My 2 nd plrt session

[1/23, 5:10 PM] Neeta: Today I had my session with my client who wanted to know why her financial status was like a rollar coaster,going up and then down.
Relaxed her for one and half hour.
Asked her to recollect one of her happy childhood memory.Instead she started getting glimpses of her past life.
Again I brought to the garden ,asker her to relax ,then once again tried to take her to her childhood memory.But again she jumped to that same past life.(only glimpses) So using that as an effect bridge I took
her to that particular lifetime.
She saw herself as an owner of 5 factories(female)she had two kids,husband n inlaws in London 1880.
They were facing financial crises and the investors n labourer were all shouting and the manager trying to talk out with them.
Later she told me that they were government suppliers, wollen for public and edible things ( her exact words)
She saw her residence as a big house ( well decorated) in the mountains, surrounded by trees,big swimming pool at the age of 50.
Then they wind up one of the factories, pay their liabilities n come out of the financial crisis.
In the next scene they are celebrating success’s with friends n family after a long time.Having party in their lawn.
Her son age 24 name Henry is helping in the business.
Carol (Daughter ) age 27 years .
After 10 years children are married,well settled.
Now life was running smoothly, no hassle, no problems ( her words)
Then asked her to go end of her life n asked her where was she, got the answer Rajasthan.
Then asked if Carol n Henry were there with her ,she asked me in very coming voice as to who they were.
Then I realized that she has jumped to another lifetime.
[1/23, 6:04 PM] Neeta: In this lifetime in Rajasthan she is a beautiful princess of Jodhpur, age 18 ,wearing ghaghara n jewellery and standing outside the palace talking to her friends.
They are 5 brothers n sisters (2 males and 2 females)and she is the brother is her present time brother.She could not tell their names as they were called Kunwar shah n Bai Shah.
Supper time-- so much of food served in thalis,very tasty.( Her words)
Next scene getting married to Prince of Rewa who was tall,smart and well educated. He was wearing Jodhpuri coat churidar and mochari.
Wedding was to take place outside the palace,huge samiyanas were placed,all royal people-- rajputanas were there. Wedding was still a week away.
On the wedding day she was dressed like rajput princess with lots of jewellery.
In next scene at her in-laws place in Rewa( again asked her to confirm)Husband’s name is Suraj and they have a huge family.
In 5 years time tensions and disputes r building up among the grown up children.Jealousy, fight for power as the power is shifted to elder brother. On asking what was her role ,she told to take care of the family.
Her feelings— “u have the right to get everything equally”
Her husband inspite of being a prince was in some trading business. There were chances of them getting nothing and the husband feels it’s his destiny. No love no hatred for the family.
She is now 38 year old with two kids — son Man Singh 17 year old
Daughter Uma 18 year old.
Again I took her to supper time were they were having food in their own portion of the palace.Happy with the share as nothing can be done.
After she died , floating ,feeling free,fresh air all around her.
Father in law came to meet her, blessing her n telling her that he will always be there for her.
Lesson learnt in that lifetime— to take life as it comes,be matured n handle the situation happily.
Any remorse— yes for being betrayed by the family for all the good
Asked her to forgive the family members which she did.
Again where did she feel the remorse.It was in the mind and body.what colour would she give it.
Black and asked her if love was to take it’s what colour would be that.She said pink. Asked her to let go of the black colour n fill pink colour in her mind n body.after doing that she felt very happy n relaxed.
Please guide me wat more could I hve done for her.
She told me many things were equivalent to her present life situation.


Thanks Neeta for sharing this wonderful session. Sharing few thoughts from my end.

  • I too had a client who during the process of relaxation started getting glimpses of the childhood. I think it is fine to hook on to that and proceed. There is no need to take them to the garden in such case. Taking to the garden is just to enable relaxation and visualisation.
  • The real cause for the financial status is not known. You could have taken her back to the London lifetime and time of death to understand the lesson, regret and emotions carried forward. That might have some relationship.
  • I am not aware of the colour filling of the emotions. This is new to me. Can you please share more on this.
    -It may also be interesting to find out about the Jodhpur and Rewa families.
    The write-up is under the uncategorized section. Please put it under the PLR cases section.
    Super session. All the best.

Thanks Harish, for your guidelines. I will certainly keep them in mind. Regarding the validification of Jodhpur and Rewa, nothing is known so far as there is no input of names of her ancestors .
While regressing me Venu had used colour therapy regarding my feeling for my father in law i.e.
V. ‘‘what colour will you give to your emotions …your hatred? ‘’.
Me “Black. "
V.” see all your hatred and anger convert into a black ball and let it go.
Heal this emotion with love …what colour will you give to this love…’’
Me “Pink. "
V. " Now see this black colour disappear …replace it with pink …
and see this pink colour expand and fill your entire being”.
"Now send this love which you feel to your Father in law ". Earlier my pain level was 8 to 9 and now it is 0. Thanks to Venu .
Venu please correct me if I am wrong . Venu I am waiting for your response like a first standard student , getting a few words of appraisal or reprimand from her guru .
I have another session lined up with my client and will try to find connections regarding her financial matters.
Thanks Geeta for ur response, it acted like a booster.thanks again to both of u.


Thank you Neeta for sharing the points on colour. I will also try this now.:slightly_smiling_face: