Most amazing experience of my life, PLRT

My name is Arvind Khare. I am a mechanical engineer by profession and served in Railway Sector for about 40 years. I heard about PLRT from a family friend , heard her experience as a practitioner and her father’s experiences as a client, got very curious and was tremendous lucky to get selected for the PLRT course by Amarantos.
I had most amazing experience during the course. It really helped me to understand what life is all about, why we take birth and what really we should be pursuing. It beautifully explains various relationships we face in our day-to-day life. If I would not have experienced it myself, I will find it very difficult to believe all this.
Now, I am an Amarantos certified PLRT practitioner. I get immense pleasure in helping my clients in their life puzzles and getting their smiles and mental peace back.


I am feeling blessed that your kind self is here, inspiring all of us Dear Arvind.


Thanks so much.
I am at cloud seven on receiving appreciation from the one whom I appreciate the most.