“My husband prioritises his spiritual practise and I feel sidelined”

Anju, F, 44, 7/10, 2/5, K, Troubled Married Life, 9/10*


Anju is a 44-year-old lady, working in an Ad-agency. She seemed to be fascinated by the idea of Past-lives and wanted to get her Past-life regression done.

She has Known her husband since school-days and eventually they got married. In the 20 years of her marriage, she has faced some domestic issues with her in-laws although her husband has been very supportive of her. But he is quite devoted to his spiritual practices and makes it his priority. She feels sidelined at times and her husband’s behavior bothers her. She feels that he doesn’t pay her enough attention and shouldn’t be so much devoted to spirituality. This is creating a rift between the two. She wants to explore the past life to find out why have they come together in this life time.

She wanted to find out why is she never a priority for her husband?

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

Session 1 : Stage 1 to 9 completed on 16.09.23

Session 2 : PLR conducted on 17.09.23

PMR, Dave Elman, Induction (using garden- bridge….), happy memories recollection

The client sees a young girl 15-16 yrs old, its dark and she is standing outside a fort. She is too scared to enter inside.

In the next scene, she is waiting for someone…she calls her “Baba” and she feels that meeting him will bring her peace. She couldn’t tell who is “Baba”…

Took her further back in time…. she saw her parents and siblings. Her father was some landlord of the area and they lived in a fort. Her name was Vrinda. Year was 1716 AD.

T- At the count of 3, you will enter the fort and let me know what comes in your awareness

C- I can’t enter…it is very dark…. I can’t find the way. (the client was feeling scared. Was guided to deep breathe)

T- At the count of 3, this place will be filled with light and you will be able to enter inside. You have nothing to fear. This divine light is protecting you.

1………2……and 3…….The place is now surrounded by light…enter inside

C- (Starts screaming suddenly…shivering)- There are dead bodies….I can see dead bodies

T- Float above the scene. Watch it from afar. I invoke Lord Hanuman for your protection and HE will safeguard you throughout

The client feels relaxed and tells that the fort was invaded by the Afghan army who mercilessly killed everyone inside….

Then she recalls the next scene. She sees Vrinda waiting for someone and she kept saying that meeting him will bring peace.

T- At the count of 5, take your awareness to the next significant event (counts 1 to 5)

C- I see “BABA” ….oh….this is Pramoj…my husband

T- How does he look like

C- He is wearing a long saffron robe like a sanyasi…woh ganja hai (he is bald)…saying this she bursts into laughter with her eyes closed…

T- What happens next

C- He gives refuge to Vrinda but asks her to remain silent and not interfere in anything

(The client then sees herself sheltered in a tent in a forest….’Baba’ and his followers are all there. She has been instructed to keep to herself and not interfere in their life. But Vrinda gets attracted to ‘Baba’ and tries to get closer to him. He pushes her away and warns her.

She then sees a child born to her (whom she instantly recognized as her very good friend in this lifetime.) When asked if she got married to ‘Baba’ she said ‘ No’.

Afterwards, she was taken to her death scene…she saw herself around 70 yrs of age. Her son is with her but she couldn’t see anyone else.

She carried the regret that she didn’t get the honor to be a wife of someone she had liked and despised his spirituality to be the reason.

In the current birth, they came together as husband and wife and she got her wish fulfilled…. but the pattern continues…she still despises his spiritual practise.

Closure and integration- After her death scene, she saw her soul leaving the body. I asked her to connect with her higher self and receive guidance regarding what she needs to transform in her current life…. her higher-self guided her to support her husband’s spiritual practise and to understand that her husband has a profound mission…

She realized that the universe has already fulfilled her wish in this lifetime by reuniting her with the man she loved in her past life, but couldn’t marry.

In the previous birth too, the man wanted to focus on his spiritual path and asked her not to get closer to him, but she insisted and tried seducing him and they had a love-child.

Her higher-self guided her not to control others and try to understand them.

Session-3 (Follow up)-

Met Anju after 2 weeks. She said she got clarity in her life and now she doesn’t feel irritated or ignored whenever her husband attends his prayer-meetings.

She said that she feels very much at peace after the session and her pain level was 0.

With such experiences, even my confidence as a therapist is increasing. I do feel nervous at times but the moment I surrender the process to the Masters, I feel relaxed.

Thank you so much for devoting your precious time in reading this.


Dear Pragati,

Thank you for sharing the session. The magical results of PLRT are indeed so profound. As therapists of PLR we all are blessed to witness such amazing healings and resolutions of problems of lifetimes.

Best Wishes

Great End Result…Pain level ZERO…


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Nothing to be worried about or in anyway feel leftout…you are just doing the correct way. Very well conducted session!!
Woh Ganja Hai…hmm…Trance mein bhi fashion sense hai client mein!
Keep it up…


@pragatibhatnagar039 congratulations for the session.

My birth date :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is hilarious, am sure you too had fun conducting the session.
Best wishes always :hugs:

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Wow! What a case!!! So simple, yet so so so profound. So much clarity. I bet this looks simple while reading but you must have given your everything for making this case so easy looking.

Hats off to you.


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Very well conducted…thank you for sharing

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Hey Pragati
You conduct it very nicely .

All the best !