Managing undefined anger through past life regression

Please review my case and Kindly share your thoughts.

Date: 17th Nov 2023

Session 1:

Hypnosis score is 7

VAK score is 4,3,6

Dominant Sense : Kinaesthetic/Visual

Eye roll score 2

(Completed until Stage5)

Client Information: Harish (Name changed), M, 47 Years, Married, Country Sales Manager.

The client married happily and was blessed with 4 boys and 2 girls.

Father(Deceased), Mother lives in hometown and he has one elder brother.

Mental Status Examination :

Appearance -Well smartly dressed. Posture- Good

Gait, Movement and Behaviour – Normal Gait, Movement.

Maintained good eye contact. Very good eye contact.

Affect/Mood: Normal

Speech Rate, Speed, and Volume of Speech: Normal

Length/Content/Clarity of answers - appropriate

Thought content: The client appeared normal and very positive about the PLR at the start of the session.

Client history :

Harish had a happy childhood, enjoyed visiting temples with his father every Thursday, and was very studious. His father retired Army professional, and his mother is a housewife. He has been looked up by everyone in the family since childhood. He didn’t have much connection with his brother.

Mother is quite a strict, authoritative person. She always has conflict with most of the relations, especially with her husband’s side.

Due to a few financial mismanagements, the client’s family sold most of their ancestral lands.

During his college days at the age of 22 years, his best friend Guna Sekhar’s, unexpected death, affected him so much.

He had a conflict with his father and didn’t speak with him for a few years.

At the age of 29, He lost his father to a heart attack and fortunately, he had a chance to speak with him before his death on the phone.

He had a love marriage with a Christian girl after so many Challenges.

He mentioned that the best thing that happened in his life is marriage and he also feels that every kid’s birth brought so much abundance to his family.

Harish feels that he gets angry very inappropriately and everyone around mentions that he is a spoiler of the happy moment. He needs to suppress so much anger and it triggers even for slightest disagreement with anyone. He is a strong believer in Hindutva and sometimes he is involved in religious conflict discussions among his family members or friends.

Harish also feels first thing he wants to work on this anger management and find the root cause of it. He wants to make the change within himself.

Completed History taking and took a break with relaxation music.

Presenting the Theme:

Undefined Anger which is spontaneous and unexpected

Pain level:10

Date:18th Nov 2023

Time: 9AM to 12PM

Session 2:

Session duration: 3 hours

Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Asked the client to feel the divine light and healed him slowly from head to toe through the divine light. The client looked very relaxed and in a deep trance.

Completed stream of the boat, He visualized his father, wife, and his father-in-law.

Completed stream of the boat and Reframing [Mountain Cliff]

Post session the client felt so relaxed and good.

Date:19th Nov 2023

Time: 6:00AM to 9:15 AM.

Session 3:

Session duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

T: Feel that you are in your favourite spot Mount Cliff (Client has been guided in his awareness to feel the place around)

C: Yes I can visualize the cliff (Secondary dominant sense emerging, though he is Kinaesthetic)

After few moments

T: Imagine there are steps near you and in the count of 10 to 1, your subconscious will lead to the significant childhood memory

(After a few moments)

C: I am 8 years old.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am very happy; we are all going on the trip.

T: Who all are with you?

C: I am with my cousins.

T: What else coming to your awareness?

C: Just enjoying the trip.

(As nothing significant to explore, move to the next significant memory)

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory.

C: I am 6 years old, wearing a shirt and trousers and feeling very happy.

(Further client couldn’t go to any of his childhood memories or in utero so brought him back to the cliff)

T: You can rest on the cliff and look around the cliff. When you feel rested, you can let me know if we can move further.

C: yes, I am good.

T: You can hold the feeling of this unexpected anger in your heart and imagine that you are in front of the bridge in the count of 10 to 1.

Allow yourself to transport yourself to the root cause of this feeling. Allow your subconscious to know from where this feeling is originating.

10,9,8 - You are walking on the bridge with this feeling and each step is doubling up.

7,6,5 at the end of the bridge there might be a scene from your past life that depicts the cause of this outburst.

4,3,2 you are reaching almost to the end of the bridge, keep deep breathing and remember you are surrounded by the bubble of light.

1…. You are there.

T: What is coming to your awareness? Are you able to visualize or feel anything around you?

C: I am on the battlefield

(The client was frowning his face and looked angry)

T: What is your role on the battlefield?

C: I am a soldier and wearing white armor.

T: Are you able to remember your name?

C: No, I am not able to remember.

T: Can you remember the date or year?

C: It’s 1000 years ago.

T: Do you know which country you are fighting for?

C: Somewhere in the northern part of India

(Later client mentioned the current Afghanistan region)

T: How old are you?

C: 30s might be

T: Look around and see if you can recognize anyone around you.

C: No, I don’t know them.

T: What else coming to your awareness?

C: I see a White and Orange color flag in front of me.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am feeling very angry and proud. I am fighting for my people.

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory.

C: I hear a blast.

T: Who caused the blast?

C: I don’t know.

T: how old are you

C: Very young.

T: What is coming to your awareness?

C: I am feeling very angry about the people who caused the blast.

T: Do you know what is the cause of the blast and who caused it?

C: No….

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory.

C: There is a celebration, It’s my kid’s naming ceremony.

T: Look into the eyes of everyone around and tell me if you can recognize anyone.

C: I feel my mother near me, but I don’t know her in his lifetime.

I can’t recognize my infant son as well. I am happy here.

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory.

C: It’s fire, Fire in the village.

T: how did the fire happen?

C: Enemies did it for us.

T: Who are those enemies?

C: I don’t know…

(He is very angry)

T: I can understand how it’s painful for you to see your tribe suffering but remember this happened in your past and keep deep breathing. Relax your forehead and Inhale/Exhale……

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory.

C: I am lying, very old and on death bed.

T: Who are all around you? Do you recognize anyone?

C: My uncle (current life) he is standing next to me.

T: What is coming to your thoughts in your last moments?

C: I see people around me; I am dressed like a soldier.

People are paying respect to me. I am a Hindu and a great warrior.

T: What else coming to your awareness?

C: I killed so many on the battlefield, very barbaric and I have Tilak in my forehead.

C: I feel SIN, SIN, SIN but at the same time very proud of myself.

T: What were your last thoughts?

C: I fought for my tribe, but I did SIN and I am angry.

T: Whom you are angry about now?

C: About myself.

T: Whatever happened, it’s in your past. In that situation as a warrior, you have done what is required for that situation. Allow yourself to forgive yourself for your sin.

C: I am at peace now.

T: You can let me know when you are feeling rejuvenated, and you can let me know when we are ready.

( After some time, post IMR)

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the lifetime from where the anger emerges.

C: I am in a small hut.

T: How old are you?

C: Teenager.

T: Who are there in your home?

C: My mother, father, and brother.

T: Look into their eyes and see if you can recognize anyone of them.

C: No, I don’t know them.

T: Do you know your name?

C: No, I don’t know.

T: What else coming to your awareness?

C: I am a farmer, who works in another landlord’s field.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am feeling happy, content, peaceful, and very pleasant.

T: Which part of the country you are in?

C: Some part of southern India. Looks like Maharashtra.

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory as a farmer.

C: I love a girl so much.

T: Who is she? Do you know her?

C: My wife (current life).

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am happy (Client blushing as a small teenager and his face glowing in love)

T: Just be there and relive that happiness.

(Client smiling, He mentioned later that in the trance He was romancing her :blush:)

T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.

C: I am surrounded by the villagers

T: What happened?

C: she is an upper-caste girl and I belong to the lower caste.

C: They are beating me and killing me in the chest.

(He was holding his chest and head. I reminded him that events he was experiencing occurred in the past and guided him with deep breathing.

Stress management was done here)

T: What were your thoughts in your last moments?

C: I am from under privileged background, they killed me and beat me to death.

I am very angry with them.

T: It’s a nice feeling when we pardon someone’s wrongdoing towards us.

You are united back with your love of your past life in this current life.

C: Yes, she is mine…

T: Can you find it in your heart to forgive them for what happened?

C: Yes, I forgive them.

T: Are you still feeling angry with them?

C: I currently hold a neutral feeling towards them.

T: Once you depart from your physical form, do you find yourself in the company of others? Are you able to perceive the presence of anyone?

C: Yes I am with My father, My wife’s grandmother, My wife’s grandfather, My wife’s father and Huge Light…. I see them in the hierarchy.

They are blessing me.

T: Wonderful! Convey my Namaskaram to them.

What message they are giving you?

(After a brief silence)

C: Be in Peace. Maintain a neutral feeling towards others’ opinions, even when I may not personally agree.

(After a some time)

T: How are you feeling?

C: Peaceful.

T: You can ask them any questions which you like to know…. Just through your thoughts.

C: The client was smiling

T: Be there with them as much as you want and please let me know when you are ready to move on

After a brief time

C: I am okay, we can go ahead.

I slowly got the client to emerge the client as per the process.


  • Harish, in his warrior lifetime, enjoyed immense privilege and earned acclaim as a formidable warrior.
  • Despite his pride in safeguarding his tribe by taking lives on the battlefield, he struggles with profound remorse for the sins he committed through these actions.
  • The suppressed emotion stemming from his conflicted feelings manifests in this current lifetime as unresolved anger.
  • In another lifetime as a humble farmer, Harish faced the harsh reality of underprivileged circumstances and met his end for the sake of his true love.
  • Experiencing helplessness and resentment towards the more privileged, these suppressed emotions resurface in the present lifetime as unexplained and misdirected anger.


  • In one lifetime, Harish enjoyed the status of a highly privileged warrior, while in another, he succumbed as an underprivileged farmer.
  • From being immensely powerful and proud in one lifetime to experiencing timidity and helplessness in another, Harish’s varied lifetimes illustrate the diverse spectrum of human existence.
  • This serves as an explanation that as souls, we undergo an infinite of life experiences.
  • Harish’s journey of forgiveness, extending both to himself as a warrior and to those who took his life as a farmer, played a crucial role in healing the suppressed emotions stored psychosomatically in his body, allowing the release of pent-up anger.
  • Unable to marry his lover in a past lifetime, Harish faced numerous struggles and challenges, but in this lifetime, he eventually succeeded in marrying her.
  • After the above comparative discussion about both lifetimes, suggested a few anger management tips like identifying triggers causing the anger and thinking about the ways to either avoid them or view the situation differently.
  • Suggested replacing the negative thinking patterns like overgeneralizing, and jumping into conclusions to positive thinking patterns.
  • Suggested deep breathing techniques.

Post discussion:

  • Pain level reduced from 10 to 2.
  • The client’s anger levels noticeably decreased post-session, and he now comprehends the underlying cause of his anger.
  • Remarkably, he shared that the recent loss of India in the WCC didn’t have any impact on him. In contrast to his past self, he would have taken such a defeat personally, engaging in extensive discussions about the match with anger.
  • Since the session, he has experienced a significant shift, realizing that external events no longer exert the same influence on his emotional state.



Hello Sindhuja,
I drew some conclusions from your case. I am definitely going to make use of it.
Wonderful session!. The client identified the reason for their anger problem and addressed it as well. That’s the beauty of PLR.
May God bring you blessings.


Wow! It’s such a great session, Sindhu! Well done :clap: I loved every part of how our subconscious mind takes turns to provide the root cause :golf:, and the induction part from the therapist’s perspective is remarkable. You have beautifully identified the revelations and connected the dots with a broader sense :writing_hand: :sparkling_heart:.



I truly look up to your case studies. They are so well documented and clear. It was magic what you did there with client. Truly honoured to read such a beautiful presentation and inspirational too. Looking forward to achieve this level of clarity and precision in my case studies too.

I have a question though. What made you ask the client at the end of warrior lifetime, to look for origin of anger in some other lifetime too? As I thought the warrior lifetime answered a lot of the current life’s behavioural patterns too. Just curious to know.


Kudos @sindhuja_kamaraj… I always admire ur calmness and so peacefully and with so much smooth flow u conduct the movements one after other…lots to learn …and the way the client so calmly:innocent:forgave himself and others during the session was so much creditable …keep going … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: God bless :pray:


Hi Sindhuja, Great session!!!
You have shown good dexterity while guiding your client through the session.
Few observations…

T: Imagine there are steps near you and in the count of 10 to 1, your subconscious will lead to the significant childhood memory

(As nothing significant to explore, move to the next significant memory)

T: Whom you are angry about now?
“Empowering the client as it should be…”

C: About myself.

T: Whatever happened, it’s in your past. In that situation as a warrior, you have done what is required for that situation. Allow yourself to forgive yourself for your sin.
What you just witnessed was from the past. You know that right?
Get a response from the client…Then…
In my opinion you were not wrong, rather you were defending your family, people and your territory…Right?
This will take away the guilt feeling…and diffuse the old pressure…
You may forgive unconditionally to all for what they did to you all…


@sindhuja_kamaraj A direct advise to move into past life can be avoided because we don’t know if the client would definitely land in prior birth.


Having said that, it was a good session which brought the pain level from 10 to 2. :hugs:


Thanks dear Shanthi… :heart:

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Thanks Neelam for your blessings… :heart:


Sindhuja - Well done. You have definitely transformed an angry man into a less angry man. I can understand your client’s predicament when he unintentionally disrupts happy moments of others due to his uncontrolled and spontaneous anger.
Your clinical procedure in conducting this PLR has systematically brought out the reasons for this anger - A warrior having to protect his tribe but also repenting due to various barbaric killing - ultimately angry on himself; Then he is not so privileged and died for loving a higher caste girl - here karma gets squared-off - previously he had beaten people to death and now people beating him to death.
The message that your client has got from the masters/ancestors is superb. If the client internalises the message, all his conflict with himself will get resolved and his anger will be gone…
However SIndhuja, for me, the icing on the cake is your client romancing his present life wife in past life. What else do you want. Pain level also reduced to 2.
Technically you had controlled the abreactions very well.
The flow was smooth.
The client happy.
We are happy reading this case.

Very well done. All the best for your future cases.

Best Wishes/Deepak


Thanks dear Deepak for detailed review…
Always your encouragement and blessings help me a lot. :heart_eyes:


Thanks Pooja. :heart_eyes: Will take note of it.

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Thanks a lot Anand ji for your valuable inputs… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I made a note of them and will take care of it in future sessions.

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Thanks dear Shilpa, some how I felt its not only the warrior leads to anger issues something more than that so I explored further life . Once our Guru mentioned don’t leave any residue, so I checked next life as well.


I was actually desperately waiting for a case submission from you @sindhuja_kamaraj which had an Engram and IDT, and am so glad to get one. Thank you.

Further to what @Ananda_Krishnan and @deepakchaks have advised:

To be open ended and non-leading, this suggestion could’ve been “what caused the blast?” followed by a bit an empathy, confirm if the client is okay and unhurt… instead of

We need to always remember that we are therapists because our motive is compassion.

Brilliant !

As this is more in the direction of tampering the experience, you could’ve used the stress management techniques along with promoting I of IDT.

No! It felt like you got gold and threw it away without making it an ornament, after ID or IDT, focus on T, you could have used this hyper state of awareness to work on resolutions. Please read “Why me” and Handbooks by Dr. Blake. Invest more time on the sessions.

For a person of your caliber I’d expect every session to yield a 10 to 0!


Thanks, Venu for your valuable comments. I will work on the areas mentioned. :pray: :pray:

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Thanks dear Kayanz… :pray:

Dear Sidhuja,

The way you conduct your sessions is phenomenal. In this case, your session flow was seamless. This kind of session could be a result of good history taking, rapport with the client, and presence of mind. You connected the dots so well. I am curious about how you are able to convert every KMF into a classic pattren . Thank you for sharing the case, and all the best for your future sessions.

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Dear Sindhuja,

My congratulations to you for conducting the sessions for the client. My feedback is as under for your consideration please,

Very well done with the theme.

We may let the client to be in this experience of HAPPINESS for as long as they need to be.
Consider : Allow yourself to imbibe this feeling of happiness and togetherness with your cousins…you may stay here for as long you need to be and let me know when you are ready to proceed ahead.

very well for sharing the countdown script in detail and demonstrating EMPATHY to the client :clap:

We steer the session in a manner where these learnings are to come from the higher consciousness of the client.

After this set, we intend to keep it like,

  1. What are you carrying over from this lifetime of a soldier to present life.
  2. What is that which is required to be experienced in this lifetime to reach the resolution of this feeling of …which you carry over from lifetime of soldier.
  3. What are the lessons from this lifetime of a soldier for current life of Harish?

Wonderful :ok_hand:

Consider : Having gone back in the lifetime of this farmer you are happy being in company of the girl you love and now find yourself surrounded by villagers. What could have led to this situation ? What comes to your awareness?

As mentioned above on the aspect of carry overs and their resolution.

You have all the ingredients and potential to bring it to Zero.

Amazing implementation of Guru’s Teachings. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Amazing Life Message. My best wishes and regards.

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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Dear Monesh ji,

Thank you very much for your valuable insights. I will make sure to make the necessary changes in my future sessions as suggested by you.


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