My Mystical Journey Into Eternity Of Life

Greetings Amrantians !

This is Pragati Bhatnagar, trained PLR Therapist from Amrantos, (Atlantis Batch) and currently based in Bengaluru.
As a Buddhist practitioner, I was really intrigued by the concept of Past life karma and its effects on our current life.
I underwent Past Life Regression 4 years ago and got healed at a profound level when I viewed the karmas I had created in my past life …
I realized, how a Past Life Regression can enable us to see the reality of our lives and help in our evolution.
I decided to learn the PLR Therapy myself in order to help others heal…
It was then I came across ’ Amrantos’ and enrolled myself for training in the ’ Atlantis’ Batch( Aug. 2023)
Those 5 days of training were unforgettable and transformational. The level of commitment and dedication shown by our Mentor - Venu Sir has raised the bar so high that I sometimes wonder if I can ever be like him !
Venu Sir has guided and supported us unconditionally and I think, it is a huge responsibility that he has entrusted us with, as a PLR Therapist.
I pray to Lord that I can make my Mentor proud and work selflessly in order to heal others.

Thank you so much.



Dear Pragati,


Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your healing experience through PLRT. With Amarantos you have embarked upon the most enriching phase of your present life and I wholeheartedly wish you the best in all your endeavours.


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Dear Pragati
Welcome to this beautiful family of Amarantos
I am also from Bangalore
Lovely knowing about you
Wishing you all the best

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