No more fear of uncertainty of future.


The will of God will always take us where the grace of God can sustain us. Hence God led us to our dear Guru… As we walk with our Guru we walk in the light of existence, away from the darkness of ignorance. Pranam to you dear Guru. and Guru Ma.
Please accept my second PLRT case

Date- 1st September

HR- 7



Eye roll - 1
Stages 1 to 8 was done in a time span of 4 hours. Past Life Regreession Therapy was explained clearly to the client. She seemed really hopeful after she understood the procedure.
Stage 6:
History was taken
Mrs Sapna Bose [Name change] 63 year old pious lady had a difficult life. She has 5 daughters. 1 is her biological daughter and rest 4 are daughters without who she cannot survive. Now she stays in Mumbai with one of her daughters. Her husband and an unmarried sister-in-law stays in her native place. She has looked after her 4 daughters ever since their mother passed away giving their responsibility to her.

Her husband had lost his job very early in life. He developed diabetes and often had to be admitted in the hospital due to ailments due to diabetes. She developed knee problem quiet early. Slowly and steadily the knee pain and stiffness had increased. The daughter she stays with in Mumbai got both her knees operated. Now she is fine and able to move around without any pain.

Her husband has build a two storey house of which they have rented the ground floor and she has to run her house with that meagre amount of rent money. Over the years, although all her elder brothers and sisters were well placed and settled cheated her of all the money that was gifted to her by her mother. Being a docile person she could never ask for what belonged to her. She has acute OCD for which she has not been treated as yet.

When she came for PLRT to me she was very worried about her future. She was worried about her husband’s health and how would she manage without him if something would happen to him. What would happen to her sister-in-law. How would she leave this daughter alone as she was going through a difficult time. She felt she was all alone and no one understood the fear she was living in.

This PLR was done in Hindi.

Date- 1st September

Stages 1 to 8 was done.
Stage 9: Theme was confirmed before starting: Worried about her future…
Checklist was done.
IMR done

Stage 10: Induction

Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation

Stage 11. Visualization

T: May be you have reached this beautiful garden now.

C: [Right finger up]

T: Is someone there with you?

C: [Scared] Something black like a tree is coming towards me from the sky. The tree has gone to the left now at the back and standing there. It is looking at me.

Look there is a white bird coming towards me from the sky. Huge white bird! Very big! There is light all around it. Looks so beautiful. [like fairy light later she explained]

T: Can you recognize the bird.

C: Ma Lakshmi’s bird. The light has increased. It is all around. I can’t see the sky. There is light all around

T: Are you still in the garden?[finger raise] What can you see now?

[C: kept saying O baba … an expression when someone is awestruck]

C: Now the light has taken a round elongated shape [showed the shape with her hand]. They are standing and looking at me.

T: Who is looking at you?

C: The light and the owl.

T: Is there a message from them to you.


C: They are not talking.

After a very long pause……

C: They have now gone to the corner.

T: Do you want to go behind them?


C: I can see the light again coming from the sky. From very far.

Now I can see. Small black leaves falling. [ later during PLR these leaves turns into Lord Vishnu’s Sheshnag.]

Long pause….

T: You can be here in your garden for as long as you want.

C: See, Something Like light has come now. Everyone is moving aside and giving way. It is coming in a straight line.

T: Can you go and do pranam and ask who is it? What is the message for you?

C: Pause ….

T: What is happening S?

C: The whole place is filled with light. The light has gone up and through this light I can see those small blue lights again. Baba!!! [as if overwhelmed]

T: How are you feeling?

C: Shanti! Beta [She kept addressing the therapist as beta]. Now the white light looks like Nagin [Serpant]There are five of them. I can see. Baba! Beta

[The energy in the room was totally different. Nothing like the previous regression sessions.]

Now I can see a pond and 5 nagins are sitting coiled on the water.

T: What else can you see? Is there any message for you?

C: Pause……. Now again I can see those small lights in the sky.

T: Could you understand who came to meet you? Could you recognize the higher being who visited you?

C: No, only 2 things I saw.[sad that she isn’t able to see anyone]

T: It’s okay. You still want to be here or go somewhere else from where it all started.
C: Pause……. There 3 people standing there. Baba!

T: Who is standing there?

C: Baba! [as if scared]

T: Who are they? Male or Female? Are you feeling scared?

C: Looks like girls.

T: Can you recognize them?

C: One is wearing a black saree. Other two I can’t understand. But I can’t recognize anyone of the them.

T: You want go from here?

C: Hmm in a hurry. [Was in the garden for 46 minutes ]

T: Okay let’s us move from the garden. Look to your right. You may see a staircase. As I count from 10 to 1 you may start walking down the staircase. When you climb down you will be able to see a temple. A master will be waiting for you to guide you further inside. 10…9 can you see?

C: Yes. It is going down.

T: Climb down. [Client was guided to the temple. She entered a very old South Indian temple. ]

C: Look at this. It has small rooms all around. [Shivering]

T: What is happening S?

C: Feeling scared. [embarrassed]

T: There is nothing to be scared. May be you find a master who will be waiting for you. You won’t be alone. See so many masters and gods came to meet you in the garden. There is nothing to be scared of.

You may go inside.

C: Hanuman ji’s temple this is. Now I am not feeling scared.

T: That’s good. Bow and pray to Hanumanji.

C: Hmm doing that.

T: Client was guided through the corridor to the staircase to the basement, then to open the door.

C: It is very dark here. Something black is sitting there.

T: Look through the darkness. May be you can recognize who it is.

C: Again I can see the small lights around the bird.[later she said those were fireflies]

T: The black thing sitting is a bird?

C: hmm. See the lights are moving.

T: Move ahead with the light. See what comes to your awareness.

C: I can see an old house. Very big house. Now I can see the whole place is lighted.

T: There is light inside the house?

C: Yes. The whole house is lighted. It is like a kings house. Huge house.

T: May be you can go inside and see whose house is this.

C: I am inside. I can see rooms all around. So many rooms.

T: Are rooms open or closed?

C: They are all closed.

T: May be you can open each room and find someone there.
[Client on her own has moved out of the palace and is now in Tarakeshwar temple]
C: Long pause… Now I can see inside of Tarakeshwar Temple. I can see the Shivling of the temple, nothing else.

T: Is there anyone else with you there.

C: No

T: What brought you here?

C: I don’t know? See again I can see those small lights just outside the temple.

T: Go there. See where they take you this time.

C: See there is God’s something coming towards me. I am feeling scared. O baba!

T: There is nothing to be scared. Who has come to meet you?

C: Silence. [peaceful]

T:You want to go to the king’s palace and check?

C: No I don’t want to go there. I am scared.

T: May be you can float above and go and see what happened there that scared you.

C: okay: pause…

T: Are you floating?

C: Yes. I am there. But I can’t recognize anyone.

T: Go closer and see. Look into their eyes. There is nothing to be scared of. You are floating above.

C: I can see a king. Sitting with a sword.

T: What else can you see?

C: I am scared.

T: No harm can come to you. You are floating above. Just see what happened there.

C:I am standing in front of the king. I can see my feet. I am shivering.
T: Are you feeling cold.
C:No. I am scared.

T: How old are you?

C: 20 years old.

T: What is happening now.

C: Baba re! I am scared. The king just killed me with his sword. I can see myself lying on the floor.

T: You are floating above? [Nod] Why did the king kill you?

C: I am outside. I don’t want to go inside. The House is very dark. I am scared. Pause…. I am in the temple. I am sitting in front of the shivling. Those small lights are just outside. As if waiting for me.

T: After some time. Now when I count from 3 to 1 you will reach next significant incident in time. 3,2,1.

C: I can see a blue coloured bird.

T: Many questions were asked to know if she could recognize the bird or if she was the bird. But no answer. Finally. Can you see your feet?

C: Yes. Dark feet.without slippers.

T: How old are you?

C: 7 years old.

T: What are you wearing

C: A white coloured frock.

T: Where are you?

C: Baba! Ye to bahut jungle shungle dikhai pad raha hai. Bahut darr lag raha hai.

T: Is someone there with you?

C: No I think I am alone.

T: How did you get to the jungle.

C: Looks like someone left me here. [Sad, crying] I can see the thick jungle. I am scared. I want to go from here.

T: You can always go back to the garden as I count 3,2,1. You can rest here.

C: Ma Lakshmi is here again.

T: Is she saying something to you?

C: No, I am doing pranam to her. Now she has her hand on your head. She is blessing you. [I prayed to her too.]

T: Gave her time to be in the garden and experience the peace and blessing of Ma Lakshmi. Then she was taken to another past life.

C: I can see big boulders. And behind that I can see crops that has been cut and stacked up. I am standing there.

T: Can you see your feet.

C: Yes. It has red coloured mud on it. [Making a face]

T: What is your age?

C: same 6 – 7 year old.

T: How did you get red mud on your feet?

C: Pause….

T: Just go back in time and see how did you get the mud on your feet. 3,2,1

C: [totally distressed] I am standing in a puddle of sludge. Small insects are scrawling all over and climbing on my legs. [Was about to jump up. Came out of Trance. Trying to clean her legs.]

T: There is nothing there. It was in the past. See our legs are clean now.

Client relaxed and closed her eyes. [Later she informed that she had acute OCD and now it has reduced]

C: I can see the white light again. Small blue lights. As if they are playing.

T: Who is playing?

C: The light. The kind of light we put during Diwali.

T: What else is coming to your awareness. Where are you?

C: I am in the garden. I can still see the lights.

[She stayed in the garden and then she was brought back to awareness]

She informed that her body seemed very light. Client thanked me for taking her to meet Gods. She was overwhelmed with the experience

After she went and freshened herself and had a glass of water she said she was not scared of old age and her future any more. She now knows God is there with her all the time. They will take care of her and her family. Her pain level is 0 now.

Next morning I was informed that she sat peacefully looking out of the balcony staring at nothing…… instead of cleaning as her old habit due to OCD.

Later, whenever I call her asking if she would like another session she refuses. She blesses me for taking her to a place where she found complete peace and the knowledge of the presence of God is her life. Every day, whenever she shuts her eyes all she can see is the white light. There is no darkness anymore. She does not fear future anymore.


Thanks for conducting this session @Seema_Ramakrishnan
Though most of the session revolved in the stage 11,

This was actually a disaster, you found gold and lost it Seema. I wish you could have done stress management here and anchored on the feeling and used affect bridge.

burnt baby dreads the fire, she is repressing that fear still, though the session yielded conducive results, am not sure if this was a long range healing as there is residual left, do talk to her and see if she can undergo a few more sessions with you.
All the best Seema.