Mysterious Visions, Difficulty in Expression and Past life exploration of Epileptic Neurodegenerative Disease


Dear Amarantos family,

With blessings of God, spiritual guides and with grace of our dear master Venu, I could execute my third case.

Client Vitals :

Name: Ms. MD.
Age: 45+ YO Female
Hypnotizability score: 7
VAK: Primary Dominant sense: Kinesthetic: 4, Secondary sense Visual: 8, Auditory: 3
Eye roll test: 2 (1+1)
Pain level: 7/10
Pain level (post session): 3

Client history :

Client is a very successful professor of German language and holds a reputable position in circle of education. She is an honored board member of German faculty at University of Pune.

Childhood : She was born into a virtuous, middle-class family. She describes herself as a hard-working person and always gives priority to her duties over other things. She almost always takes her decisions very practically/rationally, after analyzing all possible angles associated with it. She describes her childhood as very pleasant. Her family members were supportive and loving, and at the same time, they taught her life values like the importance of hard work, sincerity, and honesty. She also describes herself as a person who is very much bound and aware of her duties towards her family members. I asked her about her general interests and likings, she explained she likes Windy mountains, jungles, and open spaces but she hates deep waters, boating or adventurous activities and has a general fear of slipping.

Pre marriage , she described her paternal family included innocent and very simple people, who were not that smart about daily aspects/activities. On the contrary, her maternal family included very smart and rich people who often used to travel/visit abroad. Due to this polarity, there had always been competition/and comparison among children from her family. She mentioned it was very difficult for her to open up to anyone (to her immediate family or other distant relatives) due to the differences in their thinking and lifestyles. She had limited friends from her childhood who used to stand by her side, and this number later decreased when she grew old. She also mentioned there were family quarrels in her family (on property, money, and many other aspects) and hence she used to think a lot even before speaking a single word in front of their relatives. That became her habit in later life, and she chose to remain silent/distant to the extent other person doubts whether she is at all interested in speaking anything to them. She also mentioned it was difficult for her to cope with different situations and people, in different stages of her life, due to this behavior. She described herself as a very bright student during her studies. She used to remember almost everything after a single read and believed in perfectionism. After her graduation, she accomplished Professional level education in German language and secured a reputed position at Pune University.

Post marriage : She described being attracted to her husband due to lack of support/chance to open up in her childhood. Immediately after her graduation, they got married. Initially, their financial condition was moderate. Her husband was patient and supportive towards her issues. But later, as her husband was promoted to higher levels, he was indifferent towards her. He was not supportive and ignored her. At the same time, she was a simple, graduate girl (they have an age difference of 8 years). The client explained that her husband thinks that she is of no match to him nowadays. She also described, in all the Ups and Downs of her husband, she had always been there with him and mindfully did all her duties, but he does not remember any of this now. With all these reasons, their communication has shrunken. Though, at any cost she does not think ill of her family members, even though she does not get any support.

Epileptic child : Thereafter, they had a child (Vijay; name is changed), who was later diagnosed with a severe medical condition of epilepsy and neurodegenerative disease (Refractory epilepsy that led to cognitive dysfunction and incipient states of Alzheimer’s disease). She described, after every epilepsy attack, her son forgets his immediate learnings and causes lot of disturbances while eating. There is a “War” like situation while having every lunch/dinner even till now, as her son is 20 YO. At the same time, he is slow in learning and could accomplish his 10th standard certification at the age of 20. She also described, her husband is least bothered by the medical condition of their son, is indifferent in all the situations and prefers to stay away from them. The only thing he provides for their married life is money for the medical treatment for their child. The client is with her husband only for the sake of their child and explained that she has raised their child like a single mother till now.

Visions : The Client described that from few years, she has started getting visions on certain frightful occurrences across the world. In meditation she has witnessed many sad occasions across the globe and has seen many dead bodies/violence in advance, which is a horrifying situation to witness (Mumbai Taj Hotel bomb blasts, 9/11 and many more occasions). These visions were painful to her earlier and disturbed her to the roots, but now she is learning to cope with those.

She is also experiencing visions about her Physician. During the visions, she sees any the person’s name or image (whoever is related with her Physician) before her eyes repeatedly (C explained she sees their image 100s of times during the day or she “Unwillingly utters” their name multiple times) or she sees repetitive patterns of numbers consistently in the day. Being aware about patterns and numerology/astrology, she knows the hidden meaning behind those. She tries to communicate on any warning or precaution she has experienced during the vision to her Physician. She even prays and chants to get the condition better for him. But he (Physician) is not grateful/bothered and is indifferent to her warnings, even though her visions have proved to be 100% true about him or his family members (whom C does not know at all) till now. That further frustrates her.

Expectations through PLRT : Through this PLR session, she expects to explore if she has any past life relation with this Physician and if they have any unsettled Karma. She wishes to explore the reason behind difficulty in expression (especially with her husband) and a reason behind the medical conditions of her epileptic child and his aggressive behavior.

Session 1 : 3rd November 2023 (Time: 18:00 to 20:15)
Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Themes were finalized post session 1 and session 2 as:

  • Unwilling Visions
  • Difficulty in Expression
  • Reason behind the medical condition of the child

Session 2 : 4th November 2023 (Time: 15:00 to 17.45)

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The intent of this therapy was again discussed with the client and the theme was finalized as stated above and was discussed with her again.

Later we had a short break and had some informal chat.

Thereafter, we completed Stage 9 (going through the checklist). Informed her to feel free to do whatever she wants to do during the session (cry, laugh or moving/adjusting body parts). After she was comfortable on the bed, we proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was established.

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

We started with a prayer and performed the short meditation (5-7 mins).

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with Ball of light method.

The client was seen in a deeply relaxed state (relaxed and deep breathing, non-stiffness in body parts and relaxed eyeballs).

Visualization was carried out with a magnificent garden surrounded by snowy mountains. As client’s dominant sense is kinesthetic (4) and secondary as visual (8), she could visualize this beautiful place around and thoroughly enjoyed being in there.

It was suggested that this Garden as her safe place, where she could feel rejuvenated, energized, secured, loved and very much at peace. And she could always float back this garden, whenever she may feel any discomfort during the session. It was also suggested to carry all the divine, positive energy from this garden and remember the same, any time she wishes in the future. Thereafter, the client could imagine two happy memories from childhood and told that these memories are close to her heart. In the garden, she could visit her father, mother, and her son, being in a very happy state. She saw them in a loving, and confident state and were saying “come to me”, while spreading their hands. While spending time with her son Vijay, whom she saw in a happy, carefree, and healthy state, he held her hands and said, “I’m with you Mummy”. She also saw a memory with her school friend, while they were having a light conversation and laughing together.

(After a while)
T: In a moment, we will move up on the beautiful snow mountains, are you ready to proceed?

C: Yes (we reached the top of the cliffs for reframing). During reframing, she could notice many of the painful memories and was able reform those in metal frames. After throwing away the boxes, the client mentioned she felt more serene and peaceful.

After this, the client was taken back to the garden and was awakened. She mentioned she’s feeling relaxed and fresh! She also admitted that it was such a lovely ‘Journey’ and was thrilled for the next PLR session.

C: (Post session discussion): She imagined herself in a magnificent, beautiful garden with trees, benches, multi-colored flowers, and birds. She informed me that she was able to roam around the garden. Intentionally, I chose to not take her through the lake/boat towards the wise person and instead suggested to explore the garden, appreciate the beauty around, feel the pleasant breezes and chirping birds. Apparently, I could notice that she was weeping during the reframing session (she also shed tears after finding her son in a perfectly healthy state, holding her hands, and saying “I’m with you, Mummy”).

Session 3 : 5th November 2023 (Time: 14.30 to 18:20)

We discussed about her experience from previous session, and I asked her if she is comfortable to have the mesmerizing experience of PLR now? She was thrilled and excited to find out the answers to her issues and was ready to proceed.

We started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation.

Next to garden and from there to an ancient temple.

She could meet her master in the temple (he opened the door for her) and she felt very happy being in association with the master.

From further pyramiding we reached to multiple doors and client was suggested to open the right door based on the knowledge in her sub-conscious that could land her in the relevant PL memory regarding her themes.

( Post session , she disclosed her master appeared as a Tibetan monk in orange-coloured robe. His name was “Advaita”. I suggested her to bow down to him and take his blessings, and if you wish you can hold his hands, requesting to accompany you and guide the way towards the right PL memory. After the session she said her master wrenched her hands and spoke “Can’t you find the by yourself? It’s not that difficult!!! I was surprised by the reply).

T: What comes to your awareness?

C: राजा, सिंहासन (A king and a throne). He’s old and having a dense beard, wearing royal clothes.

T: What else do you see around you; can you describe your surroundings?

C: It’s a palace; a large mansion. There are multiple swords and shields on the wall.

T: Which part of the world is it; can you recognize?

C: It’s in India.

T: Any specific region coming to your awareness?

C: I think it’s some fort in Maharashtra. On a great height (on a mountain).

T: What is year is this?

C: I’m not sure, but it an old time. Maybe the Mughal empire period.

T: Can you look at your legs? What are you wearing?

C: Old fashioned Salwal Kameez. (C was answering in a very low tone, indistinctly: like mumbling, it was difficult to understand).

T: How old are you?

C: In my 30s.

T: What are you doing there?

C: Sitting with the King in the palace hall, there is no one around.

T: Are you following any activity?

C: No answer for some time. Then, “No”. I’m during my duty. I’m sitting there, my neck is bent down and I’m looking at the ground, in a salutation gesture! I’m gathering pearls those are spilt all over ground from my broken necklace.

T: Can you describe, what are you discussing about? What caused your necklace to break?

C: King pushed me saying you’re my wife and you must do all the duties. I’m on the ground. With great pride, he also said “मी असाच आहे, आणि असाच वागणारे!!” (I’m like this! and will behave like this only!!; i.e., I will not change). (Apparently, C was a queen of some Marathi King/Sardar; Later I could interpret this as a KMF).

T: What feeling are you experiencing there?

C: It’s a painful scene. I’m helpless. I’m delicate, fragile woman. I’m enduring all the tortures of this man for a long time. However, I have accepted it and I’m mindfully doing all my duties.

T: What makes you say that?

C: He is a ruthless and arrogant person. He has never been nice and kind with me. I am enduring his torture from a long time. I do not have any choice either. I’m just like any other दासी (maid) to him.

T: I can understand your pain! What do you call him? What is his name?

C: She kept silent. (Hence, I decided to reverse the question to “what does he call you?” But again, she kept silent. Suggestive of having no insights on this, for now).

T: Can you look into the eyes of this king and recognize him to anyone from your current life?

C: He is my husband in the current life.

(Here, I thought to move her to different significant memories from this lifetime).

T: In a moment, I’m going to count from 3-1, at the count of 1, you may proceed to any other significant memory of this lifetime.

What comes to your awareness?

C: I’m doing some work. I’m fetching water. Outdoor somewhere.

T: Is there anyone around you?

C: No, I’m alone.

T: What makes you work on daily basis, despite being a queen.

(It was not clear to her, and she remained silent)

T: What else comes to your awareness from this moment?

C: There is no other significant memory from this time.

T: Okay, I’m going to count from 3-1, at the count of 1, you may reach to your place of residence. 3-1.

C: I’m in a big room. There are multiple beds around.

(Both of these visions were surprising for me, despite being a queen, why she had to sleep in a common room and had to work on daily basis. Later she revealed that she used live in the जनानखाना/ The female apartments where other queens and their maids used to live. With no further details, we reached to other significant memory from this lifetime).

C: I’m at my parents’ residence.

T: Is there anyone in this place you feel particularly close to or have strong connection with?

C: I feel close to my parents.

T: Very good! Can you describe this place, you may look at your left and right.

C: There is a small house. My parents are just the average villagers.

T: What are you doing in this moment?

C: My mother has hugged me. They both are very happy seeing me there. But they are saying Do not tell anyone that you have arrived here.

T: What makes you say this?

C: King does not like me being here at my parents’ place.

T: What else is happening there?

C: My parents are looking at me so lovingly. They are asking me to come inside and if I was hungry?

T: Very nice! Whenever you may feel lonely, you could remember the love in the eyes of your parents.

What does your parents call you?

C: They call me “Mrunalini”.

T: Nice name! Mrunalini, can you explore how come you got married to the king?

C: (After a while) My parents were in debt for the king. In return the King asked them to give their daughter to him. They could not resist out of the pressure.

T: And how do you feel about this situation?

C: Helpless! It was very unfortunate to marry such a person. But I could not express anything. Due to compulsion, I had to marry with this ruthless king.

(I could relate the theme of “Difficulty in Expression” with this situation, where she was helpless and had to marry a person against her will).

(C was breathing heavily at this moment and showing restless movements, so we worked on her breathing and I thoughts to move him ahead in this life).

T: In a moment, I will count from 3-1, as I reach 1, you could reach towards the end of this life, you could reach to the time of death in this life. (3-1). Can you explain what comes to your awareness?

C: I’m an old lady. In a small house. There are lanterns on the wall. I’m ill and coughing intermittently.

T: Is there anyone with you there?

C: No, I’m alone.

T: How old are you?

C: May be 80.

T: How are you feeling there?

C: Discomfort. I’m ill for a long time now.

T: If you’re comfortable, can you describe the end of this life?

C: It was a natural death. I left my body.

T: What were your feelings at that time?

C: It was a painful life. But I did all my duties throughout the life, mindfully.

T: What happens next after you leave this body?

[PD] C: I feel very light. I feel nice. I’m can see, I’m young and happy again! (C felt comfortable on the bed, and she was apparently smiling, witnessing herself as free and happy again). I floated and went upside. He has arrived to pick me up!

T: Can you elaborate who has picked you up?

C: Its him. He held me so lovingly. His face it simply glowing!! (later she revealed that it was her Physician from the current life, about whom she is frequently getting Visions).

T: What is he saying to you?

C: He is saying “I am there with you! In every life! Do not worry about anything.” We are lovers. He is gone now (C was surprised to know this fact).

T: Are there any insights from this past life that you can carry to your present life?

C: You will get everything that you ever wanted when you stay conscientious. (C words: कर्तव्यनिष्ठ रहिलीस कि तुला सगळं मिळेल).

T: Very good! That’s an amazing lesson isn’t it! Do you wish to explore anything else from Mrunalini’s lifetime?

C: No.

T: In a moment, I will count from 3-1, at the count of 1, you may reach to the past life that holds roots of your Unwilling Visions and the reason behind the medical condition of your child.

[C did not spend much time in LBL and could visualize another vision after backword count].

C: I can see a farmer. He’s, my husband.

T: Can you determine where and when this is taking place?

C: Not in India.

T: Any specific region coming to your awareness?

C: He is wearing a strange turban and synthetic type of black coloured clothes. I think this is Afghanistan.

T: What do you see around you, can you describe your surroundings? Maybe you could try to identify any landmarks.

C: It’s a dry region. There is a scarcity of water. I can see a huge open field covered with small bushes.

T: Which year is it?

C: Not sure, but it is not that old.

T: Can you look into eyes of this farmer and recollect if he is related to you in your current life?

C: (After a while) Yes. He is my physician from the present life (About whom she is getting visions). He is looking so kind and humble.

T: What is his name? what do you call him?

C: शौहर (husband)

T: Okay! Maybe you could look at your feet, what does your attire look like?

C: I’m wearing a black Burka. Long ear chains (C words: कान वेल) I can see.

T: How are you?

C: I’m 35+.

T: What are you doing there? Any particular activity are you following with?

C: I’m helping my husband. He is going to some Dargah. He believes in the God; he is a religious person.

(Client was apparently more into her husband and hardly describing about herself).

T: What does he call you, what is your name?

C: Salma!

T: Very good! what are you doing? Do you recognize anyone around you?

C: It is just two of us. We are quiet. Silence all around.

(C was not getting much traction from this moment, hence I decided to reframe the question as: what emotions are you experiencing in this moment?)

C: Neutral, we are just silent! (Here, I decided to move her ahead to other significant memory from Salma’s lifetime with a backword count).

T: Is there an event that is particularly impactful or life changing from this lifetime? What comes for your awareness?

C: निकाह (a marriage).

T: Wonderful! Can you describe this more explicitly?

C: We are wearing beautiful dresses. I’m wearing black Burka and beautiful maroon dress underneath. Traditional ornaments. Everyone is cheerful!

T: What else is happening around?

C: He (husband; her physician from the current life) is happier. He is teasing me. But I am staring into the void (C words: शून्य में नज़र मिलाके). It looks like my mind is frozen.

T: Are there any challenges or conflicts you are dealing with?

C: Yes!

T: Maybe could you elaborate those; how do they make you feel?

C: I am not happy! I’m feeling burden of the duties! I do not wish to marry this person!

T: What makes you say that?

C: He is not rich! I can see all the struggles ahead, but I can’t express anything.

(I could see the same pattern from Mrunalini’s lifetime was repeating in this time. Thereafter, to explore her place of residence, I suggested her to visit her house at the backword count).

C: It is a very simple/ moderate home like a small hut.

T: Do you recognize anyone around you?

C: No, again just two of us.

T: Can you look at your feet, what clothes are you wearing?

C: Very simple clothes.

T: What emotions are you experiencing over there?

C: I am not happy! just pulling on by each day!

T: Do you think you could have been happier, if you were not being with this person?

C: I think so.

(Here I thought to move her ahead to explore reasons/link behind the aspects behind her son’s medical ailments).

T: In a moment, I am going to count from 3-1, at the count of 1, you could explore if your son (Vijay) from the current life is related to you in Salma’s lifetime (3-1).

C: I can a 15-16 YO boy is playing around. He is very happy and cheerful.

T: Can you look into his eyes and recognize him anyone from your current life?

C: He is Vijay (her son from the current life).

T: What do you call him?

C: Youssef.

T: How do you feel when around your son?

C: I feel safe and confident.

T: How is your relationship with Youssef?

C: It is a very loving relationship.

T: How old are you?

C: Maybe 45-50 YO.

T: What is happening there?

C: I can see he fell from a tree. He is injured. (C was restless witnessing an injury of her child).

I Tried EMDR (left/right sided visual movements) and instructed her to breathe deeply.

Then, “how are you feeling in this moment”?

C: Not comfortable. (She wept for a while, I thought to give her some time to witness the scene and thereafter I thought to move her ahead towards the end of this life; at the count of 3-1).

T: If you are comfortable, can you describe the end of this life? What was your experience at the time of death?

C: I died in distress. I was very unhappy.

T: What were your thoughts at the time of death?

C: I did not do all the duties that I should have done, as a wife!

T: What lessons have you learnt in this lifetime that might be relevant to your current life?

C: You will get everything that you ever wanted when you stay conscientious. (C words: कर्तव्यनिष्ठ रहिलीस कि तुला सगळं मिळेल).

(I was surprised, in Salma’s life also she received exactly same lesson that she received earlier in Mrunalini’s lifetime. I received almost all the required inputs after connecting the dots from these two lifetimes but to make sure on her learnings, I thought to confirm it with her again).

T: What impressions do you carry about your visions for your physician (from the current life)?

C: In Salma’s lifetime, I was addicted to my husband (her present life physician). I used to think of him always, too much. However, I did not do my duties for him, as a wife (as she described earlier, she was unhappy marrying her husband).

T: That’s fine! it is natural for anyone develop a strong attachment before you know it and feel them like the centre of your universe. So, it is natural for anyone to think of someone when such intense emotions are involved.

T: From Salma’s lifetime, what impressions do you carry for Vijay, as your son in the current life?

C: We could not feed him enough food due to poverty. (C later revealed that even today, feeding her son is a very difficult task, it is a war like situation! As he troubles a lot/takes much time to have food). His injury from this lifetime might have been the reason behind his neurodegenerative ailment. Though, he loves me; he’s not taking any revenge on anybody. He is just completing his own Karma. Love does not die!

T: That is a great revelation! you could remember it whenever it is required in your current lifetime. Do you think you could forgive the King from Mrunalini’s lifetime and your husband from Salma’s lifetime, as it was not their fault howsoever, they might have behaved with you? They were living their own Karmas, and it is not necessary for you to link yourself to their Karmas/mistakes and create altogether a new Karma.

C: Yes, I have forgiven them.

T: Very good!

T: Do you wish to explore any other previous lifetime that might be relevant to your current life?

C: No.

From there, we returned to the temple with her permission, and she could meet her master again.

Visiting future : While in temple I tried to take her in the immediate future (5-10 years from now) and instructed to set good intentions for the future. The C could envision her son, Vijay was supporting her. He has stood up on his feet. He also showed his purse packed full of money :wink:.

After her permission, we returned to the temple from the future time, through pyramiding she could see a very beautiful deity of the temple, a goddess. With instructions, she bowed down and sought blessings for her bright future (C spent some time there). Apparently, the goddess spoke to her as,

“Do not worry, I am already with you! Whatever you are doing that only is the right thing to do! (I got goosebumps hearing these blessings, directly from the goddess).

T: You could also seek a permission from your loving master, “ Advaita” before leaving and ask him any message to take with you.

C: He is saying “Be careful, walk on the righteous path! Leave behind your rage! I will be always there with you!”

T: Very good! You could remember these lessons and love whenever you need them in future.

(Having so many insights and knowledge from the master, I thought to ask him directly if I need to improve on any part or add anything to the therapy that might facilitate Client’s healing process).

T: Please ask him a question on my behalf, is there anything else I can do, which can help you to alleviate your issues (themes of this session) that we’ve discussed before?

C: (after a pause) You are doing that could have been done.

T: Thank you! Please ask him for his blessings for me as well. Are you ready to be awakened now?

C: Yes.

T: She was gradually awakened with 1-10 count and returned to the current time.

Closure & conclusions :

  • In Mrunalini’s lifetime, she had a deep feeling that she should not marry the king as he was a ruthless and arrogant person, but as her parents were in debt from this king; she could not express anything and had to marry him. These feelings surfaced towards end of that lifetime. She had a strong feeling of doing her duties mindfully, despite all the torture and hatred shown by the King. She endured the suffering throughout her life. C might have carried these feelings and an inability to express her true desires to the current life.
  • During lifetime of Salma, she carried the feeling of not marrying a right person because of his poverty and she did not perform her duties (did not give complete justice to her duties) as a wife, which she revealed later is the reason behind her Mysterious Visions about her Physician and she needs to witness the same and complete this Past-Life Karma.
  • A medical ailment of her son was related to the injury/mishap that happened to Youssef (her son from Salma’s lifetime) and it is not due to any revenge. It is revealed that he still loves her a lot, but he is completing his Karmas from the previous lives.
  • In both lifetimes, she received the same lessons as “You will get everything that you ever wanted when you stay conscientious”, suggestive of executing her duties towards her current life partner and for her Physician.
  • As a part of the resolution, it was suggested to her if she could forgive the King (from Mrunalini’s lifetime) and her husband from Salma’s lifetime (current life Physician), as it was not their fault, howsoever they might have behaved. It was out of their own Karmas, and it is not necessary for her to link herself to their Karmas/mistakes and create altogether a new Karma. She accepted this and forgave them.
  • Finally, it was suggested her to take a break from her current busy routine and practice daily meditation. It was also suggested to her about few exercises and Pranayama. A couple of self-healing books on Kriya-Yoga were also suggested, if she is interested in giving it a shot!

Pain level (post session): 3 (C explained that she had the experience of a lifetime and was happy that she finally got answers to her questions, which apparently, she was searching through one-to-many ways for a long time).

PS: I had a follow-up call with her, when she explained that she is feeling much better now and is excited to plan various activities with her family during this Diwali!

Thank you for your valuable time and wish you all a very Happy Diwali!

Lots of Love,



Congratulations @Kaushik for the final submission. Hope you receive same as wished :smile:


Excellent Kaushik, Very nicely executed! If you carefully observe in your session, it has proved that Soul is “Religion Agnostic” and your session has proved it once again but see what is going on in this world. People are killing each other over “Hearsay”, misunderstanding and false narratives. You took it to logical closure with apologies at right moments, thus releasing the soul from Karma entanglement.


Kaushik!! You always end up making me smile and feel raptured by your due diligence and grasp on the session.

The ability to find the common thread running between lifetimes is so needed in order to bring integration and take the open issues to completion. And this is definitely your strong suit.

Also ‘forgiveness’ is a natural result of an increase in awareness and I am sure the client is at a much higher level of awareness post these sessions. Very well conducted!


Dear Kaushik,

My congratulations and heartfelt compliments :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: to you for conducting and sharing such amazing sessions. You are indeed a blessed soul and a wonderful therapist.

Highlights for me are :

  1. Your demonstrated ability to connect with emotional aspects of the client’s experience.
  2. Excellent suggestions as per situation and with due regards to her dominant sense.
  3. Diligent implementation of 15 Stages taught to us by
    our Beloved Guru :pray:.
  4. All the issues listed by client got addressed.

My Humble Learnings are below for your consideration please,

Very well conducted covering multifaceted dimensions of client’s life.

That’s astonishing… :astonished:

May I recommend to put the finalized theme here. We may always take assistance of factors of pain-suffering-priority (ref workshop workbook) to distil the theme.

Would request views from fellow Amarantians and our beloved Guru on this aspect.

:+1: :ok_hand:

We mean


Aim achieved…Bingo !! :smiley: Well Done Therapist.

Though the innate soul in us all, always tries to speak to us and guide us but its for the Maya that veils the pure knowledge and absolute truth. Thanks to the magic of PLR that we AMARANTIANS find ourselves blessed to witness the falling of curtain and amazing connections getting fructified with that innate soul when it speaks as the Spirit Guide or Master or a Diety !!! :pray: :pray:

May I suggest to have these resolutions ie forgiveness to emerge from the subconscious of the client itself in the form of - What is that you are carrying over / what is that which is required to be done?

My best wishes to you for future sessions.

Thank you for providing such an excellent learning experience.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Hi Kaushik,

Great session. Congratulation. When the client feel good/better after a session, I am sure that is a wonderful feeling.



Dear Monesh ji,

Thank you so much for sharing us such invaluable insights… those are truly beautiful learnings and are very helpful for the future sessions.
About her spiritual guide suggesting her to find out way by herself and adding further it’s not that difficult, here I was bit surprised on the her reply but your comment certainly clarified my doubt :blush:.

Lots of love,


Hello Jasmit,

Thank you so much for your kind words, indeed it felt so amazing and satisfying at the same time when the client said, she’s feeling really happy to find out few answers to her long standing questions…:blush:


Thank you so much Shilpa for your lovely comments. Totally agree, I think she was already on much higher level of awareness as she practices meditation and witness certain visions… I just tried to facilitate her to derive few answers to her long standing questions :blush::heart:


Thank you so much Ananda ji… rightly said… in reality the situation is totally contrast of what we all observe through our sessions… especially on the lessons that are received after PD.


Thank you so much Pooja, indeed it feels so nice when we hear some encouraging words, especially from a divine source as in this session :blush:


Brilliant my beloved @Kaushik, it’s so perfect that it’s like a textbook.

Very good technique to arrive at the theme Kaushik, works like wonders, use it from the next session to arrive at a 1 or 2 word theme.

“I also observed the words which were frequently repeated by the client, and whenever those were relevant for this session,”

we could have paraphrased and avoided the use of “see” which doesn’t tally with the C’s sub modality.

this is a very good indicator–deep voice indicates it’s origin to be from the sub or unconscious mind!

Thank you for blessing this forum by studding Marathi sentences. Loved it!

This is isomorphic!

Felt like I’m conducting this session, wow Kaushik, so presence of mind!

we could have avoided, “Nice name” as this might not have been in sync with the client’s feelings at the time. as she later said, “C: It was a painful life.”

here is the theme, helpless is the root cause of Anger!


this is the best example of how repressed material come to light!

Amazing! It’s like the summary of SBG 3rd chapter.

Instead of work giving an option to exit, it would have been much more effective if we could have facilitated the Classic Pattern. That would have ensured no residual issues and pain might have come down to 0!

we can avoid judging here too :slight_smile:

This is wrong, EMDR is not a stress management technique and is not to be employed in the context of past lives.
which is why!

Please revise stress management techniques and use it during past lives.

Guilt is nothing but anger.

Am glad you tried to execute the T of IDT, only thing, next time you can frame questions in such a way that all this learning will come from the depths of the client’s subconscious, making it her own first-hand knowledge.


Amazing! This is why the therapist is actually the mother of their client’s and which is why Sri Patanjali Maharishi called this process – Pratiprasava – Rebirthing!


thank you so much much for taking the time to review the sessions with all your heart my beloved @Monesh_Bathre.

it’s okay in this case as we might not get clients who mediate regularly, hence we have the Stage 7 which is easy on the client and therapist. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi Kaushik - What a case!!! Fabulous! Lots of learning from the case.
I have one suggestion - As therapists, I think, we should be neutral and use the words…ok, understood…etc instead of “Very Nice”; “Nice Name” “Very Good” :Wonderful"…bcos we dont know what is coming next…

Otherwise I really enjoyed the case and all the queries/theme was answered in the PLR.



Dear Kaushik,

I am just a learner in the blessed feet of our Guru :pray: :heart: :pray: :heart:

Thank you from the endocardium of my heart… :heart:

Looking forward to catch up with you some time…

God Speed


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


My dear Guru, thank you so much for reviewing the session. Those are so helpful for all of us to execute successful sessions. I have noted all the invaluable suggestions.
Kind regards, Kaushik.


Respected Dr V,

I have no words that can describe…:pray: :pray:

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Congratulations dear Kaushik for handling the case so well :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Amazing! the client’s Pain level has gone down to 3 from 7 and she got all the answers to her questions, as a therapist this shows your quality work.

I think the questions can be framed in a better way using ‘what could’ (as our beloved master Dr. Venu suggests us to use, for example

What could be the discussion going on here? What comes to your awareness?

Themes were finalized post session 1 and session 2 as:

  • Unwilling Visions
  • Difficulty in Expression
  • Reason behind the medical condition of the child

If the theme could be one of 3-4 words maximum, it can enhance the session.
like here the theme could be ‘feeling of helplessness’. Generally, client wants to know the answer of their symptoms but their history about themselves will tell what their main problem is!![love-yourself-quote-lucille-ball-1024x1024|500x500]

wow! this is best part a therapist can play in the session - connecting the patterns & lessons learnt. you did it so well.
As I have observed that her married life is not happy in both previous lifetimes and in present lifetime also, and to break this pattern now she needs to work upon Self-love and self-healing, as whenever we search for happiness outside our own soul, people let us down so you can tell her to work on herself now.

This shows that to gain the love and support of her husband now she needs to work on herself and one she will gain confidence and will love herself she will definitely get love.


Thank you Shipra for the motivating word😊


Dear Kushik,

It was an incredible session. Your attentiveness could be noticed throughout the session. Minute things like remembering the name of the master and saying good bye and taking blessing before emerging out of session does matter. Collecting the dots and paraphrasing was phenomenal. Thank you for sharing. All the best for you future sessions.