Not able to conceive over the years

Renu, F, 36, 6/10, 1/5, K, Not conceiving- Why?, 4/10

Renu 36 year old, married woman approached me on 28.11.2022 at around 1 pm for some of her problems she was facing since last 6-7 years. She had gone to numerous doctors for the remedy but for no gain.

Session 1:

I started the session with my introduction covering my education, profession, hobbies and interests along with the journey to become PLR therapist (almost 25 min). Then I briefed her about how the soul goes to higher planes after leaving the body on earth and changes the body from one birth to another. I told her about conscious and unconscious mind and clarified how a person is regressed to past lives etc. (approx. 30 min). While doing this I kept observing the non-verbals of Renu. After finding her satisfied, I gave her to fill up some forms including contract form, therapy request form, client assessment form etc. Now was the time to assess her. Result is as mentioned below:

Hypnosis responsiveness score- 6/10

Assessment of dominant sense- VAK 6, 3, 6

Eye roll test score- 1

This all took another 30 min. Finished the session 1 which lasted for 1.5 hours. Decided to take a break before session 2.

Session 2:

2nd Session started at 4.30 pm the same day. Started with collecting the resources which is stage 6. I will address Renu as the client (C). Client started talking about her main problem she was facing. I asked about her family, parents and siblings. She detailed everything about her childhood, education, relations with parents and siblings. It seems her relations with everyone in the family are good. She told, she was facing this problem since last 6 years and went to many doctors for the treatment but to no avail. History taking took around 30 min. After this, to relieve the cognitive fatigue I showed her the video on ‘end of suffering’. After completion of 7th stage now was the time to discuss and agree on the theme for the PLR. As the result of deep discussion the theme came out to be “Not conceiving, Why?” At the end of session 2, in order to make the client relaxed I used relaxation technique on her like deep breathing and ball of light (30 min). Session 2 lasted for 2.20 hours. We discussed the timing for 3rd session.

Session 3:

Third session started at 10.30 am the next day on 29.11.22. We talked about session 2 and the subsequent questions arising in her mind. She said, the act of relaxation was wonderful and there was no any question. So we moved ahead. Now she was keen to go ahead with the 3rd session. So I started with the stage 9 i.e. Pre-Flight checks. We both checked and agreed on the room temperature, noise level and other comfort parameters. After finding everything okay we entered into stage 10, 11 and 12. Raising the right hand was decided as IMR.

Started with BRV. After sufficient relaxation went to Dave Elman and finally visualization with Stair Case leading to a beautiful garden having plants & trees, smelling flowers, chirping birds, benches, babbling fountains etc. Now the chat:

T: You are in this beautiful garden where innermost layers of your subconscious mind will open up and you will be able to see everything which is required to solve your problems.

T: Allow yourself to go through one of the happy childhood memories. Are you aware of something?

(Pause for some moments…)

C: Celebrating Diwali.

T: Great. Who are around?

C: Mother, Father, brother and sister all are here.

T: How old are you?

C: 7-8 years.

T: What are you doing?

C: Lighting Diyas and bursting crackers.

T: How do you feel?

C: Enjoying.

T: It’s great, you are with your family and enjoying.

T: Now please go some more backward and pick another happy moment.

( Pause……)

C: I am running behind Papa to catch him.

T: How old are you?

C: 2-3 years.

T: How do you feel?

C: I am happy and laughing. He too is laughing.

T: It’s good, you are happy.

T: Now I will count from 10 to 1. On each count your relaxation will be doubled up. 10, 9, 8 You are very much relaxed. 7, 6, 5 deeply relaxed. 4, 3 go deeper and deeper. Your relaxation is now 10 times more. 2 and 1. Your conscious mind is now fully relaxed and hence the subconscious mind is all set to go beyond time and space.

T: I will count from 5 to 1. At count 1 you will be in your mother’s womb. 5, 4 you are on your way. 3, 2 you are almost there. And 1 you are now in your mother’s womb.

T: What are you aware of?


T: Allow yourself to observe the things around.

C: Very beautiful and strong light.

T: Allow yourself to go ahead and see what else is there.

C: Light is very beautiful. Feeling good.

T: Okay, light is beautiful and you are feeling good. Very nice.

T: Go forward and see what is there beyond this beautiful light?

C: Maa Kali is sitting on the rock.

(It seems, instead of womb she went to somewhere else)

C: Maa is sitting on a big rock with her one leg crossed.

T: Okay, go forward.

C: I am going.

C: I sat before her. She put her hand on my head.

T: Very nice.

C: She is loving me.

(Silence for some time…)

T: Allow yourself to ask her for some guidance.


C: She is loving me.

T: Do you want to be here for some more time? Else we go.

C: Want to be here. Feeling good.

T: Okay.

(Pause for some moments…)

T: Should we move forward?

C: Yes.

T: Allow yourself to go further to a significant event which holds the solution for your problems.

T: I am counting from 5 to 1. On each count you will be closer to that event of your life. 5, 4 you are very much closer to it. 3, 2 you are almost there. And 1 you are there.

T: What are you aware of? Try to observe the things with all your senses.


C: I am in a market.

T: Who are you, a male or female? What is your age

C: Young female.

T: Where is this market and who are around you?

C: Don’t know. Very crowded.

T: Okay, What more are you aware of?

(Pause… )

T: Notice, what is happening around you? Get in touch with who you are?

C: I am running.

T: What is there due to which you are running?

C: Some people are following me. I am afraid.

T: Try to know who are following you?

C: I am running afraid of them.

T: Okay, Try to recognize them.

C: One is my mother in law and two others I don’t know.

C: It’s very dark. They are following me.

T: See what else you find?

C: They stopped.

T: Okay, Can you resemble mother in law with someone in present life.

C: She is my mother in law in present life too.

T: What do you observe now?

C: I am seeing very small cute baby.

C: I have picked him up in my arms and playing with him.

T: Whose baby is this? Do you see his parents?

C: None is here.

T: Is there any relation of yours with the baby?

C: No, but he is very cute.

T: Do you resemble this baby with anyone in present life?

C: No. I have brought the baby to my home.

T: What else are you aware of?

C: Nothing. My waist is paining.

T: Take a deep breath. Relax your muscles around your back and waist. Have a breath deeply 3, 2 and 1.

T: Are you comfortable?

C: My back is paining, want to come back.

T: Okay. No problem. I will count from 5 to 1. On count 1 you will be in the garden where from you came here.

T: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 now you are in the garden. Find a bench and sit to relax.

T: What do you feel?

C: I am sitting on the bench.

T: Good. Take a deep breath. Now I will count from 1 to 10. On each count you will come close to alertness and at 1 you will be fully emerged.

T: 1, 2, 3 you are feeling alertness. 4, 5, 6 try to listen the voice around you. 7, 8 you are almost alert. 9 and 10 you are fully alert and emerged.

T: Take your time. Gradually you can move your hands and legs and open your eyes.

(Session lasted for 2.30 hours, we took a break for 2 hours)

Session 4:

We gathered at 3 pm for the closure. We started taking the stock of the whole experience of the session. Renu told, she was not willing to leave Maa Kali as there was eternal joy all around. On asking about the guidance from Maa she told ‘I got the message, don’t worry, everything is on the way’. She did not recognize the market place. Also the reason for which 3 people were following her to harm was not known to her. She revealed, her present life mother in law is already died and the relation with her was normal. She started feeling pain on her back at the end of session and hence wanted to emerge as she was feeling difficult to focus. After analyzing all the inputs from the session I advised her to have some more sessions to reach the solution to her problem.

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