Moving on is the only way
Mam my boyfriend dumped me and I feel very depressed ever since he did this, I am not able to come over this feeling of getting discarded. This came from a young girl who had been taking counselling sessions from me for the past 2-3 months but the feeling of his leaving her was taking on her and she couldn’t concentrate on her work as such we felt that a session was inevitable and so we fixed a date and she came on the dot with full enthusiasm. During the history taking she shared that he had been with her for the past 10 years and it clearly showed that it was not a happy, beautiful relationship, but there were fights which continued for months together and she had to put a lot of efforts for the relationship to continue. The counselling sessions had taught her how to deal with herself but the strong feeling of vacuum which was there due to his absence was something she wanted to resolve. Without wasting more time we started the session and even before I finished the relaxation I could clearly see that she went into deep somnambulistic trance. She felt as if someone was playing with her, pushing her and she was in a swing enjoying. She was again and again ascertaining if I had changed my recliner into a huge swing. I continued my relaxation even though she kept on asking me if I had a swing in my studio, by this time I was sure she would easily drift into deep trance from where she will get her answers.

Th : What comes to your awareness.

Cl : Its open space its night time….i am standing …there is an empty palace…

I am a girl….wearing a reddish colored frock….I am a child 9-10…it’s a big palace…there’s nobody….I have short hair…I am a child….

I am standing…going towards the palace doors… I don’t know there were trees without leaves…beautiful designs….Not Indian….i feel alone coz nobody is there…i can see a garden…candles are there….

Th : Be there. What else is coming to your awareness is there any one else.

Cl : there is a person in front of me….i may be 16 I am wearing ancient clothes…the boy is also wearing…that….he is waring greyish colour….i am blonde….my name is Ana….his name starts from D……he is smiling…he is very handsome…Oh I feel he is leaving me…bcoz he is of lower caste and I am a princes…like;…he is saying that he has to go….some other man…is stopping me…that man is getting angry on me…he left….he is also sad…Stephan duke….its Rome….the year is 1700….why he is going…

the man is taking me back inside the palace…he is also gone…someone killed me …when I was 40s….that guy stabbed me….at the time of death I was still thinking about D……he didn’t marry but is having a normal life….he is sad in a hut…he looks like warrior from the army….now he has a family with a boy….i got stabbed I miss him….he is now normal with his family but I lost my life….everyone moves on…I didn’t move on and got too attached that I lost my life thinking of him…whereas he had a pretty good life….

There is light and its giving me messages…

Th : What lesson you learn from that life.

Cl : Dont get too attached….learn to move on….I have to give best to everyone…whatever u have faced understand and let not that happen

Th : Any messages light is giving.

Cl : He says to trust all…but not always…don’t break others trust…he sends me to earth….to learn and I will have to go through these till I learn…to let go and move on…I think I was carrying this feeling of immense missing him from my past life bcoz whole life I wasted only thinking why I couldn’t marry him whereas he married and led a normal life…main lesson is I am going to move on….


This is so interesting Geetha!

So very well written Geetha :+1:
Im sure that there must have been a drastic drop in pain levels as well. :bouquet:
Looking forward for many more such healing episodes…
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Thank u Venu your comments remind me of the Red stars we awaited to receive from our teachers

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