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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Aashishh 42, years old. Born and brought up in the beautiful queen of hills, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. Now residing in Hyderabad for the past 12 years.
I am a physician my training completed my MBBS in 2006 and then did a PG Diploma in Clinical research and Quality assurance. Currently working in cancer research as a Global leader in Novartis healthcare Pvt limited.
My better half is also a medic, a trained gynecologist, working in research as well. I have two daughters 15 years and 13 years respectively.
I got interested in healing and realized that the current medical modalities only focus on symptom relieve. I tried learning more about energy healing and importance of intent that started me on my spiritual journey. I realized I can see energies and help in healing by aligning them. I was able to control my diabetes and Hypertension with minimal or no medications. Only, using food as medicine.
Then one day my younger daughter had a panic attack and she mentioned she has this fear of losing loved once. We started her counselling with the usual clinical psychologist. It was initially helpful but then it was like a crutch without which my daughter felt more anxious. So, we started looking for PLRT for her. We came across other therapists who were very expensive, not professional. Then me and my wife simultaneously came across Amarantos. Both of us requested for a session for my daughter but it was only available after a year. We were suggested to get trained ourself and then help my daughter. I applied and was selected thinking I will heal my daughter.
Much to my surprise when I started the pre-work I started changing seeing things differently.
During this time I realized that my daughter is the reason for my healing.
During the 5 day work shop the experience was out of the world.
I was healed of all my childhood traumas which I was not even aware existed. I got the answers for all current issues in my life through my regression. I am a different person today. My daughters say I am a better listener and my spouse mentioned that I am more understanding.
I feel I was reborn during this session. Big thanks to my new mother.
Yesterday, by the grace of my guru Venu, I was able to complete my first successful regression. The pain is decreased from 10-0 post the session for my client.
I cannot thank enough to my guru for making me capable of healing myself as well as others.
I am looking forward to be part of this family and support in any way possible.
Love you all


Beautifully described Ashish :clap: During this 5 days intense training course, we can scale everything else that we have learnt is on one side and watching your personal regression demo session is something astounding. I could see and feel the change in the environment. I think Everybody has experienced all kind of emotions there, from witnessing the deep seated human trauma & guilt to observing the divine intervention. I think this has changed everyone’s perception of PLRT.

Initially as you have come up with a very small challenge of “People pleasing”, I never imagined the outcome of this session could bring out such a profound root cause and in that moment I bow down to the Power of PLRT and to all the Masters. This has changed my life too.

Coincidentally, you are the only one from Hyderabad and after our phone conversation, I am thrilled at the prospect of undergoing regression with you. Perhaps your daughter is also the reason not only in your healing but will also be a reason for my healing too. Thousand blessings :raised_hands: to her.

  • Your loving sister

Omg…Aashishji…it was so touching…I literally had goosebumps reading…and heartiest congratulations on completing the assignment…I m getting all my 11 steps paper work ready… so when v meet next time …u get those Hyderabad ka biscuits for all of us :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Welcome to the forum, Aashish. Your story is truly inspiring. Congratulations on your first successful case. Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) acts as a platform that not only helps the client’s recovery but also spreads its healing impact to include the client’s family and the therapist. I wish you a lot of success in your future cases. :slight_smile:


Dear Aashish ji,

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experiance with us .Your are real Aashish (Blessing) to our Atlantis group. During your regression session we learned so much that few of us got confidence of regressing others very next day of our traning. Hats of to our master Venu. The very motive of your to learn PLR itself reveals your loving and caring nature. All the best for your daughters recovery. Keep going dear brother, may almighty support you in all your nobel endeaovers.

With love and care.

Ashish Meher


Dear Aashishh,

A heartiest Welcome to another Blessed Soul to the Amarantos Family :yellow_heart:
Thank you introducing yourself and sharing your life journey. With Amarantos you have embarked upon the most enriching phase of your present life and I wholeheartedly wish you the best in all your endeavours. I am deeply touched with your healing experience and I am sure there are more to unravel in future.

One aspect that resonates in toto, with my PLR experience, :innocent: :star_struck:

Best Regards

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Wow Dr Aashish sir really great. So it is the beauty of Past life
regression therapy… person gets healed by inside. All medical treatment is
failed before PLRT.


@Aashishh Hi, what a beautiful post. I have a similar story :). My son has been the driving force in my healing journey as well. You session was so powerful, the energy of the room was so fierce and warm. Thank you for the experience Congratulations, on you first successful regression.


Dearest @Aashishh, thank you for making us part of your past life trip.
Stay blessed and happy always :hugs:


What a phenomenal story Aashish g from seeking help for daughter’s healing to recognizing that she is power source for you & also you are healing people now with PLRT, Magical!


I agree that our children are our guides to future.


Warm welcome to Amarantos family Aashish. I was healed of all my childhood traumas which I was not even aware existed - I can very well resonate with your experience as I had similar experience during our workshop. In our conscious state we hardly recognise them but it has great impact on our life.

Wish you all the best .


Thanks @Jyotismita_P,
It feels nice to know someone who feels like you.
I feel my life has changed completely post PLRT. I was having an disagreement with my spouse a couple of days back previously I would have shouted and got angry but now we could talk and discuss about our difference in opinions. This is so empowering I cannot explain in words.


yes. Totally agree that our children are our guides


Hi @Bhavani_Harikrishnan it is nice to see your response.