My 1st PLRT case

I am humbly sharing my first experience beyond classroom with my 1st client as a Therapist.

Profile - Young 24 yrs women. Setting up her own business as a Fashion strategist.
Desired Outcome - Curious about past life. Wants to see if she has met her soulmate in her current life. she never felt an affinity to anyone except one guy whom she has never had a conversation with, she feels a deep connection with this one individual since more than 8 years when she was introduced to him. He appears strangely in her dreams ever since and it bothers her. They are connected through social media remotely and thus she in unable to keep him off the radar. Rather she does not want to…

Completed 13 stages.

Post Induction, The client reached a trance level as she walked down the stairs and started visualizing a past life as soon as I asked her to she herself going to a place she loved to be like the garden or see. Even before I could take her to her current life past, she has started to see and thus I continued to pace and lead the client.
Sharing the writeup from my client.
My thought - Maybe a session or two will unfold the desired quest.
Venu - Please advice how could I improve :pray:


I simply wanted to try PLR just out of curiosity, being unaware of its therapeutic effects. I have been regressed twice, by my therapist (Indu Nandakumar) and both my experiences brought rich insights into not only my present/past lives but also a better understanding of me as a person. I see a sudden shift in my attitude.

Before I went in for my regression, I was counseled well about the whole process and was told to state my objectives; which were reasoning my certain behaviors and seeing if I’ve brought somebody along from my past life to my present. I was told that relaxation and focus was the key. Take deep breaths, let loose and do not judge.

With the therapist’s calm voice guiding me through and the soundtrack in the background helped me reach the state of trance pretty quick. It was a state I’ve never consciously experienced before. I felt light and lifted, filled with intense unexplainable emotion. Vague images start to pop in front of me among which I could focus and recognize a few. I was able to see little some of my present – childhood & pre-natal phase. I remember being in dark, protected environment, breeched up in a warm & cozy womb. My eyes were half open and I suddenly could experience a shift in the light from dark to bright; as if I were born. I feel naked. Next, I see my grandfather’s face vividly before my eyes that I was struggling to open and finding it difficult adjust to the crystal brightness. Also grabbed a few glimpses of my grandma who was trying get a look of me. They’re ecstatic. Bringing my favorite childhood memory back, one summer afternoon in Ahmedabad, sitting down in my room, wearing spaghetti top & bloomers, with my favorite Jumbo coloring book and newly bought pack of 50 oil pastels. What a blissful moment!

The other two of my past lives which I saw were, Carolina & an Asian man (somewhere from either China/Korea). What I saw the most were the milestones of each life and also surprisingly found a few patterns that continued in both the lives and also seemed prevalent in my current life – my deep liking towards Asian cuisines and empathy towards anybody grey & aged. As Carolina, I saw a bit of my childhood where I watched my mother bake and caress me, me riding horses as a young lady, my parents fixing up my marriage and me not happy about it, glimpses of my married life, my daughter, my granddaughter (looking at whom I instantly recognize as my cousin sister in present lifetime), me as an old woman separated from my husband and living with my aged father, my father’s death and me being shifted to old age home and eventually dying there old at the age of 84.

As an Asian man, I identified myself as a doctor, who was tall, charming and a complete gentleman. I saw myself at work, dealing with old patients, some glimpses of driving back home in the rain, cooking my dinner. I was also able to see my graduation ceremony and my parent’s face. I remember having a younger sibling but didn’t see her face. I saw my older self and realized that I was still alone without any companion and finally die in my sleep at home. Neither couldn’t I recollect my name or the date. And none of the faces that I saw in this life seemed familiar correlating it to my current life.

Finally, the therapist helped me come back from my state of trance. When I was back to my conscious I experienced this feeling of heaviness and intense emotion which is extremely overwhelming so much so I burst out into tears. The therapist later took another counseling session wherein we discussed what I saw, she helped me interpreted what I saw. My experience of Past Life Regression brought in an intense feeling of euphoria, a feeling of being lighter and calm. Another few things that regression helped me to do is to remind me of my long-lost happy memories and I also felt the need of tweaking my behavior for the betterment of my current life.


Amazing Dear @Indunandakumar phenomenal work!
Loved this one,

" I was counseled well about the whole process and was told to state my objectives;"


My experience of Past Life Regression brought in an intense feeling of euphoria, a feeling of being lighter and calm.

I am sure that as you practice you would be able to work on addressing the abreactions in the stage 12 itself.
Keep it up once again and thank you for sharing.

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Amazing Indu. Thank you for sharing.
Long way to go!


Amazing work Indu. Welcome to Amarantos! Long way to go All the very best

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