New Member Seeking Spiritual Connection and Growth

Am born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. My mother said that she loved the name “Pooja” and so I was given.

I have done my graduation and distance learning PGDMM. Currently working with duty-free stores at international airport as department head. Have travelled and lived internationally for years as well.

On the other side - I have also done my Art of Living – Sri Sri Ravishankar ji basic degree and continue to practice. Am also a Reiki practitioner too :blush:

I feel that I am a “typical Virgo” who likes things to be perfect. Sometimes, people also call me a “loner” may be because I like to be associated with limited people with whom I feel more comfort.

Am also a covid winner – during my quarantine days life taught me a big lesson “health comes first”. That’s wherein I reconnected with my self being.

In April 2023, a day prior to Easter, my cousin sister, 46YO passed away. She was in deep medical sufferings; both her kidneys were non-functional, completely bed ridden.

During her rituals, one of my Masi (mother’s sister) explained about life, past life and after life (the soul’s journey) that is when my interest in this subject arises.

Masi said she had done her PLR learning in London, and there are many thesis to be written. All I told her, either do I have money nor the time to do that. Having said that, I just happened to google and check if any such courses exist in India and the only name popped up was AMARANTOS :blush:

Thank you, @Neha & @venu for taking me under your wings. Amarantos is the best thing happened in my life.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you all and having meaningful conversations.
I believe that by collaborating, we might benefit from this forum for passing on knowledge, offer support, and encourage one another.



Loved reading your story. Yes you are right , we all are blessed to be in Amarantos family , each day during & after the workshop seems a blessing in itself . We all will definitely get spiritual growth & connections.
Lots of Love :heart:


Welcome Home Pooja!

At Amarantos we are all one big family, we share, lift, support, grow together, while walking individually on our own path towards the ultimately Divinity.

Love and Light
Moumita Tamhankar

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:heart::hugs: love you too beautiful

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Dear Pooja,

A heartiest Welcome to another Blessed Soul to the Amarantos Family. Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your life journey. With Amarantos you have embarked upon the most enriching phase of your present life and I wholeheartedly wish you the best in all your endeavours. I am deeply touched with your life experiences and struggles…you are indeed a fighter!!!

Same Pinch :grinning:,I can associate with BEING THE TYPICAL VIRGO thing.

I am sure You have more souls now to be comfortable with . Amarantos happened only by destiny, for us all.

Welcome Home :yellow_heart:


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear @Pooja it was nice knowing you. I feel even more blessed knowing you when I read your story. I too also feel like a social recluse who connect with limited people. I feel this is due to energy difference between people. You vibrate at a higher energy maintain your seniority and stay happy always.


Thank you @moumita.tamhankar,
Its a blessing to have you all as my seniors. Hope to meet sometime soon.

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@aashishh thank you :hugs:


Hello @Monesh_Bathre,
Ouch! :blush:
Thank you for your words, yes i completely agree it’s by destiny.
Will keep seeking your support. :heart: