My Edgar Cayce, PLRT through a MEDIUM

I regressed my 42 year old sister in the year 2019 to know the reason for her back pain and the pain in her both the legs. The back pain is started for her after her second son`s delivery. Both deliveries are C-section. She couldn’t do any work by standing for a longer duration (more than a hour). If she does then she feels severe pain in her both the legs. She feels a particular nerve is twisting in both the legs and the pain will be from knee to till the ancle. She couldn’t get better from the medication. To keep the back pain in control Doctors advised her not to bend forward or backward, no yoga, also suggested her for the operation. But, she was scared to get operated and continued living with the pain. When I explained her about the PLRT. She said yes for a session.

Session 1

Did progressive relaxation, then did Dave Elman method 3 times, then made her to relax in the garden. And then guided her to witness the SE to know the pains.

T - What are you aware of ?
C - I am in the sky, I am scared of heights, and my head is spinning.

She could only see the same scene again and again. So, she decided to come out from the trance. After that she never asked me for a session.

After that I started experimenting with my 10 years old nephew (my Edgar Cayce). Once I guided him to know, what and where he was before coming on to this earth. He saw himself on a different planet. That story was posted in the forum in the title of TRYING TO EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN WORLD. One day, after 6 months from my sister`s session, my Edgar Cayce came to my home. As an experiment, I thought of doing a session for my sister through my Edgar Cayce.

Session 2

Did progressive relaxation, then did Dave Elman method 3 times, then made him to relax in the garden for some time, and then

T - Go back in time to a SE to know why your mother is suffering from back pain and pain in her both the legs.
C - I could see a group of people, and they are searching for something.
T - Who are they, what is happening there, and how is their appearance ?
C - They are hunters, all are holding sticks in their hands, the sticks edges are sharp, they are dark in color.
T - Which year and place it is ?
C - Don’t know the year, its a tribal life. some where in Africa. T - See what happens next ? C - They killed a Tiger. But, they are not happy. One of them is screaming. T - Why they are not happy ? Why he is screaming ? C - They are in search of a particular Tiger. T - Look into their eyes, can you recognize them in this life ? C - The person who is screaming is my mother in present life. He is angry. Cant recognize others.
T - Why he is angry ? what happened ?
C - One night while sleeping, a maneater Tiger ate his small son and his wife also. In the next morning he realized that a Tiger had eaten his son and wife. From that time this group is hunting Tigers. But, still searching for that maneater Tiger.
T - Go to a SE in that life to know why your mother is suffering from the pains ?
C - They have hunted that maneater Tiger. Its still alive. They have tied that injured Tigers legs and neck with a rope kind of thing.
T - See what happens next ?
C - He(mother in present life) cuts the Tigers legs. Now the Tiger is in unbearable pain. The Tiger is dead. This cruel behavior is the reason for my mothers pains.

(I told him, be there at the same scene until I guide you. Then, I called my sister on phone and told her the reason for her pains and asked her, do you like to resolve the issue. She said yes. Then I turned on the loud speaker)

T - Your mother is on the line and she want to resolve the pains. she is asking for forgiveness. Listen to her. ( she said, I am really sorry for that cruel act, now I have understood and I am seeking forgiveness from that Tiger, and ask that Tiger to release me from all the karmic ties).
C - Now I could see the Tigers soul and it is saying. its my fault also, I killed your son and wife. I am forgiving you and releasing you from all karmic ties. You also forgive me and release me from all karmic ties.
My sister - I am also forgiving you and releasing you from all karmic ties.
T - Is there anything else to see regarding this issue to resolve.
C - No.
(By counting 1 to 5 brought him back to awareness)

Feed back.

  1. After one month her pains are reduced. In couple of months her pains are completely vanished.
  2. After 4 months, my sister`s house construction is started. I was the Civil Contractor. Whenever Architect visits the construction building. Me, my sister and my B-in-law use to discuss 1 to 2 hours by standing. She never felt the pain again.
  3. From a year, everyday she is doing yoga also. No back pain and pain in the legs while doing yoga. (long back Doctors advised her not to do yoga).
  4. Yesterday, I asked her again how is your back pain and pain in legs. She just said, YOU ARE ONLY MY GOD.



Dear Naveen,
Very well conducted PLR session that too The Edgar Cayce way. My sincere congratulations to you for attempting something unique and achieving the desired results as well. Wishes for good health for you and loved ones.
Yes indeed Dr Venu has bestowed us all with the divine magic and power of PLRT. A hundred salutations to him. :yellow_heart:


Hi Naveen ji, thank you for this powerful post.


What a wonderful way you did PLR of your sister. Your Edgar Cyace was a amazing medium to resolve the pain.
Thank you so much for sharing this post.
Neelam Samnani(Atlantis)


Brilliant session. Thanks Naveen for sharing.

Sindhuja K


It is amazing how you thought of taking help of your nephew to help his mother! Very creative!


Truly amazing …
The use of a medium , to reach the outcome is brilliant and a new learning for me.
Just entering this wonderful world from the Atlantis batch …


Dear Naveen, very well executed case and thanks for sharing this case.


This proxy healing is most interesting. It gives so much more healing power for those who are unable to go through PLRT for whatever reasons. Amazing​:ok_hand::pray:

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Hi Naveen, it must be so satisfying to rid your sister of her long suffering. Kudos to you and your nephew for pulling it off so well. I was curious to know if your nephew was related to his mother in that life- if it came up during the session?
Thanks, Garima (Atlantis Batch)

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Garima, welcome to Amarantos family. My nephew was not related to her mother in that life. For me my nephew is my Edgar Cayce. When he was 10 years old, I regressed him to try something different. Then asked him to see where he was before coming to the earth. He saw him self on a red planet. That case is available in the forum in the name of TRYING TO EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN WORLD.

Thanks for sharing such a case with us. SO many learnings for me . Please do keep sharing.


Dear Naveen,
Brilliant!!! That is what I would put it. Such a powerful tool. What you have done is the Proxy session for somebody who is not in a postion to get into a trance. Thoroughly enjoyed. Very simple yet with lot of depth.

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Dear Naveen,

Wonderful innovative session with excellent results. Thank you for sharing. Becoming god for someone is such a wonderful feeling. Thanks to beloved guru for teaching us such miraculous therapy.