Need to be in a womanly role since 25 years (Part 2): Complete resolution with 3 sessions of PLRT

Remaining part of Session 2 and complete session 3


T: What are your carry overs from that lifetime?

A: Parents should take care of children

Mother should take care of children

T: What are your learnings from that lifetime?

A: Without woman, there is imbalance

T: What makes you learn this from that lifetime?

A: Things were not going in a proper way because no one had a womanly sort of aura, neither men, nor woman

I can be the woman

{Asked if he could give forgiveness to his mother for whatever he felt she had not done in that lifetime}

A: Yes…because I now realize that woman can’t do everything


It’s about seeing things

That how everyone is limited in their own ways

T: What do you need to experience on order to let go of this feeling of imbalance without being a woman?

A: There are women, you just empower them

There are women already

Let them do their part

Being a good man is the best you can do for a woman

T: How do you feel that you can become a good man?

A: Its ability to connect people

T: How do you feel that you can connect with people?

A: Not only connect with people, but just make entire connections possible

It is that with him, everyone is walking in a proper direction

T: Do you feel you are a good man?

A: No, have limitations

T: What limitations?

A: I am not a good leader

T: What makes you feel so?

A: There is no super woman or super man

Will I embark a journey of a super man?

I think it’s a waste of time

{Asked to connect to the higher consciousness or any higher being or deity to get the learning and understand what he had to from that lifetime}

A: {Learning} You do not have to make extra effort to make things you want

There is a will of god

It’s not correct that you go possible to every extent to go against gods will

At some point, killer instinct is not correct

More balanced approach

Not trying to change the world

Do normal job, normal things, normal…? {some words not clear}

{Carry overs}

It’s not your job to make the whole world correct

Understood of being good nature, karma, god and that’s it

God’s job is to keep the balance

Our job is to do normal work

It’s your job to do normal work, connect with people

To be happy with people

To be sad with people

To talk to people

You just can’t put extra effort

You have to keep it easy

Keep it easy

Keep it easy

Keep it easy

Being a woman is just a doubt trying to make extra effort {That’s why he was there to be as a woman}

T: Would you like to communicate with the deity or your higher consciousness regarding your learnings from the lifetimes as Priyta and Shranvi?

A: They are the same.

T: What is your mission in this life?

A: There is no mission

T: What is your purpose in this life?

A: Purpose is…no matter what happens,

Have an understanding of god

Trust in god

If you trust in god, you will not make extra efforts in any thing

Do not make extra efforts to try to change the world

Do normal work and go on {did a forward progression, asking him to let his higher consciousness, with a fulfilled life extrapolate his next 5 years of this lifetime)}

A: I am very much pleasant with my family, being a calm person, har cheez mein 110 lagane ki zarurat nahi hai (You don’t have to give 110 percent in every work)

Successful in job, people are connected

T: What actions are you taking from now to achieve this what you have just said?

A : {Actions} Shranvi and Priyta were helpless in trying to please others, so they put extra efforts. But now there is no need to put extra efforts {so just normal efforts to be put, to take things easy, and move with the flow}

5-10 minutes daily towards god

Making less effort in doing the work, life

T: Are you satisfied with this resolution for the issue that you came for today

A: Yes

T: Would you explore anything else now or would like to come back?

A: Would like to come back

Brought back through the same pathway to an alert and awake state

After 2 weeks:

Session 3

Theme: Inability to talk to people freely, and unable to communicate with mother

Progressive relaxation: 7o minutes

Cosmic induction: 15 minutes

Dave elman: 45 minutes

(In garden)

A: Prostitute ki maa kya izzat nahi hoti? (Mother, does a prostitute doesn’t have any respect?)

T: Bilkul hoti hai. (They have definitely)

Kya aa raha hai awareness mein? (What is coming in your awareness?)

A: Bahu hu, father in law mere ko …? Nahi dete (I am a daughter in law, My father in law doesn’t give me…?) {some words not clear}

Mai khul ke jee nahi paa rahi hu (I am unable to live to my fullest)

T: Kis wajah se khul ke nahi jeep aa rahi? (Due to what reason are you unable to live to your fullest?)

A: Choti choti restrictions thi (There were small small restrictions)

T: Kaisi restrictions? (Which restrictions?)

A: Logo se baat karne ki restrictions (Restrictions for speaking to people)

T: Kaun kar raha restrictions? (Who is restricting you?)

A: Ghar pe sab log restriction kar rahe (Everyone at home restricts me)

Achche intention se bhi galat ho raha (Everything is happening bad even with good intentions)

T: Kya galat ho raha? (What wrong is happening?)

… {silence}

… {silence}

A: Mai pareshan hu (I am troubled)

Mai apne mummy papa se theek se baat nahi kar pata (I am unable to speak as I want with my father and mother)

Kis cheez ki sharam hai, glaani hai? (what shame / guilt is there?)

Dar lagta hai (I am fearful)

Aisa lagta hai maine koi kaam pura nahi kar rakha (It feels as if I have not finished some work)

Aur mujhe isi baat ki sharam hai (And this is the shame I have)

T: Kya sharam? (What shame?)

A: Har kaam mein choti choti si cheez reh jaati hai, to aisa lagta hai ki mera kaam pura nahi hua (In every work, small small things remain unfulfilled. Then I feel that my work is not complete)

Jaise mez saaf karna hai, to usme kuch ganda reh gaya, to lagta hai ki pura nahi ho paaya (Like, if I have to clean a table, and some dirt remains on there, then I feel that it is not complete)

T: Aisa lagne ka kya kaaran ho sakta hai? (What could be the reason to feel like this?)

A: Kyuki mai har cheez ko aise dekhta hu, ki usme kya kya possibilities hain (Because I see things like this, that what could be the possibilities for them)

Agar mujhe saaf karna hai to ki kis prakar ki gandgi ho sakti hai (And if I have to clean, then what tyoes of dirt could there be)

Anek prakar ki gandgi ho sakti hai (There could be different types of dirt)

Jaise negative energy hai…koi aur daag hai (like any negative energy….or any other blot)

Mai har kaam ko bada bana dungi, ki har kaam adhura ho jaaye (I will make every work so big, that every work remains incomplete)

Mujhe nahi pata ki mai har kaam ko kyu bada bana deti hu, har cheez, kaam……has infinite dimensional kaam, aur wo kabhi pura sametna nahi aata (I don’t know that why I make every work so big, every work, every thing……every infinite dimensional work, and then I don know how to complete it)

Kya mujhe baaki logo se kam nazar aata hai, ya zyada? (Do I see less than others, or more?)

T: Apne higher self, guide se pooch sakte ho (You can ask your higher self, or guide)

A: Muje baaki logo se zyada dikhaayi deta hai (I see more than others)

Isko kaise resolve karein ki maeri aatm glaani khatam ho? (How to resolve this that my guilt lessens?)

Aisa kya kaaran hai jo mai har kaam ko bada dikhai deta hu? (What are the reasons due to which I see every work so big?)

{Asks higher self}

A: Kaaran…ki mai apne aap ko kya bhagwan ke paas uthaane ka karta hu (reason…that do I take myself to the level of god?)

Mera bhagwan pe vishwas adhura hai…kyuki wo ek logic ke adheen hai (I have incomplete faith over god…because that is within the limitations of a logic)

Saare experience ke baad bhi mai bhagwan ko experience nahi kar raha (even after many experinces, I am unable to experience god)

T: To iske liye kya kar sakte ho? (So, what could you do for this?)

A: Aage chalne ke liye mujhe ye samajhna hoga ki saamne waale ne kya kaha hai (For moving ahead, I will have to understand that what the person in front has said)

Saamne waale ne koi kaam kaha hai, to use pura karne ke bahut tarike ho sakte hai (If anyone has given some work, then it could be completed in many ways)

T: Kaise tarike? (Which ways?)

A: Agar mai apne aap ko aatma ki tarah pehchanu (If I recognize myself as an aatman)

T: Kaise pehchanoge aatma ki tarah? (How will you recognize yourself as an aatman?)

A: Prayas zaruri hai (Effort is necessary)

T: Aatma ki tarah khud ko pehchanne mein prayas ki zarurat nahi hoti. Tum to already ek aatma ho. Ye to bina prayas ki hi pehchana jaata hai (To recognize self as aatman, effort is not required. You already are an aatman. This can be recognized without any effort)

Kya tum is prayas ko chod paaoge? (Will you be able to let go of this effort?)

A: Sochna padega (Will think about it)

Ek practice zaruri hai (A practice is necessary)

Habit loop mein kaam nahi karna hai (Don’t have to work in a habit loop)

Apne aap mein aatma roop ko dekhna hai (Have to see self as an aatman)

Vaasnaye…saksham roop…anye tariko se dur karna hai (Vaasna…saksham roop…various ways to let go)

Vasna hai…jise mai theek karta rahunga… (There are vasna…which I will keep on correcting)

Aur inhe dekhne se katraunga (And will resist to see these)

T: Kya dekhne se katraooge? (What would you resist to see?)

A: Mujhe pata hi nahi hai ki kya pareshani hai meri (I do not know even that what is troubling me)

… {silence}

Aankh khol ke dekhne se darta hu cheezo ko (I fear seeing things with my eyes wide open)

Dar ke maare bus apna kaam karta rehta hu (Out of fear, I keep on doing my own work)

Ye do cheez hain, jinka kaaran dekhna hai (These are the two things for which I need to see the reason for)

Mummy se baat karne mein dar kyu lagta hai? (Why do I fear talking to mother?)

Aapke andar apni maa ko dhundhna (In you, I try to find my mother)

Ki jaise mera kaam pura nahi hua hai (like some work of mine is unfinished)

Kya mummy papa mere ko judge kar rahe hain? (Do my mother and father judge me?)

Aap judge nahi karte isliye mai chahte hu ki aapke paas sab bol du (You don’t judge me, so I feel to say everything in front of you)

T: Kya apni in pareshani ka kaaran jaanne ke liye aur unhe reolve karne ke liye aage badhna chahoge? (Would you like to move ahead to know the reasons for your these issues and for resolving them?)

A: Haan (Yes)

{Moved towards ancient temple}

T: Kaun hain tumhaare guide? (Who is your guide?)

A: Office ke colleague hain (An office colleague)

{Asked to experience it with all senses}

T: Kaun sa mandir hai ye? (Which temple is it?)

A: Vishnu

Koi murti nahi hai (There is no idol)

Bus mehsus ho raha hai (But I could feel it)

{Asked to move towards the door to his core}

T: Kya aa raha hai awareness mein? (What is coming in your awareness?)

A: Vomit ki feeling hai (There is a feeling of vomit)

T: Kya kaaran ho sakta hai vomit ki feeling aane ka? (What could be the reason for this feeling of vomit?)

A: Bahut saara kaam hai (There is lot of work)

T: Kya kaam hai? (Which work?)

A: Patanahi kya kaam hai (Don’t know which work)

Infinite work hai (There is infinite work)

{Remains silent for a while}

T: Kaisa mehsus ho raha hai? (How are you feeling?)

A: Light aati hai aur choti ho jaati hai (Alight comes and then becomes small)

Vomit ki feeling (Feeling of vomit)

T: Kya kaaran ho sakta hai vomit ki feeling ka? (What could be the reason for this feeling of vomit?)

A: Dimaag mein aaya (Came into my mind)

What if I have been killed by strangulation…by my mother?

Let me focus there

{Vomiting actions}

There might be a punishment

T: Kaisa punishment? (Which punishment?)

{Vomiting actions}

{Sits up}

{Doesn’t allow me to coach breathing}

{After a while…}

A: I wanted to do something

I was not allowed

I am trapped

Despite the feeling of vomit, agar mai apne aap ko aatma samjhu to kya hoga? ye aaya (If I see myself as aatman, then what will happen?..then these came) {the above three lines}

I might have an obsession, obsession that I have to do something

T: Obsession of doing what?

A: How did all these vasnas come?

I don’t see a reason for this madness which is inside me

I see that it is there right now,

It’s like ki infection ho gaya and something you want to remove

To talk to my parents, I am able to know,

I have the obsession of finding minute details in work and feel that it was not complete

Initially I was pure, then why would I come in this state?

T: But you were never impure…Impurity are just misinterpretations or misunderstandings and when they are transformed, then you call it a purity. So, there is nothing impure or pure

A: Right

T: How are you feeling?

A: Feeling ki mujhe bahut saare kaam karne hain (Feeling that I have to do a lot of work)

Desires can lead to continuous pain

T: What does it mean?

A: It means I have an attachment that I can’t let go

T: Could you go to the source of where this attachment is coming from?

A: What I am attached to?

Not attached to my family, not even to my kid

Attached to self respect

That other should not think any less of me

Maybe the ego that I am the best sort of thing

{Mentions Hanuman}

{Asked to communicate with Hanuman for his issue of attachment to self respect}

Why am I attached to this? Self respect?

Anyone will be attached to this self respect…for sure,

But then, there has been a direction which is not right… for self respect

There is nothing that I can’t do

Why do I think so?

Did I acquire it?

Should I try to go back in lives?

{Remains silent for a while}


When I decided to be a woman,

I wanted to do everything

Now, the child had ambitions

T: What were the reason for ambitions?

A: To become great, to fight

… {silence}

Come back

{mumbles some words}

Too much


{Mouth movements as if someone had strangled him}

{persistently opens mouth}

{doesn’t allow me to coach breathing}

{Keeps silent for some time}

T: What are you experiencing?

A: I want this

I have an attachment

I was trying to figure out the core

Was it always there or was it because of something?

I decided to be a woman because that’s what it could help the world

The child was killed, was trying to become a hero, and then next birth as a woman

T: What is the root cause of attachment to self respect?

A: You are just a child and you have judgment for so many things

It’s not yours, it’s not what you want

Let me restart

{Comes back to the corridor from his core}

{Asked to choose any door in the corridor which would take him to the event of when his attachment for self respect originated}

{Enters a door}

T: What is coming in your awareness?

A: I am in sort of…its blank

I have headache

T: Allow yourself to go to the source of your headache at the count of 3 to 1

A: Corridor

Fort sort of thing

Is it ok to feel insulted?

T: Go back to the event when you felt insulted

A: Constant struggle with self respect

In this life, …in college, coaching

Mummy also has a struggle with self respect

If I have to talk to that child who is struggling along with his mother

T: What could be the reason of this struggle for self respect?

A: I started out with a goal, and I have let go

Is it really the same reason?

T: Which goal?

A: I thought I would be helping people being a woman

I decided would not be a woman


Purpose was given as self respect, but letting it go, now I don’t have any purpose

T: Go back in time when you were a prostitute and when your struggle with self respect arose

A: There is a sense of failure

I am getting killed…Who is this? {neck actions and movements}

T: Who is killing you?

{No response}

T: What is your name?

A: Priyta

Thak gayi hu (I am tired)

Just ease out of this

I have to take time to tell it to myself

{mumbles to self for some time}

This big task is not even a task

It is not your task

Ye karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai (You don’t have to do all this)

{Remains silent for a while}

{Hand movements, shaking}



Self respect kya hai? (What is self respect?)

Hanuman keh rahe hain…Bhagwan se jude rehna hi self respect hai (Hanuman is saying….to be with god is self respect)

Others are false associations

… {silence}

Struggle started when I had decided that I am done with being a woman

I felt that I made people happy, so that was my purpose

T: What do you need to experience in this life to let go of this struggle for self respect?

A: That I can experience god

T: How could you experience god?

A: Apne aap ko aatma ki tarah dekhke (To see self as aatman)

With practice, no effort

Effort only for practicing

T: Practicing what?

A: Meditation

There was still a burden, jo ki being a woman ki tarah se kam ho jaata tha (There was still a burden which becomes less while being a woman)

T: What burden?

A: Failure

T: If not being to continue as a woman, that failure?

A: Failure to change the outside the outside the world being a woman

… {silence}

Accept and realize

All these self made resolutions of changing the outside world …this is just our ignorance

T: What you could do for this?

A: That I will work for it.

Is janam mein mujhe apne aap ko aatma ki tarah dekhna hai (In this life, I have to see myself as aatman)

Lastly bhagwan ko prapt karna hai (Lastly have to be with god)

Mera kaam bus khush rehna hai (my work is only to be happy)

Kisi kaam se bhagna nahi hai (Don’t have to run away from any work)

Apna kaam karte rehna hai (To keep continuing doing my work)

Changing external world is just ignorance

Purpose is to be happy from inside

Jo kaam obvious hai, saamne hai, wo karte rehna hai (The work which is obvious, is in front of me, have to keep doing it)

T: With this clarity and understanding that you have received, Allow your higher self to extrapolate the next 5 years of your life, and what actions you have taken from now to reach this fulfilled life

A: Actions…


Apne aap ko aatma ki tarah dekhna hai (Have to see myself as aatman)

Always be in a state of self and see things clearly, and do the work

Don’t overburden yourself of changing the reality

Changing the things are not required

T: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: That I have not wasted my these 5 years…in changing the outside world

Focus on self

And external reality ka Sankalp bhagwan ka kaam hai (Changing the external reality is the work of god)

Humein self pe dhyan dena hai (We only have to focus on self)

Bhagwan ke plan jo bhi saamne aayega, uspe kaam karte rehna hai (Gods plan whatever comes in front, have to keep doing that)

T: Are you satisfied that you have received all learnings that you came for here today?

A: Yes

T: Are you confident that your issues of not communicating with others, with mother, and issue with self respect has been resolved completely?

A: Yes

T: Do you want to explore anything else?

A: No

I would like to come out

{Brought back through the same pathway}

His pain score reduced to 1 just after the second session when he was asked a day later.

His pain score was 0 when he was asked 2 weeks after the 3rd session.

The scores for his helplessness and Dissatisfaction also came to 0

This was a condition for him which he had never imagined that could be completely resolved. And he was extremely thankful for the resolution through this process in just 3 sessions of PLRT.

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Hi Vasundhara. The entire case has been so well structured & wonderfully taken up step by step to find the conclusion to the issue the client was facing. This is just amazing. Many congratulations to you for being able to be successful in this. Your entire transcript gives so much clarity to amateurs like us to note how we can actually structure our questions & sessions, thank you so much for that. Reading the entire transcript gave me goosebumps actually. This was a tough case is what I can sense, but you have dealt it with so much confidence. Great job :ok_hand: :clap:

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Wow what a session you had Vasudra :pray:

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Thank you so much Mandeep :blush:


Thank you so much Ranjini for your appreciation. It was a much learning
experience for me also. As in all cases, the clients’ higher self guided
towards the conduct of the session and its resolution. And that was very


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Hi Vasundhara, amazing session. I read both the posts, takes a lot of effort to document it. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much Harish :blush:

What a beautiful case Vasundhara. I am so impressed by the entire process, questions, the answers, the learnings, Everything… these answers are the crux of finding God. To see yourself as a soul, work on yourself, be happy, and let go of need to change others. WOW.
God bless you and your client for this extremely insightful case. Thank you.