May God HEAL Us All

My Dear Beautiful Souls.
I wish to share something with you.
I had been suffering with a severe case of spondylitis (Lordosis) and frozen shoulder for a few years, because of which I had to leave my job , take a wheel chair while travelling. Inspite of having a great love for driving, I couldn’t drive for more than a few minutes.

On the first day of workshop on 11th of August, 2023, after the session with Dr. Venu Murthy , my frozen shoulder was no longer frozen, the pain had vanished. I could raise my left had straight up towards heaven. I couldn’t believe it hence did not share it with anyone in the workshop even with myself.
My 30/31 year old spondylitis pain, most magically has vanished completely. After the revelation of my past life when I was beheaded on the London bridge during the reign of King, Henry the VIIIth.
When we were practicing PLRT at the workshop, my therapist most efficiently took me to the London Bridge where I found a very pretty girl of age 19/20 dressed in a long gown standing in the middle of the bridge. First I thought it was me because I had visited London at around same age. I was confused because I never wore a gown then. I couldn’t see further that day and both my therapist and I did not know how to proceed so she brought me back. Later, I was very curious as to why did I have that vision. So after the PLRT workshop, while meditating at home I regressed myself. I saw the girl this time clearly. I was a nun in that lifetime hence the attire. I had the ability to see and predict people’s death. The King was angry with me because I had predicted something about one of his Queens. I was called a witch and was taken to the London bridge to be beheaded. At the sides of the length of the bridge, lay dead bodies. But I was calm, they did not scare me. I saw myself being beheaded. I saw my body and my head lying seperately.
Ever since my childhood, even now in this Era of social media I have noticed that I am never comfortable penning down my opinion even if I thought strongly of any article/post. May be now I’ll be able state my views in a public forum. Let’s see.

MAY GOD HEAL ALL OF US and help us heal all around us. We are the chosen ones.


My god! I didn’t know of this!

The magic is of the most mesmerising Atman! Which is who you really are.

There is no stopping you, I firmly believe that it is our duty to share the Glory of our Atman which is the only counter current to this great deluge of materialism!

So proud of you my baby! when I was regressing you all, I did notice the acute abreactions and they’ve been cathartic for my baby! My joy is boundless!

And I’m sure that given the disciplined divine soul that you are, you will continue to mediate well and not only fortify this healing but ensure that this will be your last birth on this plane! You are a Jiva of that calibre!


Wah wah seemaji​:heart::nazar_amulet::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:… ab mein kya likhu… jab daddy ne heee aapko bless kardiya…tau phir…ab kya rukna… aage aage badhte raho aapni @ATT gaddi leke … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

God bless​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::nazar_amulet::heart::pray::innocent:


Thank you so much Venu. Your kind words mean so much. It is so easy to heal when you, my master, is guiding me. Or else one goes on suffering without understanding what is happening with them.


Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing experience Seema jee.


Dear Seema,

What an amazing experience to read about the magical healings you have been blessed with. I can say with my hand on my heart that it was all destined for you to come for the workshop, find answers for your sufferings and get completely healed of them. I must also compliment you for making an attempt of regressing yourself and close the cycle which had commenced on the first day of workshop. :grinning:

I pray to almighty to bless us all with such amazing healings and also to make us able of passing on the magical effects of PLRT to our clients.:pray: :muscle: :muscle:

As a PLR THERAPIST I have taken a very profound learning from your case

Once we have regressed a client and Past Life Memories have surfaced thereafter the therapist should leave no stone unturned in closing the wounds/trauma of past lives and bring them to logical conclusions for achieving maximum therapeutic effect.

To me this also proves beyond doubt, how sadhana/meditation/spiritual practices can exponentially expand the effects of PLR sessions, both for a therapist and a client. Hence the paramount importance of post session suggestions that are made.

Best Wishes


Monesh :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Wooow! What a great complement - “ensure that this will be your last birth on this plane! You are a Jiva of that caliber!” Such is the wish a seeker would always seek from his Guru !! Wonderful :clap:


Dear Seema,

Thank you for sharing your healing with us all. I can imagine your surprise at being able to move your arms and not feeling any pain anymore. Yes, may GOD heal us all.




You have such a radiant soul. Every time we converse, I feel its warmth. Thank you for sharing and making time to mention it here. Your words are an inspiration to many. May God shower you with prosperity, health, and boundless happiness! :pray: :innocent: :cherry_blossom:


Thank you for sharing your incredible journey and healing experience dear Seema. It’s amazing how past life regression therapy can have such a profound impact. May your newfound freedom from pain bring you joy and the ability to express your views in the world. Wishing you continued healing and growth. :pray:


Wow, what an incredible and transformative experience you’ve shared! It’s amazing to hear how past life regression has had such a profound impact on your physical health and personal growth. The way you described your past life regression session on the London Bridge is both fascinating and moving. It’s inspiring to see how this journey has not only relieved your physical pain but also empowered you to express yourself more confidently.
May your healing journey continue to be filled with blessings and growth, and may you find the courage to share your thoughts and opinions more openly in the world. Thank you for sharing your story, and may we all find healing and growth on this incredible path of self-discovery.
Warm regards;