My 1st PLR session with my 1st client

IDENTIFICATION : The client goes through her current past life where she was a young teenager, reviewing the traumatic experiences with two partners. When the client started experiencing deep hurt stemming from inferiority associated with each partner. We realised there was a same pattern with both partners.

DISIDENTIFICATION : As a therapist I began talking to her client empathetically identifying with her experiences and guiding her with suggestion to feel the emotions completely. I encouraged my client to understand and witness this experience by realising the underlying sense of inferiority and lack of acceptance and love for oneself.

Transformation : The client realised how these significant events of the current past still affected her current present relationship. Understanding the underlined cause of these traumatic current life past relationship has made her feel like a weight has been lifted of off her.

Summary of the session.

Client wanted to resolve her different phases of physical intimacy and a feeling of inferiority .

Current Past life

Once the client went into a deep trance and went back into her current past life where she was a young teenager, she began to experience through visualising almost all the phases of intimacy she had in her past relationships with two partners. In all the phases she had a similar pattern of not feeling loved but just been used to met their physical needs. The client expressed it wasn’t love, it was just lust. She tried to find love during intimacy but was lost in lust. Client also visualise different scenes of being physical and intimate with her first partner where she visualising her partner forcing on her with her consent and she felt lost. The second time client also visualising different scenes of being physical and intimate with her second partner where she felt that it was only a want/ urge to be physical and at the same time she felt lost again. She re experienced the feeling of fear of not being accepted as the way she is and that created a feeling of inferiority. When the client visualising these phases in both relationship she felt that she was used and she gave her consent for the same feeling lost and created a fear of inferiority and being angry at herself. On the other hand therapist empathised with client and guided her with suggestions to feel all the emotions completely with client and encouraged the client to understand and witness this experience with a sense of inferiority and lack of acceptance and love for oneself. The client facial expression kept on changing through out this experience. When therapist asked the client what were the learning from these phases, the client replied… Listen to your intuition don’t let others control you, accept myself, love myself, love my body, be kinder to myself, to think, to be mindful, not to believe people… believe yourself.

1 st Lifetime as Rajiv

The client could see her mother as 6 year old child in an orphanage( her current life mother had been adopted from an orphanage ). The therapist suggested the client to see who was she in that lifetime. The client recognised herself as a man named Rajiv, a self centred and quiet man wearing black gumboot. Therapist suggested Rajiv to look around and recognise the place, the client replied by saying … it’s a deserted place( the orphanage from where her mom was adopted in this current life was in Rajasthan ). Rajiv could just see that small 6 year old girl looking at him with a bright smile on her face, and indirectly telling him to adopt her. But Rajiv didn’t adopt the girl instead he adopted a 5 year old boy. Rajiv seen that 6 year old girl crying in one corner because he didn’t adopt her. Rajiv felt really bad and guilty for making that decision to adopt the boy instead. Therapist suggested the client that did she recognised the 5 year old boy who Rajiv adopted as anyone in current life, she couldn’t remember that. As there were no significant event in that lifetime, the therapist suggested the client to go to the last day of that life time. Rajiv was dying alone on his last day with no one around at the age of 46 as he described that he lived an isolated life. When therapist asked the client what were the learning in this lifetime, she replied…. Follow your intuition, follow your heart, learned to make connection, not to be afraid of people, it’s okay to let people in.

{ The client had a difficult relationship with her mother in this current life where her mother never felt accepted by her family and was just craving for love which she couldn’t receive from any family member. After experiencing this lifetime, the client felt a different connect with her mother and gave her love and acceptance which she always needed .}

2 nd Lifetime as a wife in 1939

The client seen herself as a wife of a spiritual person sitting under a tree. When therapist asked the client which year it was, the client replied…1939. Therapist guided the client to look for more details like the place, the client replied… its an village in India. The client saw herself and her husband draped in orange cloth. When therapist asked the client can you recognise your husband as anyone in your current life, after a long pause the client replied….its you.{ The therapist and the client are best friends just like soul sister in this current life where they connected with each other at a different and spiritual level and the bond had become much stronger recently }. The client also mentioned the motto of her husband was to serve others through happiness. Client also mentioned that me(her husband gives spiritual talks to the people of the village where she wasn’t allowed to speak but she was also happy to hear him. As client couldn’t visualise any significant events further, the therapist gave a suggestion of going to the last day of her life as the wife. The client seen herself in a house with cement walls where she was sick and about to die. The therapist suggested her to look around if someone is there with her. The client replied… my son Raghu is with me holding my hand{ client was doing hand movements of holding hands } Her son was 15-16 year olds. When therapist asked did she recognise Raghu anyone in her current life, the client replied…. Nikita { Nikita is the client’s real elder sister in this current life }. The client also mentioned that Raghu and she only spoke through each other eyes{ In current life client and her sister shared the same communication which she experienced with her son Raghu i.e communication was more through eyes and they just understood each other and connected so well. }. The client also said…I know he doesn’t want me to go, but he knows I am dying. We both just know.

3 rd Lifetime as Bald man

Client seen herself as a bald man who met with an accident and was about to die. The client experienced bashing his head on something and fell down on the road. The therapist suggested that you’re in control you are just experiencing the past. The client could smell and taste the blood of his own{ Facial expression changed when client was experiencing this }. Client could see lot of people surrounding him but no one was ready to help. The client died at the age of 30 alone on the road. As client felt that he is dead the therapist gave a suggestion of floating above the body and feeling peaceful. When asked about the learning from this life, the client replied… Not to be selfish, he had no regrets but lived an isolated life.

A thought

Client suddenly said the word “thought” out of nowhere. As the therapist asked her what is this thought. The client replies… spirits. Client says… they say I can see spirits but I don’t know yet that I can see spirits that’s why I can’t see them but spirits know I have an ability to see them. { there was long pause and silence at this moment }

Connecting with Nature.

Client after the communication with spirits, she spoke about nature with a beautiful smile on her face as if she was talking to nature. As therapist heard the word nature she asked that if there is any message from nature. The client replied and gave a very beautiful message, she replied….Nature says world is running for happiness…don’t rush…Happiness is in nature…don’t act blind….seeing the live living is the happiest job { In current life the client always felt a different connect towards nature }

Connecting with the family in heaven

After the beautiful experience with mother nature. The client said, they say “believe in yourself”. As therapist asked who she was referring as “they”. Client replied “angels…my family in heaven. Therapist asked who are these angels. The client replied…. Papa( her grandpa who passed a way years back with whom she had a good childhood )the message from her grandpa was – he is proud of her and seeing her mom happy makes him happy, Francis( her real uncle who died few years back ) he smiles at her so brightly. The message from her uncle was – Help Rose(his daughter) he loves her, heal Annie( his wife) – she is doing something wrong which will get her into trouble, suddenly when the client said this sentence immediately she said “DON’T in a husky voice.( The word “DON’T’ was for his wife Annie ) Ladron (her dog who died years ago) he just said he is with her always. Suddenly the client says Matthew (her current life partner ) the client says Joe has sent him for me as my angel( Joe is her uncle who died years back ). When therapist asked the client does Matthew have any message for her…she replied…he is here for a reason…his eyes……he doesn’t speaks his eyes do, he says…. love yourself, you are full of love…be patient…be there and see yourself grow….accept yourself and feel the pure joy. The therapist guides her smoothly to feel all the loving emotions and the love throughout { The client had a beautiful bright smile through this experience except the Francis’s one because the client had a worried face that time }

At the beach

Client visualise herself at the beach standing and feeling connected to nature. The client starts speaking….the nature says…you are never alone…nature makes me feel complete…nature understands me and everything. Client visualises a beautiful blue colour star fish near her left hand( there were hand movements of left hand and a smile on her face ). When therapist asked is there anything the star fish is trying to tell you. The client replied… it says life is beautiful just like the star fish. If you try to control it will get spoilt. As the therapist asked the client how she feels, the client says she feels peaceful and complete. After a short pause the client visualise beautiful black fishes swimming in the sea. Client could feel the wind on her face and could listen to the wind on the beautiful beach and felt complete.

Resolution :

A t the end of the session client and therapist sat together and tried to connect the dots. The client felt grateful for this experience. The client got her resolution after re experiencing/visualising the current past life and realised how beautiful is to accept and love herself and her physical appearance.

For client the other lifetimes and experiences were the extra bonus of learning. The client and the therapist were very grateful for this experience.


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