My geetha updesh!


Date: 01/11/2023


Time/Duration: 9am/1.5 hrs

Client Name/Sex: ST/Male

Eye Roll: =2+1

Hypnotisability: =9

VAK: Visual (6), Auditory (3), Kinesthetics (6)

Dominant Sense: Kinesthetics

Secondary Sense: Visual

Age 28

C: Client

T: Therapist


Time/Duration: 10.30am/1.5 hrs

Stage 1 Therapist Introduction

Client knew about the therapist’s spiritual leaning, way before the client enrolled for the workshop. Therapist shared the divine calling with the client almost a year before the Amarantos happened. Explained the nuances of the PLR and how it works.

Stage 2 Observe the non-verbals

Client seems to be very interested and confident to be through the session. No sign of any discomfort or lack of confidence.

Stage 3 Set the expectation of the Client


Stage 4 Sign a contract with the client & Oath of Confidentiality (Data Protection)


Stage 5 Client assessment

Client is a homeopathy doctor and has been practising for quite some time. Has been through the vagaries of life. Exhibits lot of fighting spirit. Simple personality with very few personal demands.

Stage 6 History taking

  • Client is egoistic
  • Client has a habit of being revengeful (Not in the criminal sense but in a competitive way…). This could make the client too stressful
  • Since having up brining in the village setting and from social interactions, feedback and experiences, has developed pre-conceived bias over females in a family setup.
  • Arrogance
  • Want to marry but afraid of the female tantrums…
  • Till 5th was not good in studies
  • After 5th transferred to different school and found a teacher who really supported him and helped to bring out his true potential
  • Went on to top the school (Came Second overall)

Stage 7 Relaxing the cognitive fatigue

Used Progressive relaxation as the main tool with regular intermittent deepening during the session.

Stage 8 Theme finalization

Ego, Revenge, Expectation from others, in Return, Marriage

Stage 9 Checklist preparation

As per guidelines from Amarantos

Stage 10 Induction

Psycho Dynamic Looping (PDL) and Progressive Relaxation

Stage 11 Visualization

Client was good with visualization, mind body coordination depicted by Kinaesthetic people.


Time/Duration: 12pm/2 hrs

Stage 12 PLR

Psycho Dynamic Looping and Progressive Relaxation…

T: Is mother there? Can you see anybody?

T: Are you sitting on the bench?

C: Smiling….


T: Who is the entity with whom you are interacting….?

C: Positive Affirmation…

T: Is it your Soul Guide?

[This session was somewhat peculiar to the other sessions which the Therapist has conducted so far. In this case the client has taken the session into “Autonomous Mode”. The clients barely spoke to the Therapist who was literally throwing queries at the client to get response from the client. In the end nothing changed and the client finished the 1.5 hrs sessions in complete TRANCE involved in a celestial experience somewhere up above the sky and “NOT IN OUR POOR GARDEN SETUP!”]

T: is continuously smiling….and interacting with the divine entity.

T: Pls help me to meet my soul guide

T: Go deeper and deeper, you may stay in state for ever….

T: Keep interacting with me…

T: Is it MAA or your soul guide

T: Describe how the Divine entity look like….

T: Is it your soul guide?

T: If it MAA pls take blessing from her…

C: Soul Guide

T: Oh!!!

T: Is the Soul Guide with you ?

T: Pls describe the colour of your Soul Guide…

T: Pls request your soul guide to be with me and not to leave you….

T: Ask the Soul guide, when would be your marriage happening, your parents are worried

T: You have not asked the name of your soul guide

[Client was continuously smiling and shall be doing it for the next 1.5 hrs non-stop with his “BINACA SMILE”]

T: What did your soul guide say?

C: Baithe Raho! (Keep Sitting!)

T: My Soul Guide pls do not leave me, stay with me…I have few queries. Request you to pls guide and help me to get my answers

T: Pls ask your soul guide whether you can put these queries with the Divine entity, who is with you right now?

T: Keep going deeper….

T: See your soul guide loves you so much and always thinks about your wellbeing….

T: pls keep holding the entities hand, and stay at the bench only….

T: See if the soul guide matches anybody from your current life…

[The client is in such a spiritual shock and amazement that he is not at all speaking and continued to be like this for the rest of the session]

T: See into the eyes of your soul guide and check if it matches with anybody in your family in the current life….

T: What is the colour of your soul guide?

C: Saawala! (Brownish….)

T: Can you match the entity with current family members in this life? From your village?

T: Pls ask your soul guide his/her name?

C: Radha Krishna!!!

T: Oh….Swayam Bhagwaan!!!

C: Radha is calling Krishna!!! :blush:

T: Where are you now?..Is it India OR…

T: Keep going deeper……You Super Conscious mind is listening to my Voice, so go deeper……

C: In the Sky!!!

T: Pls request the Divinity to take your questions….

T: See how your Soul Guide loves you so much that he has taken you along towards the sky itself…

T: Pls request your Soul Guide to remove behavioural anomalies like ego, expectations from others, revenge sense…. How to get rid of them from your life….

T: Pls ask how to remove expectations from others…I just have to do my duty and not to expect anything from others….

T: Is your Soul Guide guiding you?

C: hmm….

T: Kya Bool rahe hai? Kuch Advice they rahein hain?

C: hmm……

[Client is going on smiling….]

T: Did you get your answers?


T: Pls ask how to remove this revenge sense from the mind….

C: Pooch Liya………………….Sab Pooche Liya!!!

T: Oh….is it?

C: hmm………

T: Pls ask when you are going to get married?

C: Hmm……

T: Client s murmuring…. This year or next year……

T: Client is murmuring continuously, as if hearing somekind of advice giving my Soul Guide

T: Is saal or agale saal?

T: Saath maheene baad hogi?

C: Duwidha Hain……

T: Vasudev Nandan hain a aapke Soul Guide?

C: SAAP! (Snake……)

T: Kiski Pooja karna hain….? Pls ask your soul guide…

T: Have you understood everything?

C: Hmm…. Yes

T: Pls ask about your future wife from which place and her name? Pls reveal the information….

T: Did he tell the name?…pls ask…you have the right to know it….

T: pls reveal her place and name….

[Client is continuously humming and smiling….]

T: Keep paying attention to your breathing, go deeper and deeper……

T:Why he is not revealing your wife’s details?

T: Request him please…

C: 21st, Saath Maheene Baad (Not very clear……)

T: Any problem, blockage?

C: Murmurring

T: Did you understood what he is advising?


T: What is Vasudev Nandan, Poojya Bhagawaan saying?

C: Sanskrit hi Sabhiyatha Hain…….

T:Haaaaaa………Kithni Khoobsurat Baat hai…….Aur Sandesh Leejiye….

T: Aur Sandesh leejiye (Get more message from Vaasudev Nandan for your entire family)

T: What did he say?

C: Jaago……hmm

C:Fight with Adharma

T: So he is calling you to fight with Adharma!!!( What a clarion call!!!)

T: Ghanshyamji Kya bool rahein hai…………………Devaki Nandan Kya Bool Rahe hai?..He seems to be very happy……………………….

[Client is very happy ……]

T: Is Devaki Nandan with you?

[Therapist is heard say Krishna Krishna Krishna!!! In the recording]

T: Suddenly client asking the Therapist!!! :blush:

C: Prashna Keejiye (Pls ask your question!!!)

T: Pls request him to reveal when will be your marriage, this year or next…

C: Baatha Chuke hain…(He has already told me…

T: What about the name and place?

C: Not revealing….

T: Let it be…. It’s his wish……

T: Pls check if you have messages for your family, parents etc

C: Asthithwa hi kalyan hai……

T: Ok…Is this for you?


T: Ask about blessing for others…

T: Pls request Maadhav to bless you so that you become a good human being, an ideal person in todays world…a straight forward life……pls remove all confusion from my mind……

T: Is he happy with you….[Client is smiling….]


C: He is going……

T: Oh….?

T: Pls check if he has any message for me?

C: Angry with you………

T: Why?


T: Pls enquire what Devaki Nandan wants from me…. what can a small person like me can do for my SUPREME LORD?

T: Why is he angry?

T: Is he saying to bring the Children?

[Therapist is amused and smiling as he is speaking……]

C: Samay Deejiye……(Give Time….)

C: Give Love, lots of affection

C: Stop being Angry (Short Fuse!!!)

C: Run you hand on the head (With affection……for the children)

C: Run your fingers through their hair with affection ……(For Children….)

[Therapist is heard calling for Krishna, Krishna!]

T: Would you like to see your previous life?

C: Yes…

T: 3….2…1…go to your previous life, the life just prior to the current one….

T: Check what is coming to your awareness….

T: 3……2…1…Let your mind be filled with past life events and thoughts….see what you can see….

T: Come to the last stage of your life (Death Scene…)

T: Where are you now?

T: Are you alone?

T: Current life is L0, You are in L(-1), What is coming to your awareness? Are you male or female, what is your name?

T: 3….2…. 1… you shall remember all of it……pls check….

T: Check whether you are male or female…

T: Any important events?

C: Sehyogi…(Colleague….not clear…murmuring)

T: Any other important events for you….in immediate past life…See what you have learnt from it…any lessons learnt

T: You are now 10 yrs old and now SCAN back and forth and check for important events….

T: Your Superconscious mind is listening to my voice so go deeper and deeper….

T: Would you like to go back?

C: Hmm….

T: 3….2…1…. Go to your childhood of L(-2), let all your childhood memories come to you…you are 10 yrs old…….see what is coming to your awareness?

T: Is anything coming to your senses?

T: Would you like to come out?

T: Counting from 1-10, at the count of 10 you will be in your waking state, refreshed.

Stage 13 Integration/Inference

The main themes for the client was peace of mind, stress and family relations.

Stage 14 Closure/Mapping

The client said during the trance and later that whatever queries he wrote in his diaries for same of remembrance, were all answered using a single line answer by Devaki Nandan! Other Advices were privy between the LORD and the Client.

Stage 15 Reports & Recommendations

LORD Asked to fight against Adharma

LORD said Sanskrit hi Sabhyatha hai (Sanskrit is the way of life!!!)

Stage 16 Clients Feedback

Client is still in a state of shock as to how this is possible? He has been witnessing in the society how people spend their fortune and life but never get to see Divinity even in their dreams and here he is sitting with the LORD and getting his version of “GEETHA UPDESH”


Thank you Ananda ji for this beautiful session, humor certainly lights up the mood😄. On serious note, updesh from Bhagavan was so good to read and implement.


This is so amazing Ananda…


Hi Ananda - Your session is definitely interesting and out of the ordinary. Well done.


See we are all so close to Divinity!!! Now nobody can blame GOD. Its human who had forgot GOD. GOD is there always for us.


It’s a great idea to tag these lifetimes but I fear this might complicate things for the client.
Try to stick to the process of IDT, though this session was jam packed with spiritual insights and experiences I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to qualify it as a PLRT.


OK Sure. Yes realized it later on.