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I recently had a client who is a 31 year old Male. He said that he had a dream 10 years ago in which he saw an Old man who told him that he should find his Guru and follow that Guru to grow spiritually. When he asked the old man who that Guru is, the old man replied that he should meditate to find out his Guru and then disappeared. After this dream, my client said that his life has totally changed and he could not be normal with friends. He is always in search of Guru and living a normal life and also not focused in career since he always roams in search of his Guru quitting his job every time. He has almost changed around 20 jobs. He goes to different spiritual schools, lives with some Gurus or saints and when he feels that is not the person he is searching for, he comes back. He moved to different places including Kasi (Varanasi) in search of Guru or the person who appeared in his dream.

When he practiced meditation, he could not gain any insight about this.

I would like to know the right protocol for PLR to help him lead a normal life and if possible, to help him understand the dream and also find his Guru.

Can I just directly take him to that day when he dreamt in this lifetime and ask him to relive the dream and proceed organically?


Could you please share your ideas on how to work on this case?


I feel while he is constantly searching for an external guru, he is losing
focus over the internal guru within him. So, he is always returning without
finding anyone.

So, maybe the theme could be related to his need for searching an external
guru OR his need to deviate from himself OR based on the emotion he
experiences when he goes anywhere searching for someone.



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This is an interesting one! Kindly elaborate on the context of the circumstance when the client had this dream (if u did the resource collection) - the thing is that the dream could well be a symbolic event or may be not…. It could be an illusion art thought that popped up due to certain situation or thought pattern of the client. The very fact that the client mentions his life to be normal while he is not able to even keep a job or maintain his regular friendships post the dream are indicative of some Strong Deficit w.r.t. thoughts/emotions about self. What was so significant about that dream that made him believe that this was the only way to make his life better (at a conscious level) despite facing negative outcomes while trying to find a guru? So, you may please consider the above as well as starting a little earlier than the time of occurrence of the dream. Hope that helps?

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I agree with @drvasus199! Thats what I would do as well. Seeking a guru outside may be a subconscious way of not looking inward - because it may be too painful or confusing to do so.

@Akalya_Sg- I think a good history taking session may give you insights as to why he may be looking for guidance outside.

Then doing the plrt sessions with him with a theme like “need for external guidance” or maybe a narrower one based on your history taking session , you could allow the session move organically. My thoughts.:cherry_blossom:

All the best!

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True Vasundhra. I received similar ideas from few others. Thank you. Will discuss this with the client and update my experience later.

Thank you Sachi.

True Vasundhra. I received similar ideas from few others. Thank you. Will discuss this with the client and update my experience later.

Thank you Sachi.

Good. Thank you Simran

No one knows their lifes purpose. Many people are trying to know their lifes purpose in different ways. We give importance to messages received while in trance. But, I believe such messages received in dream are as important as while received in trance. Without PLR or any other format, the client has already received a message and it is very clear, keep meditating. One fine day the Guru will appear in front of him. Practically searching a real Guru in this world is not a good idea. Instead, let the Divine plan for him. Not trying to find a real Guru is better than finding a wrong Guru. By the time I realized, whom I have found is a wrong Guru, I have already lost lakhs of rupees and years of time. Intense search of a Guru within only will help. One may face lot of struggles/tough time… Still if one is searching for guidance then the Guru will appear. it`s my experience and belief. In PLR you can take him to that day when he dreamt in this lifetime for more guidance or seek for Divine guidance while client is in trance.