6,5 back into the present, 4,3,2 fully aware and 1 back in your consciousness, awake and relaxed. Slowly open your eyes. (Client took 5 more minutes to come back).
C – What an experience was that. I cannot believe what just happened. I am in a daze.

Identification –

  1. She recognized her emotion for her Grandmother (Pichamma), got emotional.
  2. She identified the emotion of love when she saw Raja.
  3. Her emotion for her brother who lives in the US currently evoked suddenly.
  4. she saw Pichamma at the “Safe garden” as her guardian angel. Her relationship with Pichamma.
  5. She identified that she had taken a non-human birth in one of the past life that she saw. Sense of freedom in a bird’s life. Identified herself caged now.

Disidentification –

  1. Pichamma has not left her but is with her as a guardian angel
  2. Raja from her past was love that had come her way and now is a past.
  3. Understood that she is no longer a bird but she can enjoy her freedom if she desires even in this birth. Her fear and understanding of life being limited, does not exist anymore.
    Transformation -
    1)Her sense of being lonely, not loved back is no more as Pichamma her guardian angel is by her side.
  4. She has gratitude that she had someone love her deeply once. Even if it’s the past.
  5. Her life as a bird made her realize that limitations are in the mind.
    (All this while she had woven artificial hair and was forced to look a particular way due to social pressures. She sent me her latest picture where she has shaved her hair off and is bald. Says I feel good being in my skin)

( I will need to have another follow up session with the client to address the Theme especially her relationship with her husband and his children, what could be the reason for this experience. maybe the answers are yet to be found from another past life )


Wow… beautiful indu…
Very perfect session u had !!!


Beautiful Indu . even the takeaways from the session are eye openers for us all in someway . would love to know how the followup sessions went.


Thankyou Brinda. Sure i will post the followup sessions too.


Thanks Jyothi. every new case comes with new experiences . Its amazing

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Lovely session Indu…Looking forward to the follow up.